Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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…back to the usual…was at the Union Square Borders the other day, seeking volumes of the Steve Ditko Dr. Strange Marvel strips from the Sixties. Still the fuckin’ best, as far as I can see. Wish some real good artist would attempt a new version of “The Master of the Mystic Arts”. There’s a new graphic novel on the first floor of Borders, but it doesn’t look all that great. So it was onto the store computer catalog to find if they stocked volumes of the remarkable recommended “all that” Ditko original.

Anyway…two things came up. Found the graphic novel section…well, turns out all they had was the second volume of Dr. Strange in that “Essential” black and white series. Color adds so much, but b & w’s cheaper. Trouble was, the first volume has the Ditko stuff.

But glanced through it anyway…any Dr. Strange is better than pretty much any other fuckin’ superhero you can name. (Sidenote: Dogpile.com on “Cat Yronwode” for great material she generated about the character.) So…saw that Barry Windsor-Smith, most famous, I believe, for his Conan work in the early Seventies for Marvel, did at least two Dr. Stranges. Not his best work by any means, but anything by him, again, is far better than the best work of most other artists, at least in this dude’s blog.)

And…at the Borders. Looking into, for some reason, Jessica Alba material. Oh, brought to mind ‘cause the Examiner’s celeb page mentioned her, her recent phone break-up with that Cash Warren dude. Probably has a big dick - that would be a major reason for her to be involved him with. But perhaps that wasn’t enough. Uh…nice version of “Greensleeves” on the store sound system while I was looking at this Alba material. In GQ, I think it was.

Well, glanced through – liked the wholesome “cheesecake” nature of the photos of Miss Alba. 26. Learned that she doesn’t do nudity in film. Like that. Same with Ryder. (Apparently there’s some animated, Rotoscoped Winona cleavage in A Scanner Darkly – but haven’t seen it yet.)

Anyway…title for something occurred to me about then: Classic Taste. Author name: Dude Manbro. And…thinking of that “Come on down!” line at the library after the Borders. Was that Bob Barker? Guy in the lift said it was Barker’s show, but it was the announcer who said that famous daytime TV phrase. And…Sasha Grey…mentioned photo of her at her MySpace

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with “SUBMISSIVE” on her shirt. Would like her to be more aggressive, or whatever the opposite of submissive is. Or attain a balance.

And…gotta get two bucks to the lady during the day at the Empire corner market near the hotel I’m in, ‘cause she let me slide on a few pennies during recent beer purchases. Money today, possibly, or for sure tomorrow, the first.

And…reworking of the title of the Wolfe Kesey & Pranksters book: The Eclectic Cool Breeze Acid Text. Or “Placid” text? And got an e-mail from a guy I knew a few months back who was homeless on the Tenderloin streets. Back home in Mississippi, looking well fed in a photo. Had a message for a guy who’s still out there, and got that delivered.

And…no word about a move to a new hotel on California near Polk. Outta my hands. Guess I wouldn’t mind staying where I am. Flash bornies possible through two or three I know with oregano club access – wouldn’t mind getting those for discreet soirees, little tasty treats to take edges off.

And…got into a bit of FM radio recently. Mainly tuning back and forth between KSAN and KFRC on that end of the dial. Wonder if there’s any overlap…KFRC plays soul, while KSAN’s strictly that “classic” (decades old) rock that I can stand some of.

And…what that Jessica Alba needs, apparently, is some sort of pimp. Or rather, “agent”. And…speaking of local radio, at 98-point-1, KISS, liked A Taste of Honey’s “Boogie Oogie Oogie”…and on KFRC, “Good Lovin’” – the Young Rascals version, I guess. Tho’ the Dead covered it frequently.

And…title for a men’s magazine: Mucus. Humor highlighted. Name from “cervical mucus”.

And thought of the phrase “horde of whores” – someone mentioned one or the other of the words and the rhyming aspect of the other word occurred to me. (And in terms of poetry, what I put out…I believe I’ll just stick to creating the occasional heroic couplet – that is, a pair of rhymed iambic pentameter lines. I can generate these pretty quickly and easily, such as: “…a horde of whores appearing on the scene,/with each and everyone one a special queen…” Howzat, folks? We’re here all week, try the veal…)

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Monday, July 30, 2007

956 by Dude Manbro
...stole some popcorn from pigeons the other day. Been a while and I haven't picked up some dreaded avian disease.
And on Powell, the sign for Tad's - business no longer happening, sadly. Great Frisco neon. More need to be done in that medium.
Reminds me of that LOANS sign on Mission, still in biz.
And...Al Bundy, like his way of putting his hands in his belt, reaching for the goods. Great classic Nineties program. But me, won't get married, don't want children.
And...several buses passed me recently with no back doors opening. On the way, I guess, to Union Square, to get food from the trash. Or leaving.
And kava kava - some with tuberculosis chew it before fermenting - not a good habit. A sedative. Got some once down in San Mateo, with my Former Lady Roommate.
...Alanis Morissette listened to by me recent: "All I Really Want" as a first song of the day...got Jagged Little Pill on tape for 38 cents and some brandy on the street not long ago.
..."anguish" and "doubt" in "Never Can Say Goodbye" - sung by a pre-teen Michael...wrong move. Prince, Madonna, same age, doing okay, looks like. Prince has a new album. Musical genius.
...bought a Jackson 5 boxed set at Aquarius records on Valencia some years ago. To tell the truth, in my estimation, the "J5" did maybe half a dozen good songs, if that. And that out of the dozens and dozens on the disc, geez. But those few are excellent, I give 'em that.
And my current name is "Dude Manbro", for your information.
And check out the end of Alien Versus Predator - the take off point for the next in the series. An alien/predator hybrid happening.
Gordon Lightfoot is on the box at the 65 Club on Taylor, I think it is. Listen.
Remy found on the street the other - a "spider", a tiny amount, found in the bottom of it. Drank it, added it to tea, something like that.
Ronn Guidi, Oakland Ballet revival - all for it. Dogpile.com on Leonide Massine. Guidi says it's not the steps, it's the integrity behind the movement. Word up. Read that again.
Featured by Mr. Guidi and his dancers, a reconstruction of the 1912 Vaslav Nijinsky "Afternoon of the Faun".
And free from my friend P. on the street, vitamins from Trader Joe's, and a new tank top that works well for me. Plus around that time had a "spider" (see above) of Jim Beam I found discarded.
And guy on street as I passed, calling up to someone in a hotel, this in the heart of the Tenderloin: "You better hope I don't find out who you are!" So: guy must've been "burned" by the guy in the hotel. Wouldn't wanna be that dude, 'cause the yeller was pissed big time.
And friend S. at the Coast, a hotel in the Tender Nob, Lower Nob Hill, at O'Farrell and Jones. Left a message from him recently.

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My handwritten notes piling up in my pocket, wanna get through a good amount just now, so probably will not elaborate overmuch…

Fiction name: Ambrosia Bierce. Working on that, a story for her. Tho’ I’m not big on plot or storyline, frankly. And my current blog name: Dude Manbro.

Book ordered yesterday through the inter-library system: by Ed Sanders, his Tales of Beatnik Glory. Had it out a while back – has gone missing from the system in the interval – so had to order it from somewhat afar. Great funny story in it about a guy who uses alligator excrement as part of an ingredient in a balm – that ingredient called “Essence of Sebek”, “Sebek” being an alligator god in ancient Egyptian myth.

And relatedly: “Tales of Beatnik Glory” doesn’t get a Wikipedia entry. Sanders must, but time’s running out on this library machine and must be moving right along…but, uh…the tales are set in New York in the early Sixties, before the hippies came to the fore…

And: title for something with Ambrosia Bierce as the main character: The Perv Curve. Or, alternatively, The Curve Pervs. Or some other variant.

And…getting a little cash this afternoon, so planning to hit dive bars. Such as the 500 Club up in the Mission, on Guerrero at, I think, 17th. And the Lucky 13 on Market – the recent “Best of the Bay” listings in the Guardian said it had the best jukebox in the city. I’ll be a judge of that. I figure if I spend at each place three for a drink (a pint of Pabst Blue Ribbon, let’s say), plus a buck tip, plus two in the juke box, that’s six per joint, and that’s doable.

And…ran into friend Paul on Market the other day, and he offered to buy me a coffee, so tagged along as he trudged over – me on my bicycle – to a Peet’s outlet in the Financial District. Hadda be that chain for him. Well, had myself a cup of joe – tho’ I generally don’t drink that – yerba mate tea for me, and unsweetened as well. And that day I poured in a whole lotta honey, plus took many packets of turbinado sugar. (Which would be a great name for a friend of Ambrosia Bierce’s…Miss Turbinado Sugar…altho’ that first name has the masculine –o ending…hmmm…)

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Anyway…this Paul says he’s related in some way to Jayne Mansfield, the old-time movie star. Guess it’s for real – not biologically-related, but he considers her his mother, that she adopted him.

And…recently bought for a quarter on the street a copy of JT, a 1977 James Taylor cassette. Just okay…”Bartender’s Blues” is new to me, and a good one. Nothing like “Fire and Rain” on this, but that’s a special all-time classic.

And also found a current variant of a Superball somewhere. Tho’ it’s sorta cheaply-made – two halves fused together, not one solid sphere as in ones I recall from childhood. Bounces okay, tho’.

