Wednesday, June 24, 2009


www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi_QkBQiDWw – Hole’s cover of Season of the Witchy…never heard this before, didn’t know it existed – have renewed respect for Courtney…daddy Hank Harrison wrote extensively about the Grateful Dead…she’s well rid of that Cobain ninny…

Here’s the Wickedpedia for the lyrical lady:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courtney_Love. Born in San Francisco in ’64 – I myself was in the city by then – I’ve got a few short years on her…really know so little about her – I was tuning into music media, in particular MTV, back when she and Hole were really hot in the early Nineties…image of her hanging by the backs of her knees on some child’s play structure, panties showing, that’s one visual that occurs…this says Sympathy for the Record Industry was one of her many labels – great name – maybe she created it herself – could have a real way with words, this lady…

Recent book suggested a blood connection to Marlon Brando…controversy about her father giving three-year-old Courtney LSD…Oregon hippie commune tenure as a child…joined a Bay City Rollers fan club – side note, have a Seventies compilation with that band’s “Money Honey”on it – I have to say, that one really, really, really fuckin’ sucks! – applied to join the Mickey Mouse Club at twelve, but her audition rendition of a Sylvia Plath poem earned her the door and not Walt’s lap…

Julian Cope connection – friend into this guy, I hardly know about him – this during trust fund travel at sixteen in the U.K. – says she actually moved into the Toxteth, Liverpool home of Cope…”Head-On” is Cope’s autobiography, in which she’s referred to as “the adolescent”…back in the U.S. of A., Courtney returned to Oregon, “still pursuing music.” Stripper work – choose Love as a surname because of hippie associations…and endless details on and on and on…her songs should be focused on, not just the sensation…tho’ with her can they really be separated? And judging by the Donovan cover I think it should prove personally rewarding…quite a lot of film work as well as the music…I vaguely recall somewhat recent legal problems of some sort, back when I was paying more attention to news than I do now…final bit says legal hassles continue over the Nirvana estate…was in that Hustler Flynt biopic, got good notices – saw that on cable a few years back…the girl’s a real talent…

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

by Mitch Mimbo HMB

…not sure if I wanna bother buying S.F. to L.A. tickets online through JetBlue - could save thirty bucks, says a friend, as opposed to buying ‘em at the counter at SFO…64 bucks says their site, buying ahead…about an hour and a half in the air…about the same as Greyhound, I think…more deliberation needed on this…like the idea of just going to the SFO counter of whatever carrier and buying then. But wanna avoid sitting around the airport…

Went to the L.A. Public Library online system for the first time in a long while, first thing I looked up was A Freak’s Anthology: Golden Hits by Buddha to Kubrick, by Michael Horowitz. Remembered from long ago that a copy still on their shelves was salvaged from a fire, water-damaged, but still readable…interesting work, worth your attention…the father also has some other claim to fame, but that slips my mind just now. See also:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Horowitz. Wife Cynthia, close Leary associate…affiliated with the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library, dedicated to drug literature…article from three years ago says he and Leonardo DiCaprio and screenwriter Craig Lucas were moving ahead with a Leary biopic - not heard anything about this lately…Michael’s better half Cynthia no slouch in the bookly deportment herself, as research proves…heard also of a Garcia flick.

If I go to L.A., guess I’ll be flying into Long Beach, then take the Red Line from there to downtown:
www.metro.net/riding_metro/red_line.htm. Expanded much since I left Tinseltown in late ’97…the easy ride up into Hollywood from downtown, that’s for me a great aspect…

Found today a Richard Hittleman paperback next to a Tenderloin dumpster, read a bit, left it on a Muni…guess he was the first introduction for me to yoga, as a young teen. He had a TV program I watched a bit…Lilias Folan also in the same media field around the same time - tho’ I imagine Hittleman pre-dated her - seems like his shows were in black and white, maybe going back to the Fifties, and hers seemed pretty Seventies-like:

Yes, Asia coming to the Warfield…probably a show I could make it through…and: reminder of idea for Chopped, a movie about ax murder, cannibalism, and torture - of deserving-of-such-treatment city “bikers” who desecrate backwoods beauty…

Thought that Hugh Hefner is one of the few Sixties L.A. guys left, L.A. media/entertainment guys - I think he came to the town in the Sixties - originally from Chicago, I think, started Playboy there:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugh_Hefner. Wrote copy for Esquire...”Hef” owns the crypt next to Marilyn’s, says Wickedpedia…well, not so easy to determine just when he moved to L.A., but for sure he was a major figure of his sphere in the town in the Sixties…the recent death of Ed McMahon made me think of this, the gradual passing of these figures from decades past…

Idea for Chopped, line for a character, a backwoods woman - or maybe this could be flat-out in the city, cannibalism, torture, ax murders right in the city - “I value an octopus so very much more than Mr. Motorcycle Man here.” This before she proceeds to take an axe and begin lopping off parts, taking her sweet, sweet time. And speaking of L.A., the Castaneda connection - a very L.A. guy, Carlos:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlos_Castaneda. Sorceror’s Apprentice, by Amy Wallace, is a good companion to the official canon. Sort of puts the guy IN a cannon and shoots him off…

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by Mitch Mimbo HMB

…thought of “Smellrose” as a name for Melrose Avenue, searched on it, and got a site for a comic book from the early Eighties called Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew - “Follywood”, “Beaverly Hills” and more are in this comic book universe, which I hadn’t known about, fun, funny stuff…

…wonder how ol’ Melrose is circa the next-to-last year of the first decade - yes, “next-to-last”, since a decade begins with the “1” year and goes to the “zero” year, no? Or am I wrong…better system, or the computer numeration system, starts with zero and goes to nine…anyway, I’m getting sidetracked…back to Melrose Avenue…was up and down that L.A. street hundreds and hundreds of times during my over seven years in Tinseltown in the Nineties - uh, let me go back to that next-to-last year of the decade thing, it’s bugging me - yeah, two-thousand-nine is the last year of this first decade of the 21st century, right? Yeah, up and down Melrose so, so many times…wonder how it’s changed? Probably not all that much - some stores probably remain and have flourished since I left in late ’97…here’s the Wickedpedia:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melrose_Avenue. Says Vinyl Fetish and Retail Slut - sort of remember those names - closed years ago…might’ve bought books at one or both of those places…recall buying The Unabomber Manifesto at some place where books weren’t the main stock in trade…Paramount located farther south and/or east than the biz zone I’m considering more…known for its clothing boutiquey operations, is Smellrose…Wickedpedia says the Bodhi Tree’s still there - that at the western-er part of the avenue…Elixir is the name of a “teahouse” - looking that up. Here’s a link - not the best, but the computer I’m on won’t let me easily cut and paste longer URLs: www.wizardofbrands.com/clients/mediacopy.htm. That can serve to remind…like this sort of place…wonder if Ron Teeguarden’s still in the herb business down there?: www.dragonherbs.com/ronteeguarden.asp. Went to his Beverly Hills herb place not too often - Carre Otis worked there, I heard…yeah, you’re gonna hafta look that one up, maybe - what’s with her?: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carr%C3%A9_Otis. Racy shit with Mickey Rourke, nude sex, pretty explicit, in Wild Orchid, for one thing…let’s see what Wickedpedia’s gotta say - curious minds wanna know…born in ’68 in San Francisco - so, fuck, she’s a true Summer of Love sort of child…that carries weight with me…both parents alcoholics, it says…yikes…began drinking herself at ten years of age…5-10, one-25 poundage-wise…numbers don’t quite add up - but that’s the supermodel thing…18, heroin and cocaine addiction…gets fuckin’ worse ‘n’ worse…’92 marriage to Rourke…he helped her kick heroin for a while…dude arrested in ’94 for spousal abuse…says she said she tried to commit suicide three times in ’94 by mixing pills and alcohol…she’s since had a Scorpio girl child by a stable, apparently, non-actor guy - an “environmental scientist” - good for her - name of “Jade” - pretty…film career didn’t materialize after Wild Orchid…heart seizures mentioned…not a pretty picture, tho’ Carre herself’s pretty enough, or was in her twenties…early forties now - doubtless early drinking and drugging will show…weight gain led to plus-model career…eating disorders spokesperson…was a TV correspondent in Frisco…fuck, hope her life’s stabilizing - didn’t know all that bad - as opposed to good - shit about her…nude photos of the lady easily found on the ‘net…guess being born in the free lovin’ days in Frisco relates to turmoil in her life somehow…something to think about, if one wants to…

