Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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1. Your October 27th posting - the quote, very Japanese, about the nothingness…is nothingness the same as nothing? Nothingness, the quality possessed by nothing? Tadao Ando…
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tadao_Ando - Taoism also has a lot about the value of nothingness - how the emptiness inside a vessel makes it able to carry water, for instance…here are a few quotes from the Tao te Ching: www.taopage.org/laotzu/quotes.html.

2. Interesting about that Columbia University filmmaking job - "to help addicts depersonalize their addictions"…hmmm…sounds like an idea William Burroughs might have - he's one I turn to for ideas about addictions of a serious kind…was reading the Wikipedia entry for him recently, and its full of interesting stuff:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_S._Burroughs - and...Bjork's house - frankly, I've never given much thought to having even a "regular" apartment, let alone a whole house. So many seem to make that such a major thing, get a big place, fill it with stuff, personalize it. Maybe in later years I'll want to do that…I've got a really small space now, but it's okay enough…wouldn't mind being able to spread out a bit more, lay out papers, for one thing…yeah, Bjork's among the fairly few artists who are so rich…I guess it would be nice to have a lot of cash to spend, especially after the basic poverty of my adult years. As a child and teenager I didn't lack on a material level…just haven't made money a top priority…had fifteen hundred dollars, I think it was, in '97 in L.A., and that's the most money I've ever accumulated…oh, and you don't care for Morrissette - interesting…I like her early work, but am unclear about recent material. Once was up at the old Tower Records on Market, ready, willing, and able to buy some Alanis disc, but the titles of the songs didn't get to me, and so forewent (?) that purchase…and…that morphing sort of thing in the Bjork video you sent me reminded me of Morrissette's "So Pure" video - check out the morphing in it, even tho' you're not a fan of the woman's - the song I like a lot also…that and "Thank U" are really the last two of hers that I knew and liked…crap, some people are really gifted dance-wise - I can walk okay, but that's about it in that little department…and…funny line: "A businessman who longs for a serene library." - ha! And I like "work-in-progress psychedelia" too…

3. Just got a notification that delivery to your e-mailbox failed - uh...is this because I've been sending too many e-mails? You can just tell me - I can, of course, be a bit wordy, and possibly unwelcome. Just let me know and I can reduce the amount of verbiage...

4. Thanks for this - couldn’t get the audio, but I remember this "Wassup" thing vaguely…and thanks again for the work today…in about sixty hours I'll have a few bucks in my bank account from the U.S. Treasury, but I can still do runs. Both of us are a bit in the hole financially, but me, not so deeply…I'd like to find more work like the kind you give me, or something different - got my thinking cap on about that…

5. Yeah, ridiculous price at the new Academy of Sciences - nearly 25 bucks for adults…oh, a Rimbaud museum, eh? There's a new book about him - here's a review: www.nytimes.com/2008/10/12/books/review/Hell-t.html?_r=1%oref=slogin - never gotten into him - Morrison was a freak behind some Rimbaud. Dipped last night into a new collection of Charles Bukowski I bought for nearly twenty at City Lights - I like his poetry of the streets…ha, a lizard crawling up Van Gogh's grave! Interesting image…and you were at Morrison's grave also - yes, a real point on the pilgrimage route of a certain type of person - heard there are plans to bring the body back to the U.S. - and…it's good you have those car fixing skills - I don't have the first inkling about that - I don't even drive, can't drive, I mean…did a little errand for a friend and took winning lottery tickets to a store to get the cash - nineteen bucks. I never play it myself, tho'…Sunset Boulevard - never have seen that one - tho' I've walked along the actual street many times - was up and down some of those L.A. thoroughfares literally, I'd say, nearly two thousand times - was there for over seven years, about 2,500 days, and was out and about for many of those days…nice that you got all those CDs - had a Vivaldi tape not long ago and got into it - The Four Seasons. Too much violin for me, tho'…bought an Eagles karaoke CD on Upper Grant Avenue in North Beach not long ago, for some reason - seemed like the thing to do at the time. I sing along a bit by myself - there's a karaoke place across the street from where I live, but I won't be going there - it's fun to try and get the lyrics recited…

6. Oh, right, to verify humanity - sounds like an element of the Blade Runner plot…but…perhaps a human is nothing but "an auto-matic computer program", as you put it? Funny also how you put a hyphen into "automatic" - makes it like an archaic form of the word…anyway…got two more lines to fill and am just typing along to no specific purpose…wouldn't mind seeing Blade Runner again - it's one of the few movies I can see at least every year.

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1. Right, I get it, the angle in the picture, and the quote about good art’s many angles…Mary Schmich:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Schmich - A Variety of Angles – good name for something…

2. …”up sticks” – a Britishism I’ve never heard before…like “pack up and leave”…
http://www.usingenglish.com/reference/idioms/up+sticks.html – yeah, better for the kids to have their stability…I believe Madonna’s tour will be in the Bay Area in early November…and…I think I sent you the following before, but may as well do it again: http://www.illuminati-news.com/art-and-mc/madonna.htm - I think D. Icke goes on a bit somewhere in his work about Madonna and the Illuminati…and…was passing the Hemlock the other morning, door open for the daytime cleaning, peeked in – it’d be an okay place for a little meeting. Will have money myself on the 31st…

3. Ha, the weird shit people do…don’t think I’ll go as anything on Halloween – was thinking of James Bond, but very undercover…was cashing a check today and told the clerk that it’s Halloween 24/7/365 for me…

4. From the latest Wolfgang’s Vault newsletter, this interview with Abbie Hoffman:
http://concerts.wolfgangsvault.com/dt/abbie-hoffman-concert/20052076-11473.html?utm_source=NL&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=081024 – I guess originally on the long-gone King Biscuit Flower Hour radio program. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_Biscuit_Flower_Hour.

5. Thanks for this e-mail, but couldn’t open it at the computer I’m at, so missed out – interesting title for it, tho’: “Man catches holy ghost at his wedding.” Knowing your sense of humor, it may be something entirely other than what the title suggests…

6. Guess you got this message about an upcoming Nichols Project – don’t think I qualify for having “certain medical conditions”…a hundred-and-25 for an hour of my time sounds pretty good, eh? Funny, “Survey Monkey” I the URL…maybe I’ll fill this out anyway…

7. Ha, the Illuminati, funny name for that TV device, whatever it is…I’m really sort of a new tech dummy – I just use the simplest kind. Today a friend showed me his BlackBerry – never saw one in action before. Pretty cool, could bring up Websites on the go. But I think I wouldn’t even want one for myself. Tried to bring up my blog on it but the guy is also not the swiftest in terms of using such devices – woulda been fun to see it come up on the tiny portable screen…maybe one day I’ll get a laptop computer.

8. Geez, that’s kind of threatening, isn’t it? If you don’t forward this Jesus picture along, something bad will happen?! I won’t consider it junk mail, but I won’t pass it along – I don’t want to burden others with this “holy” threat…

9. Well, caught up with my e-mails, except for ten from you…Slow Dazzle – nice title that I’d never heard before – John Cale, not familiar with much of his work –
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Cale - in local music news, the Bridge School Benefit just happened – nice photo of Norah Jones with a new look, playing a guitar, in the paper… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norah_Jones - this musician Jim Campilongo is a good friend of a friend of mine, and he’s played with her: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Campilongo.

10. Looked up the Norah Jones Wikipedia entry and saw this one for Jim Campilongo embedded within it, so am passing it along…

11. Whoa, a very striking video, Bjork’s “Hunter” – didn’t watch it all, or hear the audio, but it’s really unlike anything I’ve seen. Reminds me a bit of the bald Ripley in one of the Alien flicks. And also it’s something like the Sil character in Species…some people really have striking faces and eyes, and make the most of ‘em. Me, don’t do that much at all – facial expressions aren’t really my “thing”…

12. Lotte Reineger, Maya Deren – two names new to me – got to look ‘em up…
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lotte_Reiniger and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_Deren - well, from a few decades back, and apparently not so into the hyper-popular realm that I’m most familiar with – but that’s why I like corresponding with you, you very often bring up topics and names I’m not familiar with…”chuffed”… http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/chuffed - ha...”very pleased”. Well, them Brits sure speak funny sometimes, not like in the good ol’ American tongue…

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1. Haven't done the blog in two or three days, so therefore no comments in that time about your work...is the one from the 25th on 16th Street in San Francisco? I'm pretty familiar with that roadway of the city, but don't recognize your picture...looked up some of the work of the tapestrist (? - tapestry maker) you quoted:
www.tapestrist.ru/001DayLandscapes.html - some Olga connected with him for some reason...your picture - I like the vertical red bars, the yellow rectangles - inadvertent abstract impressionism? www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abstract_expressionism. Also, see Tom Wolfe's The Painted Word: www.billemory.com/NOTES/wolfe.html.