And…had a discussion the other day with friend Robert about paperback books, a form of reading material we both like. We mentioned the fine Kayo bookstore up there on Post, I think it is, in the far northwestern corner of the Tenderloin.

Been a while since I’ve been there, but it’s a great place for those into a certain type of text. And it was voted tops in its thing in that “Best of the Bay” as well. So Robert and I discussed, in part, Phil Dick paperbacks – told him that they are selling for twenty bucks and more for some copies, from the late Sixties, early Seventies. Great cover art on many.

And…curious about the Journeyman network TV series that’s currently being filmed in town. In particular, am curious (whatever color you choose – see the Wikipedia entry for I Am Curious (Yellow)…) – about Moon Bloodgood, who co-stars. Plus like the Frisco setting well enough. Fairly stony fox is this one, and with a name outta fiction…

And…yeah, checked and it was Carly Simon doing vocals on “Terra Nova”, a song I like on that JT tape. Also co-wrote it, says Wikipedia.

And…guitar player in the hotel, Dave – saw him leaving with a guitar-sized box the other day and I asked about it. Contained a new Les Paul model – he’s serious about his instruments. Told me Jimmy Page plays that brand – I knew that somewhat. Well, Dave says a recent performance at some church with the new “axe” went well, and good for him. A person truly into music, and into playing. Me, I’m no musician, but I surely enjoy the art form.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

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…possible new recruit into the Odd Fellows, courtesy of yours truly. Guy in the hotel, D. – brought him to last week’s dinner, and Brother P. gave him literature and an application. Seems like he’s a very likely candidate. Me, got a pin this last meeting ‘cause I brought in another member a while ago.

Uh…at that meeting. Brought along my double cassette old school music box, played radio tunes while the brothers and sisters of the lodge ate. Some early Elton, “Honky Cat”. Bernie Taupin lyrics. I like much of the early stuff by Elton, but his later work, well, frankly, sucks. And…one of the lodge sisters brought in creampuffs for all, and got myself one, tho’ I left it in the fridge for someone else. Reminded me of the early Grateful Dead song “Creampuff War”.

And…”Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)” by Fleetwood Mac, also on that night, chosen by me. Wikipedia entry on this name – from Welsh mythology, the Mabinogion is the text source…a horse goddess. Thought it was a witch. Now there’s a witchy woman, that Stevie Nicks.

And…Mitch Ryder mentioned in some other song. Made me think of the last name, the stage last name, of Winona, who’s been on the mind lately. Her father suggested it – from the musician’s name. (Due very soon from the lady, The Ten – small role for her. The flick’s about the Ten Commandments – her part’s about the “thou shalt not steal” one – apparently she pilfers a ventriloquist’s dummy after falling in love with it/him. Photo in today’s Pink Section of her and the wooden paramour.)

And…AC/DC also chosen by me at the recent Odd Fellows event – “For Those About to Rock We Salute You”. And, uh, back to Rhiannon for a sec…there’s a Wikipedia entry devoted to the song exclusively…uh…how do the lyrics go? “Love’s a state of mind” used as a mantra – like that a lot…pretty witchy stuff there…

Anyway…Sasha Grey on the mind as well. There’s a fairly recently-posted photo of her appearing like an average young woman. Looks like she’s at an airport – she’s flying every so often to porn conventions to meet and greet her fans. Bag over her shoulder. Casual outfit, belly visible. “SUBMISSIVE” in archaic script on her white shirt. One of my favorites of hers.

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And…Odd Fellow brother Pat at the meeting. Turns out he’s got a pretty serious disease – MDS. Has recently had major blood transfusions. Really needs to take care of his diet and exercise. I could be on his case night and day if I was around him more, if he would take my suggestions.

And…guy I know says he can get that special oregano for two hundred an ounce. Did the numbers – that’s 25 an eighth, a good price. Club prices a few years back went to 50 and 60, geez. Who knows what they are now. And this is probably the excellent type of special oregano – the guy lives up north, in Sonoma, I think. And in other special oregano news, planning to get brownies soon. Will have cash tomorrow. Got a couple of possible sources I can contact.

And…thinking the other day for some reason of the Saturday Night Live Land Shark sketches from the Seventies. Remember how the shark tried to get in the door by saying it was a Candy Gram? Do they still have those? Could be a character’s name: Miss Candy Gram.

And: Cat Yronwode – learned about her work during a search for “sex magic” topics. She’s written on that subject extensively. And is really into Dr. Strange as well. I’d recommend her sites. One is
http://tantra.org/ - just went to that for the first time just now…well, a whole lotta material there for your perusal.

And…in a new friend’s room in the hotel the other evening. He’s got nearly full-on cable – not all the premium channels, but he’s pretty set up. He was really into some hour-long crime series that I didn’t care for, but I left then came back after it was over and we watched some of the Lost in Space 90s remake, the one with Heather Graham. That was one we could both enjoy. I told him that there was some softcore porn he could view, but he’s gay, and I think he wouldn’t care for the straight stuff that Comcast broadcasts.

And…to close…learned that a new network drama series called Journeyman is being filmed in the area. The main guy’s a San Francisco newspaperman who can travel through time – can’t they all? Co-starring the foxy Moon Bloodgood. See
http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1291227/ for some pictures. I’m a sucker for a pretty face and bod…born in ’75…great name – guess it’s her real one…those three double ohs…engaged to some actor/singer, geez.

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Continuing to consider fiction, a novel. Would have song lyrics prominent in the text. For example, this line from “San Francisco Nights”, by Eric Burdon and the Animals: “…walls moves, minds do too…” Great tune – a good friend put that and other Animals songs onto a tape for me a while back. Plus some ’66 Bowie. And a few by a local band before this friend’s brother joined as the bass player.

And a title for a chapter, “Dreaming Androids”. From the Dick – not only mine, that is, but P.K.D., ha ha ha. Gonna hafta have some Blade Runner stuff in there, in homage.

For example, a possible opening for a movie would be a black screen, then opening elevator doors. This would echo the end of the director’s cut of Blade Runner, where Deckard and Rachael get into an elevator, the doors close, and that’s it. (Different from the original theatrical release, where at the end they’re in a flying car and looking pretty happy. In the director’s cut, they’re on the run and not smiling at the end – and also, no voiceover by Deckard.)

And my new pen/blog name is “Dude Manbro” – have put “Piso Mojado” out to pasture. Got the name in this way: was thinking of a guy to pair with Ambrosia Bierce, the main lady in the novel. What name would the guy have? asked I of myself. Then I thought she’d only refer to him as “man” or “bro’” or “dude”. So put all those together to come up with “Dude Manbro”. Maybe “Dude” is his actual name, and “Manbro” would be a shortening of, like, “Manborough”. Yeah, that’s the ticket…

And…Ambrosia would love the Kim Chun music column in The Bay Guardian. Impressed much with Chun’s take on things musical. See
http://www.sfbg.com/entry.php?entry_id=3102 for a sample of her stuff – tho’ in this case it’s a movie she’s discussing.

And…maybe Ambrosia would work as a stripper during the day time at the Lusty Lady up there in North Beach, or some place like it, maybe a fictional place. Work during the day, and so her nights are free for writing, let’s say, and for her dude/man/bro’…

And…5:34am a recent day, Thursday – this being Saturday…Jim Croce on my room’s music box – got several of the man’s on a tape. Know a place at Mary and Natoma – Tempest is the name, I think – which features Croce on their box. “One Less Set of Footsteps” not on my tape – would love to hear that again – I believe it’s on the box at Tempest. See

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http://www.yelp.com/biz/qfdWWJCMvoTKI8u7rshm_Q for info about this place, and a map. Was there once a few months ago and liked the vibe – there early, before noon, and put music on their excellent box and had three pints, I believe it was. Like the location – at the intersection of two little alleys, and not on a main and beaten path.

And this morning in question…considering the Odd Fellows meeting that day…and had on some Katy Lied songs on a tape. Not all super liked by me on that Steely Dan one, but “Rose Darling”, “Doctor Wu”, “Any World That I’m Welcome To”, “Everyone’s Gone to the Movies” are all fantastic. (Learned that there was an actual Dr. Wu – in part, a doc in traditional Chinese medicine who, reportedly, helped a Dan member with an addiction prob. Could be my favorite tune of all the guys did.)

And…tuned in a bit of “The Bone” KSAN that morning – like maybe 50% of their programming – they played “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock and Roll)” by AC/DC – love that. Bagpipes heavily in it.

And then KFRC was playing “California Girls”, the Beach Boys version – okay. This morning was tuning back and forth between KSAN and KFRC – together, they cover a lot more ground than separately. Was doing this out on the street, at the corner of Leavenworth and Eddy, with my box on top of the trash can there. Had a coupla three beers in me – managed to scrape the change together for that.

And…just bought for a quarter on the street JT, by James Taylor, from ’77. “Handy Man” on it, “Your Smiling Face” too. “Terra Nova” I knew from somewhere else – pretty one about sailing. “Bartender’s Blues” – like that title.

http://www.history.com/minisites/humanweapon for info about Human Weapon, a new series about martial arts on the History Channel. Currently don’t have cable, but I’d be watching this one if I did.

And…The Departed is a four-girl San Francisco punk rock band that look really good – see
http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/07/26/NS05R6PEG3.DTL for an article about them. They’ve got a MySpace but where I am won’t let me access that. Uh…saw their picture in a recent newspaper, and think they are probably for real and real good. Played at Thee Parkside recently. The names: Michelle Lockneck’s lead vocals and guitar, Karina Figueroa (bass and vocals), Lani Daggers (not sure her role), and Nikki Stix (drummers, looks like). Anyway, they seem really, really good.

