Friday, July 30, 2004


Friday, July 30, 2004

Will be skipping the usual recap…except, for, oh, NAUGHTY LITTLE NYMPHOS…FILTH ELEMENTS, ANCIENT AGE, UNSMOKED YERBA MATE TEA, THE SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY, SPORE, DIVINE NAVIGATION, COUNTRY CLUB SUPERETTE 128 MARKET, FILLMORE RECYCLING CENTER, RUSH FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH, HELL’S ANGELS, NEW CENTURY THEATER, ARAMIS 900…SONNY BARGER, ALTAMONT, CARY GRANT, GROUCHO MARX…y’know, the usual suspects and subjects…and on to new material: on the way with two bags full to recycle two days ago, found twenty dollars right there on the sidewalk outside my hotel! Found ten dollars once in the Eighties, but never a Jackson! So, I began spending: right to the Empire Market there at the corner of Hyde & Leavenworth for a big bottle of mango juice for those at the hotel – it was Coffee Wednesday there and I added that juice…and for me, my usual Ancient Age Kentucky whiskey, 200 milliliters…that was 5 bucks and 15 cents…and…there was a fire happening around the corner at the same time – apartment burned out – nearby buildings untouched…many gawkers at the intersection, me included for about two minutes…then down to the Main Library – purchased for 10 cents a postcard for an associate featuring a young boy puzzled by towering card catalogs…and, read the ROB BREZSNY FREE WILL ASTROLOGY column in THE SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY – really relevant, that one was…I’m a SCORPIO, with Sagittarius rising…straight outta that Floaters song…then it was over to FIELDS BOOKS to pay twenty cents short of four bucks for that Spore divine navigation text I mentioned – had it on hold for a week due to the spending of whatever money I had on whiskey…back on Muni after that to the hotel – gave a dollar to a guy who was doing card tricks on the bus – three cards he had, and he moved ‘em around really quick and had people guess where a particular one was – I told him I always lost at that type of game, but I turned him on to a dollar anyway just for the good show and his patter…then a buck and a quarter spent on a plastic bottle of COCA-COLA to go with my Ancient Age…this at the Lucky Market just down from THE BROWN JUG, one of my favorite bars…was asked a trivia question by a guy at the market during the Coke purchase – “Celine Dion” was the answer, and I got it right – tho’ she is very far from being a favorite of mine…so that left me with 8 bucks and 70 cents out of that found twenty…then up to the room about half past noon on July 28th, a Wednesday…drank my drink, listened to the radio – that pina colada escape song played, notably – nice pop number, that one, which I hadn’t heard in a while…and entertained thoughts about one of the above-mentioned NLNs…”Viv” is her name…has the kind of blue, blue eyes that Sinatra had no sense of…and then, on the radio, one of the deejays played a spelling game based on the names of music stars – caller got ‘em all right, including Fagen (as in Donald) and Morrisette (is that right? As in Alanis…) – then I continued sipping my Coke and Ancient Age – been meaning to go to their Website – the label encourages imbiber comment…then it was another song I hadn’t heard in a while, the Motley Crue tune about girls, girls, girls…and, since I am limiting this to this single page, gonna hafta skip over a whole lot of other verbiage…and I worked out a line of iambic pentameter: “…chaotic light plus purer energies/contain supremest negative-based keys…” – that one is for Viv…inspired by language in that divine navigation text…was at BORDERS UNION SQUARE a bit later that day in order to listen to some free music on the fourth floor…also glanced through some martial arts magazines – one had an article about the so-called “drunken master” style, which is concerned with “skill that transcends mere surface beauty”…altho’, as Viv proves, there’s not a whole lot wrong with mere surface beauty…and last night, notably, went to the weekly shindig at Celia’s…much good food, wine, music, conviviality, as usual, but no Celia…when my SSI money finally arrives – should be directly deposited the 1st of August – JERRY GARCIA’s birthday, as a matter of fact…when it is in the bank, gonna buy a nice portable music box at RADIO SHACK and bring that next week to Celia’s, along with a goodly portion of JACK DANIEL’S to share – goodbye Kentucky, hello Tennessee! Twice the cost, but probably worth it…I like wine and beer and vodka well enough, but it’s whiskey for yours truly…good article read while at Celia’s about THE SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE, a review of their new free show in the parks, SHOWDOWN AT CRAWFORD GULCH – praised it to the gathered folk last night…the writer figured the Troupe basically preaches to the converted, which is true enough…and I joined in the music-making slightly with a cow bell – did the opening notes of LOW RIDER – the players at Celia’s don’t rock as much as I’d like, but they still get into quite th’ groovy…also, not the kind of NLN presence that I’d not mind at all…so that is the latest for now…gotta get to recycling again for my drink since that SSI dinero won’t have arrived for a coupla more days…not counting on finding another twenty…also: I forwent keeping track of how I spent it after a time, and there was a missing 3 bucks and 20 cents I couldn’t account for…was it in the Palm Springs shirt I gave spontaneously to hotel friend Dino? Not impossible…

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Recapping from #15, the last one:


NAUGHTY LITTLE NYMPHOS…and like…just got a nice e-mail from long-long-long-time buddy JCB…not happy with recent developments, seems…still, Stephen stills…I can still remember my name and game, like…he’ll call me sometime- my cell will be back up in very short order…gonna make the font on this bigger, a 12 in this Gates’ Word system…had a little comment this morning from a observer, as to how small the print was…don’t wanna make this any harder than it hasta be, G…DONNAS, THE DONNAS, rocked my world last night at the Main Branch of the SF Public…wrote an IAMBIC PENTAMETER COUPLET in honor of those four rockin’ chicks, in fact, to wit: “…these hearts are broken, four at this same time/because it’s worded in this brokedown rhyme…” – how ya like me now? Or us now? Right…let’s get real…nice line from a Donnas tune: “I wasn’t winking – that was just the booze…” – love those four! Also, talked with a Naderite last night in front of the library – in front, actually, of one of the 3 entrances…anyway – that temple off bloom is fine, OK? – anyway, she was pushing ol’ Nader, that Ralph, and I sex – I mean, sez to her – that Ralph’s #3 on my list, at least…#1 or #2 is Kramden, and #1 or #2 is SONNY BARGER…in fact, Sonny is probably the 2nd…if not first…the supermarket might be right up there too, in front of Sonny, even, at some times…but seriously…THE HELL’S ANGELS are due in town tomorrow, perhaps 200 strong…must mention PINK…love her music…she might do a version of the JOAN JETT album THE HIT LIST – covers of various male band songs…read a review from THE INTERNET from ENGLAND figuring she’s got what it takes to be the next MADONNA…that’d be nice…saw a CARY GRANT book at ADOBE BOOKS last night…OPERATION PETTICOAT – and the trivia question is: What was he “on” during that flick, eh? Premise: 5 nurses plus TONY CURTIS plus Cary…they don’t make movies like that anymore, eh? So that is about it for now…due to the larger font size…

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Recapping from #14, the last one:
on Church near Aardvark Books (up there on Church near Market)…
and of course, one of the favorites,
(just saw a very exceptional picture by him of two San Francisco denizens
on the poster for the Haight Street Fair)…
just finished a fine soup meal at MARTIN’S – the price is right, there near the 16th and Potrero intersection…
saw again an acquaintance there I was surprised to see – last time we talked, he said he was heading up to Seattle,
but he said he got lazy…common problem, lazy days and nights, even for THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS
on the FESTIVAL EXPRESS…gotta get my free MUNI Fast Pass after this…this to remind myself, these lines…
obscure message, somewhat, to amuse you as well…then over to FIELDS BOOKS and ask ‘em to hold the copy of the
SPORE DIVINE NAVIGATION triangular book I have on hold there…not gonna have the money for it until Friday…
see an earlier blog for details about this, if you care to…or I’ll summarize when I get the copy…and, and…special
ordered from the library a copy of THE DONNAS’ SPEND THE NIGHT…really fine rock and roll, and local, too…those four ladies can rock around the clock…gonna go back to the Main Library this afternoon and have a listen…had it out before and I know whereof I speak about this band…and Why Do Fools Fall in Love is tomorrow’s movie pick at the hotel in THE TENDERLOIN I live in…musta been manager BRIAN SAMUELS’ choice…I am giving him lists of flicks I wanna see, but he hasn’t picked from these yet…and in e-mails recently received: Frederick’s of Hollywood sent me something for some reason…I don’t get a lot of junk e-mail, don’t know why I got on their list…lived in LOS ANGELES for seven years in the Nineties and know where their place is down there…locally, got a message
from the good LO-FI CUSTOMS place on Mission – they are moving to 69A Duboce, August 6th grand reopening from six to ten in the evening…ARTISTS BEHAVING BADLY is the name of their upcoming show – I quote from their
e-mail: they will “show a handful of underground artists whose medium has traditionally been the streets of S.F.” – sounds good to me, works for me…also got an e-mail from friend Cameron at the Department of Human Services –
he helped me get that SSI money, helped in filling out forms – he told me 80% of those applying don’t get it,
so he’s the man…and in somewhat random other news – geez, I have got pages and pages and pages of handwritten notes that won’t fit on a single page…even the highlights of the highlights would overlap onto a 2nd page…so I’ll just blather briefly for a few lines more, like out of a spaghetti and chow fun space western…COUNTRY CLUB malt liquor is a pint for 75 cents at the SUPERETTE 128 Market on, I think, Eddy, near Powell…found an issue of COMBAT AIRCRAFT magazine yesterday during my rounds collecting cans and bottles for recycling
(and cash in my pocket)…interesting material about STEALTH planes, starry planes, those…and met a guy calling himself “Jay Bird” up on Haight last night while picking up stuff to recycle…could be a connection to something, like, sunshine-y, y’know…was at RAINBOW GROCERY this morning cashing in a paper from a previous transaction – needed TRINITY WATER, a recommended brand…met a coupla ex-cons on the Muni this morning on the way to the Fillmore recycling center…both had forearm tattoos of the very intricate kind…interesting guys, but not ones to f-word with, never…asked one of ‘em with flames inked on his forearms how long it took to get those done – he said 8 years, and smiled ironically – 8 “prison years”…then, got two bucks and nine cents from the recycled Haight material – with the slight surprise of Rainbow return cash, that was enough for a Tenderloin bottle of Ancient Age Kentucky whiskey, my current beverage…and, and: listening to the radio this morning in my hotel room – UNWELL by Matchbox 20 is a fine song of the moment, the near-moment…and last night, at BORDERS UNION SQUARE, listened several times to a new RUSH disc featuring covers of songs from the Sixties that influenced the band – the song I pushed on again and again: FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH…Google on STEPHEN STILLS for that one…also, gotta get back my library book on the ALIAS tube show, featuring the exceptional JENNIFER GARNER…it’s due today and is on hold by someone else, so I gots to give it up…also: THE HELL’S ANGELS are due in town Thursday, perhaps 200 strong, if THE CHRONICLE is correct…they’ll be at THE POUND somewhere in the Bayview…and: at Martin’s today,
enjoyed a copy of GAMES PEOPLE PLAY by ERIC BERNE – fantastic work – and also there, JITTERBUG PERFUME, by TOM ROBBINS – all about perfume…got that substance on my mind – one of my first purchases when the money is in my account will be a MACY’S UNION SQUARE bottle of ARAMIS 900 – need some fragrance to counteract the whiskey that is saturating my cells…also: three good words from that Berne psychology text: awareness, spontaneity, and intimacy…so that about covers it for now…brief comments welcome via e-mail…gotta go get my pass now…