Anyway, Melrose, back to it, the Bodhi Tree - was there so many times during my L.A. sojourn…one very notable purchase was a copy of Paul Krassner’s Tongue Fu:
www.roninpub.com/tongue.html. Interesting thing was, it was in a new books section - there’s a used annex in back - copy from, probably, the early Seventies - parody of the David Carradine program…I think it was serialized in the Whole Earth Catalog when first published…fun stuff, adult humor…saw Krassner not long ago at some North Beach book event…and even years earlier at, I think, the Old Spaghetti Factory, some stand-up program - this musta been in the Eighties…well, let’s see, what else duz I recall ‘bout Smellrose - there was a Baskin-Robbins on the eastern end of what I consider the fun biz strip…heading west, to Fairfax - high school there…the Bodhi Tree even farther west - not part of the fun biz strip…south at Melrose and Fairfax can be good…to Beverly…Middle-Eastern fast food place I liked, hope that’s still there…go west along Beverly to the Beverly Center…nice places I recall that I’d like to see again…”my” L.A. is the rectangle with the eastern part of Beaverly Hills to the west, Griffith Park/Sunset/Hollywood Bull to the north, Wilshire south, and Vermont to the east…the Red Line public transit’s been extended greatly in the nearly twelve years since I’ve been there, so that’ll make getting around a lot easier and faster - from the main library downtown to Hollywood, that was a pretty long and boring bus ride, but the Red should make it fun…reminds me of a phrase a Berkeley friend used to indicate positivity, overall: “We’re there!” Library system’s incredible, too: www.lapl.org/.

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by Mitch Mimbo HMB
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…hetero male bitch, perhaps the worst kind of such creature…anyway, let us set aside such total unpleasantries, at least for a very, very, very brief time, the HMB thing, and pay this musical tribute to the departed, who for sure meant something to me at a time in my life:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=keiuXB3dJ0E – a real beloved media presence of a certain era…the ever-ready guffaw…

And liked this OMD YouTube so much – actually brought me to weeping, and that fuckin’ hardly ever happens – that I wanna insert it in this again:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIP-BPzuI6I. Not putting links to other Pandora’s Boxes, such as the one related to the Buffalo Springfield song, or the Sunset Strip club it refers to. Or the Greek myth one. There’s fuckin’ probably a porn film or two with literary aspirations using the name as well…moving on…

Any money I get, wanna buy another cup of 22 cent ice at the Jack in the Box at Grove and Larkin, across from the main library – really decent price. Liked it that this upper portion for dining was open – was closed for a while. Guess it would attract undesireables…got six or nine cents right now, and nothing for sure pending, income-wise…friend gives me jobs here and there, but that’s irregular…am looking for other work of the kind, for the buck or five or ten or so here and there. Or even for food or book or music items, doesn’t have to be cold, hard cash…

Search on “erik davis lovecraft gnosis” for the two-50 copy of Gnosis magazine I just saw in the used bin outside Fields – 25 CENTS is out of the question just now, but perhaps the article’s online – the mag came out over ten years ago: well, here it is – says this is the non-truncated form of the article in question:

Guessed rite/right that “local habitation”, used by Phil Dick in A Scanner Darkly, came from The Tempest – but hadda check, didn’t know for sure…and: on the bus ran into guy I hadn’t seen in a while, was in one of the hotels I’ve lived in – said he was gonna have some fuckin’ serious stomach surgery to help with his eating problem. I suggested cutting back on foods, fasting, drinking a lot of fluids, but I guess some cannot do that. Stomach surgery? Fuck, that’s like asking for hara kiri! Anyway, he gave me clues about getting to L.A. via aeroplane – Jet Blue recommended by him, and the cost’s less if bought online…southbound silver bird for me in not more than a week, possibly…your Hetero Male Bitch signing off…but, oh, not before filling out a few more lines…got lyrics up for the Byrds tune…”Stranger Than Known” would be a good title referring to it, a phrase from the song’s lyrics…back to the Heterosexual Male Bitch thing…not coming up on a search…”heterosexual male” can be easy…let’s look up “bitch” by itself – maybe the Stones can elucidate a bit:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtnxvpIEg8w. I can often use words, understand them, without being able to absolutely define them…throw in the “witch” factor and that’s even more going on…the Urban Dictionary usually has an interesting perspective: www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bitch. Also, the Online Etymology Dictionary can be useful: www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=bitch. But, heck, enough with this…the Starplane Blog would love to pay more tribute to the departed Ed McMahon – YouTube for “carnac mcmahon tonight show” for something likely exemplary from the great sidekick...the “Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” catchphrase isn’t my favorite – there’s something related to the recurring Carnac skit I like more…go to “Carson Skit #11” on YouTube for the stuff…and in non-Ed Carson stuff, always liked the Tea Time Movie skits…got two more lines to fill here…”Stranger Than Known” has no hits on a search, so that’s a good title…

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1441 by Mitch Mimbo
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buffalo_Springfield - THE Buffalo Springfield – see also what comes up for Pandora’s Box, OMD, Louise Brooks, and, hey, what the heck, Abdul Alhazred: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdul_Alhazred. I’m jesting, but not entirely…and here’s something about the Pandora’s Box of late Sixties Sunset Strip and pop culture fame, inspiration, tho’ not a nice one, for the Buffalo Springfield tune from Monterey suggested above: http://articles.latimes.com/2007/aug/05/local/me-then5?pg=1. Related Wickedpedia site – about that whole Strip area – specifically, Laureled Canyon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_of_Allah_(building). Learn here that it was an apartment complex – thought it was some sort of nightclub…it’s located at the entryway into the canyon…name not derived from th’ Islamic, but from one Alla Nazimova, original owner – love all those “ah” sounds in her name, very satisfying…F. Stop Fitzkennedy said to have lived there…Robert Benchley, Sheilah Graham – torn down in ’59, replaced with a bank…see the Bruce Torrence Hollywood Historical Collection for images of it and elsewise: http://www.hollywoodphotographs.com/aboutus.asp. Here are Garden of Allah images from the Torrence collection: http://www.hollywoodphotographs.com/search/garden%20of%20allah/. Somewhat relatedly, here’s OMD with a tribute to Louise Brooks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIP-BPzuI6I. And: movie idea – maybe call it Chopped, or Chopped Up. Would feature frequent prolonged and gruesome axe murders of motorcycle riders who’ve disturbed the backwoods peace of folks back there – cannibalism also in that mix…aspects of something like Deliverance, Wrong Turn – the “bikers” would have insulted the good folks…

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1440 by Mitch Mimbo
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I get occasional photos and messages from a young dude who co-founded Twitter…read in a Lyndon Larouche bit of literature about how he thinks Twitter is, no doubt about it, “evil”. Larouche likes the grand ol’ English poets, tho’, like Shelley, Keats, those guys…didn’t pick up on the exact reason why the man thinks so little of Twitter - I’m no user myself – but dude’s no dummy, and has moral depth, which cannot be said, doubtless, for nearly 100% of Twitterheads…here are a bunch of sites from a search on “larouche twitter evil”:
http://www.dogpile.com/dogpile/ws/results/Web/larouche%20twitter%20evil/1/417/TopNavigation/Relevance/iq=true/zoom=off/_iceUrlFlag=7?_IceUrl=true. (Just sent him a message, “Do less, bro’, do much less…” – his motto at his site is “Do more.”…)

Five cents exactly to my name just now…tho’ I have maybe thirty cents I can withdraw from my checking account. And my credit account’s over my five-hundred buck limit by about forty cents – gotta take care of that by the middle of this next month or face a 35 buck fine – no danger of that…will be getting 68 Treasury bucks or so on the 1st, and 900-some on the third…before that, seeing a friend this afternoon who may get me five or ten for a favor…another guy, fronted him some coriander, says he’ll see some lawyer today and says he’ll pay me this afternoon, but I’m not absolutely counting on that…another dude owes me two bucks, but he fucked me over on that…another friend may call with a little job that may get me five, ten, fifteen, twenty…currently am liking bottled yerba mate at a liquidation outlet near where I live, two bottles for a dollar, and getting cash will buy those…thought I’d share…