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Friday, July 27, 2007

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Fiction, got that on my mind. Wrote down a sentence for something:

“My last boyfriend had a bigger cock,” said Ambrosia Bierce to her new guy, “but he turned out to be a true and total asshole.”

Maybe a short story, or part of a chapter of a novel. Might call that chapter “True and Total”. Ambrosia…maybe a writer. Or a stripper who works during the day – a day stripper. And a writer too. Like Diablo Cody, author of the very good Candy Girl, about her life as a stripper. Good chapter title: “Day Stripper”.

And…got to thinking of London, I guess because of listening to Confessions of a Shopaholic, by Sophie Kinsella. Brit Chick Lit’s the category. Was in England, the U.K., in, I think, ’79, for a month. I remember the area I stayed in, with an older couple who rented out to young travelers from elsewhere: Wanstead, E11 – “East 11” I guess that would be. Yeah…saw Hadrian’s Wall up there in the north, built to keep out the fierce tribes up there. Was in Edinburgh. Ate Cornish pasties.

And…a current erotic image I have, taken from a Bay Guardian ad for the Lusty Lady peep show place in North Beach. Slim blonde, but with nice hips – not too big, but definitely feminine. Big dark glasses. Hands held over her modest breasts – but modest is a quality I like in boobs. Those silicon jobs? Ugh! Pam Anderson looked so much better and sexier back when she began in the late Eighties, with her natural tits – small, but they looked great to me. (Not a fan of the woman’s – tho’ I thought Barb Wire was fun. And recall reading that she’s into Vedanta, that school of philosophy within Hinduism dealing with the nature of reality. Got that from Wikipedia – that wasn’t on the tip of my brain.)

And…by accident broke the glass portion of a vase I found on Polk Street last week. The glass was held in a metal holder that resembled a vine with leaves. Excellent craftsmanship. Oh well, liked it. But it was too fragile. Thought of a Jewish wedding – don’t they break glass during those?

And: pen I’m currently using is one from the Project Read adult literary program at the library. Purple, triangular, good feel in the hand. They give ‘em out free. Tho’ one time I asked for one the lady there turned me down.

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And…thinking of the Polk Street area I might be moving to soon. I’ve recently read that it’s called “Polk Village”. I think Herb Caen called it “Polk Gulch”. “The Gulch”. I like that better than “village”.

And…lady in the hotel, Bernice – I went on a store run for her, and since I flew she bought me a 40-ouncer of my beverage choice, Miller Genuine Draft.

And…title for something: “The Bohemian Underground”. For the novel. Plenty o’ sex in it is the plan Also: “Titanium Gazebo” – similar to the phrase “built like a brick shithouse” – this to describe Ambrosia’s bod.

And…her boyfriend. He could be a medical intuitive, maybe. Like Caroline Myss. And maybe some sort of Bohemian drill instructor. And another title: “Neither Here Nor There”.

And…that MGD 40 – got into some Eagles while imbibing – including the great “The Last Resort”, the final song from Hotel California.

And: “Fortress Frisco”, another chapter title. And…remember that Voight-Kampff test in Bladerunner? Could see Ambrosia’s guy doing that to her. Or her to him. Yeah, maybe Ambrosia’s also bladerunnerish. Testing the guy’s humanity. Or his Bohemianism.

And…speaking of Bladerunner, noticed a new Rutger Hauer biography or autobio at Borders called All Those Moments, that phrase from Roy Baty’s final soliloquy. Also, autobiography out now from Sidney Poitier. Would love both of those. (I recall Hauer’s early Dutch work with Paul Verhoeven, I think it was, in the Seventies – Turkish Delight from ’73, Soldier of Orange a bit later. I also enjoyed him in Blind Fury in ’89 as blind swordsman.)

And…listened to a bit of Electric Flag recently – “Killing Floor”. They’re among the many Sixties acts performing this weekend at the Monterey two-day music festival – or at least what passes for the band now.

And…”The Sandoz Dogpile” – another chapter title. Ambrosia and her dude – no name for him yet – are into certain drugs, they’re not averse to them.

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The Bay Guardian’s recent “Best of the Bay” issue – went through it item by item and selected the following 25 as personally most relevant. They’re not in any particular order of importance.

First, Best Local Web Site; Best Local Zine: erosguide.com. Haven’t look at this site myself. Interested in the category only ‘cause Rachel Mills, an e-friend, is publishing a page of mine in her upcoming issue of The Loin’s Mouth zine of the Tenderloin. She’s quite miffed at the Guardian for giving the award to this erotic guide – for one thing, the thing’s not totally local, like her publication is.

This Eros Guide…brought up the related
http://www.erosguide.com/articles/2007-07-24/miss_red/ - hmmm…looks too kinky for my tastes. I like vanilla sex, basically. Vanilla Fudge, maybe. And that’s not an anal reference. Not into that at all.

Anyway…relatedly, Best Strip Club goes to North Beach’s the Lusty Lady. Currently, have got a photo of one of the models taped to the side of a box of Rice-a-Roni, for the added dimensionality. Haven’t masturbated to this image, tho’. Never been to the Lady, tho’ I lived right near it for three years a few years ago. Maybe I should go over there and apply for work. Don’t wanna mop up the spilled sperm. I’d tell ‘em I’d work for beer, and stand around, maybe find something to do. (In the Tenderloin, there’s a new strip club called Vixen, in the site of a previous same business. Never went there either. I think it’s twenty just to get in the door. Got better things to do with my money. Like buy beer. But can’t even do that now.)

Best Dive Bar: the 500 Club. Quite an honor, in a town full of such places. Used to live near it also for three years, been there a few times. Open at 6am. Maybe a thing to do would be to go there when it opens one morning when I have the cash. 500 Guerrero at, I believe, 17th.

Best Jukebox, at the Lucky 13 at 21-40 Market. Never been, but again, in a town full of killer boxes, this one has got to rock. Another place to visit sometime when I’ve got more than the current quarter in my jeans.

Best Speciality Bookseller, Fields. I’d agree with this one. Bought there a few months back an excellent blank book, with metal covers, and a magnet to keep it shut tight. Features an image of gates in Cairo on the cover. Might be moving up to the immediate area near Fields if things go as I’d like.

Best Rep Film House, the Red Vic up there on Haight. Never been. Don’t go to many movies. Last ones I saw I had free tickets for – that Festival Express one at a place on Van Ness. Bertolucci’s Dreamers at the Embarcadero. Can hardly think of any others. Plenty of cable flicks watched by me recently, tho’.

Joseph Schmidt up there on 16th near Market is Best Chocolatier. I seem to recall that porn starlet Sasha Grey said she likes this brand. She’s based in L.A., but I know she was up in Frisco a while back to shoot some footage at the Armory, which, reportedly, was bought by porn money.

Best Local Blog goes to sfist.com. Never read it. This not in the running. Wouldn’t want that recognition anyway.

Best Late-Night Restaurant is Sparky’s. Been there many a time. Quite a buzz at 3am. I like to get there a bit after that, and before the morning crowd – around 6am-ish, say. And greet the day with a mimosa – tho’ I’ve not done that yet.

Armistead Maupin is Best Local Author. Yeah, his Tales of the City…just okay. I think Cyra McFadden’s The Serial is far funnier – but that’s more of a Marin thing. Made into a great 1980 movie with Martin Mull as the beleaguered main man – one I’d love to see again. Brit vampire lord Chris Lee even in it as, I recall, some biker guy. (Oh, Mull’s character rides a bicycle – a touch, of course, that I love. And the Guardian blurb says Maupin has a new book in the Tales series just out.)

Best Literary Night, Writers with Drinks. Heard about this, never went, but it sounds like a natural for me. Writerswithdrinks.com is the site…called a “roving monthly”, at different places each time.

Best Day Spa, the Kabuki, there in the Japan Center. Yeah, been there. I like co-ed night. Fuck being there with a buncha naked men. I’d love to go on ladies’ night, but they wouldn’t let me in. Says it’s 20 bucks – used to be 15. A bargain anyway.

Best Politician You Love to Hate/Best Politician. Our mayor, the Gavinator.

Best Trivia Night: Edinburgh Castle Pub. Hmmm…yeah, went there. Went to the one at the lesbionic Lexington once as well. My buddy and I, I recall, got our asses kicked, but opponents were a group of, like, eight. So fuck them. Have not been to the Castle in months, trivia night or not. Great joint, a Tenderloin classic.

Best Vegan Restaurant: Café Gratitude. Been there once or twice. Three locations, one in Berkeley. Get your wheatgrass fix.

Best Independent Bookstore/Best Used Bookstore. Green Apple. Been there just one, I think. Fuck this choice – Adobe Books is far better, or Abandoned Planet, or others along the Valencia corridor. And Adobe’s more centrally located. Fuck, Clement’s nearly out of fuckin’ town!

Best Taqueria. Whoa, there must’ve been many named. Can-Cun wins. Three Frisco locations. I pass the Market one often. Ate there a while back.

Best Communal Passion. One Taste, that orgasm place on Folsom. Across the street from Road Rage, my bicycle shop of choice. There’s a One Taste café – maybe go there. Maybe get picked up. Read about classes – actual manual stimulation to orgasm happens, geez. Would be weird.