2. Got a backlog of e-mails from you that I'll answer eventually - have been off the keyboard for two or three days, so therefore am only now getting to your ones of aerial views of the house of Keith Richards...says that he's been there since the Sixties - interesting that he's so stable in that way...read recently the Eric Clapton autobiography and he has apparently moved around a lot...one can zoom in and out of the picture...looks like he's got a whole lot of farmland around the joint...haven't really been thinking of the Stones that much lately...hmmm, it's right on the southern coast of England...and...check this fifteen seconds of YouTube I just found - Keith dealing with a fan who's not where he should be:

3. Free all the time for museums, eh? I guess they need to make some money, apart from the lavish donations from philanthropists. A friend went to the new California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, on a not-free day, and was duly impressed. He says some of the old details remain, like a metal railing with seahorses, I believe he said, around the alligator lair...I've been to the Asian Art Museum on a free day a while back, and barely cared to stay and see everything - but there's a nice little cafe on the side, facing the new library, outdoors and elevated above Fulton, that can be gone to without paying admission fee...and...have been away from the blog for two or three days, so therefore I'll get to e-mails you sent in due time...and...here's the home page for the new C.A.S.:

4. Okay, so I'll just continue sending whatever to you, since you can use your sister's machine...and that Google function requiring the doing of math to prevent drunken messages...sometimes I have to type out weirdly fonted letters and numbers as a preventative measure...I think for MySpace, which I barely use...oh, and you like From Dusk Til Dawn, eh? Interesting...yeah, it's a fun enough flick...how about the third in that series:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/From_Dusk_Till_Dawn_3 - set, oh, a century before the first one, with Ambrose Bierce as a character! Michael Parks as that author, in fact. The first sequel is just so-so, but this one has some interesting things, as I recall - saw it once maybe a year ago - one of the things I'd never see in a theatre or on DVD, but could enjoy through Comcast...and, ha, great! Another letter in The Examiner - you're compiling quite a record of those...I've not been reading any papers much lately, but even when I do, I don't feel the urge to write any letters...got a free ride on the Muni Geary line this morning from the Fillmore Safeway recycling center to the Mechanics' Institute Library...but yesterday paid two bucks instead of the buck-50 - I owe Muni quite a bit for all the backdoor free riding I've done over the years!

5. Hey, sounds like a plan! The thirtieth, near the Metreon, sandwiches - I'd like that. Will have money the next day, Halloween day, but it's very likely I won't on the 30th...did a bit of work for a friend yesterday and made 19 bucks, but that was gone quickly, mainly on drinks...it'll be great to see you - call me - hopefully my phone won't be suspended due to non-payment. Funny, T-Mobile, and others, seem to really want their money...

6. Thanks, Al - if I may call you that - for this godly e-mail...guess I'll send it along to some on my list, but for sure many won't care about it...our mutual friend J.T. will surely like it...I've got a Christian friend I see pretty frequently who'd like it, but he doesn't use a computer, and has got dyslexia, so he has trouble reading anything...but he'd love the pictures...thanks again!

7. Got this godly message from a Christian friend of mine, and am passing it along, as the message requests. Most of the folks I know wouldn't care all that much for the message, but I'm just doing as God and/or Jesus and/or the Holy Ghost request...
8. Ha, funny enough...I don't care for the Forrest Gump flick, but when I look at my shoes I'm reminded of him - he was dressed okay in one part, but his unclean or inappropriate shoes gave away something about him...anyway...thanks for the work yesterday - but apparently after I began indulging in the King Cobra there was no more? Thanks much anyway.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

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00. Some couplets to amuse and entertain
because you’re not your body, mind, or brain.

01. For just a minute, let’s revisit one –
his name is Iceberg Slim, his game was “fun”…

02. Poetic reputation can reside
on something that can slip and that can slide.

03. Illumination’s not a children’s game
because it doesn’t rest on cash or fame.

04. Some folks are mild, some folks are truly wild,
and all contain the adult in the child.

05. It’s said that heroines are born, not made,
and some of them are made within the shade.


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1. This Boccioni wrote that line a century and more ago, but I guess it’s still relevant?
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Umberto_Boccioni - so many changes since his time, eh? Hmmm, drawing inspiration from “the tangible miracles around us.” For certain the city of San Francisco and its people are a kind of tangible miracle that inspire many…and your day’s picture - a reflection of a building, I guess…reminded me of something out of 2001…

2. Getting to this one three days after you sent it - but the Madonna divorce is an ongoing tale…she’s taking Kabbalistic anger management classes…and the custody battle for the three kids - their own child, David, three…and Rocco and Lourdes from that Leon guy…oh, no, Rocco is their biological child, Lourdes is Leon’s. And David’s the adopted African child…well, I’m not delving into this topic that deeply. Was thinking a few hours ago that Madonna would make a good captain of a ship…which I guess she is, anyway, of a metaphorical show biz ship…

3. Well, I don’t mind Christmas as much as you - there’s my good friend’s family that gets together, and I’m usually there, both my parents having “ridden on ahead”, and me with no siblings except a half-brother I haven’t seen in thirty years and more…yeah, capitalism plus the “true spirit” of Christmas don’t always go together, except perhaps in certain Hollywood productions…maybe with less money people can focus on the love thing…I’m personally gonna be able to pay off several bills at the beginning of month, leaving me with little for the rest of November, but that’s the usual for me when I’m into drinking - had a good time with a half pint of Ancient Age last night, plus a buck-25 can of the cheapest, strongest malt liquor that a friend bought me on Eddy…and I’m so with you on the “fucking huge vehicles and trucks” - I’ve been known to get into the faces and grills of drivers of such monstrosities, but perhaps that’s a futile and possibly dangerous activity - could run into a fossil-fueled psycho on his last legs and me flipping him off could be the final capper to send him over the homicidal edge…I don’t know how to drive, so the whole car mentality means nothing to me…also, no cigs for me. But wine, wine sounds good right now. I’m just four-99 and tax short of a jug of Carlo Rossi Sangria, but I’m working on it…

4. Only got the visual part of this commercial, but with the captions I got most of the humor…for Israeli TV, I guess, related to the advent of new television technology…I’m really out of the TV loop lately - I’ve got a little clock radio cube that gets the audio portion of some stations, and I tune in KQED on occasion to good effect. And sometimes Seinfeld on Channel 2 - I know the series well and I can get a lot just with the audio…anyway, thanks for sending me this spot with the dancing Orthodox Jews - funny stuff…

5. Was sent this by a guy I met when he was homeless on Eddy Street near the Jeffferson - he’s since gone back home to Mississippi, or wherever back there he’s from, and mended his ways with his family and so forth, so that’s good for him. It’s been good for me to leave the Tenderloin, but I’m still over there on occasion and see many folks I got to know, and am still on good terms with pretty much all of ‘em. Owe the corner store merchant from Jordan at the New Princess, at Hyde and Eddy, 42 bucks, even! Back to the drinking, so there goes the money. Wanting to find a new source of income - or at least, actually, source of wine - will work for that. I DO have some skills…difficult to make a connection with an agreeable employer, tho’…

6. Not sure if I’ll have the entrance fee for the Annie’s Social Club event, which is six days from now, but I’ll be there in spirit regardless, and irregardless as well. Am seeking some employment, but it’s not easy to find. Am recycling cans and bottles, so that earns me some bucks…anyway, am working on some fiction-y sort of thing, which I could submit for the next Loin’s Mouth. Also, November is National Novel Writing Month, and there’s the annual contest in which entrants must write a 50,000-word novel during the month - see
www.nanowrimo.org/ - maybe it’s something you’d like to do - altho’ I think your work keeps you very busy as it is…I’m thinking of just submitting this blog, and if someone squawks that it isn’t a novel, I’ll just say it’s “experimental”. Fifty thousand words of this blog is about fifty postings, and I can do that in far less than a month…and thanks for the advice about not drinking. Had a half pint of Ancient Age last night - mixed down with water, of course - I could never do that straight - and that was good - less volume and therefore less kidney and over-all body strain than the King Cobra I’ve been into lately. Anway, keep in touch, hope all is well…