Listened through the night to the very, very, very fine Paul Giamatti reading of Phil Dick’s A Scanner Darkly. Novel from ’77…set in ’94 Orange County, says Wickedpedia:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Scanner_Darkly. Reading the entry - learned something – Mors ontologica mentioned in the book - thought it was a Latin term for a psychological state, but it’s actually, says Wickedpedia, “a small blue flowering plant” from which a fictional drug in the novel’s derived…and, oh…revealing a plot point here, so look away – the Donna character’s a narcotics agent…played by Miss Winona Ryder in the recent flick…and…title of the book from 1 Corinthians 13 - and on and on goes Wickedpedia – such as how blue flowers are a symbol of German romanticism – Goethe thing, I think…well, I’m missing a whole lot, partly because I was falling asleep during the night but woke to change discs…I like the humor, dark, of the book, tho’ as the author’s epilogue shows his real intent is primarily serious and double-plus-un-funny – apparently the characters are based on real friends who, like children playing in the street, ended up dead or dead in life – what was the phrase used in the roll call at the end? Permanent psychosis, I think…Wickedpedia says Dick was using amphetamines – I knew that – and it quotes him about being about to produce 68 pages a day – FINAL pages, it says…like this entry quote: “Because of his firsthand experience, Dick captures the language, conversation, and culture of drug users in the 1960s with a rare clarity.” Very, very, very true…and final note, liked reference to Tim Leary in the text, and also to Psilocybe mexicana: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psilocybe_mexicana. A character is making scam calls trying to sell bogus magic mushrooms…

Personally, I believe I’m capable of writing in the phildickian manner. Line of character description, for instance, inspired by my five years in Frisco’s Tenderloin: “Dude’s just a hundred cents short of a dollar.” And…could call a drug “basic” – y’know, as in acid/basic? Basic training, basic whatever…

Read in this morning’s freebie Examiner that the Kodachrome film’s being pulled – mention, extensive, of the Paul Simon song:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujhdf9_IO4w. I like a lot o’ the music of “Rhymin’ Simon”…heard “Me and Julio” somewhere not long ago, probably on my transistor – yeah, still have one of those relics, carry it…I think the download world has similar units, would like one of those, I guess…

Two other papers on my personage this morning: a print-out of a 1968 article about the Soft Machine, by Mike Zwerin:
http://www.disco-robertwyatt.com/images/Robert/interviews/DownbeatJuly1968/index.htm. In particular, I fancy the connection the band had with Robert “The White Goddess Guy” Graves…and, also from this morn’s Ex, beautiful color image of a Tut-related breast plate – show’s opening Saturday at the de Young…

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Monday, June 22, 2009

by Mitch Mimbo
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…listening all night, when not sleeping at intervals, to Michael Walker’s Laurel Canyon book…wondering about the annual group photograph of residents…could be coming up this July Fourth. Here’s the general Wickedpedia for the area:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laurel_Canyon,_Los_Angeles,_California. (Can’t find information about the group photo, a long-standing tradition – will leave that for later…)

Well, there’s so much in the Walker book that I like – it’s one of the few books I can listen to over and over – William Gibson’s Neuromancer is another I’ve been that way with…many interesting residents, past and current – the Wickedpedia link above has a list. The now doubly-Amazonian Christina Applegate a resident, and not only that, grew up there, spent her childhood there. Here’s a article about her from People mag from twenty years ago:
http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20116121,00.html. Back in her Married…with Children days…like it that she apparently has a Morrison thing – Walker mentions that she contributed an American flag with the Lizard King on it to the Canyon Country Store: http://www.yelp.com/biz/laurel-canyon-country-store-los-angeles. But apparently it blew away in high winds, a flaggy rider on a storm…

As far as my real world is concerned, here and now, really nothing I HAVE to do except get to do more community service at a local AIDS organization - relieve the receptionist for an hour or so for lunch. Finding it very, very, very easy – I would otherwise have had to attend SIXTY A.A. meetings. Been drink-free for six months and likely more, and loving it. I’m no alcoholic, tho’, and a good friend would verify that, but the way I was taking in the Carlo Rossi Sangria and such a while back could lead some to make such an assessment…could see having a bit of medicinal wine again – even raw food guru David Wolfe, who’s so very particular about every bit of anything that one ingests, feels wine’s okay…especially, oh, like biodynamic wine, doubtless:

…mentioned in the Mike Walker book about Laurel Canyon is a movie called Macumba Love:
http://accelerateddecrepitude.blogspot.com/2007/02/macumba-love.html. A 1960 “exploitation classic”, this says. Directed by Douglas Fowley, father of Kim Fowley, a major player of a sort in the Canyon during the time Walker writes of… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_Fowley. Here’s a little synopsis: http://www.fandango.com/macumbalove_v30643/summary. Voodoo in Brazil…Playboy centerfold June Wilkinson in it…”uninspired”, this says. But who needs inspiration? Or wants it? Been getting along just fine without it for years and years…
Another topic for research: Sybil Leek…reminded of her for some reason lately – oh, what she said about the importance of paying attention to one’s things, one’s material items…this in the context of witchcraft, folk religion:

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

NICE VICE 1438 by Mitch Mimbo
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At the library I pay to go to yesterday, seeking out a new audiobook – was thinking of L.A. Requiem:
http://www.robertcrais.com/reviews/reviews_la_requiem.htm - fo’ sho’ gots Tinseltown on my mind of late – but the serial killer plotline of the novel put me off…could be for later. Choose the classic Hammett Falcon. Doubtless the Crais Requiem has its virtues, but I can hardly believe it’ll have the “legs” that the Falcon does, no?: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Maltese_Falcon_(novel). Wickedpedia says it was published in 1930 – over a decade before the movie…haven’t seen the Bogie flick in years, but for sure there are differences – so many details in the book left out…Joel Cairo’s sexual orientation mentioned explicitly right away, for one thing. And the adjective “Levantine”. Anyway…distracted a bit by the following – yet another Flavor of the Month summer flick of no lasting consequence, but I’m a bit of a sucker for a cute chick in a bikini: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSVmrqAMQZA&feature=popular. Fault about the Falcon, no chicks in skimpy outfits that show a lot of flesh…and: been cleaning out my room lately – took a lot of books over to a coffeehouse I like that has a shelf for customer gifts – it’s a chain, I think, but unlike the one with the name like the Moby Dick character, it’s okay with having books on a shelf inside. Left a Castaneda, a Taoism one, a Tarot one, that Trialogues one with McKenna, Sheldrake, and Abraham – yes, you must know that one, or else you shall be severely reprimanded, if not beaten – admittedly I didn’t get through it myself, but it’s a doozy – could get that on audio sometime…also left Calling the Circle: The First and Future Culture - http://www.amazon.com/Calling-Circle-First-Future-Culture/dp/0553379003?tag=dogpile-20 – and a cassette version of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, with the first tape missing – still plenty there, tho’…also, Rob Brezsny’s Pronoia, a gift from a friend I’m passing along – am a regular reader of his Free Will Astrology column…plus The Goddess Hangup, by Joyce Elbert, a Seventies, early Seventies smutty sort of novel, but delish, pretty delish: http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/e/joyce-elbert/goddess-hangup.htm. And three very nice sex instruction ones I got at the store near where I live that sells new things at half price – very tasteful images of that, passing those along…hope they’re useful for whoever chooses to take those up… so dropped those off at the less famous joint, but headed to the St*rb*cks in the Russian Hill area – admittedly, it has its charms, and it’s sucked me in – two big comfy armchairs, and a faux fireplace are attractions. Plus I like the young crew, and the Russian Hill folks who stop by…mainly, it’s the 5am weekday opening time that drew me there in the first place…so…anyway, am thinking of leaving S.F., maybe by the end of the month. Am very seriously giving this some thought…will have traveling money at the start of the month. And I may be able to stay with a friend south of the city for a few days in order to accumulate a bit more cash…could be a very, very, very fine thing to do now…domestication for me? Got to remember this: http://deoxy.org/define/domesticated+primates. So, what’s up for this afternoon, this Sunday afternoon – down to about three bucks, so that can be considered a limitation, I suppose, but maybe not…got enough for a cup of ice at the Carl’s Jr. across from the library – eleven cents, or twenty-two – either way, a pretty good deal, for what you get – can you really say that about many things you but? Friend using a library computer across from me mentioned the Juneteenth event in front of City Hall, so may get to that, pass on through…still feeling ill from something – maybe this Chinese herbal product I bought not long ago, shelved too long – sure feel poisoned, chilled, shivering a bit, even in a hot bath, or the warm sun…