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Monday, July 26, 2004


Monday, July 26, 2004

[This also known as STAR LANE FRANK PLANE.]
Recapping from the previous installment – number fourteen…
(mistakenly written as “Weekly Word News” in #14)…
two bucks gets you some poultry there,
and not paltry poultry…GOOGLE on TYPE HIGH
and VICTOR MOSCOSO – and THE ONION (for laughs),
(up there on Church near Market)…and of course, one of the favorites,
and THE PROFESSIONALS is a fine movie…
available for FREE there…like ABBIE HOFMANN suggested –
but you knew that, of course…and LEE MARVIN –
The Professionals…and in more current info: HUGH D. –
we had some form of miscommunication…
he still doesn’t wanna be on this e-mailing list…
tho’, I must say, saw a nice HAIGHT-ASHBURY image
from him yesterday during the DAY OUT OF TIME –
was up in that area with ASSOCIATE yesterday,
saw fine image parodying neo-hippies by Hugh H. –
he says he doesn’t have time to be reading blogs…well…
isn’t that just too special? Wonder if he has,
like, time to, oh…worship SATAN?
Or have an Eggo waffle? It’s a mystery…still, his work is darn good…HAIGHT STREET FAIR of 2004 – poster for it done by him…good work, Hugh…maybe you can make time to read a few blog lines…and  ANA VOOG continues to send e-mails…interesting, she is…Google on her name for further whatevers…got turned on to her in an interview with WILLIAM GIBSON…so that’s about it for now…kinda skimpy time, I know, but, like…