7. You’ll turn me into a real Syd Barrett fan yet, bro’…this Mick Rock book about Barrett is definitely something I’d add to a library - not necessarily just my own, but anyone’s - I’m typing this at the Mechanics’ Institute, and I think they don’t have this item…yeah, just did a catalog search on Syd and there’s apparently nothing in this place about him, but that can change…

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

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1. Ha, hey, bro’, check out your subject line! “Bork house in Iceland”?! Robert Bork, the conservative American legal scholar!? Yeah, right - who’d wanna see that? But Bjork’s house, alrighty then! This is really a case where a typo means a whole lot! Don’t have sound, and didn’t watch much of this, but I get the idea, and I like it…but, like, her third closet for extra shoes is probably bigger than my entire room. But that’s okay…is this from that Cribs program? That was fun enough to watch, but my tastes, such as they are, rarely coincided with the general run of those featured - I recall I liked an Alanis Morrissette residence in Ottawa - and here, in fact, for your viewing pleasure, it is:

2. Thanks for the new Wolfgang’s Vault newsletter - I generally scan through the Crawdaddy! offerings - I like the Gene Anthony photo from the ’65 San Francisco Mime Troupe benefit at the Calliope Warehouse…I’m glad you’re keeping this material at least somewhat in the public eye…

3. Man, that bed bug situation is terrible - you mentioned something about this when I saw you, but didn’t pick up on that insect infestation. All for the best, I guess, when it’s cleared. I’ve never had bed bugs, but I’ve had roach problems at places I’ve lived in, particularly a closet of a room at the Golden Eagle up there on Broadway and Montgomery in North Beach a few years back…and you had all that nice, new technology installed, too! Well, get back to me when you’re done with that…if I have cash I’ll buy you a coffee or something - but call me anyway…

4. Okay, sounds good, the thirtieth…you work until half after noon, so that afternoon? I think it’d be better if you call me, since I don’t want to disturb you during your sleeping time…I guess we can go to that Little Joe’s. Tho’ come to think of it, I won’t have money until Friday, the 31st…but it’ll be good to see you even if money isn’t spent…

5. I don’t know if Arthur magazine is your total cup of tea, but you said you were/are a hippie, and there’s a lot of content in it that can apply to those in that category. Am trying to get the Kayo used bookstore on Post here in S.F. to get it again - even made a call to L.A., left a message, to this effect. Was passing it just today and went in and “asked for it by name”, as they say, but they didn’t yet have it…well…I have so much material now to read in terms of articles and papers I’ve collected in the last ten years, and I really need to get to that…don’t really need more…

6. Yeah, I knew that’s what you meant, that you just didn’t get any message, not that it didn’t interest you at least in some way…uh, well, that Fred Williamson fixation was a bit passing…I think in the last e-mail I said you could look the stuff up yourself on YouTube…altho’ didn’t you tell me that your computer’s too slow to enjoy the clips? I don’t even particularly remember what I sent…of his blaxploitation generation he’s about the only one still doing work - or at least he was in From Dusk Til Dawn…YouTube has Three the Hard Way clips, that ’85 King Cobra commercial - a fun thirty-second blast from the past…and a funny short clip from one of his badass epics with him demonstrating how to get oneself over the top of a car when threatened…

7. Oh, eighty-four years old! That’s a bit up there. I know a lady who’s a couple of years younger, and one of my Odd Fellow lodge brothers is ninety-plus…and that’ll be really great if you get that three grand bonus for teachers - man, you were really wasting your talent down here on Eddy Street, bro’! Oh, and there’s that little matter of the four grand you owe me, so send that three as soon as you get it and get the other thousand to me when you can…and sorry to hear about the Facebook problem with the mother of your daughter - never been married or had kids myself, so have avoided unpleasantries such as that. But also, haven’t had the pleasantries, either…not the marrying kind, me - I hardly wanna get a cat - but I’d like some female companionship of the right kind…and you’ve got a new friend in Houston, eh? That’d be a new place to see - you’ve seen S.F. - and…”new friend” - funny you should use that phrase, since I was just this morning thinking of it myself, as in me wanting one…I am focusing attention on that…and our friend J.T. - well, I think he may get a little too maniacal for me and so haven’t been going out of my way to be in touch with him, although I have his e-mail address, which I can send you if you want…after he called me from the psych ward at Saint Francis I’m a bit cautious about him. I don’t think he’s violent, but I like my friends pretty even-keeled…

8. Okay, call Friday after 6pm - hope I remember. If I don’t, call me…unless my phone gets disconnected due to lack of payment…

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1. Transylvania, ha ha ha! That neck o' th' woods will never get over the vampire/Bram Stoker thing, do you think? At least for adolescent mindsets like mine…I really like that quote - at material's end, the art begins - cool! Matter, then energy? I like the reddish-browns in this…wanted to use "crenellation" for the wood patterns, if that's what they are, but I don't think that's right:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crenellation. Hajdu - gesundheit! www.artnet.com/artist/7666/etienne-hajdu.html - and - you like foreign films, right? I recommend Asia Argento's Transylvania - no, no vampires in it, as one might expect, given her cinematic inclinations, and her daddy's. See www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transylvania_%28film%29 - Asia can do no wrong, basically, as far as I'm concerned, and this is a good French flick I think you'd like, tres non-Amerique…

2. Hmmm, Maggie "The Iron Lady" Thatcher warned of a UFO attack, eh? Couldn't easily get to the text…here's a link to an article, which I searched out since this is sort of interesting:
www.ufocasebook.com/2008c/thatcherwarned.html - I suspect the woman's not entirely into rock: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFO_(band)...

3. Her last name: is it like "good man's daughter"? That short six-sec clip of her as a child I like…as I said, I barely know anything about her or her music…saw her do "Earth Intruders" on SNL a while back and liked it - here's her doing it on some other show:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9SdugjLl0M. And your father was born on November 21st - same as the woman I consider another mother - a third trine Scorpio…which sign is beginning today…very cool Bjork rarities eyeball closeup…scanning through all these pictures - wow, she is really a unique, amazing artist! Can't aurally picture her voice, but doubtless it can shatter glass? That colorful puffball headgear - not a lady who's embarassed about putting out an extreme fashion statement. And you're welcome about me instigating a Bjork high, your first in ten years. Just looking through the pics got me a bit of one, my first...

4. Very sorry about your father's hip injury - don't know how old he is but we've all got to be careful - slippery surfaces everywhere…and I as well am not having much "luck with the ladies"…I'm friends with a, let us say, "pleasingly plump" woman, but for sure that's not my physical type. I was in her room the other day and she bought wine for us, but I was not at all intending anything even resembling "romance" with her…oh, and I'm also sorry about you having that hassle with the S.F.P.D. - well, if you're in town, give me a call and we can hang out if you'd like. Myself, just got a second drinking in public Notice to Appear that I'll have to take care of soon down Eight-50 Bryant way. I hope they just dismiss it, 'cause I don't have the cash to pay and don't think I need to do community service, or whatever…that's what I get for exercising my right to drink on the street, as the Founding Fathers wrote into the Constitution. Or at least I think they did, in my dreams…and as for politics, I've decided I'm a Hillary guy. So since she backs Obama, I guess I'm for him. And there are local issues to decide on - District 3 in S.F. is where I live, and the supervisor race is on. Not sure who to choose, really - a really white guy, a Chinese dude, and a woman, I think…anyway, if you're in "the City by the Bay" to deal with that B.S., call.