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

by Mitch Mimbo - sweetdango@hotmail - starplane.blogspot.com
…Kasabian…name in mind for some reason - current popular band - named after a Manson girl…also, relatable to my current thoughts about Los Angeles - may very well up and go there, after the last nearly twelve years in San Fran…just did a search, and Dogpile, my engine of choice, listed Mars Volta Octahedron as related…friend recently brought them to my attention - know little of them…here's Kasabian's Wickedpedia: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kasabian. English, from Leicester - pronounced, I think, "Lester"…says Linda Kasabian was a getaway driver for Chuckie and his folks…Wickedpedia says a band member was reading about Chuckie, thought the name was cool, and ran it by the others, and it took about a minute for them to agree on it…with more money or more online time I'd look into this band, I guess…heck, I'm still listening to Anne Murray's "Snowbird"! Anyway, here's the Wickedpedia for this Linda: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linda_Kasabian. A bit of the Manson thing in Michael Walker's Laurel Canyon history, which I've been listening to repeatedly…stuff also about Wonderland, John Holmes, bludgeoning deaths related to cocaine. Not pretty…and: Twiggy Ramirez - that band with names of supermodels and serial killers conjoined…just returned the Naked Lunch audiobook to a library I pay for - stopped listening at a really extreme gay scene - guess the artistic angle of it could be said in its favor: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naked_Lunch. As far as Burroughs goes, I like maybe 10% of him, leaving out the heroin, guns, and homosexuality. Strangely enough, there's stuff beyond all that that I can relate to…Barry Miles noted in CD case text for Naked Lunch - scholar of the countercultural who took part in the "Restored Text" of NL in the audiobook…have liked his work over the years: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Miles. Co-owner of the Indica Gallery - and bookstore - in London in the Sixties, and also involved in the International Times…any students of those times could do worse than starting with what Miles has got to offer…was thinking, since Kasabian took their name from one of Manson's ladies, have any other bands of lesser repute done the same? Could there be a Fromme out there, named after Lynette? And…relatedly to Manson material, look up datura, also known as jimson weed - a plant used to a certain effect by Charles in Charge: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datura_stramonium - mentioned in the Castaneda material also, used by Don Juan…not something I'd want anything to do with, which goes along with my life idea of maybe finding 10% of anything really useful - such as 10% of Burroughs. As far as folks, I can relate to 10% of any person and find that a basis for a relationship…and…Los Angeles, here's the Wickedpedia: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Angeles - an overview of the area…and: in personal news, on the way to this library I'm at, passed on the bus a Christian bullhorn preacher at U.N. Plaza. I'm sure he's got some okay things to say. Noticed, tho', the man was overweight, big time. Not a good sign in terms of indicating that he's really "coming from" a healthy place. Needs to be thin, like fasting Biblical heroes, then I'd be more likely to tune him in. Otherwise, he's pretty much a tubby blowhard - see, oh, Rush Limbaugh…at least Rush, from what I gather, has some humor going on, some entertainment value…and this guy had a sign with "Jesus" on it, and then a bit later there's "Oasis" as the name of a coffee shop, then I thought both of those are similar, morphologically, to "Isis". So what does this betoken? Put all those into Dogpile and got this, among others: www.paralumun.com/mythegypt.htm…quite a bit there, in case you're interested in pursuing that line of inquiry, and it'd be nice if you would - get back to me on findings…

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by G.O. Mez (sweetdango@hotmail)

Was wondering about Hunter Thompson’s tenure as “night manager” at the Mitchell Brothers Theatre – here’s the Wickedpedia for the place: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitchell_Brothers_O'Farrell_Theater
. Says this was in 1985…says Hunter “claimed” that job – maybe it was a very informal designation…here are a list of sites to pick from about this: http://www.dogpile.com/dogpile/ws/results/Web/hunter%20thompson%20mitchll%20brothers%20night%20manager/1/417/TopNavigation/Relevance/iq=true/zoom=off/_iceUrlFlag=7?_IceUrl=true.

And here are twenty search results for Cherry Poptart, star of a series of pornographic comic books:

Here’s information about World Book and News, in L.A.:
http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide-2812223-world_book_news_los_angeles-i. Used to work near there in the Nineties, stopped in on occasion – they had issues of Cherry Poptart…maybe it’s a good idea to go back to La La Land now…but not absolutely sure if it’s a god – I mean, good – idea…would like to keep my place in San Francisco, but maybe I should just leave completely…

The Bodhi Tree’s down there, would love to be there again. Was thinking of this author, whose books I found in the used annex of that metaphysical bookstore:

Here are search results for the phrase tantric witch:
http://www.dogpile.com/dogpile/ws/results/Web/TANTRIC%20WITCH/1/417/TopNavigation/Relevance/iq=true/zoom=off/_iceUrlFlag=7?_IceUrl=true. This one of those looks interesting: http://www.khandro.net/Buddhism_tantric.htm.

And here’s the Wickedpedia for Clear Channel Communications:

This morning, listened to a bit of a Paul Giamatti reading of A Scanner Darkly -
http://www.sffaudio.com/?p=481 – and read a little in the diary kept by David Carradine while making Kill Bill. Also, used nearly all of what was left on my credit card for a dollar box of peanut brittle at Walgreens…

Ali Akbar Khan death recently – was at a Starbucks this morning, found a discarded paper, learned of this…a Marin guy, had his famous music school there…the sarod was his instrument – a peer of Ravi Shankar…said to have practiced up to 18 hours a day when young...Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, in ’67, when Khan first opened a school, took lessons…

Cancer begins today…water sign, the sign before Leo…

Later today, this Saturday, going to use a free computer at a Tenderloin center – free copies of pages there also can be had…then to a library I paid for for more online time…don’t have much money, but have plenty of time…

Noted a couple of signs for garage/moving sales in the Russian Hill area – may just check those out, what the heck, don’t have a lot else to do. Could see spending a buck or two of the ten I have for something…

And wanna look up Barney Hoskyns’ Waiting for the Sun, about the history of rock music in L.A., for the great list in back of songs about Los Angeles:
http://www.dogpile.com/dogpile/ws/results/Web/barney%20hoskyns%20waiting%20for%20the%20sun/1/417/TopNavigation/Relevance/iq=true/zoom=off/_iceUrlFlag=7?_IceUrl=true. Here’s an interview with Hoskyns: http://rockcriticsarchives.com/interviews/barneyhoskyns/barneyhoskyns.html. Has a new bio of Tom Waits, does Barney…

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Friday, June 19, 2009


by G.O. Mez

[Note to those reading the version of this at the blog – during the transfer from word processing to Blogger.com, necessary indentations were removed, so therefore the over-tightness of the scripting and the poor punctuation – this due to the “collaboration” with whoever typed out Necro’s lyrics…guess it could be said to have some charm…back to normal after my commentary on his language…]