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Thursday, July 22, 2004


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Quick recap from #12: THE FILTH ELEMENT, A SCANNER DARKLY, WEEKLY WORD NEWS at MARQUARD’s on POWELL STREET, ANCIENT AGE KENTUCKY WHISKEY, BORDERS UNION SQUARE FREE 4TH FLOOR MUSIC, SUMMER BREEZE covered by THE ISLEY BROTHERS on GROOVE WITH YOU, BOB WEIR CD, RECYLING BOTTLES AND CANS FOR PETTY CASH…and so, to the new material: walked north uphill through THE TENDERLOIN yesterday in order to meet an associate at the Academy of Art College branch on Sutter…then it was out to the Presidio to get to the associate’s mail box…enjoyed grokking a Presidio bee…Lucas has his new digital arts university nearly completed, looks like…but I’m a STAR TREK guy myself…then over to a newish sports goods store in the Presidio – associate needed some kinda costume for a job…pirate flag flying inside…I waited outside and drank my watered-down whiskey…decent-enough music in the place, including that song about “squareness” – don’t know the artist – a quick GOOGLE search turned up nothing except, like, “fusillades against conservatism and squareness”, a line from some critic…liked it that this sports place supported the YMCA – picture up front showed kids out in some wild area due to support from the place…while waiting and drinking while associate did her thing I glanced through SAFEWAY mailers she’d gotten in the mail and given to me…lotsa food for sale – I took out a picture of mahi mahi and left the rest…the place also played that Diana Ross song about being turned upside-down…and associate got done and gave me a piece of Venezuelan chocolate from Starbucks…then it was on the way back to the Mission – waited at the KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN on Fillmore for the MUNI, the 22…thought a two-buck two piece deal woulda gone down okay then, but associate figured to eat elsewhere, on her dime – associate is generous to a fault, very often…and thought to myself out loud that the HORSESHOE bar jukebox there in the Marina was a good one…so we took the 22 back to the Mission area…had lunch at the fine RED JADE there on Church near Market…it was past the lunch hour special time but they let us eat there at those reduced prices – associate likes this place a lot, a way lot more than she likes most restaurants, okay? And I looked through the TYPE HIGH postcard I found somewhere for a typographic art show – caught my eye, the VICTOR MOSCOSCO lettering, psychedelic, on this card…associate mentioned talking with the OXYGEN BAR astrologer…also, JOSEPH CAMPBELL came up somehow and that made me think of the Lucas connection – told you I’m more of a Roddenberry guy, but the Campbell connection with Lucas makes him sit a bit better with me, I guess…so, done with eating at Red Jade, associate still at that work – went over to AARDVARK BOOKS and laughed much at a compilation from THE ONION satirical publication…and glanced at THE TWILIGHT ZONE at the SALVIA DIVINORUM for sale, twenty bucks a container, about…then it was the walk to associate’s hotel – I waited downstairs…guy with the Barry Bonds shirt was down there, and other regulars…the guy with the Bonds shirt was also seen by me near that Smokey Robinson Safeway event…a real sports fan…then associate and I headed up, up, and away to that Victor Moscoso event…Muni’d it up Van Ness, then took the cable car up Nob Hill…coupla young bloods were on the Muni part way, one of ‘em smoking some blunt sort of cigarette and the other playing rap really loud on his music machine…an O.G. next to me told me later that it was Too Short from the Seventies…heard that one’s name but couldn’t recognize it – I tell you, it was some hard rap, very violent…but I hadda laugh at the Rock Hudson and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes references…commented to associate about how I appreciated the verbal facility of a lot of these rappers…so we got off the cable car at Mason near the famous and expensive hotels…I recall now that it was a rather cold and foggy-ish day yesterday then…so it was down Mason a few blocks to another Academy of Art facility in a previous church to the JULIA MORGAN AUDITORIUM…that Sixties typography on the card had really drawn my attention…into the auditorium…good crowd…Mr. Moscoso was gonna be up after other presentations…got some free postcards from typographers out front…there was a film about “film titles” to start off with, plus a lecture…Saul Bass work from the Sixties featured from a Hitchcock film…had enough of that after a few minutes and associate and I left…woulda been good to see Mr. Moscoso again – associate and I had seen him lecture in San Rafael some while ago…but we woulda hadda wait for too long…besides, the hotel I’m in has begun a movie night,
thanks to fine manager Mr. Samuels – up last night, Bringing Down the House, starring the great STEVE MARTIN and Queen Latifah…was looking forward to laughing along with this one a lot, but I got slightly bored with the conventionality of it after about ten minutes…it was me, not the flick – just wasn’t in the mood for it at the time…so it was to bed, and this and that that I didn’t note…was at another movie in the morning, this morning, at THE SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY: THE PROFESSIONALS, a really classic Western from the Sixties – very recommended…”rousing” is the word that occurred to me during the exciting opening credits – LEE MARVIN blasting away as he trained others in the use of a machine gun…the MAURICE JARRE music is exceptional…many fine lines of dialogue – the Robert Ryan character is a horse trainer who hits another guy due to equine abuse – the guy says, “Hey, I thought you wanted it broken?!” and Ryan says “Broken, not ruined!”…and Lee Marvin, just before the final big conflict scene, tells the three other hired guns: “Let’s go to work!” – “work” being pure film mayhem…I generally don’t like movies with any gunplay, rifleplay, dynamiteplay and arrowplay, but for this one I’ll make an exception…more later – I’d enjoy some whiskey - gotta recycle more cans and bottles for the required 2 bucks – got 15 cents already.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Gonna skip the usual recap of the last blog since there are a lot of handwritten notes I wanna get out to y’all…recently was at a location where I could select from a library of DVDs and these are the ones I picked: THE FIFTH ELEMENT (imagine the porn version called THE FILTH ELEMENT), THE PINK PANTHER, HELL FREEZES OVER (live EAGLES from the Nineties), VOODOO LOUNGE (STONES concert), and BARBARELLA. That first one’s fantastic science fiction, but just couldn’t get into it – the opening outer space visuals of asteroids and the curve of the Earth and so forth were spectacular…and in the genre, A SCANNER DARKLY, a PHILIP K. DICK adaptation, is being worked on – that’s probably a real winner…the Clouseau one was pretty funny – PETER SELLERS was such a comic genius…but it seemed he made the Inspector more bumbling in sequels. The Eagles concert was truly amazing – DON HENLEY is such a consummate musician, one of my absolute favorite performers in any field. The Stones DVD was also fab – I saw it on a big screen and really appreciated very much Mick’s way, and Keith’s, and the rest. Didn’t get around to Barbarella – TERRY SOUTHERN wrote the screenplay, based on a French comic book…and in other news: MICHAEL MCDONALD has a fine new