5. Ha, very funny portrait…and pretty early for a Christmas newsletter - two months early. But I've seen some Christmas sales things up already, I think…'tis the season to be greedy…and…didn't I just send you a William Burroughs something? And maybe you really hate him? Well…here's something else - since you mentioned the holidays - it's called "A Junky's Christmas":
www.lucaspickford.com/burrroutines.htm - happens to be the first item to click on on the list at this site…myself, I tend to give gifts all-year-round, and don't necessarily believe in focusing on one day out of the fuckin' year to be generous and thoughtful about others. At least at my best…well…speaking of drinking - a friend bought me a Boddington's Ale pint last night, and gave me three bucks, which I spent on a half pint of Ancient Age. Figure to drink less instead of the high volume of King Cobra, which I've been drinking a lot of lately. Had a little sip last night, mixed in water, and it felt like a good effect…anyway…I'm still productive - will get my second blog posting of the day done in a few minutes…

6. Oh, right, the Chief Executive, forgot about that part…I'm having a time deciding who to vote for in District 3 in S.F. - shook hands with this guy Gantner, and liked him. This David Chiu Chinese guy had some sort of house party for neighbors that I didn't attend. In part, I didn't want to seem like I was there just for the food and drink, which woulda been a big reason. I went to the last ten minutes of the Middle Polk Neighborhood Association meeting at a coffee house on Polk - forgot about it until then - drinking, you know - highlight was a speech by columnist/political blogger Melissa Griffin - see
www.thesweetmelissa.com/ - been meaning to get around to it - but…well, for two things, she's very smart, and darn cute to boot…

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #21 by Tex Oznog

1. I like the combination of the feng shui with the Tarot…great seeing you yesterday in front of the library – enjoyed our conversation, as always. Coincidental, synchronistic, that I ran into you just very shortly after seeing Kathleen…the Tarot – at Fields I’m eyeing an item called the Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot:
http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/golden-dawn-enochian-skrying/review.shtml - have been meaning to delve more into the Rider-Waite traditional deck, but this one is new and I like the look…anyway, moving on to other e-mails…keep in touch…

2. Thanks for sending me this offer to join Facebook! Never even looked at any Facebook material before – I’m barely into MySpace, but only because I wanted to contact a specific person. But…won’t be signing up for Facebook – too much hassle – but I’d like to keep in touch through regular e-mails…have you been to the new Golden Gate computer center? Really a major change from the old location on Eddy, isn’t it? I’m very impressed with how fantastic it is…well, keep in touch, and thanks again for the Facebook offer, even tho’ I’m declining…

3. “Ursula” – such a Euro name, isn’t it? Other words I like in this: Beltane, Isis – there’s a street South of Market named Isis, did you know that? – and, oh, Artemis is a bear goddess…here are some Robert Graves quotes, which seem appropriate related to what you sent:
http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Robert_Graves - and - a symbol of California itself is the bear…fuck, spent the last five minutes trying to cut and paste a relevant URL, of which there were many, but for some stupid reason couldn’t do it…anyway…

4. I think I may not share your enthusiasm for this new Afghanistan exhibit, but I thought I’d pass it along – getting a lot of press lately, and it impressed itself onto my so-called mind…I still haven’t been to the new de Young out in Golden Gate Park, or the new California Academy of Sciences – nearly 25 bucks adult admission for that one! And free days doubtless would be uber-crammed with other tightwads…and, yeah, Tut’s coming back too, new and improved. Ancient Egyptiana is sort of fascinating, but I don’t need to see the mummies…right, “leave the dead bastards alone”, ha…Will Burroughs had a thing for mummies –

5. Ha, fooled me with this one! I thought it was some sort of Goody Two-Shoes philosophy, but it’s funny and cynical – cynical in a nice-ish way…will indeed pass it along…also, in case you’re wondering about the origin of that Goody Two-Shoes phrase – or even if you’re not:

6. Uh, I know we haven’t been in e-mail contact of late, and after I sent that Afghanistan thing I thought maybe I should just delete your name from my contact list…but I’d rather keep it on? Well, since you thanked me for the message, I guess we’re somewhat okay…saw you the other day at the new Golden Gate computer lab, you didn’t seem interested in talking to me, and I accept that. Perhaps we can renew a bit of a friendship? Even tho’, as you say, you don’t trust me? Let me know…I’m not such a bad guy, it’s just the way I’m drawn. (That’s a paraphrase of Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – she said: “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.”

7. Well, heck, seeing the Afghanistan art online is about as good as being there, to paraphrase that old telephone commercial…or to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, if you’ve seen one Afghanistan art show, you’ve seen ‘em all…

8. Oh, nothing in that Fred Williamson e-mail? Well, musta been inebriated and thought it was relevant…yeah, I was drinking a lot of King Cobra that day – Mr. Williamson did an ad for that fine beverage in ’85, and it has some humor value – there’s a bit of a Michael Jackson Thriller video reference in it…also, I believe I sent along a clip of Three the Hard Way, with Fred, and Jim Kelly, and a third blaxploitation star – Jim Brown, I think. Worth looking up, to a certain extent…

9. Okay, back to my comments about Xola…ah, Keith Haring. Warhol’s protégé – and Haring would be my age, were he to be still alive…he’s got an interesting journal published – references to the Grateful Dead, magic mushrooms, Neuromancer – Warhol’s got a pretty great diary – Pat Hackett editing – but, as I said, Haring’s my contemporary, so I can identify with his references more…taken too young…interesting cross-hatching on that metal grate in your pic, if that’s what it is…

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #20 by Tex Oznog

1. There was a Saturday Night Live with Winona hosting, and she did a skit poking a bit of gentle fun at Bjork…the Iggy Eskimo pictures got me thinking of Bjork, and that reminded me of the SNL thing. Winona apparently really loves her music - and a lot of the guys who make music…there’s one singer at least who wrote a song about her - maybe Conor Oberst. I looked this up a while back but can’t think of the tune now…I think part of the lyrics mention how much she likes to buy gifts for people, something like that…

2. …”insect woman of ancient Korea”, ha, funny! And…that 1997 Nick Knight photo of Devon Aoki wearing Alexander McQueen, yeah, very similar to Bjork’s cover…Devon was in 2 Fast 2 Furious, the sequel to The Fast and the Furious…she has similar Japanese/European genetics as I do…

3. Your sermon reminds me of something Tom Wolfe or Tom Robbins might have written, philosophical and energetic, and the writing of words the way they are spoken, like “GAWD” and “soooo-preeeem”…

4. “Beorma”, similar to “Beowulf”…did a search and found this:
www.ratebeer.com/beer/beowulf-beorma/36943/4383/ - and this also: www.michaelwilkes.mycouncillor.org.uk/beowulf-and-birmingham/...

5. Bowie bought five copies of the nearly thousand dollar edition of Psychedelic Renegades - must be nice to be a rich pop star, and with taste. I’d like to be a buyer for some rich person…a fantasy would be to have the job of stocking a library…I’d work for Carlo Rossi Sangria…I’ve liked the work of Victor Bockris, who did a biography of Lou Reed called Transformer:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Victor_Bockris - and there’s this he did about Burroughs: www.gadflyonline.com/archive/August99/archive-burroughs.html - and I like your line about Mick Rock’s “way of making certain people look mythological on some level”…

6. And now, done with e-mails, some various topics I want to keep in mind, such as:
www.freemason.org - I’ve been walking up over Nob Hill lately and pass by the Masonic Auditorium, where there’s a big banner in front with this Website given…I’m myself a member of the bit more prole Odd Fellows organization…see www.ioof.org/. Not sure if I’d qualify for the Freemasons, not that I’d want to join anyway…

7. And Zeke’s, a bar, at Helen and California, on Nob Hill, a few blocks west of the Masonic Auditorium. Good jukebox, nice discreet location. I’ve pretty much blown my entire monetary wad for this month, but when I had some cash I’d been in there and liked the atmosphere. Passed it by when it was fairly crowded, and I liked that less.

8. And I’ve paid for a year’s membership at the Mechanics’ Institute Library, and am making good use of their computer facilities. It really has become a refuge for me from the streets and lack of money and female and in general any companionship…

9. And another local place I like well enough is Cinch, the gay bar on Polk. Have only been in there twice…it’s the closest 6am bar option from where I live…last time I was there, had a peppermint schnapps on the rocks and played some music on their digital jukebox, including a Shirley Bassey - not sure what it was, but it wasn’t her famous “Goldfinger”, since the disc was of love songs and, despite the fact that Auric Goldfinger “loves only gold”, it can’t be considered a love song proper.

10. And…something I’d buy had I the cash, at the Good Vibrations on Polk, a copy of Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge, a state of the art porn flick. I’ve seen the trailer - it’s an homage to the Depp Caribbean pirates movies, and apparently no expense was spared in the production…

11. And another thing I’d like to buy is “The Snuggler” at the Crustacean restaurant at Polk and California - eight bucks including a fat tip. Hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, whipped cream atop.