Surprised that I was able to find the lyrics to Necro’s 12 Pimp King Commandments – 50% I figured no one woulda taken the time. I hearby insert commentary:
“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. The 12 king pimp commandments! UhIt's pimp gator(Reptile reference…the lizard brain at work, need that for pimpin’, keepin’ them bitches in line so fine on time, wit rhyme so crime…)Peep the jewels(A showy sort of pimp – myself, were I so involved, would not wear jewels – maybe fake ones…got a faux turquoise bracelet I’ve been loving for quite a while – surely it’ll be given away some day, as I have with so many other similar accoutrements…were I a pimp that would be something to do, give such a gift to one of the special girls, one of the more productive ones, show ‘em Daddy’s being nice to them…) A king pimp's been here for years representin'(That “representing” thing, right, can identify with that, to some extent, for some things…)There's rules to this shit, I'll break down a lessonStep by step like a booklet for you to sweatAnd try to apply to make yourself fly(Fly, a positive word – not related to those often unclean insects that congregate on piles of excrement…should look up where it comes from – the “fly girls” thing – perhaps originated in words of approval for free-spirited flight attendants…I like the Online Etymology Dictionary for “straight world” terms – I mean that not in a sexual sense, tho’ I guess that would apply…like that one, but “fly”in that wouldn’t come up in the way I’m meaning…)Number one: must be strong in mind and spirit(Nice positive spiritual message…how about the body?)When idiots talk inferior shit brush it off when you hear itNever fear itDon't put a knife to a broad(Good point…”gorilla” pimps use force…finesse required for a approach I’d be convocational with…reminds me of the book Man of Leisure: well, woulda put a link to that here, but the particular one I’m thinking of not there – described the life of a guy, a sweet one, apparently, who had a gift with the women – certainly, as I recall, no need for anything sharp to keep them together, except perhaps sharp words on the rare occasion…there’s also Man at Leisure by Alexander Trocchi: have heard the name, not sure if he’s a gay writer…mention of a wife, heroin…guess he’s straight – tho’ Burroughs had a wife…have Naked Lunch in audio out from a library – left it at a particularly gay pornographic scene…it’s due back soon, may just let it sit for a while...)Cause the penis is mightier than the sword(Ha! Penis/pen…trying telling that to a ninja assassin with orders to fetch your weiner back to her master, for amusement purposes…)Peep the metaphor, you'll find moreCats invaded your crib with nickel-plated 38'sImitatin' Satan, you wouldn't be intimidated(Fair enough rhyme, imitatin’ and Satan…)You must play past the devils trickeryPrison, liquor and hits of E nicotine and chicks with V.D.(Have never done “E”, Ecstasy, but have had opportunities over the years. May never touch the stuff…could see doing acid again, if the source can assure purity – not done that in twenty years, tho’ I’ve been sold bogus LSD more than once…got a little eyedropper full of liquid, went out then and there for a box of sugarcubes, inoculated each. But all for naught…)Number two: must control seven or eight cunts at once(Oh, interesting…was thinking twelve would be a nice number…)A freak for each day of the week, the eighth is a lottery stunt(Oh, one for each day of the week – that could make sense…was thinking of one for each hour of the day, and perhaps an additional twelve for the night – maybe mother/daughter pairings…if that’s not getting too Sadean…no, all for the wholesomeness, and happiness, for all…sounds, really, like a lot of work, but I’m the sort who could manage that well enough…)Must handle them with cleverness, kindness, shrewdness(Kindness, good…)Intelligence but never with an iron-fistNumber three: only fuck with a bitch when you're both clickin'(…”clickin’”, right…need to have a rapport, a mutual understanding…)Sparrows don't fly with eagle, peacocks can't strut with chickensFour: must withstand all criticismCause a man whose wife is gettin' pimpeddoesn't understand her sippin' jizzmIt's a profitable business to rationalize into cynicism(Nice rhyme, jizzm with cynicism – never heard that one before…take that, Shakespeare…or maybe even Eminem or 50 Cent, for that matter…)That it's wrong but it isn'tNumber five: never let a female be equal with youEqual right's a fantasy it will come back to normal soonRefuse to have oral-sex with your woman unless you chooseDo not accept: if you do me, I'll do youShe was put on earth to serve menShe may enjoy a cuntlick, but deep down she'll loose respect for you then(Interesting point, must keep that in mind…loss of respect if the guy cunnilingualates her…that put on earth to serve men thing…hmmm…I’m Taoist enough to be into ingesting female sexual fluids for some benefit. Search on Taoist cunnilingus for such information and see if it’s convincing...)Only animals you see lickin' sex organs are dogs and cats(I can get cat-like – dogs, I like those of others, and for brief intervals, generally. Same with children…have no pressing urge to have any biological ones of my own…tho’ for sure I’d like to be able to make the lives of those already around better than they might otherwise have been…)Females know, durin' their period, cunts are filthy like rats(With a raw plant diet, I’ve been informed, menstruation becomes non-offensive, and may even stop entirely, and healthily so…)Six: you'll use violence and self-defense to protect yourselfFriends, family , women and what you possesNumber seven: never strike a bitch with a pipe or a knifeOnly strike'em and shock'em back to reality's lightToss a bottle at her hit her with a golf clubbreak a mirror over her head but never make her draw blood(Whoa, that seems sort of extreme, all of that…breaking a mirror over her head – seven years back luck…superstitition – if you believe in things you don’t understand then you suffer, said Big Stevie Wonder…)You can start flippin', grippin' her like a victimBut never start hitting, this is called a king pimp's whippin'Number eight: since cleanliness is next to godlinessYou must keep your hygeine clean regardless a shower a day'll doAnd keep your physical being in the best condition possible it could be in(Good, an all-around approach – fat, greasy pimps, for sure they’re out there, but it’s not a real ideal…)Number nine: be never stingy, greedy, thrifty or cheapwhen it comes to you and your peeps, you owe yourself the best treatsNumber ten: never sweat when a bitch leaves youknowin' the story of a man's life's a bitch comming and long goin'They come better the next time, they only make roomFor a higher grade bitch the next one is always a better kind(Hmmm, “higher grade bitch”…I’m thinking “witch” would be a term to use, not the b-word…but this enters the realms of tantric sex, witchcraft, the yogic, and concomitantly, the Bohemian, at least the way I see it…)Eleven: your only expectin' to keep a women a term ofFour years unless your fortunate enough to get re-elected(Hmmm, interesting, like the White House…Peter Lawford was, reportedly, some sort of Hollywood procurer for JFK – maybe even set her up with Marilyn, before the wind extinguished that pretty candle…)And if she leaves before her term is up she faked it'Cuz she wasn't ready for a king pimp anyway kidLet her fuck with the other fifty-one pimp types their better for herWelfare pimp, blind pimp, dumb pimp etcetera(Important point, all this is about the king pimp, not these apparently lesser ones…)Twelve: there's leaders and followers, a king pimp never followsA hollow-headed dick swallower or a trick equippedWith a wallet full of dollars even a scholar of kabhalah doesn't get followed(Interesting spelling of “kabhalah”…not sure where that came from, the reference to Jewish mysticism…myself, partial, in the mystic, into the mystic, to Sufism, Islam’s branch of that…)The only one that got it like that solid is god kid'Cuz he's flawless he understands every topic on how a pimp rocks shitFollow these rules you'll have mad D-cups and A-cupsBitches running around butt-naked with purty makeup(That’s a “purty” enough picture…but I’d prefer those ladies who are looking good without makeup, or much…or maybe some science fiction kind…)The respect these bitches will have for you will be sacredSlut pay-up ill put your fuckin head in the toilet WAKE UP!!! (wake-up)The twelve king pimp commandments (no doubt)Respect it!!! it's pimp gator!!All you pimps all over the earth
Rock with this...”

Okay, all that…posted the link to the actual “song” by Necro in the previous blog, in case you wanna hear it in action…photo there of a really, really white guy…I dunno, feel like moving on…that was certainly a labor commenting on that…also, feeling a bit like I caught something – maybe from food from the trash I’ve been eating again – don’t have the cash, extra cash, like last month – or maybe got it from someone on the bus…got a fast pass this month and so I’ve been among them masses a lot more than before…

And now, for the remaining half hour I have left on this machine, let’s turn attention to other topics. Such as Lester Bangs. That could be a pimp name, couldn’t it?:
www.slate.com/id/2087723/. That’s from a mainstream source, just found it…a good intro to his work, in case you haven’t assayed his work…his writing’s really remarkable, displaying a wild style and true love for the music…

Anyway…thirty minutes more, then to the Odd Fellows Hall – Lodge Brother Pete has one final run for me this week, one final bit of employment, taking an envelope to a nearby bank – as differentiated from the slightly farther bank, and the even slightly farther than that bank – this for deposit…for sure have some sort of feverish state, slight headache – musta been something I ate…need to get busy with either fasting, really doing that, or sticking with a raw plant food plan. Am for certain making changes in what I take in, and that’s helped body and mind…speaking of Brother Pete, last I saw him, he was online checking into pictures of various “tags” around the city – someone had defaced a mural on top of the Hall building, and he’s determined to find the culprit. Wouldn’t wanna be in those graffiti-lovin’ shoes…Black Panther theme for the mural, and Pete’s notified them of the desecration…

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…my community service term in a local non-profit’s office at 6th and Market – in the Hewes Building – will continue ‘til the end of the month. Will be at a reception desk an hour a day while the regular lady has lunch…not much traffic, not many calls, am learning their phone system…so can go online for the entire time, listening to YouTube music, doing research, e-mails, all that…

Title for something: King Pimp. This comes up on a search for that phrase:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2oJOJ7_V6k. By Necro, 12 King Pimp Commandments…can’t listen at the terminal I’m on now, but it sounds intriguing…some sort of rap thing, I imagine…

Had some time to fill this morning, took a bit of a South of Market walk and bus excursion to the Mission…learned that the 9 Muni, on its way to the Cow Palace, goes slightly into S & M – I mean, San Mateo County…generally don’t have a reason to go all the way there, but may take that ride one day…at City Lights – the Folsom Street lighting fixtures place, not the famed bookstore – liked in the window a mushroom-shaped lamp, low-200s in cost. Psychedelically-colored…

