Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Well, what is up for the rest of this day? Waiting on a hotel neighbor for a little butter...he told me, if I heard correctly, that he’d be back in his room in five minutes, but that turned out not to be the case...will see him sometime soon...turned him on to a copy of Catherine Ponder’s The Healing Secrets of the Ages – felt that he’d really find it of value after a recent lobby chat with him and turns out I was quite correct. Glad to pass along valuable information.

And: will get a download of income in not much more than 48 hours, and have some purchases in mind. For instance, another hotel neighbor has a videocassette of the Andy World flick Basquiat for sale that I’ll gladly take off her hands – she thought she might like it, but that was wrong – too New York, too High Art World, it seems. She paid two clams for it plastic-wrapped new, but I’ll give her the same...it’ll be a good movie to re-visit – features Bowie as Warhol.

Also, planning to lay out ten bucks for a matched pair of ceramic pieces by hotel staff man Walter...he has been taking Hospitality House classes for months now and offered his work for display for a benefit for the place. Worthy cause, community-wise.

Also: might get more Rolodex cards – been working with that “medium” for writing lately again – nice nifty little pieces of verbiage to share – am beginning to explore the possibility of postcards as well: bought for a dime each twenty of them with the main branch of the library depicted, and have begun distributing them – Walter bought five of ‘em – had stamped each with the Odd Fellows lodge seal...had meant to give the fellow unstamped ones, but I give him the Odd Fellows approval and figure he’ll not put the cards to nefarious uses.

Also, for, I believe, two bucks, will be buying a disc to download music onto on the laptop in the Odd Fellows lodge office...have decided on some version of Neil Diamond doing “He Ain’t Heavy...” as the first selection. According to hotel friend Les nearly eighty minutes of music can go on a single disc, so I’ll be picking a lot of tunes...that first song was put in mind because lodge brother Pete Sellars mentioned it, and it struck a chord with the both of us.

And, speaking of Les, owe him 9 bucks of ten on a disc of his own music that he let me have ahead of time...really like his guitar sound...getting me to thinking of what Les might include on the disc I’m compiling – was thinking of maybe a Dead cover...”Friend of the Devil”, like...

And speaking of that band – went to the Underground Shop on Market near Taylor today and paid about two bucks for a “Steal Your Face” sticker as a gift to a friend...noticed other skull stickers (non-Dead type) on a notebook of his, and figure he’d like it. Will probably recoup that two bucks from him - when I bring him a gift he generally gives cash back – this he did with a cassette of 12 songs I’d recently made him – a dollar back for the cost of the cassette.

I’m limiting this to one page...but that about covers my expenditures of importance...like I said, will have mo’ money shortly, and will have plenty to relate then about the spending thereof.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Well, even after a gap of five months the superlative Blogger.com has maintained all the contents of Speak Freak to date, despite rumors to the contrary – thank you, omniscient Webmasters, for not obliterating these communications!

So, it’s an alcohol-free blogger that greets you this first official complete day of summer…haven’t touched a drop of any of the demon rum or devil whiskey or incubus beer for something like four months, and I’m the better for it….and, thus: to the recipients of these meanderings, these:

Nic: Thanks for the use of the bicycle pump this morning to inflate the rear tire of my Trek…went for a little ride this morning and was inordinately winded despite the meagerness of the exertion. Am getting the Digital Video Recorder function of my Comcast cable TV set up in two days, so you’ll be welcome to my crib for a cup of yerba mate tea and your selection of any of the movies I intend to record. There’s a sixty hour capacity, so that means I can keep around 30 2-hour movies in memory at any time.

Keith: The hotel night desk man, who is moving on to another job, I’m sad to say, within a few days. Again, thanks much for all the good music and conversation you’ve shared with me, all the kind and steady vibe you’ve had these past few months when I’ve been a lot off…off tune, off whatever. I intend to compile a 60-minute audio tape for you before you go, as a (hopefully mostly) lovely parting gift. Just got inspired to do that this morning, Keith, and have already selected the first few tunes…first off, the Dead’s “Shakedown Street”, appropriate for our location in the TL – which sometimes doesn’t stand for “Tender Loving”, does it? You know the TL night far more than I do, brother.

