Wednesday, August 31, 2005

PRETTY CITY #61 by GlenWatkins
Got Rhapsody.com streaming here - first song, Arlo Guthrie's "Coming Into Los Angeles" - Gooogle on the lyrics - poetry in themselves, the pure text without the music. Second, now, America's "Ventura Highway" - me, in an L.A. state of mind, here in Gomorrah by the...Gulch...Polk Gulch...2 songs related to the City of Angels...brought to you by the Heaven's Devils, that beautiful and powerful (nearly) all-woman (and their girls) organization.
Now, a special "treat" for you - to show you just how much literary power is being exerted on your behalf...and musical power as well. Got 24 items from the San Francisco Public Library out for your edification and enjoyment, as follows - the 3rd L.A. song playing now is Steely Dan's "Babylon Sisters", from Gaucho...but, gotta admit...too much on my plate just now selecting the songs and typing out the list of library items...
So, gonna end this and get back to the list later...me, kicking back with a bottle of Miller High Life provided by Brother Pete Sellars of the noble and superlative Odd Fellows...and just enjoy the music...gotta go...the cell should be up tomorrow...(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com, prettyeddy@hotmail.com...
P.S. Decided on some L.A. music to play - got to the Doors, "Love Street" - before Rhapsody.com screwed up...or maybe it's the laptop I'm using...and decided on 3 other artists to play, but not the songs: the Eagles, Buffalo Springfield, and Joni Mitchell...maybe her "Ladies of the Canyon"...gotta get the very fine book by British journalist Barney Hoskyns, Waiting for the Sun, for its list, a long one, of songs related to the L.A. milieu. So that is absolutely it for now...got a barbecue happening at the hotel I'm in, this in an hour, so I must be on my way...

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

PRETTY CITY #60 by Glen Watkins
First, gotta remedy an oversight from the last posting, this morning’s: said I was gonna mention the e-mail I received from Christopher Caen with an attachment, his unpublished column from last week in the Ex. Forgot to get to it last time. Anyway, the gist of the reason for his exclusion: Mr. Caen’s just slightly critical comments about former Giants great Felipe Alou – guess he’s the team’s current manager also – shows you how out of the baseball loop I am. Read the unpublished paragraphs carefully and saw no particular reason for not putting ‘em to print – can’t diss some of those in power, I guess, tho’ Mr. Caen’s words were carefully chosen – not almost entirely casual, like those in this blog mostly are.

Now, continuing with thoughts about the Way Up concept mentioned previously: I’ve got a first person narration, female voice, in mind, which goes something like this – the woman speaking is named Loretta:

“…I’ve been tracking him, picking up his thoughts as telepathically as possible, under the circumstances…he’s got a lot on his mind – for example, he’s been wondering why, in The Sweetest Thing, a character is named “Jane” and one of the actors is Thomas Jane – and also, why another character is named Christina and Christina Applegate acts in it…just something that’s on his mind…

(And Loretta continues): “…also, he was at the Ocean
Flower Aquarium on Hyde north of Eddy checking for fish food for his former Marine friend Dave’s aquatic friend. He found a decent-sized shaker bottle of it for a mere buck-and-a-half…

PRETTY CITY #60 by Glen Watkins (Page 2 of 4)
“…he also skipped buying a beer at the New Princess Market at the corner of Eddy and Hyde since it cost 75 cents – Tenderloin prices for a 12-ounce can of that level of suds is 65 cents and he wouldn’t pay the extra dime. He’s getting money into his direct deposit account at about 3am on the first so then he might feel less uncomfortable about blowing an extra ten cents…

“…and he traded a nifty little radio, smaller than the size of a pack of cigarettes, one that he paid about ten bucks for, for a paperback book from the Sixties some guy was selling at ‘the fence’ there on Eddy at Turk. It’s Mary Sativa’s Acid Temple Ball. He was pleased to find it and considers it a bit of a sign of some sort, or an good omen, perhaps…

(And Loretta has more to say): “…this book is really significant to him…got him thinking of lines like ‘It’s not Mary Tequila, it’s Mary Sativa…’ – and, also, paraphrasing the Eagles, ‘…it’s another sativa sunrise…’…it’s quite a literary flashback to the state of mind of some in those days…”

“…and he hid the beer he had from a bogarting-prone acquaintance who was selling stuff at the fence…earlier, the guy had taken a bit of a lengthy liberty with a ‘rollie’ – a hand-rolled cigarette – that someone had given him, and he didn’t want to repeat the experience with the beverage…

And so, that was from Loretta…back to me: on the way to the library, walking south on Hyde – stopped in at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic to say hello to good man Nate, but he wasn’t in.

And continued down Hyde – beer in hand – a police car

PRETTY CITY #60 by Glen Watkins (Page 3 of 4)
making a left turn was at my right shoulder with the can visible but it wasn’t seen, or the officers had better things to do. And at the Hastings law school, cute girl students out in the sun – supposedly hit 80 and more degrees today in the city.