Walked by the Nate Thurmond – Nate the Great – BBQ joint. Eight bucks and a quarter for a Memphis Pork item. Serious meat. Since 1990. Hard by the very non-serious meat: Rainbow Grocery, my next pause – will be closed on the 28th for Gay Pride Day, tho’ open for the Fourth…oh, them Rainbow folks, not so into the traditional American – unless it be the pre-white folks sort…FoodsCo, recently revamped, looking pretty inside – open at 6am…and new interesting place, at 2 Shotwell at 14th Street, the Medicine Buddha Temple:
http://www.medicinebuddhas.org/contact.html. Like the name, looks like a fine establishment – makes me think I should really walk up and down all the streets in that area and find such places that might be missed otherwise…founded four years ago by one Master Ming Yi Wang…then, by the Armory, 14th and Mission – now home to: http://www.sfarmory.com/. Also in the area, liked: http://omshantea.com/. 14th and Natoma…”rustic urban teahouse” said the sign out front – placed closed when I passed, or else I woulda surely gone in…two to ten p.m. every day but closed Sundays…then paused a bit, bought a Kern’s fruit drink – and that adjective’s used loosely – small percentage of actual fruit in their product – at the Café Petra: http://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-petra-san-francisco. Books, actual dead trees, on shelves, plus pillows at seats, and a fine big mural of a desert featuring camels, an oasis. Passed my funky Boho test, and I surely don’t bestow that accolade too easily…483 Guerrero…bamboo curtain ceiling, even…then Andalu, on the other end of the cost/intent scale - http://www.andalusf.com/directions.html. Was there a few years back, had cash, bought pretty expensive glasses of port wine for myself and two others…so very sweet, too much so, those were…today, noted a “Robbiola Flight”, of cheese – an offered assortment of cheeses is called a flight…thought it would be a nice name for a woman character: Miss Robbiola Flight…checked out the window at the Adobe book establishment – liked art on a flier for a Great American Music Hall show for Sleepy Sun, and other bands. Looking for it online, want to share it: well, couldn’t find it, but here’s a link to a related something: http://www.last.fm/event/1078159. (This site given on the flier: http://secretserpents.com/. Could be there, the art I’m thinking of, wanting to share: well…here’s a part of the site with examples of their art – current exponents of the field: http://www.secretserpentsstore.com/servlet/StoreFront. Looks like a lot of really good work…they’re standing on the shoulders of giants, as we are all…)
After, east on 16th, north side – into the corner market at Valencia to look into their yerba mate – many, many kilos of the stuff, 7 bucks per – a thousand grams, that is…myself, am a drinker of an organic kind of Rainbow Grocery, but this is an option for those who don’t care to be organic about it all…and…speaking of kilos, was wanting to hear this:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsnUu71Viyo. Arlo Guthrie, Woody’s kid, ’69, Woodstock – the line about coming into Los Angel-ease, bringing in a couple of keys – that’s kilos…and…speaking of drug slang, here’s this: http://www.erowid.org/psychoactives/slang/slang6.shtml. Search on the phrase kilo drug slang for other sites…and wanted to mention bit of graffiti on the ground at Duboce and Stevenson: WINONA ROCKS – no exclamation point…interesting that Stevenson goes so far into the Mission…over the years parts have been built over, but it’s the fourteen-hundred block at that point where it intersects Duboce…and finally, some items from this morning’s Examiner that I’m interested in: the Milton Glaser movie opening at the Roxie – graphic designer guy; Sandra Tsing Loh interview related to the California Children’s Rally and Burning Moms; Harrington’s, a bar and grill on Front – skip that, go to Harrington’s in the Tenderloin, 400 block; review of new science fiction flick Sleep Dealer, by Alex Rivera – looks real good, Blade Runner comparisons – currently at the Lumiere, with The Girlfriend Experience, starring the hard-working Sasha Grey; liked fly in a political cartoon – call a band the Velcro Flies; Gena Rowlands 79 today – an idol of Winona’s, speaking of that rocking one; L.A. Candy, by Lauren Conrad, short review of the novel, one I’d surely look at, maybe even read, for the Tinseltown juicy details; Ken Garcia on the new police chief from Mesa, George Gascon – like Garcia’s use of “lawless land” about S.F.; woman claiming to be the daughter of the Zodiac Killer saying something to the press – see www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hhqyg_dTaTg- for a Dead song about the time; photo and news about Prince William of England; Pulp Fiction to be shown at the Clay, a midnight; Ana Mandara menu mentioned, including roasted Maine lobster; John P. Wilcox is the president and publisher of The Examiner; Arnold speech met with “flood of anger”; suggestions for Father’s Day activities – the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society’s Barbary Coast walking tour recommended; CounterPULSE program about cake queen Betty Crocker by Melissa Hudson Bell, related to “American female domestic identity”…

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

6/18/2009 1:15 PM
by G.O. Mez
Blog #1433

Nice Vice, new name for this…Rainbow Grocery, glitter, seen little bottles of it – could see getting some of that again, applying some here and there…not on the face, tho’, tho’ some may get there, a bit – that’d be okay…

Looked at a 1973 live Witchy Woman by the Eagles – Frey, so very young and long-haired, mentions the Zelda Fitzgerald connection with the song’s origin – knew of this from liner notes from an Eagles collection I bought a while back at Rite-Aid – back when that chain existed in town – don’t think there’s a single one left, all taken over by Walgreens. Surprised at a Long’s on Van Ness towards the wharf area I saw the other day…anyway, Henley wrote it, mostly, I believe – was laid up with a fever, reading a bio of F. Scott’s squeeze – that, plus whoever whatever women he was with figured into the lyrics…

Thinking of the Eagles tune due to something online about Heather Graham – now in The Hangover, which I’ve heard great things about – being a witch herself of sorts, getting together with friends, she’s reported to have said - they call their group the Goddesses – and doing stuff like in The Craft – hopefully, nice things…she said they were able to alter the weather a bit one time…anyway, the National Enquirer online has something on this, and you have the keywords to get to it if you want – currently, the machine I’m on has no Internet, or else I’d pass it along so you don’t have to do that work…

Speaking of Miss Graham, name of current boyfriend is Yaniv Raz, or something like that…Israeli director of films…seen canoodling somewhere…at the Dublin opening of The Hangover, think it was…also, go to the Backseat Cuddler site for stuff about Heather, Miss Heather, Cowgirl Heather, Rollergirl, a committed one, and her current movie, and tantric sex, which she reportedly is also open about doing…

Listened recently to I Go To Work, by Kool Moe Dee – knew the song, know it well, but never saw the video – funny, the man doing a James Bond thing. Very good work, late Eighties, I think…also played his Knowledge is King…got to delve deeper into the man’s work – pre-gangsta rap, he set some stage for that in the Nineties…and frankly, I think in a better way – some real, oh, intelligence in it, bookish, even…

Walked through the Broadway Tunnel this morning – an okay jaunt, from the Polk west entrance on to the eastern outlet into Chinatown, that part of that, Jake, that abuts onto North Beach…previously, went through it the other direction with a friend, who was a bit slow, so that trek then seemed to take a real long time…this one this morning was pleasant enough, tho’ for sure the sound of motorized traffic is accentuated due to the interior acoustics…and: do a search on Alex Moses, Susan Breed, and Blue Beat North Beach for a very fine display of art using shredded jeans. Never saw this before, worth a visit to the area…

Little City, a meat market, has for sale Fisher Space Pens, for some reason – knew this years ago, stopped by the unopened place this morning – on Stockton and something, maybe Vallejo…would buy ‘em all, give ‘em as gifts…some featured an unusual button not on an end, as is usual with ballpoint pens, the retractable kind, but on the side…

Then to Gino & Carlo, my 6am North Beach place – since for now, Vesuvio don’t like me, or didn’t last time I was there…just before getting there, Eagles, One of These Nights, on my radio – put that as the first on a list of tunes, a sequence for a bit of time this morn…coffee, tho’ I asked for a Coke. Didn’t stay long, felt like keeping moving…

At G & C, tho’, liked the use of a minotaur in a coffee shop in a cell phone company ad…also, impressed by helicopters doing stunts for the Vertical Challenge Air Show – keyword Hiller…don’t like their use of fossil fuels, but the stunts impressed…also, Chevron commercial saying they’re into solar…human energy motto currently…yeah, like Soylent Blue…