12. And have been shifting my attention away from the S.F. Public Library’s main branch to the aforementioned Mechanics’ Institute Library. One recent day took back a good twenty pounds of books to the S.F. Public…and…one of the books returned was the recent Stephen Davis biography of Guns ‘N Roses - very well done…on the back cover, a good picture of the boys circa ’85, at the start of their career…and…the LoveFest happened recently, but I mainly avoided it all - walked through the milling throngs in the Civic Center on the way to the library - few clothes, many hand gesticulations…

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #19 by Tex Oznog

1. Well, I tried and tried to get the right URL for that Saturday Night Live Bjork/Winona skit,
but for some weird reason it just didn't take. I like to make it as easy as possible
for whoever's looking at this blog. Well, I can't say I didn't try...but...this
got me thinking a bit about Winona Ryder again...
looks like the most up-to-date, well-maintained fan site...has photos
from just a couple of days ago of her at some launch party for
this Fallout 3 video game...whole lot of neck ornamentation happening
on the lady...read in a Christina Applegate interview that you can
only, in fashion terms, have ear things happening, or neck
things, but not both, which would be overkill...and, fuck, look at
all that makeup work being done - no wonder these movie stars
look so great, if they've got a team of hundreds applying mascara!
Who's that greasy-looking smiling schmuck she's with? I
hope not her latest boyfriend.

2. Hey, okay, you think Friedman's green revolution ideas
are okay! I thought so from the first time I heard them,
and was surprised at your total negativity about him.
I'm not sure about his stance on Iraq, but I'm good with
him and his material in Hot, Flat, and Crowded, which I
just had to return to the library 'cause someone else put
a request in - I would've kept the audio out for the full
nine weeks, otherwise...requested it again myself so I
can have it for another three weeks - it was basically
the only text I've been listening to, and I've had out at
times up to, like, ten books simultaneously. Didn't get
all the way through it...he says he's been to China many
times since 1990, so I think he'd give me a very good
perspective on it...

3. Ha, "develop", a pretty word - don't you just love
language? I guess it's one virus I don't mind having!
And scrolling down the list that link led to, there are
so many other interesting words with their derivations...

4. I was sent this discussion of the word "develop",
and think you several may enjoy looking at it and
other words at this online etymological site - note,
that's ETYmology, not ENTY-mology, which is
the study of insects. But, of course, there could
be the study of words about insects, the etymology
of entymology...

5. Well, that's plenty to know about Birmingham,
bro'...and Wikipedia has so much more information...
people there are called "Brummies"...comparable
to Chicago in that it's considered England's "Second
City"..."Forward" is the city's motto...the Wing Yip
food empire began there...Black Sabbath was formed

6. Oh, Mick Rock, eh? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mick_Rock
- interesting...Pop born in '47...oh, there's a movie out
this year called Iggy the Eskimo Girl...this Psychedelic
Renegades book looks really expensive - hmmm, thirty
bucks for the average buyer, but some leather bound
special edition clocks in at nearly nine-hundred!

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #18 by Tex Oznog

1. Okay, cool, got a look at this photo of Syd and his sister Rosemary –
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tr6H1a7YUac – well, there’s them, and Christopher Ciccone and his sis…who else? Warren and Shirley…

http://www.geocities.com/Vienna/Strasse/2724/mickrock.html - guess you’ve seen that…I know nothing about this Iggy Eskimo woman…interesting look – not enough Asian or even Asianesque pop stars – oh, in Asia, but not in America…there this also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Madcap_Laughs. I’ll get around to looking at this sometime, I guess…there’s that Soft Machine link – anything related to Burroughs and his effect on the musical world is interesting…also, there’s an article/interview with Jimmy Page and Burroughs I’ll look up for you, in case you haven’t seen it: http://www.technoccult.com/archives/2005/10/24/william-s-burroughs-interview-with-jimmy-page/.

3. Which came first, Iggy Eskimo or Iggy Pop?

4. Just found on the street a burn of Bjork’s Homogenic –
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homogenic - for some reason this photo of Eskimo Iggy reminded me of that. Haven’t listened to it, hardly know anything of Bjork’s music…I might’ve seen her on Saturday Night Live once…yeah, April of last year, says a search, that would’ve been a time when I had cable – Scarlett Johannson hosted…also, there’s the Winona satire of the Icelandic singer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGUbtyvXu-Y.

5. There’s always a lot of material in the Wolfgang’s Vault e-newsletters – selected this to send:
http://concerts.wolfgangsvault.com/dt/jefferson-airplane-concert/20052716-3230.html?utm_source=NL&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=081017 – Winterland, ’66, Jefferson Airplane.

6. Ha, Penn and Madonna, back together again!? Just found a copy of – in VHS – Fast Times at Ridgemont High – left it at the library. It’s one of my all-time favorite movies for sure, and not just for the Phoebe Cates bikini scene – here’s a funny reworking of that, featuring the Count from Sesame Street:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3zp_o60Vvk – there’s even more of her fine early Eighties flesh in view in Paradise: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiZYh9iHOVY.

7. Haven’t been to the Cartoon Art Museum in a while – here’s this new newsletter – anything of interest? I just scanned through it – could possibly be worth a Muni ride by you to this part o’ town? And here’s a related story about Amazing Fantasy #15 art given to the Library of Congress:

8. Well, no cable for me right now, or else I would have recorded this Sarah Palin visit to Saturday Night Live…whoever wrote what you sent me says they’d kill to see Palin doing Tina Fey as the Weekend Update co-anchor – yeah, that’d be great!

9. Thanks for this “Eventful” thing – still not sure just what it is – had trouble opening it and gave up. And thanks for the Starbucks coupon – but I don’t even have fifteen cents now to print it out, so am passing on that…this is what I get for blowing all my money on drinks – had twelve bucks yesterday but spent much of it on 40 ouncers to share with a friend on the street…anyway…if I had that coffee coupon I’d sure go ahead and get over to where I can redeem it! I’ll be getting over to St. Anthony’s today after this noon Sunday hour on a library computer, and will get in line if it isn’t too long, which it usually is…there are always the trash cans of Union Square for free food, if the original purchasers don’t eat it all…oh, reading your e-mail further, you mention free printing at the new Network Ministries facility – I was there for the first time a couple of days ago, and it’s really, really beautiful, isn’t it? I’d go there today but it’s not open weekends, at least not yet…and cool that you’re doing that online tutoring – you’ve always struck me as a very resourceful individual, that’s for sure…thanks again for the coupons – please send free stuff like that online when you can!

10. Yeah, got to get into more Emily Dickinson – a quote by her was used at
www.lajensen.blogspot.com, where a friend posts pictures she takes along with nice quotations…this World Dharma things looks interesting, but I’m just scanning it…I really should get more into the positive spiritual message it represents, but I’ll be busy this afternoon looking in trash cans for something to eat. Other than that, things is all just groovy…

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Friday, October 17, 2008

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #17 by Tex Oznog

1. Thank you for this Care 2 Action Alert about the oil spillage to the tune of about a half a million gallons in the Gulf of Mexico and around Louisiana and Texas. If it were up to me gasoline use would plummet, but so many are enticed and enraptured by their automobiles, and other oil-gulping machinery. “The people” have apparently spoken and they want Big Oil’s big fossil-fueled weiner up their collective wazoos, so, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, fuck ‘em all…

2. Ha, these are great pumpkin pictures…and I urge caution in terms of that crackling squash - many have gone to their maker behind some overheated gourd, but that’s just my opinion…

3. Thanks for the e-mail about the October 30th event - the flyer shown online is excellent! Since I started drinking again I’m back in that Bartenderloin state of mind, and should be able to submit something for whatever upcoming issuances are forthwith posthaste…Rachel, you’re among the best…

4. Glad you e-mailed again…yeah, the Zen of Sarcasm - my Odd Fellow brother Pete sent that along…did you say you’re going to Oktoberfest celebrations? Heck, Deutschland is where it was invented! Uber alles…

5. I plan to be at this October 30th event South of Market for the remarkably adroit publication The Loin’s Mouth - am forwarding the message and flyer along - the more the merrier?

6. Oh, yesh, how could I forget that you housesat for a former friend last December and January? It was all I could think about from then until now, bro’! Uh…terrible about that penis spam…up in the Castro there’s the breakfast special: “Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, penis, spam, spam, testicles, and spam…” Will follow your advice about not using someone else’s computer, I guess…could see getting a laptop, if I could find one for a nickel, which is what my spending limit is just now…

7. Oh, an ogre, eh? Hmmm…
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogre - “large, cruel and hideous humanoid monster”…humanoid…hmmm…also…just found out that Paul Masson is the kind o’ wine that our man Orson was shilling - good trivia question. Don’t know if you can play this, but here’s a link anyway: http://commercial-archive.com/node/102449 - as far as books and libraries - there was a Sixties original series Star Trek episode where Kirk’s being court-martialed or something, and he gets a 24th-century or whatever lawyer who is very, very into books, and has a few choice words about how good plain ol’ books are, and not computers…I for sure personally like old-fashioned books, but there are hyperbolic charms in this new-fangled computerized textuality…interesting take on Citizen Kane…haven’t seen it in a while. Well, fuck, it was made nearly 70 years ago! Helping would be a bit or more of the Paul Masson, if they still make it, before or after its time…

8. Speaking of the Clintons, was just thinking that our Scorpio girlie Hillary would be good for the White House, for the Oval Orifice. No?