Best Slap in the Face of Capitalism (Plus Old Aerobics Videos): Really Really Free Market – new one – in Dolores Park once a month. Can hardly believe it – folks bring their stuff to flat-out give away, no money. Hmmm…reallyreallyfree.org. Well, lotta fairly wealthy up there in that part of the Mission, so they can afford to be charitable.

Best Heir to Ferlinghetti: Logan Ryan Smith. See transmissionpregg.blogspot.com. New one to me also…write-up says this dude helps unknown writers get published.

Best Brush with the Literary Untoward: Kayo Books. Yeah, excellent place, tho’ I’ve not been there in a while. On Post – could be considered part of the Tenderloin. Offers the kind of book I like – unusual, little-known but very interesting paperbacks from the Seventies and Sixties.

Best Place to Party with a Big Hairy Guy Who Won’t Ask for Your Number: Bigfoot Lodge. Never been – 17-50 Polk. Passed it on my bicycle not long ago. In my possible new ‘hood, the Polk Gulch area.

Best Melt-In-Your Mouth Aphrodisiac: Richart Chocolate, on Sutter. Oh, I think this is the kind that Sasha Grey likes, not the Schmidt stuff. Fuck this shit, tho’ – I think I was in there once. Overpriced. Fuck whoever has such disposable cash that they can purchase this. Sasha excepted.

Best Venue for One-Hit Wonders: the Red Devil Lounge. Also on Polk. Says Vanilla Ice played there recently. Lo, how the mighty have fallen! I remember how he was so big in the early Nineties. Maybe a little too upscale for me – I like dives, and jukeboxes, not necessarily live music. Tho’ was not long ago at the Saloon there on Grant and much enjoyed the live rock band that night.

Best Little Bookstore That Could: Bibliohead, in Hayes Valley. Just passed that today on my bicycle. Saw Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminatus! there a while back, called recently to inquire about it, but it was gone. Glad to see an independent bookstore that is staying open, not fuckin’ closing like Acorn there on Polk, and Aaben in the same area. And saw the other day, sadly, that Lifetime Books on Polk closed. Fuckin’ shit! And stupid restaurants are flourishing. What’s wrong with this picture. What’s wrong with that assholes that support expensive food but not inexpensive food for thought?

And finally – I think this is #25, if my calculations are correct: Best Brews, Foos, and Vindaloos. Kennedy’s Irish Pub and Curry House. Yeah! Great place, incredible digital jukebox. I give it the Starplane Blog erect penis – I mean, thumb up – as well!

[Uh, and in the interests of lightening my load, something completely different – an ad I saw in a vegetarian magazine for do-it-yourself mushroom growing. See fungi.com – e-mail
info@fungi.com. So, there you go…got eight minutes left on this library computer – I’ll quickly proofread, and it’s all yours.]

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sweetdango@hotmail.com #950 starplane.blogspot.com
...sex magic, a topic on my mind. Did a little 'net research recently and printed out pages. See Cat Yronwode for good info...also, she's interested, very, in Dr. Strange, and has a lot of stuff about that master of the mystic arts.
And...had some red wine courtesy of hotel friend E. the other morning, early, 'round 3:30am. Happened to meet him then - I was up and sitting in the lobby.Said he found the thing on the street, up on Polk. Well...he figured it was a sixty buck bottle, but I begged to differ. More like ten, or less. But he was convinced, so didn't push it. He can have his dreamy little dreams.
He also gave me a few Ibuprofen 600s in a cigarette box. Took them all over the course of a few hours - didn't really feel 'em, seemed like. Vicodins are the better ones - had a friend who had a prescription and he would turn me on to some. Mixed 'em with beer, recreationally. Federal offense to sell 'em, which the man did, to get cash for alcohol, which was his preferred vice.
And...have recently enjoyed a few microwave popcorns I got for free at the Cadillac Hotel weekly giveaway. Was out about half after seven a recent morning to see if a local merchant would let me use their machine to pop it. Used to be one in the hotel lobby, but, geez, just when I wanted it, wasn't there.
And went through this week's Bay Guardian carefully, due to the "Best of the Bay" listings. Circled several items - will get to those later - have 'em clipped in my pocket, the stuff of an upcoming entire blog posting, twenty-five picks.
Nice in there also, a group photo taken of '67 Summer of Love veterans. Knew the names of only maybe ten of 'em, out of dozens and dozens.
And...liked so much one of the models in an ad for the Lusty Lady peep show palace up in North Beach, a slim but built blonde, that I cut out the picture and taped it to the side of a box of Rice-a-Roni. Gives it more dimensionality that way.
And...got the precise name and spelling of the little seaside town in Mexico where Tim Leary and his crew went to practice their acid religion away from U.S. restrictions. It's Zihuatanejo, near Acapulco. (Also, began a Leary A to Z...need help with it...A is for Alpert, as in Richard "Ram Dass", for example. Want to compile it without consulting a book or the Internet. W is for Winona, his godchild.)
And...was at the library the other day and saw one of the workers reading. I used a Moe-sort of voice - as in the Three Stooges - and said, like, "Aw, reading on the job, eh?" He shrugged.
And...overcast days recently. Actually had to wear a shirt and my jeans jacket due to the chill in the air.
And, 12:45pm a recent day - over to the Odd Fellows lodge to drop in on Brother P. - usually like to call ahead, but still haven't replaced my cell, so just went over. But the man wasn't in. Saw him last night at the bi-weekly meeting of the group - had a great time, beer, fellowship.
And...bingo in the hotel lobby. Happened by when it was happening, so sat in on a few rounds. Snacks included Oreos - a new kind with smiles on 'em - plus Cherry Coke, and potato chips. Had some of it all. New hotel case manager Adele was calling the numbers. I didn't win.
And...have recently taken out from the library an audio book by some woman named Kinsella, with "shopaholic" in the title - Confessions of a Shopaholic I think it's called. British. Comparable to that Jones diary one which was made into that Zellweger flick. Category would be Brit chick lit. It's okay...holding my attention. But might not get through it all. Lead character has a problem with shopping too much and going way into debt.
And came up with this heroic couplet, kinduv of a sexy nature:
She is the one tonight, dark glasses on -
with her he'll greet the San Francisco dawn.
Not entirely happy with that last part, syllables six through nine. Maybe "psychedelic" would be a better choice instead of "San Francisco". But I don't really like that either. Something more neutral, not so specific. Inspired by the photo of that Lusty Lady blonde. She's got big dark glasses on.
And...guy in the hotel, Ben, brought back some loose yerba mate tea I'd given him, and glad to have it. Not to his taste. Been brewing that up in my pot. It's waiting for me now - gonna end this and guess head back to the hotel for some. Doing this at One-80 Otis, a California government facility, with an excellent set of fast computers.

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...continuing where we left off: guy I met a while back at the John Coltrane Church free food giveaway - on the west side of Van Ness - name of Rigby - well, friend in the hotel, E., also knows him. Apparently Rigby trying to help E. with his drinking. So...me, helped E. write a postcard to Rigby, and dropped my name in the text, so maybe Rigby will get back to me. An old hippie, a real one, from back in the day - the city's celebrating the 40th of '67.

And...Ambrosia Bierce. Name of a woman character. Inspired by a slim but curvy blonde featured in the recent Bay Guardian for the Lusty Lady venue up there in North Beach. Perfect body type for me - slim but nicely built, as I said. So, thinking of something for her, a role, maybe - a feminine version of good ol' bad ol' Ambrose.

And...3:07pm, a Tuesday, three days ago - a bit behind on my handwritten notes, getting them into this, this being Friday...was in line then at the Cadillac Hotel for their weekly food giveaway.

And...was at the excellent Computer Training Center on Eddy near the hotel after that...guy there, young guy, Rolando, from Paraguay. Well, asked for help printing a page, but he pushes the wrong button and deletes my blog! And hadn't posted it yet. Well, got angry at him, somewhat, but in a somewhat joking manner. But turns out I'd saved most of it, so it wasn't a complete loss. Told him stuff like: "I forgive you, asshole!"

And...actresses on the mind lately. A mnemonic device is: C.H.A.W.S. And just added "J." this morning, due to an item in the Examiner's celebrity page. The letters stand for: Catherine (Zeta-Jones), Heather (Graham), Ashley (Judd), Winona (Ryder), Sasha (Grey). And the newest one is for Jessica (Alba).

And...friend Paul at the above-mentioned CTC, bought me a 40-ouncer that Tuesday. And also gave me two cigarettes. Tho' I'm a drinker and can really take or leave tobacco. Tho' I know a few who are for some reason seriously addicted to that smoke, geez.

And...the Cadillac Hotel goodies. Itemized most of them: two Powerades (a recent Gatorade variant), a big, big bag of greens, three onions, a container of strawberries, small packets of roasted sunflower seeds, and microwave popcorn. Have since had them almost all.

And: Hyapatia Lee, to speak of an actress, tho' of a different variety than most of the above - Sasha's in Hyapatia's league. Anyway...has her own Wikipedia entry, and we learned this there: born 1960. Indiana. 38-24-36 - yeah, she had some tits on her. And...five-four...hetero solely. Native American and Irish. Victoria Lynch is birth name. Began in those films in '83. Retired in '91. (Hmmm, seems like she was active in the Seventies, woulda guessed that time frame.)

And...on and on and on...see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyapatia_Lee for yourself, if curious. Also, plenty of pics of her online.