Second song in the sequence this morning, She’s Not There, by the Zombies, I think. Or coulda been the Santana version…out of Gino & Carlo, along Grant…eight-hundred block, like a pair of pajamas on a mannequin, with a lovely red dragon motif. Would wear those…third song: Anne Murray’s Snowbird…bought a greatest hits disc on the street for two bucks – that song’s pretty much the first I’ve been playing for myself every day for a few days…off a bus at California and Powell – looked into the Caffee Centro to see if they had comfy seats – they do – and the price of a cup o’ joe – buck-45, which is fair enough…so they get my okay…then down the southern side of Nob Hill – the Love Project Curio Shop, looked into that – only open weekends, but it’s an interesting place, unique…had 49 minutes until the Borders Union Square opened…over to the Celtic Coffee Company on McAllister – added attraction there, besides the comfy sofas, pair of ‘em, cute Russian server I call Shorty, or Fun Size – had that on a t-shirt once. Gonna ask, I guess, next time I see her, if she knows anyone who tutors Russian…over there, she wasn’t there, but had an apple juice, kicked back on a big black sofa…then various…called a friend who’s leaving for D.C. – Washington – maybe never to return – has lived in the city since the very early Eighties…sick of it, sick of how it’s changed, for the worse…so kicked back with him – he threw the keys down to me in an adjoining parking lot…bitched about losing nine-hundred bucks in some Craigslist situation, guy bounced a check…call from a friend, saying the building he administrates got tagged, wanted me to hand out fliers to find the culprit, one Reno…another friend called, said she’d be going to Sacramento to be an extra in something called My Name is Khan…this and that, on the street again…bought a Little Debbie Cosmic Brownie at Travelers Liquors on 7th, fifty cents – liked the name…Sweet Home Alabama was the 4th in the sequence - that’s all the wow for now pow cow…

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by G.O. Mez

6/18/2009 10:45 AM (Blog 1432)

…S.F. Public about noon, me there, after this hour at a reception desk – community service for the next couple of weeks…at the Hewes Building, 6th and Market:
www.cshouse.org/Pages/hewes.html. Yet another, by the looks of it, of the pageant of hysterical/historical motherfreakers this town, this state, of mind, has produciated…then to the Mechanics’ Institute Library, for a sojourn there – paid 95 bucks for a year’s access…

Name change for me possible: using Poco Viaje for a while – G.O Mez could be the new one…based on one of those Chick pro-Jesus publications I just found – main character in the strip is named Gomez, a really bad-ass madrefokker who see the light of the Lord:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lord_of_Light. (Zelazny wrote one with a future, fare, far future Egyptian motif…Creatures of Light and Darkness. I find that premise interesting…also…Gomez, Morticia…)

Cairo Nights, on Geary – ran into a friend washing windows, said he also works there, sets it up – was in there not long ago, checking out fliers – there was one featuring Blade Runner’s Pris, the Darryl Hannah one, for some local club:
www.hookahloungesf.com/. Have myself, from the Jeet Big Time, or Times, on Polk – head shop on the very same block where I reside – have myself my own very little water pipe: www.yelp.com/biz/jeet-big-time-san-francisco. (First name of the place reminds me of: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeet_Kune_Do - I’m not necessarily entirely okay with Wickedpedia, but it’s an okay reference, and certainly an okay enough place to start a search for whatever online it is you wanna find…)

Carole King’s “It’s Too Late” – fifth song today I listed as part of a good sequence, from off the radio…was among some young ladies, dance students, when this came on, and it seemed like something they might relate to, so that was good…this at the 26 7th Street Odd Fellows Hall, where the San Francisco Dance Center resides as well, along with other personages and activity centers:

Line for semio-something: “Go figure, Govinda…” – Govinda, good name for a woman, tho’ I think in the Hindu mythology it comes from it’s a guy:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Govinda. (Yeah, a name of Krishna, as a cowherder – a “youthful occupation” of his, or His, says Wickedpedia…lot of nice chants online…such as: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYp0A0Sdao0 – worse ways to spend four minutes and 37 seconds than tuning in to that…)

www.eleungwingtsun.com for Seven-24 Commercial Street martial arts classes, taught by Sifu Elmond Leung. Saw flier for this this morning…not something I’d do myself, but it could be good for some. Gweilos/gwailos taught, apparently – some changes since the early Sixties, when the Little Dragon caught heat for teaching the white devils: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gweilo.

Good Girls Pole Riders Club – name of book I saw a woman reading this morning on the bus – she was really, really wrapped up in it:
www.books.simonandschuster.com/9780743298735. Stripper theme - same in the new The Hangover – Heather Graham, I’ve read, plays a “hippy stripper”…good for her, have liked her work for years, her fine body of work…says online that she’s into tantric sex…also, some reference to her using witchcraft to get Obama in the White House…use Backseat Cuddler as a search term to get closer to that information…and, well…lemme see…stripping in a hippie mode, tantric sex, witchcraft…relatedly: www.deeptrancenow.com/sex_rejuv.htm - and - Bohemianism – and…yogic this and that…Heather, weather, nether, tether…

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SF.CON 001 (1431)
by Poco Viaje

Material free from today’s Examiner, Guardian, and Weekly I found of interest:

Photo of guy with his “service iguana”. Said to help dude maintain mood stability – also, she – the iguana’s a girl – provides companionship, and motivation to stay well…

Colorful little ad for the July 2nd Yes concert at the Warfield – guess that’s capital Y and small other letters – had to check, wasn’t sure – thought it was YES…Roger Dean lettering in the ad, I believe…

Ad for the Saloon, Grant Avenue, North Beach – Juce Garcia a regular, on the 18th…also Barry “The Fish” Melton on the 20th. Barry also to perform at October’s – the 25th, to be specific – Woodstock anniversary concert in Golden Gate Park:

Northstone Organics ad – see
www.sanfranciscocannabisclubs.com/directory/ for a list of the city’s cannabis clubs, including Northstone – apparently they also do non-cannabis produce from farms as well, a good idea…

The Pacific Film Archive listed in the Guardian’s “rep clock” section of repertory/art house venues – not been back to Berkeley in a while – went to school there a bit at “Cal” before dropping out…most of what’s there seems a tad too obscure for my tastes, but I’m glad it’s there and providing an outlet for such flicks…

Liked the female figure, wooden, African, in ad for the de Young’s Art and Power in the Central African Savanna exhibition. June 19th, this Friday, special event related to it, with live music, cocktails. Still haven’t been to the new de Young, may be a while before that…

King Sunny Ade article, show at the Independent this Friday – new album, Seven Degrees North. Guess he’d fit into the Afro Pop category:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Sunny_Ad%C3%A9. This Wickedpedia says his style is, very specifically, Yoruba Nigeran juju: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%B9j%C3%BA_music. (Juju – from the same source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juju. Said to be a form of witchcraft: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witchcraft. And...here’s something about the King’s new one: http://www.artistdirect.com/nad/store/artist/album/0,,1023229,00.html.)

Brief review of Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight – new flick about the graphic designer, co-founder of New York – as opposed to New Yorker – magazine…this would be interesting:

“Hazing Hotties” color ad, college theme, for the O’Farrell Theatre…live stage show from the 17th to the 19th only…sorority paddle held by a cutie…not into that sort of behavior myself, but I guess it’s sort of interesting. Caption: “Straight A’s to Double D’s…”

Ad for Jeffrey’s Toys, on Market. A selection of comic books…with more money, might look into buying some. Tho’ I think they don’t carry much in the way of Sixties Marvels, which would be my particular area of interest, for items for myself, and as gifts…

Thievery Corporation among many at the Outside Lands music and arts event in Golden Gate Park – three days in late August. (Wouldn’t go – will probably make that Woodstock 40th event in October…but like Thievery Corporation for The Glass Bead Game – name taken from the Herm Hesse novel:

Coppola – Frankie, not daughter Sofia – back in theatres with Tetro – Aaron Hills in the Weekly calls it a “breathtaking Oedipal drama” – hmmm…me, not particularly a fan of the guy’s, and not of the Oedipal jazz either…still, anything from the 70-year-old director is noteworthy…is he still working on an On the Road for the screen? (This from BBC News about that, from eight years ago:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/1402122.stm. Certainly there must be more current news, but I’ll leave that to you, since my fingertips have more important matters to attend to, such as…well, not much…last thing wanted to mention is news about a Beijing court freeing a woman, a folk hero, it says, after fatally stabbing a Communist Party official to fend off his demands for sex…good for her…

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

by Poco Viaje

Some links I looked up recently:

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Difference_Engine - collaborative novel by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling…and: www.steampunkworkshop.com/ - at a recent street fair vendor labeled stuff being sold, jewelry, as steampunk…still a viable sub-genre of cyberpunk, which itself apparently has some life still…