9. Well, Our Lady of Perpetual Motion is a free woman once again…

10. For some reason couldn’t open up these photos of Iggy Eskimo and Syd Barrett with his sister, but thanks anyway…I tried, and could probably make it happen, but I’m just moving along for now…

11. And finally, want to continue posting the most recent links to other material I’ve posted here:

[Album by the band Spirit, from late in 1970.]

[Rolling Stone review of XTC’s album Oranges & Lemons.]
[Site for the Dark Room, in San Francisco, related to a current show.]

[Akira Kurosawa, The Seven Samurai, ad infinitum. In particular, how the movie relates to Raymond Chandler, American detective noir…see also Blade Runner…Natasha Henstridge in Species…also, Paul Masson…and: any work for me and the boys and girls? Or love, or play?]

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #16 by Tex Oznog


www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masculine-Feminine for details about the '66 'Masculin, [Jean-Luc Godard ’66 film Wikipedia entry.]

www.lyricstime.com/earth-wind-fire-magnetic-lyrics.html - early Eighties EWF, but [Lyrics for Earth, Wind & Fire’s song “Magnetic”.]

www.weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/critics/blog/2008/04/one_more_thing_orson_welles_ta.html [To text about Charlton Heston and Orson Welles – for some reason this link didn’t work when I doublechecked it, but you can do a search on your own using the terms “charlton heston orson welles baltimore sun” – that should do it.]

4. Market - see
www.milibrary.org/ for what's happening there…main attraction for me are the [For the Mechanics’ Institute Library, in San Francisco.]

5. something, I think…oh, it’s this:
www.rosettastone.com/personal/ - I think there’s a booth [For the Rosetta Stone language learning system.]

6. Here’s a link:
www.kqed.org/radio/programs/index.jsp?pgmid=RD49. Usually some [For the “To the Best of Our Knowledge” radio program site.]

www.croatianhistory.net/etf/hagg.html - made me think of H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon [For information about the Sarajevo Haggadah.]

8. see
http://www.digital-brilliance.com/necron/necron.htm. Lovecraft was always writing [For details about H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon.]

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clark_Ashton_Smith.) [For Clark Ashton Smith, writer of the fantastic.]

10. women,
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beat_Generation.) [Brenda Knight, The Women of the Beat Generation.]

http://www.randomhouse.ca/catalog/display.pperl?isbn=9780676975888. [Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night.]

12. link:
www.litgothic.com/Authors/mshelley.html. [Mary Shelley.]

13. bio of the author:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay_Hendricks. [Biographical details about the author of Conscious Breathing.]

14. See
http://www.arthurmag.com/ - it’s possible they’re not in business…seems like they went [Official site for Arthur magazine.]

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manic_D_Press - met representatives at a recent Dolores Park [Manic D Press official site.]

16. wanted:
www.gaiaherbs.com/product.php?id=42 - includes bilberry berry…am needing [Gaia Herbs – “Vision Enhancement” liquid phyto-caps.]

www.hermeticgoldendawn.org/Enochskry.htm - I'd like this also. What do I need to do and [The Golden Dawn Enochian Skrying Tarot deck.]

18. 1. …ah, yes, "the Belle of Amherst"…
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emily_Dickinson - I [Emily Dickinson.]

19. online?:
www.calacademy.org/. I'll be avoiding the place for a long, long time, unless I [California Academy of Sciences official site.]

20. 1. “…but you doesn’t have to call me ‘Johnson’!” –
www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoYsfbq3vMc. [Ace Trucking Company “Raymond J. Johnson, Jr.”.]

21. 4. Thanks for the notice about this Secrecy flick – see
www.secrecyfilm.com/ - by Peter [For new film Secrecy by Galison and Moss.]

22. Mr. Sardonicus –
www.dvdtalk.com/dvdsavant/s448sard.html - never have seen it, but the [1961 William Castle film Mr. Sardonicus.]

23. movies, such as:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJjK9njAwu0 – and also, this came up in a [YouTube promo clip for Mr. Sardonicus.]

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #15 by Tex Oznog

1. This masculine/feminine computer thing is good, but not something I want to concentrate on right now, but thanks anyway…German also has masculine, feminine, and neutral as well…there's the Jean-Luc Godard film 'Masculin, feminin' - got Godard on my mind lately - have a biography about him out from the library…never was into him - his Breathless is, I gather, his most famous work - remake done in '83 with Gere and Valerie Kaprisky - see
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masculine-Feminine for details about the '66 'Masculin, feminin'…never seen it - got to see more Godard, I guess…got work?

2. Well, no more e-mails to respond to, so here are some various details I thought were interesting. Such as: the top-selling books and movies on some recent chart - Metallica's new Death Magnetic on top - never been into the band, despite them being Frisco boys, hanging out at Tommy's Joynt back in the day and such. Maybe if they did covers of Bread and America, in the style of the original artists, then I'd take a listen…and Neal Stephenson's new novel is #9 on the fiction charts, I guess it would be - talk about wordy - and I generally don't care for fiction. Stephenson will never displace William Gibson for me…

3. Also, Thomas Friedman's Hot, Flat and Crowded was/is #2 on the chart I saw, non-fiction. Have got the audio book out from the library and am listening to that - good to fill in time…and Aaron Spelling's little girl Tori, her sToritelling - or however you spell it - is #6 - got it requested from the library - I'm, like, thirtieth on the list, so it'll be a while. Not into her, or 90210, not the original series, or the current one…but I like Hollywood tell-all type books, and this could be okay…also, I see that she's in some movie called Cthulhu, based on H.P. Lovecraft - writer, not band - wish it were the Sixties band instead - so that's okay to me…

4. And continuing with the top books: the new Guinness Records is out - I'd look at that - haven't seen a copy in years, but that'd be fun…also, Bob Woodward's The War Within about Bush and Iraq is #3…and Suzanne Somers is charting in non-fiction - her birthday today, I believe I heard on the radio…and in movies, sales or rentals, Forbidden Kingdom and The Love Guru (with Jessica Alba) are doing well…and James Taylor has a new disc of covers, which might be okay, depending on the cover choices - just heard "Fire and Rain" on KFRC-FM, could listen to that still…

5. And…title for something: Coven Cover…and…wanted to mention Kimberly Wilson's excellent yoga page in the local Examiner freebie - learn what "asana" means, and the use of "the third limb" of yoga…"yamas" are, I think I noted, "lifestyle choices"…she talks about the effects of breathing exercises - that is, "pranayama". Praise to the Ex for that inclusion…

6. And Scarlett Johannson has recently married, I learned - good for her - would like to see The Big Score again…and learned that Jessica Simpson has ended her battle with weight, reportedly, so says a paper I glanced through. They've both done good film work, in my humble…

7. And want to thank my Odd Fellow brother Pete for giving me work here and there lately…really helps. But he can only do so much…anyone there have work for me? I have a few skills…will work for King Cobra, even - a pint can fuel me for a while…

8. And thanks to the Mechanics' Institute Library for being there for me and for the rest of its patrons. It's providing a great refuge for me from the street and the general run of imbeciles to be found thereabouts…

9. And speaking of the word "magnetic", Metallica has its fans, but I prefer, when it comes down to it, Earth, Wind & Fire, and their song "Magnetic". Here are lyrics:
www.lyricstime.com/earth-wind-fire-magnetic-lyrics.html - early Eighties EWF, but included in my favorites by the great band…

10. And to conclude this random posting, here's a list of the nine songs I played at Zeke's on California Street, Nob Hill, a while back: "Girls on Film" by Duran Duran, "Sara Smile", "Sweet Child o' Mine", Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll", "Like a Prayer", "Don't Speak" by No Doubt, "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins, REO Speedwagon's "Roll with the Changes", and "Shattered"…nine songs for five bucks, 50 cents per each - left a tune on there for someone else - jukebox etiquette - left a buck tip - liked it that the lady bartender let me have a Coke for free when I told her I didn't want an alcoholic drink…left in the middle of the third one, the Guns 'N Roses, but there would be five more after that without me there, a good fifteen minutes worth and more. I recommend the place - not to be confused with the Zeke's sports bar South of Market, make no mistake…

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #14 by Tex Oznog

1. Thanks for the e-notice about the monthly clean-up, and the It's a Grind evening meeting of the Middle Polk Neighborhood Association. And thanks for reminding me about the little park at Hyde and Leavenworth - haven't been there in quite a while, need to check it out again. Can't say I'll take part in the clean-up, but I'll be at the meeting this next Monday. Got to get around to really reading Melissa Griffin's material - am impressed with what I know of her work. Thought I'd share.