And...I recall, when I was in New Orleans a few years back, with my Former Lady Roommate - she managed to get me down there - flew in, and we rode Amtrak back. Anyway, I recall seeing a Hyapatia Lee DVD there.

And...changing subjects, the Jimmy Page Scottish bootlegging trial. Would be interesting to see the man in court - probably will be available on YouTube soon. Funny if he brought along his "axe" and regaled judge and jury with a guitar solo.

And...still not sure about my move to a new hotel, out of the Tenderloin. Awaiting word from the powers that be at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic. I'm happy enough where I am, especially since I really cleaned out my room, but, as in that Sheryl Crow song, a change would do me good, real good.

For one thing, I'd be closer to Fields, the metaphysical bookstore, a very, very fine establishment. 75th year of operation this annum.

And...let us consider "star-bellied sneetches". Remember those Dr. Seuss characters? From the book The Sneetches and Other Stories. Oh, wonderful stuff!

And...friend Morgan - into Dune, apparently, 'cause he e-mailed me a question about it. Also, learned that other friend K.O. is actually reading the thing. Told him the library has it on audio cassette, complete. But I don't think the man has a player. Maybe he just likes to read.

And speaking of science fiction in both audio and regular print form, just took out Virtual Light, the fantastic William Gibson novel, in print. To go along with the taped version I also have. Interesting to read along with remarkably great reader Frank Muller.

And...also to research, Jack Kirby, comic book king, his post-Sixties work on series like The Demon and Mister Miracle. (Seem to recall the Demon really looked like a rush job.)

And...speaking of Mr. Kirby...the inkers of an artist's drawings make a big difference in the final look. Compare the difference between Joe Sinnott's inks on Kirby and Vince Colletta's. Been a while since I looked at any of the man's stuff, but I believe I much, much prefer Sinnott's style.

And...that's it for this page...

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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Back to the usual, but with CAPITALIZATION on some items: JIMMY PAGE in the news. See
http://www.topix.net/who/led-zeppelin/2007/07/stairway-to-witness-box-for-led-zep-legend-stars-role-in-bootleg-dvd-trial for info about him testifying in a DVD bootleg trial, Scotland. Heard about this on KSAN the Bone the other morning. Deejay joked that Zep’s guitarist is concerned that instead of eleven limos, he’ll only be able to have ten at his disposal if the band’s music is bootlegged.

And: ALANIS MORISSETTE – bought for 38 cents and a little brandy the cassette of JAGGED LITTLE PILL on the street in front of my hotel. And heard WILD CHERRY doing that play that funky music white boy song the other day – Alanis covered that in the Nineties, in case you didn’t know that. Also, she covered that Beatles O-bla-dee song. (Uh, verification through Dogpile, couldn’t find that just now, but I believe my facts are correct.)

And: see
http://brainwashed.com/common/htdocs/discog/sr9333.php?site=nww for the track listing for 50 YEARS OF SUNSHINE – a North Beach music seller friend put it onto cassettes for me a few years ago. Just listened to the beginning track the other day, TIM LEARY talking, early Nineties.

And: on the radio, “Vacation”, by the Go-Go’s. BELINDA CARLISLE brought to mind. Was in PLAYBOY some while back. So that indicates a world-class bod to accompany the world-class music talent. Seem to remember seeing this, being impressed. Born ’58, August, 17th, a Leo lady.

And: 6:52am yesterday morning, a misty one in Frisco. Was outside, liked the slight wetness on my face, me with my boom box, playing songs on the radio. And listened then to RAMBLIN’ MAN by THE ALLMAN BROTHERS. Liked the “all right!” said by the singer after a particularly excellent guitar solo. Who’s singing? See
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Allman_Brothers_Band for information.

And was noticing the neon signs on Eddy really popping in the overcast grey yesterday morn – nice effect. And: 7:49am yesterday, out to get THE EXAMINER. Got one for myself, and a few extras for the hotel lobby.

And saw Melissa yesterday, who works for the TENDERLOIN HOUSING

sweetdango@hotmail.com #948 (Page 2 of 2) starplane.blogspot.com

CLINIC, under whose auspices I’m able to rent a room in an S.F. hotel for far lower than the six-hundred a month and more that’s usual for such lodgings. I took the sighting as a good omen. She was the one who was managing the hotel I’m in when I moved in, and showed me my current room. She’s moving up in the organization, and good for her.

And: brought some spaghetti I’d made to Bernice, a lady I’m friends with in the hotel. And she gave me a vegetarian magazine. Sent for a free anti-meat book by mailing a card. And also noted a small ad for mushroom-growing kits – gonna look into that. And: gave my last three cents to a fella in the hotel who has bought me beer in the past and wanted one. That’s 73 cents short of a can, but he said he might be able to get a cigarette with it.

And: applied by fax for another hotel, over on California near Polk, outta the Tenderloin. This sent by Adele, our current case worker, a very nice young lady with a good and pleasant vibe. Said she lived in Portland for six years, and asked her about that city, as compared to Seattle, another place she’s familiar with. Don’t really wanna leave San Francisco, but it’s a possibility. Hopefully, I’ll be accepted to this new Polk Gulch hotel.

And: have been riding my bicycle to One-80 Otis these past two days to use their computers – don’t have money for copies of my blog at the library, but I can get them there for free, a California government facility. And on the way stopped in at the Civic Center Hotel to see my friend Feisal – left a note for him, haven’t seen him in a while.

And: received an e-mail from friend Mike about Dune, “the weirding way” of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood in that novel. Did a little research and sent him something about mélange, the spice. Lotta Dune stuff on the ‘net.

And…DON DELILLO, his novel UNDERWORLD, on audio – it’s pretty much holding my attention, maybe I’ll get through it. And…go to
http://flashbackbooks.com/ for excellent countercultural books in many categories. For example, under “Drug Erotica” – TERRY SOUTHERN, paperback of his BLUE MOVIE satire of the porn movie industry. From 1970 – 45 bucks. Also, CHERRY POPTART, the LARRY WELZ porn comic, issues one to twelve, from LAST GASP, ’82 to ’91. Hundred bucks. See, what rare quality there is there! And there’s so much more, y’all…

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Back to the usual…yesterday, the 24th of July, 1:37am, awakened by the sound of music from the street – it was that angel song by Tavares, which was used for the Cameron Diaz dance sequence in the, I think, first Charlie’s Angels. Well, liked the sound so much got up and tuned in the station on my own in-room box.

And speaking of Diaz…recent tabloid mag I happened to see featured her among other Hollywood lady stars who are single, with the question being why. Apparently a whole lot of these famous, rich, talented and unattached women exist. For my money, I find Heather Graham and Winona Ryder most appealing – just thought I’d share. Zeta-Jones also – tho’ she’s still married to the 90-million year old son of Kirk. And a fourth that occurred to me last night: Ashley Judd. She’s married to that race car driving idiot, but did some research into her and found that last year she stayed at some treatment facility for 47 days due to depression and “isolation”. So all’s probably not rosy in that marriage.

Anyway…2:20am yesterday morning – shaved and showered. Am shaving now in the shower and not at my room’s sink – easier. And got into more of the final tape in the B. Traven novel I’m listening to – the one that got made into the movie with Bogie. Never seen it, but can picture his unshaven mug in the role of gold-seeking Dobbs. And also, a usual thing yesterday morning, heating up whatever mixture I had in my one pot on my hot plate – this day being a vegetable soup I made from ingredients found for free. Heavy on the tomatoes.

And ‘round this time guy in the hotel, Ben, knocked. Not one to trust. A nocturnal creature. Rude…always asks me for cigarettes. Now, when I go to someone’s place, I usually bring a gift, and certainly don’t make fuckin’ demands right away, geez. The kind of people who live in the hotel I’m in.

And yesterday had a cough that I might’ve picked up from the young lady who was in my room last week, with her boyfriend/fiancée. She was sick, coughing, and I probably got it from her. Well, put myself out for those two, but I had my limits and they had to go. Not T.B., I really hope, geez.

And…mental glitch for me: thought I’d lost my room key, which I keep on a

sweetdango@hotmail.com #947 (Page 2 of 2) starplane.blogspot.com

metal chain on a belt loop on whatever pants I’m wearing. The glitch was that I immediately blamed E., another hotel denizen, who’d been in my room recently. Well, turns out the thing was on another pair of pants. So, that’s not right, me immediately blaming someone like that.

And…recently got a new used pair of pants, found in a pile left near the front of Glide Memorial Church. Lee dungarees they are, khaki, very military-looking. Logo is “Can’t Bust ‘em”. Company founded in 1889. So that makes five pairs of pants for me. I’m no clothes horse, never will be.

And recently had an interaction with a passenger in a car on Powell, me on my bicycle. Woman, feet up, asks me where Sephora is. It’s a somewhat higher end cosmetics store right there on Powell. Well, I told her it was out of town, and made a finger pointing indication for them to leave San Francisco. Guess she and the male driver got the idea.

And…Cat Stevens, to change subjects. Got two or three of his songs compiled onto a cassette I made a while back. Was thinking how he had a few good songs in the middle of his Seventies career, but his early stuff (like “Matthew and Son”) and later work (such as “Banapple Gas”) really just don’t cut the sonic mustard. And: 6:20am, next note. Wrote down “Womb Man” as the title for something. Maybe a superhero name.