version of AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN HIGH ENOUGH; GOLDEN GATE PARKING on Eddy near Hyde is open 24 a day – drivers can get up to 12 hours for two bucks per hour; was looking at the newest WEEKLY WORLD NEWS at MARQUARD’S stand on Powell last night…really, really funny stuff, recommended; paused at THE GOLD COAST further up the same street to re-read the HERB CAEN column blow-up; spent a good while at BORDERS UNION SQUARE…sipping my ANCIENT AGE KENTUCKY WHISKEY from a Tropicana orange juice bottle I’d found along the way – no thin disguise for the liquor…VILLA INCOGNITO, the TOM ROBBINS novel, is out in paperback for 15 bucks, I believe; INXS, that song with the line “you’re one of my kind”, was playing in the 4th floor music section when I got there…the new SCORPIONS CD called UNBREAKABLE is at a listening post – there’s a track called BORDERLINE – not the MADONNA song…and I read in the BILL PICTURE column this morning – and also heard on the radio – that the Kaballistic Girl is now wanting to be called “Esther” – make a note of this…and…really enjoyed a GUNS ‘N’ ROSES best of disc, most especially a SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL from ’94 never released before…unlike some covers, this sounded significantly-enough different from the original – great phrasing by AXL ROSE, great readings of words and lines…wanted to play some ISLEY BROTHERS but the listening post wasn’t working – they cover SUMMER BREEZE, the SEALS & CROFTS hit…also LAY, LADY, LAY (originally by that Victoria’s Secret spokesman)…the Isley CD is called GROOVE WITH YOU, in case you wanna rush out and get it (along with RUSH)…there’s a tune called PROP THAT THANG – love that title – should have more songs with “thang” in the name…also not playing were a Z.Z. TOP collection (wanted TUSH), a BOB WEIR one (wanted to hear MEXICALI BLUES), and a ’72 GRATEFUL DEAD European tour selection. DID get to hear THREE DOG NIGHT, BLACK AND WHITE…and in the books area of Borders Union Square, desired by me, the new STEPHEN DAVIS bio of JIM MORRISON and the bio of TRACI LORDS, UNDERNEATH IT ALL, in paperback…so after all that, was out the door with a Borders bag, the better to collect recycleable bottles and cans to pay for the next day’s whiskey…then it was the short jaunt through Union Square to THE VIRGIN MEGASTORE – the square’s a convenient place to pick up bottles and cans, by the way…and at the RICHARD BRANSON place sampled more pop culture – captured by a BRITNEY SPEARS video – love her moves, really…laughed out loud at STARSKY & HUTCH, which was playing all over the store on vidscreens…but I fought back my consciousness with a dose of live ’72 GUESS WHO, including SHARE THE LAND and NO TIME and THESE EYES…and close to eleven p.m., closing hour, great loudspeaker comment addressed to possible purchasers along the lines of “If you are thinking about making a purchase, start thinking about it a little faster.”…and then it was out the door onto Market – got on BART for the ride one station to Civic Center…was surprised at a woman riding her bicycle in the very environs of BART…I found 50 cents in a pay phone slot and convinced the guy at the corner EMPIRE MARKET to sell me a STEEL RESERVE at that price – it costs 65 cents…and then to sleep, then awakening again – was surprised and pleased at the long string of listenable songs on KFOX-FM, even tho’ it’s a CLEAR CHANNEL station – the nemesis of HOWARD STERN…so I was up and drinking my Steel Reserve at, like, four a.m., listening to the radio waves – was told of a shooting in THE TENDERLOIN, my ‘hood, at Turk & Taylor, not that far from my hotel – goes with this territory…and had hours until the recycling center was open so I could get money for my whiskey, so I collected more cans and bottles, then called up my buddy Carson, and met him at his frequent fishing location near 3rd and Mariposa…had a fine time chatting with the dude…met him at Celia’s Thursday night shindig and we are pretty much on the same wavelength, totally…then it was this and that that I didn’t note down…saw my “employment specialist” Sharon at the Department of Human Services and informed her of my incoming SSI funding, so I am no longer in her purview – she’s a very sweet and kind lady, one of the best…then it was over to THE FILLMORE to get more than the price of a 200 milliliter bottle of Ancient Age…then this and that…to Glide for two times thru’ their line for lunch, then to here, and now, and ciao…
ALL FOR FUN AND FUN FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
It’s been a few days since the last message…have sorta been getting into a handwriting mode…makes things more personal and up-close…and don’t you just hate it when that happens? Anyway…gonna review the last number in this series…was at GLIDE CHURCH again today…had a decent dinner about an hour ago, went in line twice…was gonna get to a bottle of ANCIENT AGE KENTUCKY WHISKEY and felt like I hadda have something in my stomach…was at Glide for lunch today too, but it’s the day they serve their world famous “Glide Burger” and the line stretched around the block, and I just said f-word it…and be sure to check on FESTIVAL EXPRESS – GOOGLE on that name…get your good dose of JANIS JOPLIN and EARLY SEVENTIES JERRY GARCIA, when he was twenty-something and Babe Ruth quantities of hot dogs hadn’t gotten to him yet…and there’s that STEPHEN DAVIS biography of JIM MORRISON…saw this at BORDERS UNION SQUARE, which also has a decent free music listening station situation up on floor four…one of THE FLOORS OF PERCEPTION, you might say, or I might…and then there’s the CREATIVITY EXPLORED opening reception as well – check the previous blog for details…and, and there’s Wade’s SAUDI AMERICA line he e-mailed me, worth repeating…and HIPPIE HILL…there’s something happening there soon…just can’t recall just what…and of course I wanna mention ADOBE BOOKS on 16th near Guerrero…fine place – buy books in Coneheaded mass quantities, y’all…and He Who Does Not Wish To Be Named at Adobe: last blog I wasn’t sure if it was darshan or kirtan he was promulgating one night recently…well, it wasn’t kirtan, which is chanting – he was holding forth verbally – tho’ for sure he’s into chanting – he’s very much into beads, prayer beads, as well as, no doubt, THE GLASS BEAD GAME, that HERMAN HESSE novel…which TIM LEARY also loved a lot, I must say…took a name from it for his own organization, even, THE CASTALIA FOUNDATION…and must mention SAN FRANCISCO…and, yeah, DAVID BOWIE – not accepting the Queen of England’s knighthood…unlike MICK, who did…just saw a DVD based on THE STONES’ VOODOO LOUNGE, and for darn sure was I impressed with the show – Mick has got those moves quite down, and Keith is fun to watch, playing guitar like ringing a bell…will probably mimic Mick to some extent as I walk down the street…and there is that SAN FRANCISCO ART EXCHANGE event at 458 Geary, all that fine ROCK ART…there is a million-and-a-half buck ROGER DEAN painting – from the YES album RELAYER…not sure if I’d buy that even had I that kinda cash…a fine MORRISON HOTEL cover photo was about two grand, and I liked that a lot…and, and – still reviewing the last blog: did my RECYCLING today at the FILLMORE location, got what I needed for the Kentucky whiskey…so that brings us up to the very here and the now…must mention the fine COMPUTER TRAINING CENTER on Eddy near Leavenworth, which is where I’m using a free computer to type this out for y’all…fine organization, lots