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_M._Cain - just have out from a library his Mildred Pierce, on audio. Seemed like a good thing to listen to just now…like some kind of grandfather to me…

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Byrds_(box_set) – a four-disc Byrds collection that came out a while back…wanted to refresh myself on the titles for each disc, which I like: We Have Ignition, Cruising Altitude, Full Throttle, and Final Approach…had this on cassette a while back, but gave it away, or sold it…

http://FreeWillAstrology.com – Rob Brezsny’s weekly column - I’m not entirely unaware of the pseudo-scientific nature of astrology, but there’s a poetic charm in Rob’s words I like and resonate with often…current femme actor of interest is Gretchen Mol, a Scorpio, like me…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za-whux4PNo – friend sent me this – David Icke’s son Gareth, in Israel, interviewing youth, many of whom have very little good to say about our man Barack, who was in that area not long ago. (Guy I talked with at the Haight Street Fair said Icke, the father, was actually a fake, and was diverting attention away from more important anti-war efforts…not sure if I agree…he also had vegetarian literature, and I dropped the David Wolfe raw food guru name, and that seemed to register…)

www.mkprojects.com – for the Five Tibetan Rites – by Mary Kurus, who calls herself a vibrational consultant – a new one on me…looks like a lot of good information here, for some…and: www.deepakchopra.com/?p=1590 – a Deepak Chopra comment on Jiddu Krishnamurti, meditation…also:
home.att.net/~meditation/wrong-way.html - an article very critical of Osho/Rajneesh…I dunno, I get something from him, what I’ve read…a bit of a rogue/trickster type, a Zen lunatic of a kind, so a bit of the naughty, or a lot, goes with his territory, I might say…and: http://www.thebeatmuseum.org/events.htm - specifically for the Harold Norse and Lord Buckley items…

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by Poco Viaje

June 28, 8 in the evening, the Red Devil Lounge, benefit for Paul Williams, Crawdaddy! founder, and more - look up all those keywords and names…or, just click on this:
. If that's doable - not turning blue, like they do when they activate - could be the machine I'm on…saw this at the Wolfgang's Vault site - recommend that for those interested in the topics it deals with…Crawdaddy! back issues there online, and much more, about a third or less of primary interest to me and mine…

Out from the Mechanics' Institute Library just now, from 1942, James M. Cain's - I mean, 1941 - novel Mildred Pierce…looked up the guy and liked the title of one he did a year after, called Love's Lovely Counterfeit. Old enough to be my grandfather, born in the early 1890s…so, got the audio, will tune that in - bedtime story - yeah, that's the sort of thing that qualifies as that for the sort I am, or can be…returned a reading of Hank Thoreau's Walden - barely got into that…not quite in the mood for that right now, but it's a true classic…very different from the milieu of Cain and Mildred Pierce…but both all-American, eh?

Mallahan, that's Granddaddy Cain's middle name…reminds me of Callahan, as in Inspector:
. Wickedpedia says John Milius and Terrence Malik had some part in the script, tho' are uncredited…they were pretty new to the film field back then, so that could be a reason…or else they didn't want association with it? Lalo Schifrin music…Mr. Schifrin also did:

Also at the Mechanics', Danny Pinchbeck's book about Twenty Twelve, Quetzalcoatal…here's something by him:
. Book of interest, but too heavy to carry right now, got Mildred on my mojo backpack…

S.F. Museum of Modern Art - new rooftop garden I've seen advertised, never been…close enough for me to get to…see:
. Not impressed with pictures I've seen in ads - doesn't look very green and inviting, frankly…must've spent a pretty ugly penny on it, after all…

Gretchen Mol - what's she doing now that her TV series id - I mean, is - over? High on my list, if I had one, of female actors I like. See:
. Like it that she's a Scorpio girl…here are some photos of her without much, or any, clothing:
. Doesn't get much better than that…and: name for a character, Nina Van Palliative - the Pallandt one in mind for some reason I can't think of just now - mentioned in something I recently read or listened to…and: triple sixes on a building on Post near Jones…and: Wrong Way, idea for movie about a cult of cannibals in San Francisco - all women - they like eating men…maybe symbolic of eating sperm, or something…

And…heck, how about some more of Fetchin' Gretchen?:
. Reminds me of:
. Not exactly totally positive…

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by Poco Viaje

How about:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgTzlXdviWk. A very decent minute and a half and a bit of humor from the early Seventies – Belzer’s gone on to other things…Kentucky Fried Movie also good, similar to this one…here’s the Wickedpedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Groove_Tube.

Also, how about Yo Gotti?:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdIGjb2hnoI. Ain’t nothin’ but a gangsta party, y’all…at least for him…heard this on the radio this morning, or something very like it, and enjoyed it…

Also to consider, the Twelve Mothers. Think Jessica Alba, Catherine Zeta-Jones…who else? Is Kate Hudson a mommy yet? Madonna goes among those dozen…talking about Tinseltown Mommies…Winona, Heather Graham – they gonna be mothers anytime? Ladies born in the Eighties, they’ve got, mostly, the good time for that as well as a career…

Recommending a version of Roadhouse Blues, labeled the Crystal Method Remix – available on the box at Gino & Carlo in North Beach…very nice…played a Paul Oakenfield (or –feld – probably –field) Remix of L.A. Woman I liked much less…three digital tunes for a dollar at G & C, fair price, priceless ambience there…

Also, was thinking I’d be hearing Cripple Creek Ferry by Neil Young, and instead got Up on Cripple Creek, by the Band, on the G & C box – both great tunes, but it was Neil's I wanted to hear just then:

Also suggested, some ELO - Strange Magic, Telephone Line, others...

And here are other results for a search on Groove Tube:

Back to Belzer:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Belzer. Wrote a few books with titles that intrigue – got to get to those…love how he depicts the Prez in the clip above…

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6/16/2009 9:36 AM
by Poco Viaje

Some music to start: www.youtube.com/watch?v=spNetixfZfI. Nearly nine minutes of AC/DC…this will be okay with the stone cold Bon Scott fans out there, it's still in his era…also see: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Boy_Boogie. Personally, like the Brian era as well in terms of this band's product, tho' some don't…

William Queen, Mongols - article in a book about the biker - motorcycle, that is, not the bicycle kind - culture…had time to fill this morning, went to the second floor of the Borders Union Square, happened to see this one: The Mammoth Book of Bikers, by Arthur Veno and a woman: www.mysimon.com/9015-11122_8-2038949443.html. Same book, Last Gasp link also: www.lastgasp.com/d/31649/. Some may like…

Like how Mr. Veno and the woman - name not coming up immediately on searches - quotes the Futurist Manifesto from a hundred years ago exactly this year, Marinetti: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futurist_Manifesto.

Got me thinking of a plot idea: "He's her prospect…"

Also, search on the terms "rollin motorcycle art museum" for an article in this Veno collection - this Rollin's the author of that one mentioned above featuring quotes from the Futurist Manifesto…not immediately coming up in a search, but it could be worth it for some to look this up…

Also, more music, from the Donnas: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDHNCnlocnQ. Five seconds short of four minutes and a half…fairly new work, looks real good…

At Gino & Carlo this morning, had coffee, Coke, put some money in the jukebox. Played live Eagles from the mid-Nineties, the Hell Freezes Over disc - noted that I wanted to mention the influence of Sinatra on Henley's singing - in particular, was thinking about Wasted Time, the theme of that one, and the treatment: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikxcuDRiAn4.

Here's a recent Leah Garchik column - citing it because of the use of the word "serendipity": www.sfgate.com/columnists/garchik/. Related to the demise of Overland, the bookstore over in the Union Street area…here's the Wickedpedia for that one: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serendipity. (Derived, this says, from the old Arabic and Persian name - why both? Is that possible? - for Sri Lanka…coined in the mid-1800s by Horace Walpole in a letter to a friend, interestingly enough…)

Also, to look in to: "Busy Being Fabulous" by the Eagles, and The Kill Bill Diary, by dearly-departed Davie Carradine…

Also: J.D. Souther at the Great American…Katy Perry around town for H & M…title: Twelve of the Girls - or maybe make that twenty-four, twelve mother/daughter pairings…A Tea Garden at Larkin and Eddy - saw it while passing on a bus the other day, curious about what their wares, their offerings, are…the Five Tibetan Rites - look those up…Laurel Canyon Stories, look that up…verse: "Their demon's captured in the center's hub -/these women learn what's giving him a rub…" Also, YouTube for Kool Moe Dee - "Knowledge is King", for one of his…

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