And then downstairs – a woman resident of the hotel and night front desk man Bob were conversing. On comes a song, and Bob asks the woman who did it. I didn’t know myself. The woman thinks Madonna, but I said it wasn’t no Madonna. Then she says Cyndi Lauper, and she was right, and I was impressed at the woman’s musical knowledge. Bob said words in praise of Lauper, saying how “tight” her music is. Madonna and Lauper happened at the same time, but the Material Girl just stomped all the competition, and did so for a good decade after that.

6:32am yesterday, back in my room – put on a Seventies compilation I made from a Rhino Records collection, including “One Toke Over the Line”, which song was loved by Hunter S. Thompson, I read. Made me think of Hunter’s time as night manager at the Mitchell Brothers Theater – read that he was writing something about that experience but never finished it. It’d be interesting to read his notes. I’d like a “position” like that, pun intended. Me and a whole lotta wild and crazy (but basically nice) women. Works for me.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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Got over two hours at this computer just now, so will “go to town” – tho’ we’re there already…got Rob Brezsny’s astrology column for the week – nice Reinhold Niebuhr quote to start. See
http://FreeWillAstrology.com. As always, very highly recommended. And…back to my notes. Wanna divest myself of the several pages I’ve been carrying. Have enough time to do that tonight. First, Neuromancer. Sought it out through the local library’s Link+ system – not available – that is, not in the audio format I wanted. Recommended for William Gibson’s first novel is information at http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~brians/science_fiction/neuromancer.html - a study guide. Whole lotta great material in that. And, for me, a recent morning, warm water to drink (not boiling hot), plus a lemon I found, Gordon Lightfoot on my music box, my black cords on – found those as well. 5:23am, Monday morning it was, two days ago. And a hassle downstairs when I went down – night man Bob said a tenant entered, followed by three from the street, who accused said tenant of stealing money. And: Ben, guy in hotel I’m sorta friendly with. Don’t trust him completely. Made me a deal: two cigarettes, if I got those for him, would mean, a bit later, five bucks for me. Not one to deal with – couldn’t trust him to fulfill the deal. And, on KFOG, Creedence – liked that. “Run Through the Jungle”. Wanna hear more CCR. Also on the radio that morning, me outside with my box, No Doubt, Gwen Stefani vocals, a recent classic, “Don’t Speak”. And…Tom Petty, “Free Fallin’” – Ventura Boulevard reference, very L.A. And also, on KPOO, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”, electronica-sorta version not heard by yours truly before. Really long jam, sax solo. 89-point-5 on the dial – impressed with their programming. And that morning cleaned behind my chest of drawers in my hotel room, and behind my bed. Used the way-old mop a friend gave me. Still hanging in there. And found a best of Foreigner tape behind my chest of drawers. “Urgent” is great. And many others by them. Wikipedia: pop/rock

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designation. Formed in ’76 in New York City – founders included a King Crimson guy. And: at the Union Square Borders, new Vogue, August issue, last page of a particular article. Melrose clothing store noted. And: The Ten, new flick out soon. Read interview with a principle from a year ago. Sounds good. And: Heather Graham. What’s she done lately? Wikipedia: Have Dreams, Will Travel in post-production. Same status for Buy Borrow Steal and Adrift in Manhattan. And: what’s the middle name of Catherine Zeta-Jones, if there is one? Maybe none. Want to know that since I have two other designations, and I want to include her as a third. Those two are: WLR and HJG. So guess CZJ will be the three-letter glyph. And: thanks to friend K.O. for recent big bag of food. Waited for it in the lobby of his hotel. Thought of Robert Crumb, his Waiting for Food books – two at least. Look this up, y’all. And…from K.O., microwave popcorn, two cans of Hormel chili, a glass jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce, two or three boxes of Rice-a-Roni (“The San Francisco Treat”), some Top Ramens, a can of Green Giant green beans, and some other instant noodles. And more. Gave some of this to friend E., who stopped by with beer a-plenty. And on my mind: what’s the name of the town in Mexico whose name starts with a Z that Tim Leary and his crew went to? Guess it’s not all that important. And…friend E. mentioned Soylent Green for some reason – due for a remake. And heard some Pink the morning in question – have “Tonight’s the Night” on a tape compilation I made. And: Ghost, a band – read about them in a SOMA mag I found – Hypnotic Underworld is from them, from three years ago. New to me – wanna hear ‘em. And…on my mind, Ashley Judd…and a cassette I bought on the street of a Dead concert at the Philadelphia Spectrum. And a name: The Green Wave. And…Pacific Shift, by William Irwin Thompson. And…Rudolf Steiner. You three, get back to me on these topics…

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Got a few pages of handwritten notes I don’t wanna carry around, so will rip through ‘em without much ado:

A name: Loree Rodkin. Interesting to me, one, ‘cause it’s my middle name, her first name. And also, used, I read somewhere, to be a main squeeze of Don Henley’s. No Wikipedia entry for her…but…Dogpiling…loreerodkin.com has nice opening graphics of pretty lady models displaying Rodkin’s jewelry creations.

Profile…says she’s known for her “nonconformist visionary approach” to making jewelry. Photo, a look I like in a lady, long dark hair, darkly-complected in general. Uh…see
http://www.eaglesfans.com/info/articles/too_many_choices.htm for a 1991 GQ article about Mr. Henley that mentions Rodkin. Uh…once saw a tabloid mag photo of Winona Ryder which noted she’d just been shopping at the Rodkin boutique, somewhere in L.A., maybe on Melrose. Shopaholic, that one, it seems like.

Anyway…coupla days running, first song of the day I played for myself in my hotel room, “Lyin’ Eyes”, the Eagles. A new one from the band is due soon, maybe out now. Would buy that in a Frisco nanosecond. Have got a few of the classic Seventies tunes on a cassette just now and can listen to that repeatedly, still. And their stuff is great for jukebox selections.

And…title for something: The Double Scorpion Technique. I know a few Scorps. Myself, am now a member of the Neon tribe, but can revert quickly.

And…recent cashless transaction, at Walgreens, there on Van Ness and Eddy. Brought in an unopened pack of two D batteries, house brand, I’d bought a while back to power my boom box. Wanted cash, but failed that and got a card with three-49 on it. So ‘round I went, considering the best purchase.

Well, couldn’t find any herbal stimulants at that price – there’s a new 5-Hour Energy supplement that I might’ve bought, but it came only in two-packs, and didn’t have that kinda bread.

But am very, very happy with the purchase I made, a three buck wristwatch, replacing the one-buck one I had. The extra two bucks afforded me an alarm and a light. A real happy addition to my life.

And…was out in front of the hotel the other day, with my double cassette music box. Played the radio to save batteries – running a cassette uses a lot of juice. Noted that the Bone, the classic rock station on S.F.’s far right end of the dial, had a decent segue: “Riders on the Storm”, into Bad Company, doing the song named after them. Beatles, “Sgt. Pepper…” was on KFRC, but couldn’t stomach that.

sweetdango@hotmail.com #945 (Page 2 of 2) starplane.blogspot.com

And title for something: “Two of a Kind”. Written under the pen name Piso Mojado. Possible a pornographic short story. Details being worked on. Fiction on my mind…may as well have some sucking and mostly fucking.

And…”Pieces of Ass” – another sexy title. The phrase “piece of ass” used in Virtual Light, the William Gibson novel, that I have out from the library on cassette.

And…in an entirely different field, Anoushka, sitar-playin’ child of Ravi Shankar, recently played at Stern Grove. For free, I guess. Woulda enjoyed that. Especially if some marijuana brownies were in the mix. Actually bought a disc of her music some while back, which I’ve never done for sister Norah Jones. (Photo of Anoushka and some guy in a recent Pink Section – got it up on the wall of my room.)

And…there’s a bit Sixties-related concert in Monterey coming up this weekend. Headliners are Starship and Riders on the Storm, the current incarnation of the Doors. See
http://www.summer67.com/performing.html. No drummer Densmore - at loggerheads with Manzarek. Morrison expected to rise from the grave as a special favor to his fans.

And…Mike, one of the overnight front desk guys at the hotel. Offered me the other night gummy nightcrawlers – candy worms, that is. Took ‘em – thought they’d be sour, but they were sweet. Asked him if he ate a lot of candy, and he told me he’s eaten a whole lotta junk food since he was a child. Ding Dongs a particular favorite – similar to Ho-Hos, same ingredients, but in a hockey puck shape. I mentioned also the Dan White Twinkie Defense related to the S.F. City Hall shootings.

And…in the lobby of the hotel the other day, one Maria, a friend of E., a guy in the hotel I’m pretty friendly with. I compared some notes with her about our mutual friend, and his stories seemed to check out, basically. She was waiting on E. ‘cause she was stuck in the city without a place to stay. Was almost gonna say she could stay in my room overnight, but thought better of it. And really thought better of it later when E. told me she was seriously speedfreaky. Don’t need that kinda energy in my sanctum sanctorum. Interesting, tho’, that this Maria was a North Beach native, born and brought up in that zone of the city.

And…I do believe I’ll read cover to cover the Millicent Dillon biography of Paul Bowles, You Are Not I. Hardly ever get through an entire book – the last was the Amy Wallace book about her life with Castaneda, The Sorceror’s Apprentice. Very interesting, as Arte Johnson’s Nazi Laugh-in character said. And, uh…on this topic…I know Castaneda and Tim Leary crossed path in the Sixties…got to
http://www.umsl.edu/~thomaskp/cast.htm and there’s something about this – by Richard de Mille, called “A Worthy Opponent”, from The Don Juan Papers, 1980.