of cyber-related work happening here…and: secured from THE SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY this morning a copy of THE PROFESSIONALS, the classic Western flick from the mid-Sixties…gonna get ‘round to it at the library in a coupla days – never seen it but upon the recommendation of my buddy Bob S. it’s a sure winner…and just missed seeing SMOKEY ROBINSON over at the SAFEWAY on 16th near Potrero – he was advertising his SOUL IN A BOWL GUMBO and his new CD of prayerful music…kinda had to spend three bucks on one of the microwave gumbos in order to get his signature, which was what I wanted, and also just to be in the music legend’s presence…but I didn’t have a nickel to spend on that since it went for that whiskey…guess Smokey woulda given me a signature anyway, maybe, but frankly, I am not that big a fan of his – I’m more of a rock ‘n’ roll kinda guy, as you probably noticed with my blog mentions…still, I was in line with real fans for a while, and it was interesting to pick up on that star-luvvin’ vibe, the anticipation’s excitement…last signature I got from a famous personage was from RAY MANZAREK up in THE HAIGHT a few months ago for his book, thinly-disguised, about a fictionalized Jimbo…didn’t see no Ray Manzarek sidelining for gumbo…but high praise to Smokey anyway! It’s rare that a legend shows up at a San Francisco Safeway’s floral department. (But to close this blog: one of the women in line with me had a sample of that gumbo and had absolutely no praise for it – she cooks it herself and really, really felt Smokey’s mass-marketed variation just did not at all cut th’ ol’ ZATARAIN’S New Orleans mustard – I mean, tho’ the okra that was in Smokey’s was a good touch, she said, the artificial crab meat was verging on sacrilege. I tried defending my man Smokey, saying that it wasn’t artificial crab meat, but she insisted. Had to bow to the greater gumbo authority on that one, Smokemeister…so that’s about it for now…having reduced the font to the near lower limit there’s more room to ramble on for a while longer…got that whiskey to get to up in my hotel room here in THE TENDERLOIN…might get over to the FOOD NOT BOMBS free giveaway at United Nations Plaza for some soup – not gumbo, Smokey! Smokey, kick us down some! Since I had this extra space I did a little Google on THE MIRACLES, Smokey’s former band – love their song LOVE MACHINE (PART 1) – they did it without Smokey, and it’s a humdinger. To conclude, let’s let ‘em “take us home” via the lyrics: “…I think it’s high time you knew/whenever I think of you/my mind blows a fuse…” – and so on…need the music if you never heard the tune…interestingly, it’s from an album called 54 – but it’s from 1976…doesn’t that pre-date STUDIO 54? A mystery of a kind…
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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Just done with a fine lunch at GLIDE CHURCH…the price is right, and the hours are regular, very…
gotta get back to my bottle of ANCIENT AGE in my hotel room –
two bucks and fifteen cents at the EMPIRE MARKET at EDDY & LEAVENWORTH…
but before that, here are a few more lines to think about, or feel about
(with your astral hands)…got a quick e-mail back from FESTIVALEXPRESS.COM –
signed up for info updates on that movie I told you about last communiqué…
the message contained answers to a crossword puzzle featured at the site.
Interesting answers: TOKE, SHE (the H. RIDER HAGGARD novel?), RICK DANKO, BYRDS,
not to mention good ol’ CHARLIE MANSON – tho’ I just did…), and WARLOCKS…
now that is the kind of crossword puzzle I could enjoy…didn’t do it, actually,
but I like the word list…and as for the answers to the three little questions at the end of #9,
my answers, they are: David, Davis, Jr., and arc…and CREATIVITY EXPLORED,
that fine organization for art, sent an e-mail about an upcoming exhibit called GESTURE –
July 22 opening reception, a Thursday, 7 to 9 in the evening, at 3245 16th at Guerrero…
be there or be squared, if not cubed-istic…and checking other e-mails:
musical pal and former co-worker Bob San is back from Japan…
and is inviting me for a Sunday lunch meeting out at China Basin Landing, at his worksite…
he’s my deejay friend, with a long work history on radio…he’s a hard one to please in terms of rock and pop songs,
since he had to play the usual ones over and over and over and over during shifts…
and this I like about him…sounded chipper in his e-mail, if that is possible to convey in that way…
he deejays late nights/early mornings at times at KFJC down on the Peninsula…
and also got a message from buddy Wade – he included the pun SAUDI AMERICA, which I like…
also heard electronically from the good Dr. Carol at
THE DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES – one of my workers – but in terms of therapy,
I do believe she’s a real “playa”…also got a message from JEROME THE PHILOLOGIST –
met him thru mutual friend DIALLO THE ARTISTE at CITY COLLEGE one day a while ago – saw him recently at THE HAIGHT STREET FAIR, drum in hand, seeking HIPPIE HILL
to lay down that ol’ philosophical rhythm…Jerome just said “OK!” in his e-mail, so that, I take it, indicates approval of the content provided…and so, that covers just the e-mails…I have several handwritten pages of notes to cover in the remaining space – guess it’ll have to be the highlights, for now…had a great time last night at ADOBE BOOKS on 16th between Valencia and Guerrero…He Who Does Not Wish To Be Named was holding forth, darshan- or – kirtan-wise – I’m not sure which – about sacred geometry, about how one doesn’t count the “guru bead”
on a string of a hundred-and-eight beads…and about a variety of other spiritual topics…
one of the best things about SAN FRANCISCO, Adobe is, and it’s much recommended –
but be sure, as they say, to leave the ego, and the super-ego, at th’ door – the id might be able to go in…
and, good songs today on the FM radio hereabouts, including YOUNG AMERICANS by DAVID BOWIE…
read in THE EXAMINER today, that he didn’t accept knighthood bestowed by
THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND – not sure of his reason, but it was no doubt a good one…
and also from the radio: THE SAN FRANCISCO ART EXCHANGE at 458 Geary
is displaying rock album art through the 28th of August – including JOEL BRODSKY images
of the above-mentioned Lizard King and THE DOORS…and enjoyed also, AC/DC interviewed live in the form of
ANGUS YOUNG and BRIAN JOHNSON on HOWARD STERN this morning…and some more iambic pentameter: “…all over town, she’s got her many men/who all enjoy the love of her again…”…and speaking of AC/DC, there’s a good bio of the band by one MARTIN HUXLEY at THE SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY…would that ALDOUS woulda done that…tho’ I guess he can be forgiven since he died in ’63, before the band happened, ha ha ha…during my recycling run this morning, found two liter-sized bottles of methadone, which was unusal, in a trash can on Geary…
got two dollars and 18 cents for my efforts at the Fillmore center, which was enough to score that Ancient Age whiskey…and enjoyed listening this morning to CYPRESS HILL, their song about being “insane in the membrane” –
a classic of its kind, whatever kind that is…and that about brings this one to a close…hopefully the font isn’t too small for you – I’d like to strain your brains somewhat but not your eyes…
I could go down even one font size lower, but never let it be said I am unkind…yee-haw!