2. I wouldn't mind having more money, tho'…a fantasy is a debit card with, oh, ten thousand dollars on it. I'd be buying stuff for someone else, wouldn't be for me - so I wouldn't have to report it to the Social Security people. It'd be fun to spend the cash for someone else. But, like you, wouldn't be spent on "fancy cars, lots of vehicles, motor homes"…no…books, for one thing. Fantasy goes, like: "Here, take this card, and buy books for a library I'm constructing." This would exercise my aesthetic tastes, for one thing…anyway…

3. I appreciated the naming of names - I always can add to my store of movie knowledge, and I think you cover certain areas I'm not so strong on…heard about this Sabu character - might've seen a short clip of one thing - a non-white working in the movie industry at the time, unusual…sort of like Jason Scott Lee of more recent times - but he was basically always ghettoized - he did Bruce Lee, and a version of The Jungle Book…he might've done some "regular" parts…not sure if he's getting work lately…but at least he was an Asian-ish presence, for what that's worth…and, yeah, those great old flicks - really, there was a certain quality in them that many or all don't have today…and, ha, Citizen Kane at the Geary Theatre…I remember Orson Welles from Johnny Carson appearances, selling "no wine before its time", ha ha. I think I read in a Charlton Heston autobiography that he felt Welles didn't kowtow to the money people, and his career suffered for it. Heston said something like, "Hey, Orson, you can't bite the hand that feeds you…" But Welles didn't want to play along…well, just looked up these two blokes and found this bit of text, which you may find of interest:
www.weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/critics/blog/2008/04/one_more_thing_orson_welles_ta.html - didn't read it all, so don't quiz me on it…

4. Yeah, this guy in question, the Jordanian, has, I'm pretty sure, a wife, kids. But, despite it sounding like a cultural stereotype, apparently straight men having the anal thing is common where he's from, but that's just between you and me, and whoever is also reading the blog…but…I've reached my limit on his credit, so I won't be showing myself around there at Eddy and Hyde until the third. Unless I can someone get another source of regular income - am working on that…and - anal sex - I don't even want any woman that way, let along some guy, geez. Apparently it's popular…in the porn world, from what I know of it, it's more popular these Gomorrahic days. (That great ol' city Sodom, from whence we get that word…what was the speciality in Gomorrah? Reminds me of Brigadoon: "How are things in Glockamorra?" "Well, we've got a woman shoving a thirteen-inch diesel-powered dildo up some guy's butt, while he's giving the eye to a hapless rodent bedecked with a sequence of silvery sequins in the corner - you know, the usual…)

5. Ha, this "Zen of Sarcasm", a philosophy I can truly live with! Will be sending it along to a few on my contact list - thanks! There are at least two dealing with the importance of just shutting the fuck up - I'm learning that, but, y'know, when I get a few drinks in me, or even just one King Cobra pint, I can forget that important idea…thanks for the work yesterday - didn't buy anything to drink with it…oh, except a King Cobra pint this morning…maybe I'll see you today - I'm at the Mechanics' right now, staying somewhat out of trouble, at least on the street. I wouldn't, frankly, mind some of these typings to stir up a bit of funny and fun hassle is certain quarters, and dimes, nickels, and pennies…

6. Got this excellent list of Zennish sarcastic advice from my friend and Odd Fellow brother, so am passing 'em along.

7. Oh, right, I knew that - remember that Saturday Night Live line? The guy who always said "I knew that." - late Eighties SNL…and the Mechanics' Institute Library is at Post near Market - see
www.milibrary.org/ for what's happening there…main attraction for me are the computers - chess I'm leaving off of, but I've seen some really, really intense kids playing, who'd cut me up for daddy's din-din in a quarter of a second on those sixty-four black and white squares…and, really, don't want my own computer - but wouldn't mind making a new best friend forever who's got a fast machine…in the words of AC/DC: "…she was a fast machine,/she kept her motor clean,/she was the best damn woman that I ever seen…"

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #13 by Tex Oznog

1. Okay, cool, a nice bicycle picture! Had my last ride stolen when I left it out overnight, and I’m sort of missing having those two wheels. And the eminently quotable Lao Tzu is a good match…do you ride? That coastal area near where you live seems pretty nice for it. But I don’t mind the heavy traffic of the city.

2. Well, you’re a better man than I am for even having attempted Arabic and Chinese. Saw a little kid walking along the street the other day with a trophy, and I asked him what it was for - for knowing both English and Chinese. The future’s that kid’s, especially considering the upcoming power of China…I just don’t really care…but…I’ve seen ads for some special language learning systems that probably work really well, forgot the name - Rosetta something, I think…oh, it’s this:
www.rosettastone.com/personal/ - I think there’s a booth inside that big San Francisco City Centre complex - fuck, that hole ain’t the center of the city! But this system probably works well…I think I could get okay in Spanish pretty quickly - but that’s for morons when compared to the exotic qualities of Arabic and Chinese…and, well, I’ve had that keyboard for a while now and haven’t picked it up as you outlined to pick out a tune - but you’re a serious musician, and I will always remain a devoted listener, and I’m fine with that…well…maybe if there was, again, some easy method…saw on the tube some guy who’s got supposedly a fool-proof system for piano. I just don’t know if I wanna bother. I don’t feel the need to be “well-rounded”…

3. Thanks for the Turner Movie Classics recommendations, but I don’t have cable. And even last time I did I didn’t pay the extra to get TCM, even tho’ I had it before and was mightily impressed with the programming, and that host, what’s his name - Robert something…the middle one is the only one I’d be interested in - the 1924 Douglas Fairbanks version of The Thief of Bagdad, is it? Just searched online - there’s a 1940 one also. I think I saw the 1924 one years ago - doesn’t it end with some line about how happiness must be earned? Ah, well, all this classic cinema jazz - just give me some stupid movie crap and I’m happy! I’d rather watch the first Death Race - Roger Corman, David Carradine, and Sly Stallone in a very early, pre-Rocky outing - than most of what critics and the high-falutin’ think are so great. Tho’ I can appreciate Citizen Kane, and that’s acknowledged as perhaps the best American movie. Also, I love Casablanca…have never even seen all of Gone With the Wind - and just only saw that Jimmy Stewart Christmas one for the first time…but I’m a fan of The Wizard of Oz - used to play that every year when I was a child…”I’ll get you, my pretty! And your little dog, too!” - yeah, I likes my flicks…gotta get a new best fiend - I mean, friend - forever who’s got cable, and serves up cheap ass wine…

4. Ha, details of “The Coming Greater Depression” - fuck, I’ve been living like the absolutest peon for my entire adult life, basically…and sort of proud of it, even…for sure Americans in general could do with eating less. Read about how health increased a lot due to World War II dietary deprivations - overeating can lead to much ill-health. And in an Arnold Ehret book - he was into fasting, against mucus big-time - he said the whole influential and powerful line of the Medicis - or one of those Italian families - maybe the Borgias - began because its founders had to “suffer” famine…I personally feel I’ve eaten probably four times more than I needed to in my life in order to be healthy and happy, not to mention holy, whatever that means…

5. Hey, I’ve got a simpler idea than this “Umbrella Today?” - it’s called looking out the window? Weird and crazy, huh? Just bought a nice little bumpershoot at a street sale for a dollar - wooden bird head handle - for our rainy season. Had a nice big black one like the one depicted at this site that a friend gave me, but I fuckin’ gave it away, like I do so many things. That was a nice one, and they come in handy. Tho’ I’ve been known to walk in the rain without protection. It’s not like I’m gonna melt, or mind if my clothes get wet.

6. Thanks for this Friends of the San Francisco Public Library news. I’m in your main branch facility nearly every day. But I must say I just joined the Mechanics’ Institute at Post and Market, and am liking the elegant ambiance there and am willing to pay to be a member. But more power to the public libraries, and all the good work being done there!