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sweetdango@hotmail.com #944 (Page 1 of 4) starplane.blogspot.com

Went through this morning’s Examiner pretty carefully and found 18 things of interest, as follows:

First up, the Scoop! page – Stevie Wonder performed, says “Gossip Roundup” columnist Kitty Raymond, at some party full of mostly Hollywood assholes down in L.A. Guess the man’s still a great musical genius, but how’s his recent work? And on the same celeb page, photo of Tarantino and one of his ladies in Berlin for a screening of Death Proof – he’s looking good. Wish he’d do a science fiction love story with a lot of rock and roll – that’s my dream for the man. And in birthdays news, Barry’s 43 today, and Gus Van Sant’s 55 – I’d like him if the only thing he did was the treatment of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. Fuck, I like it, even if the critics and audiences didn’t.

And #2, one Jessica Valenti – new name to me – to appear tonight at 7pm at the Books Inc. on Van Ness. Her feministing.com blog said to be popular with younger women. Full Frontal Feminism is her new book. Looks cute in the little color photo provided – related to movie biz legend Jack Valenti?

And third, the Get Fuzzy column. Can hardly get enough of that cat, Bucky.

4th, news blip about Barry, and his former mistress. To be in the November issue of Playboy she is, name of Kimberly Bell.

5th, Ken Garcia’s “The Voice of the City” column, tribute to departed local TV newsman Pete Wilson. I monitored him on the news a whole lot when I was doing that for money a few years back. Seemed like a real good man, and funny. Of all these Exam pages from today, am keeping that one to read carefully.

6th, more about Barry, him just two shy of tying Hammerin’ Hank. Photo of “a mass of media” at AT&T Park waiting for the big round tripper. (If Barry took some LSD, a la Dock Ellis, that would give “round tripper” a whole ‘nother spin, wouldn’t it?)

7th, Tiffany Martini article about current showings of work by Enrico Donati, the “last living Surrealist”. Quote from the man about how the artists of today have no imagination and yet think they’re geniuses, looking “like little

sweetdango@hotmail.com #944 (Page 2 of 4) starplane.blogspot.com

Napoleons” in their studios.

8th, Sutter Street art gallery show featuring the work of minor Impressionists – that is, not the big shots like Monet, Renoir, those major dudes. Tiny photo of the work of one guy – worth the cost of the paper.

9th, watersavinghero.com ad featuring little Asian girl who turns off the water while brushing her teeth. Title is “The Incredible Jackie Wong”. Cute.

10th, movie directory page. Circled the Lumiere schedule – might be moving to that area, right across from the place. And current flicks I am interested in, only two: the Fantastic Four sequel, if only for the Silver Surfer and for Alba in something skintight, and the French Lady Chatterley at the Embarcadero, with Marina Hands as the Mellors-besotted wench.

11th, Allen Ginsberg DVD. Mainly for the Burroughs material, of which there has to be no little amount, since they were so very, very tight. Ginsberg I am not into much. Should look into his stuff more, maybe – I recall an interesting New York diary entry from the Fifties, him finding dusty peyote in the back of some store, when one could still do that.

12th, a look at the new book about the death of Morrison. French guy, Sam Bernett, former Paris nightclub manager, says the Lizard King slept the big sleep in a toilet stall after a heroin overdose and not in the more romantic bathtub. Dealers reportedly brought the body back to his apartment.

13th, mid-day shooting on Market near the Turk/Mason/Market intersection. Victim said to be a black man in his late twenties. “Drug deal gone bad”, no doubt.

14th, PepsiCo said to be interested in healthier snacks – eyeing, for instance, Clif Bar, out of Berkeley. Photo of Fritos bags.

15th, article about jeans makers targeting “older guys”. Photo of such a specimen bedecked in jeans pants and jacket, holding a glass of red wine.

16th, guy in Key West, Florida won the annual Hemingway look-a-like contest. Learned that “Papa” liked cats – a plus. Me, not into the man or his

sweetdango@hotmail.com #944 (Page 3 of 4) starplane.blogspot.com

work. Granddaughter Lorian quoted.

17th, death of oldest former major league baseball player, one Rollie Stiles, at 100. 9-14 pitching record…born November 17th, a Scorpio…pitched against Babe Ruth. Says he had a great game against “the Sultan of Swat” since he held him to only three hits.

And finally, 18th, editorial cartoon by some guy from Akron. Notable to me since a dog featured in it, crazed, resembles a Ralph Steadman canine. (That cartoonist had a recent book about his life with Hunter S. Thompson – one I’d buy.)

And now, back to regular programming…uh, specially ordered, outside the S.F. library system, a book called A Freak’s Anthology, by Michael Horowitz, from ’72. Read this in L.A. when I was there in the Nineties. Just learned that the S.F. library has an inter-library system whereby books from far and wide can be retrieved, and for free. See also flashbackbooks.com for other Sixties-related material – I think Mr. Horowitz runs that outfit.

And…the other day, waiting on a free Muni ride at O’Farrell and Leavenworth, wanting to get east to Union Square and the eats in the trash ‘round the perimeter. And perhaps look at the current Vogue for an article of interest at Borders.

And recently Cherry Poptart came to mind. Another sort of reading material in my L.A. days – pornographic comic book series by Larry Welz. Worth looking in to. Extensive Wikipedia entry for those curious, whatever color.

And: Don DeLillo, his novel Underworld on audio cassette. Began listening…could see getting through the entirely – 23 tapes, nearly 32 hours.

And recently got a postcard from friend and former coworker M.C., who’s now living in Washington – D.C., that is. Put quotes around “free” in the phrase “free world”, describing the part of the globe with D.C. as the capital.

And…snagged a salt shaker from St. Anthony’s the other day. I’m sure holy Francis wouldn’t condemn me to hell for that theft. Money just so tight these days, and was wanting that saline flavor.

sweetdango@hotmail.com #944 (Page 4 of 4) starplane.blogspot.com

And…got 86’d from The Body Shop there on Powell for taking too much of free lotion samples. Seem like real fuckin’ squares workin’ there anyway. Parting words from me, standing outside, to employees, about how Lush up the street, somewhat similar, kicks their ass. Not 86’d from that establishment (yet), and don’t intend to have that happen. Was in fact in there to get some of their Karma Kreme, I think it’s called, from a sample container, and asked first, and all was good.

And…seeking food in the Union Square trash the other day, guy gave me a quarter and three pennies. Got a dime a bit later, then the rest of what I needed for a 75 cent can of beer from a lady in the hotel. So that monetary accumulation turned out well enough. Milwaukee’s Best is what I could afford, tho’ Miller Genuine Draft, a buck for a small can, is my preferred beverage.

And…so there you go…odd length of this posting since I did all that Examiner material at the start…

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Monday, July 23, 2007

sweetdango@hotmail.com #943 (Page 1 of 2) starplane.blogspot.com

…continuing to quickly process handwritten notes I don’t wanna carry around. That weight, want it outta my pocket, the carrier weight. (See
http://www.maps.org/news-letters/v04n2/04244lsd.html for a discussion of the carrier weight issue related to LSD, written in ’93 by Rick Doblin, of MAPS – that is, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.)

Anyway…my recent blog posting devoted to “fiction”. It was really more like quotes of how I speak. I’d have to work a bit more at regular “he said/she said” fiction, but I believe I can do it. Am currently reading a biography of Paul Bowles by one Millicent Dillon called You Are Not I, and that’s getting the fiction-making mindset in front of my eyes.

And speaking of fiction, recently looked through a late ‘70s porn novel called Teaching Her Men. I had during a previous cover-to-cover reading marked certain passages, and those I re-read. Despite the title, it’s not a tale of a dominatrix – the heroine is a swimming instructor at a college.

Bought this a while back at the very excellent Adobe Books in the north side of 16th between Valencia and Guerrero. Really, maybe the best bookstore in San Francisco. At least the most Bohemian. Andrew McKinley’s the owner – really doing it right. (Abandoned Planet around the corner on Valencia is also a place to go – owner Scott Harrison was a friend of Bukowski’s, and there are signs of this connection within, or at least there were not long ago.)

And…missed the local band Parae – see parae.org – at their show last Friday at El Rio there on Cesar Chavez near Mission. I know the mother of one of the guys in it. Helped put up flyers for the show along a stretch of Folsom. But, like, I hardly ever go to shows, and it was a distance to get there from the Tenderloin hotel I’m in. But more power to them, and to all local bands!

And…am thinking more and more of moving my ass to the Cal-Drake Hotel on California near Polk. Gotta apply through the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which runs it and the hotel I’m currently in. Would be a good change for me. Hopefully, they’ll overlook my not paying rent for two months a year ago. Have since rectified this, and have paid regularly, so hopefully my application will go through.

A great thing about that new ‘hood – “Polk Gulch” would be the term for the

sweetdango@hotmail.com #943 (Page 2 of 2) starplane.blogspot.com

area, just north of the Tenderloin – is the Lumiere repertory movie house, just across California from the Cal-Drake. The joint played the two movies in two-thousand-six that I woulda actually gone to a theater to see: the Gretchen Mol Bettie Page biopic, and A Scanner Darkly.