ALL FOR FUN AND FUN FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Before we get to the minutes of this here “meeting”, a coupla three slight changes
to the previous communiqué, #9: in the mention of JOHN BARLEYCORN
there near California (street, that is) on Hyde or Larkin, I said there was
“a real old school jukebox with 45 records.”
Meant to say “45-rpm records”…not sure of the exact number of those in that particular machine. Haven’t been there yet…will probably get there within the week, or within the month for sure. It’s a classic San Francisco place, 4 sho’. And another change: the iambic pentameter line
“…original gangsteric dynasties…” might better be “…original piratic dynasties…”
(See BUCKMINSTER FULLER, CRITICAL PATH, for further pirate references.
And there is the very, very nice pirate store there up on VALENCIA…it’s on the west side of the street, can’t remember the number right now…it’s a trip in there, as they say, and worth the trip.)
And, the final thing: told y’all to GOOGLE on unfamiliar terms,
or visit your local friendly neighborhood library to seek references…
also, there are any number of fine bookstores in this city to select from,
and FOREST BOOKS just right around the Valencia & 16th Street intersection…
as well as those further south on Valencia…so, happy exploring! Bo-ho-ho!)

Okay, that being all said, on to new material…one of THE places in FRISCO last night to be groovy was the UA GALAXY up there on Van Ness, where FESTIVAL EXPRESS
was premiering for free…all the darn Sixties rock-and-roll a person could ask for –
newly-released footage of JANIS JOPLIN, THE GRATEFUL DEAD, THE BAND,
THE FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS and other luminaries, all on a wild train ride in 1970 through Canada…http://usa.festivalexpress.com for the Internet taste of it…the movie, yeah…
like, better than being there, better than having been there, I think…
these words here won’t do it the true justice it deserves…
it was free last night for those who managed to find one of the gratis passes, but it’ll be starting up for those paying at THE BRIDGE at 3010 Geary a bit later this month. ‘nuff said.