Mike: Not my neighbor on the fifth floor, but one of the other overnight guys at the hotel – I appreciate your vigilance and your pleasantries whenever I am passing by the front desk in the heart of the night, back from a corner store with stuff I shouldn’t eat.

Pete: Thanks so much again, Odd Fellow Brother Sellars, for the remarkable Hitachi 28” set you sold me for the merest song! I’ve probably watched it more these past four months than you did during the entire time you possessed it yourself. As noted above, I’m installing a DVR function – that for a mere ten bucks a month more – so I can capture, like, 30 movies for viewing at any time. There’s much more I’d like to thank you for – not the least, your steadfast generosity of spirit…you’ll get this when you are back from your trip to Europe and New York…talk to you then – I plan to be up and about again like I was a few months back, so you’ll see me too, a few days hence.

Jack: A third hotel night man I want to mention – it’s always great talking to you when I see you during your shift, even tho’ I’m sometimes, as you know, an individual of very few
words – this current instance not being one of them. I’m pretty sure you’re enjoying that War CD I presented you with…I know it’s in the possession of someone who really loves the music! That final track, the “Low Rider” remix, is the only real surprise on it – all the

SPEAK FREAK #28 (Page 2 of 2)

rest, the usual favorites. I used to have a disc with a Spanish language version of the song…”take a little trip with me” is sung “tome un viaje conmigo”, if I remember right.

Mike: Fifth floor Mike, I mean – just saw you last night when you collected all the aluminum iced tea cans and plastic water bottles I’d gathered these past months so you can recycle ‘em for a fortune. Notice, no beer bottles. And, as I mentioned above, am getting an amplified Comcast system installed in two days, and you will be welcome to visit to have a cup of tea and view whatever pleases you among the films I’ll be recording. You are very much one of the most spiritual and funny people I know – haven’t seen much of you the past quarter of the year, but it’s enjoyable when I did, bro’!

Walter: Daytime hotel front desk stalwart – thanks for the concern you’ve expressed about my health…I think of you whenever a Hitchcock plays on the tube…

Naz: Been really amiss lately about seeing you…have not been at all available lately, but I expect that can change. Rode today the bicycle you put together so masterfully and sold me – a fine machine. Gotta be on it and make up for four months of inactivity.

Sister b: Copy for you, this is…very frequently you are in my thoughts – we sure “spent” a lot of time together – tho’ that financial metaphor is not the most pleasing. See you soon – as promised, around the beginning of the month, I’ll buy you a meal, when I’ve got that cash from the state and the federal government in my B of A account. Thank you, U.S.A.!

Jack: A long-time friend – haven’t talked with you in a while…have been quite incommunicado for the last four or so months…I know I have a standing invitation at the brew pub up there in North Beach…I might feel better meeting at the Castle, if it’s all the same to you. I’ll get in touch with you at some point soon. Still have that six bucks you loaned me last Christmas for BART fare back from South City…

Now, I’ve left names out – you know who you are – hello particularly to Sister L. of the Odd Fellows (I forgot the code name you wanted me to use for you). This new manifestion of Speak Freak – really, the third distinct section of bloated blatherings, if you scroll all the way to the first entry – is meant to be of general interest. If all else fails, I can list whatever’s on Comcast cable that I find recommendable – I’m at that screen half the day.

So that’s about it for this one – put behind me are accountings of public drunkenness on the streets of San Francisco that disgraced previous entries – I have to admit, I was quite pushing that boozy envelope – four prolonged encounters with the local police for rude intoxication among my violations – not many of you can boast that, I imagine. And: had my first shower in quite literally two months or so this morning – got to get to washing my clothes as well – haven’t done that chore in, oh, a good and bad four months: two words know I that can be spelled with capital Fs: Funky & Freaky…

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