7. Have not been following the Madonna/Guy thing - just looked it up and there was something from a few months ago about turbulence in their relationship, so it’s been coming for a while, I guess…maybe her brother’s memoir was a final straw…don’t know much about Guy - his supposed tough life in London is perhaps a fiction. Jason Statham I’m more interested in, and I believe he and Guy are buddies and work together…but…basically, now, I just can’t say I’m a fan of her - she had her big time in the spotlight…I guess she’s doing a lot to support young artists, whatever. She’s got a new flick she directed, her first at the helm…Rocco, Lourdes…

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #12 by Tex Oznog

1. …ha, right, an angel oversaw that finding of the penny on the street. Well, that’s one cheapskate of an angel - a dollar would’ve been more heavenly, I’d say…was thinking of Gene Krupa myself recently ‘cause there’s actually a hotel in S.F. named the Krupa, and I’ve been passing it frequently, at 700 Jones. Joked to myself that it’d be a place drummers would stay when touring…had to go in for jury selection last year but was dismissed, gratefully, within an hour. I must look like not quite the logical and decent type necessary to decide someone’s fate…and I think I managed to keep my credit card below the five-hundred limit, so no thirty-five buck fee coming up, which would be a major hit…just did a little work for my Odd Fellow brother Pete and got five bucks - had to get a 99 cent Arizona Green Tea to beat heat, but I still have several bucks more than I did a few hours ago - I’m sure you need to know these details…did price some wine boxes at Rite-Aid - no Franzia Blush…glad to have this new fine establishment, the Mechanics’ Institute, to type stuff out, keep me out of trouble…

2. Yeah, me too, I read dictionaries for fun. I wish more people did - just open one up at random and delve into language a bit…oh, Brautigan - I think about his library one every so often, The Abortion, I think it was called. A lot of San Francisco material in his work, I recall…as far as being a tutor, did take some initial steps at the main library to teach an adult to read, but they didn’t get back to me. I think because I was obviously inebriated then. And am getting back into that mode again. So perhaps they don’t think I’m quality material. Heck, I can drink and still show up and do work - this blog, for instance, which has been added to consistently over nearly five years. Yeah, I think it would be interesting to teach someone to read, should look into that. Or get into some other teaching mode - like night school for foxy young women…

3. Will be looking forward to hearing from you, Mr. Babcock, especially as it relates to Arthur magazine, which I’ve enjoyed for years, tho’ it doesn’t seem readily available in the San Francisco area, where I live. Kayo Books and Adobe Books have had copies, but not, as far as I know, consistently. I think there are many here who’d like to see it regularly.

4. Well, I pay back for the credited merchandise ‘cause I do want the same in the future. Tho’ I really should find a source of more income so I don’t have to go into a hole at the start of each month…I think this guy likes me sexually - he seems to always make some weird comment along those lines. My joking reply is often: “Bend over!” He has a good sense of humor and we can banter along these lines…plus he has a really good selection of merchandise, really better than a lot of the usual Tenderloin corner markets - cans of wild Alaskan salmon, stuff like that. But I’ve been distancing myself from the whole area, tho’ fell back into the credit thing with him to the tune of forty-two dollars, and that’s about it for that source until I repay…

5. Well, your comment about Madonna’s eyes is positive - that’s surprising, seeing as you seem basically negative about her…and…just heard about her divorce from Guy Ritchie, on the tail end of some BBC news…funny how that happened the same day as you sending me those photos from her brother’s book…yeah, I’m liking KFRC a lot these days - carrying the little radio is something I did when barely a teen and it takes me back a bit to that time. I think it’s a good way to hear music, and to be able to share it a bit with others, not like so many of these iPodians locked into their own musical space. Part of the beauty and fun of rock and pop is the sharing…once bought a three disc Boz Scaggs collection, I think it was, just to get “We Were Always Sweethearts”, and maybe two other tunes - forty-five dollars I think I paid, fifteen a disc being the going rate back then…yeah, I’ve paid a lot for music in my time…last thing was a five dollar War compilation at Rasputin’s on Powell…

6. Well, didn’t really get bit by the Madonna virus - do viruses bite? - until the late Eighties, around the time of the Penn divorce - I bought the cassette of the second album, I think, but wasn’t into her in ’82 or ’83 when “Everybody” came out, not at all…but I for sure subsequently got very deeply into her music, and the amazing accompanying videos - she really rode the new MTV wave for all it was worth. Thinking back I could probably write a lengthy tome on the woman and her music…before I went to L.A. I remember coming down from an acid trip, in early 1990 I guess it was, and there was her “Express Yourself” video on the tube at the friend’s place I was staying - the one that pays tribute to Fritz Lang, Metropolis…I think she stills holds some record for female recording artist number one hits…tho’ maybe Mariah Carey or someone else has some other top title…but Mariah’s no Madonna, considering them at their musical primes…guess the woman’s still the queen of her realm. Tho’ not cinema…

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LOVE’S FOR SQUARES #11 by Tex Oznog

1. In the absence of any e-mails to respond to, am going back to notes from recent times, such as: recommended for your listening pleasure, on NPR, To the Best of Our Knowledge. On Sunday evenings here in San Francisco, 7 to 9pm. With an additional airing early Sunday morning, I think, from 3 to 5am – but that hour’s not for usual, casual listeners, I’d say. Here’s a link:
www.kqed.org/radio/programs/index.jsp?pgmid=RD49. Usually some interesting interviews and segments. One recent program was entitled, I think, “In Defense of Libraries”, and I’m all for that.

2. Writer Ursula Le Guin was a recent thought-provoking guest…she said of herself that she’s not a best seller, but she keeps selling well over the years. And something she said inspired me to write a couplet: “…a well-made book can last through centuries,/surviving hatred, plague, and death’s disease…” (Have never read Le Guin, tho’ she’s a classic…)

3. And something else, about the Sarajevo Haggadah – see
www.croatianhistory.net/etf/hagg.html - made me think of H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon – see http://www.digital-brilliance.com/necron/necron.htm. Lovecraft was always writing about weird old books that, like, “…appeared in Venice in 1673…” Keyname: Abdul Alhazred, author. (Was recently also moved to request through the library a few Clark Ashton Smith books – received them but didn’t take ‘em out. I’d add them to someone’s library, someone else’s library that I was maintaining. That’s a job I could do well – I’d do it for jugs of Carlo Rossi Sangria. See, for Smith:

4. And in other matters: was reading a little book about witchcraft, in particular about what it says about friendship, that I bought for four bucks through the Friends of the Library store at the main branch here in S.F. The author, Brenda Knight, who has also written extensively about the women of the Beat Generation, suggested jasmine as a good tea for conviviality. Available in bulk, doubtless, through Rainbow Grocery. Peppermint also would be something to get in large quantities. Mix those with yerba mate. (See, for Knight’s Beat women,

5. And also on the NPR program noted above, interested in a book called The Library at Night, by Alberto Manguel. Borges-like in his interest in libraries. See

6. And…continuing randomly, somewhat…mention made in the radio program about a book mentioned in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Ruins of Empire. Read by the monster. Here’s a link:

7. And a line for something I thought of about the time being described: “Did Dewey dig decimals?” For some character.

8. And…would like to recommend Zeke’s, a bar up California Street – that is, up Nob Hill a bit – from where I live, on the south side of that street. Was in there only once, but was treated well, and liked their juke box. A bit on the yuppie side, if that creature still exists, but in an attempt to move up a bit in the world I like the ambience there. Passed by a couple of times and it was too busy, plus had no cash, but I like the discreet location, away from the bustling hustle of Polk.

9. And another rhyming pair of lines: “…approximated sexuality/accentuating synchronicities…”

10. And another book recommendation: Conscious Breathing, by Gay Hendricks. Here’s a bio of the author:

11. And…just filling in space here – made a call to Arthur magazine offices in the L.A. area in order to get copies sent up to S.F. – found one a while back at Kayo Books, but none since. Not sure if I got a response, tho’ for certain I left a message on a proper answering system. See
http://www.arthurmag.com/ - it’s possible they’re not in business…seems like they went out of biz a while back, then back in again. I’d like to see it continue. And finally, would like to recommend the It’s a Grind coffeehouse on Polk at Washington – my choice among the several offerings in that type of establishment in that area, which I now as a homme consider home…Numi tea available, a fine brand, and get yourself a chocolate-covered madeleine, find a rest for your ass on one of their plush, comfy chairs, and you’ve got yourself a pleasantly Proustian situation…

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