Now, I’m limiting this to one page of divine navigational data, and so I’ll make quick mentions
of names and words y’all can Google on if you feel like it: THE PROFESSIONALS (’66 Western); MARLES CHANSON AND THE PLACK BANTHERS;
with AMERICA by NEIL DIAMOND on the jukebox; iambic pentameter:
“…enflamed hearts create desired love/especially when pushing comes to shove…”;
FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH on KOIT-FM – good programming on the radio there.
And…three little questions to end this one: Bing or David? Davis, Jr. or Hagar? Ark or arc?

ALL FOR FUN AND FUN FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, July 12, 2004


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Monday, July 12, 2004

…it’s been a few days since the last “communiqué”…not that I wasn’t there to get it done,
but the place I went to do it was full up…but that’s neither here nor there, now…
I am quite sure that most of you – 37 at this point in time, on our Hotmail list –
haven’t even read a small portion of what’s posted at the blogspot…
this is the 8th in this series, and there are two previous Starplane series
with plenty of material to look over…so there, there you have it.
And there is, of course, more forthcoming. Lucky you all.

Recent recommendations:
JOHN BARLEYCORN on Larkin or Hyde near California…
TULLAMORE DEW there…and I’ve been told there’s a real old school jukebox with 45 records.
Not been there, but it’s been there for decades.

SPORE – game…available last time I checked at FIELDS BOOK STORE –
1419 POLK STREET – 673-2027 – in the 415…
had it outside, used, for three bucks and a half…
unique triangular shape…out of TIBURON…from PENTERION…
the subject is DIVINE NAVIGATION…you might find it fun and informative.
GOOGLE on “Penterion Spore” for more information –
subtitle of the game is “A Star Guide to Extraterrestrial Worlds”.
Not just for space cadets…beam us up.

Also interesting: reworked concert movie FESTIVAL EXPRESS…
and any number of others in rare footage from 1970.

And, at no additional or even initial cost, a line of iambic pentameter:
“…original gangsteric dynasties…”

Wanna good laugh? Read some JAMES THURBER…UNIVERSITY DAYS
is an essay that I was enjoying very much yesterday –
found a copy of a collection of essays from Penguin, including that one…
I doubt you’ll be disappointed – unless your humor sense is far different from mine.

And: Be sure to Google on unfamiliar terms…or visit your local library branch, of course.

And so to end this pleasant page, an iambic pentameter couplet. I said there was no initial cost
to this, but now that I think of it, you are paying when this “poetry” is inflicted upon you:

“…for Janis, Casanova, Jerry, too,/and certainly for all or some of you…”


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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Responding to various, including:

JEROME – philology…no problem about not responding…
was quite happy to see you that recent time up at
I sure can dig it about the “eternal life” quote from your e-mail…
we are on the same beam stream dream…call me if you care to @ (415) 359-4999.

DIALLO: Glade and glad and glide 2 get yer recent e-mail…
ya sho’ gotta do more more mo’ o’ date dat…
when U all gets donne wit celebrating “independence day”,
then, of course, there are INDEPENDENCE NIGHTS
2 consider…but I am joking, of course.

T. ARTHUR COTTAM…you sure get around with your
PORNOGRAPHIC APATHETIC…keep sending those e-mails to me…
check at http://starplane.blogspot.com for whatever…

And, in related information nation station recreation –
movies well worth checking if you are into that sorta thang…
also, upcoming, THE CLEAN 13…those first 2 are pretty much guy thangs, I spoze…
but that third is different, to a certain extent.

More on the dozen film…in IAMBIC PENTAMETER:

…from sixty-seven, Marvin’s starvin’ – not…/he got just what’s deserved, believe or not.

IMDB.COM – in reference to the cinematic episode in question,
says of the “tagline” (and we quote):
“Train them! Excite them! Arm them!…Then turn them loose on the Nazis!”

Now hereby’s born and died, them Clean 13,/and hereby execute their primal scene.

Mr. Chuck Bronson is in it…as he was sin in win bin The Magnificent Seven…
death wise, dearth wishes.

Good viewer comment at the aforementioned movie site…
about how Lee Marvin’s character is “very short on discipline”…
the flick sho’ ain’t 4 everybody, not like, let’s say,
SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE…but…for and 4 those who like material of that nature, well…dot dot dot, dash dash dash…sea yall nextus time.

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