And…for a couple of recent mornings in a row, “Lyin’ Eyes” by the Eagles was the first song I played. (Reminds me: guy in the hotel said the Eagles were in the “pussy rock” category – his kind of music represented by the likes of Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard. I asked if Kris Kristofferson was okay with him, and he said he was in the pussy rock category as well, geez.)

And thought of name: The Meatless Mafia. Militant vegan extremists. And, different subject…there’s the new French movie of Lady Chatterley’s Lover, starring one Marina Hands as the title dame. Funny name…it’s not just the 5-fingered extremities at the ends of her arms that come into play in this, tho’. Well, as is my wont, am Dogpiling on this Hands. Born ’75, in Paris. Mother French, father British. Both parental units theatrical. Received Best Actress award in the French Oscar equivalent last year for portraying this D.H. Lawrence character. Five-9 – tall girl. Strong cheekbones.

And…Ruthe Stein in the Chron liked it, tho’ she figured twenty minutes should be excised. Mentions in the first paragraph of her review the orgasm sequence, or sequences. Says Hands is talented at portraying that on the screen, tho’ the depiction is not in an over-the-top hardcore porn manner.

And…Rob Brezsny, his Free Will Astrology…discusses the word “weird”, which (witch?) is derived from an old English one meaning “destiny”. He says Scorpios are now in a good position to override past consequences through the force of their intentions. Also drops the name of MacBeth. Was thinking of that play, strangely enough, myself, before he mentioned it. In terms of the three witches. Three women, am considering that configuration. And a male, the fourth, to complete a tetrahedron, which Bucky Fuller considered the building block shape of the universe.

And…got bound volumes of Seventies Playboys in mind, available at the library. Looking at least for one Playmate in particular I recall from that era. Something to search for. That’s all for now – see you in the funny papers!

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sweetdango@hotmail.com #942 (Page 1 of 2) starplane.blogspot.com

…from the Leah Garchik column, one from last week – news of the Enrico Donati de Young and Weinstein Gallery exhibits. New name to me. 98 years old, alive and kickin’. Associated with the Surrealists – art compadre of movement founder Andre Breton.

Me, not into Surrealism too much. Dali’s just okay – or to paraphrase the Doobie Brothers, Dali is just alright. But interesting to read about the man. Had actually, before this item came into my hands, gone into the Weinstein there on Powell – happened to be in the area. Very much liked one particular canvas, very impressed with how now it seemed.

Anyway, Garchik says the near-centenarian was “surrounded by women” – lucky Surrealist – this before a de Young dinner. And: says Mr. Donati ran a perfume company in the Eighties, which fact I like. Also, heading to the Bohemian Grove. Wish he’d go to the Bohemian Groove.

And now stuff from this morning’s Exam: Bob Frantz really fuckin’ layin’ into Barry. Kinda hurts to read it. And…the Holiday Mathis horoscope. First day of Leo today. Mathis – guess she’s a woman - says scorpions and lions have been associated with royalty – currently, the moon’s in Scorp, with the sun in the Lion…so…this confluence means both signs are commanding respect now. Holiday says when emotions become demanding, “rise to the occasion with the personal nobility, courage and kindness of royalty.” Will do, I guess…

And also in the Exam: many Fab Four fans unhappy with Procter & Gamble’s use of “All You Need Is Love” to sell diapers – the jingle goes “All you need is Luvs”, yikes! Me, not a Beatles fan – love, for example, the Eagles, AC/DC, and many numerous others besides the Liverpool lads – so I don’t much care. A woman at some “marketing commentary site” says this use of the beloved tune “comes off as a kind of callous action.”

And on the Scoop! celeb page, scanned the thing for a good while and circled only two items of personal interest: birthdays today for Woody Harrelson – 46 for him. And for guitar god Slash of Velvet Revolver – and more famously Guns ‘N Roses. That birthday boy’s a mere 42.

Velvet Revolver – not heard the new disc. Love GNR, so if it sounds

sweetdango@hotmail.com #942 (Page 2 of 2) starplane.blogspot.com

anything like them I’d go for it. Just Dogpiled for the titles on the new one, called Libertad. Well…13 songs…like and even love most of the titles, and that’s surprising. I’d surely look this up and spend the cash. Not expecting any money until the first, tho’, so gotta wait.

And…back to personal notes to finish this posting…uh, thought of “Blippies” as a term for “black hippies” – seen some of those. Probably been used before. “Bluppies” is the word for black yuppies.

And…thought of a sequel to the ’82 Paul Schrader Cat People. In my mind ‘cause I highly recommended this one to a guy I met on the street and got to talking to. Saw it back when it came out, at a drive-in somewhere in San Mateo County, when I was working down there. Fun to see it again.

And…still haven’t gotten all the way through the audio book of B. Traven’s novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. I liked the beginning more than the later parts. At the start, a great description of a very low-down Mexican hotel the anti-hero Dobbs is staying at – reminded me of where I am now, tho’ it’s so much worse.

And…still gotta get to “The Language of the Hip” online dictionary at the Wild Bohemian Home Page. Recommended reading for one and all.

And…back to the B. Traven novel: liked the phrase “funkin’ devil” – like N. Mailer’s “fuggin’” in The Naked and the Dead. And also, “Los An” for L.A.

And…rap star JT the Bigga Figga mentioned on a CD someone showed me called Masters of the Game. Ha ha ha – should be “Bigger Figure”! (Haven’t heard this disc, but looked at the jewel box notes. Seems like some sort of L.A. and Bay Area synergy since, among many others, Mac Dre, a local fella, and Snoop, out of L.A., are both on it. Cali in the house!

And…got only a few lines left and a lotta info…”fonda” (as in Peter, Jane, Henry) in Spanish means “inn”…thinking of beginning a prolonged looked through Playboy issues from the Seventies – all in bound volumes here at the library…and…got to the famous “I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!” line in Sierra Madre – didn’t the Mexican bandit say “NO stinkin’ badges” in the movie? And: a lot of anti-Catholicism in the Traven novel.

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

sweetdango@hotmail.com #941 (Page 1 of 2) starplane.blogspot.com

NOTE: This posting done in haste, in order dispose of handwritten pages I was carrying. But there’s some meaning there you can read into it.

At St. Anthony’s, quiche, big yellow cookie. Plus the Central Casting regular diners. And a fairly good haul later at Union Square, in the perimeter trash cans. Have had many decent meals there.

And finally got a copy of the blog I’d done that morning – third place I tried to get it, since printers weren’t working at the first places.

And continuing to listen to Virtual Light, the Frank Muller reading of the William Gibson novel. Twentieth time, or more, through that one.

And a chain in the hotel elevator keeps that door open – helps when taking the bike in and out. But today it’s gone, and I miss it. Made life easier.

Leaving for the library last Thursday evening, black lady on the street actually calling out to a police officer to get his attention. And then, very short express line at the library. Sometimes, gotta wait a while.

Somehow lost a whole page of handwritten notes – more about Max and Marina. Oh well – slight twinge of regret, but it passed.

Recommended is the Wild Bohemian Home Page, and the “Language of the Hip” dictionary there. Gotta study it, select words for use now.

Getting through the audio book of B. Traven’s 1935 The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. Liked the beginning more than later parts. Bogart in mind while listening, him as Dobbs. But two audio books not liked, David Brin’s science fiction Sundiver, and Heinlein’s The Cat Who Walks Through Walls.

The Cal-Drake Hotel – possible next place for me, in a nicer ‘hood out of the Tenderloin. Or back to L.A. Or north, to, maybe, Portland? Or South City for a month? Or to some new woman’s place?

Tales of Edward’s past glory boring now – something about fifty thousand dollars, in Amsterdam, I think. Told him he had to leave – and he did, a bit disagreeably. He needs to move on and not live in the past.

sweetdango@hotmail.com #941 (Page 2 of 2) starplane.blogspot.com

Heroic couplet in tribute to Jim Mitchell: “Ta-ta to Jim, behind the greenest door -/his resurrection might just be in store.”

Broke a sweat on bicycle going up to the Polk and Sacramento area. And got a buck from a Reggie to knock on a door – Miller Time.

Santana birthday last week – turned sixty on the 20th of July.

Alanis, Jagged Little Pill – cassette bought cheap on street.

Circled items in Examiner recently – not reading a whole lotta news, tho’.

Line from “You Oughta Know” – “…when you fuck him”.

Gigi – I went upstairs to tell Turtle she was waiting for him. She said her “date” with another guy was noon-ish – said she’d have a beer for me if she saw me. Said her date gave her a hundred for two hours, I think it was. Good money.

Told Gigi she might get a beeper – she thought I’d said “beaver”, and felt I was into perversity. And got 75 cents from Shorty for a beer – not the Miller Genuine Draft I prefer, but Milwaukee’s Best will do.

And another Reggie – had an anecdote about out mutual friend Dave – Dave said he had to drink through half a guy’s forty, that guy’s half, to get to his, Dave’s, half, a forty they were supposed to share.

Guy on street with strong forearms – got them in prison, he said. Recommended squeezing a ball, doing pull-ups.

Leo beginning on the 23rd, tomorrow as of this. Maybe S.F. needs a Leo mayor. And another heroic couplet: “Some junior samples, hoppin’ on a bus -/O’Farrell is a one without a fuss.”

Patrick on street, said he had something with my name on it, me on the way to get a free ride to Union Square. And saw the Golden Era veggie restaurant there on O’Farrell at Leavenworth – was there a few times with my Former Lady Roommate. Overpriced, but interesting dining destination.

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