Then to the library…stood outside, leaning against the building, to finish my drink – out comes a blue-outfitted library security guard – paranoia strikes deep – thought she was gonna approach to bust me when she spoke into a communication device. But it wasn’t me.

And continuing to wait and drink, watching people – one guy had hideous bright red shoes that didn’t match the rest of his outfit. The fashion statement made: “Don’t dress like me.”

So I reserved a machine – had a ten minute wait – was out of beer – decided to trudge back up Hyde to the corner store where I could get a can for a mere 55 cents for some reason. Up I went – it was closed – so back to the market on Eddy I’d patronized earlier for a can of Steel Reserve.

Then back to the library – ready to be picked up, Robert Anton Wilson’s conspiracy theory encyclopedia Everything Is Under Control, and a collection of interviews from Richard Metzger’s Disinformation cable program (featuring one with Wilson – a good time for me, now, to revisit his mind and ideas – his Illuminatus! trilogy really affected my thinking back in the early Seventies when I first read it).

Then back up Hyde with my selections and malt liquor –
openly displayed the can while crossing on a red, in front of
the law school. Had that copy of Acid Temple Ball quite on my

PRETTY CITY #60 by Glen Watkins (Page 4 of 4)
mind – searched the electronic library catalog for it and turns out they have a copy on reserve, library use only, but it’s currently on display somewhere. So I was glad to have a chance to get a copy of my own, for a mere dollar – or whatever I could trade for it.

Checked with the seller in question and saw that my desired item was still there – so up I went to my room to see what would be equitable, trade-wise. Selected a neat little radio I’d bought for about ten bucks some while ago and hardly used…plus a shot glass featuring the logo of an Alabama college football team – the “Crimson Tide” – my Odd Fellow brother Pete gave that to me a while back. This extra thing in case the seller wanted more than the radio.

So down to the street to make the transaction – done deal, he was happy. Got back there just in time – another guy had the book in hand and was ready to pay cash, right when I got there. The seller told the guy I’d already shown interest beforehand – well, the other guy didn’t seem to really care, it was just another cheap book to him, a trashy read.

So I’ve got the precious paperback in my possession – reminds me of another book I’ve got, Shards of God, by Ed Sanders. Might read it in an oracular manner – think of a question and open it at random. Worked in this way – was talking to that same bogarting guy mentioned earlier – he was apparently doing quite well selling – clothes mostly…we got into a slightly antagonistic dialogue about success, happiness…I mean, the guy’s a dyslexic Christian speed and/or crackhead and he’s pointing his plastic finger at me? Anyway, out of room – will finish the thought next time – (415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com, prettyeddy@hotmail…

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PRETTY CITY #59 by Glen Watkins

Continuing regarding the concept of Way Up – see previous posting for initial details – make of it what you will, whoever is attending to this sermonette…

Please include songs like Foxy’s 1978 song “Get Off”…heard that this morning on the Seventies channel on “Music Choice” on Comcast.

And in a high-visibility space, insert Hakim Bey’s T.A.Z. paperback for a few seconds – this is his worthy treatise on temporary autonomous zones. Google, please.

Also: Guess Who’s “No Time” from 1970, heard from the same cable source…this would please me. (And learned from the Comcast factoid included on the screen: the same band’s “These Eyes” peaked at number 6 on the Billboard “Pop Singles” list in ’69.)

And something else to include – if you wanna make me happier than I am, that is: a copy of College Co-Eds, a fine pictorial publication – given me this morning free by a very good friend…my selection from several similar magazines he offered. The usual sort of photo “spreads”, ha ha ha…but the unique facet I’d not seen before: text in English, Spanish, French, and German. Ten bucks and 95 cents in America – a similar numerical value in Euros…so the exchange rate is about even, I guess…

And featured in the above mag, American porn star Aurora Snow…tho’ her name is spelled incorrectly: “Arora”. They need a proofreader – I am available. Will work for whiskey.

And done this morning – it’s not even noon yet here a coupla days

PRETTY CITY #59 by Glen Watkins (Page 2 of 4)

before September, very late summer, San Francisco – done, recycling. Got a buck and 62 cents from the Fillmore location, more than expected. Spent first bit on a 65 cent Milwaukee’s Best can o’ suds. Then another 65 on a Steel Reserve – brought in the bigger gun there, alcohol-percentage-wise.

And: saw one of my Marine Viet Nam vet friends – got 2 of ‘em – Dave, this morning – he was watching Charmed on his tube…featuring one of my absolute favorites of the small and large screens, Alyssa Milano – tho’ she’s been far more successful on the TV than in movies. Odd show – set in Frisco, but filmed in L.A. – wish they’d do it up here.

And: waiting in the lobby a little after nine this morning – the recycling place didn’t open til 10, so I hadda cool my heels…friend of Naz, Andrew, let me roll up my own smoke from his loose Midnight Special pouch. (Asked for spare change for a can of beer from 2 or 3, but got nothing…end of the month and most of the hotel residents don’t have cash to spare.)

And: only page from the Examiner I was interested in this morning: the “Life & Style” feature on the recent “Vintage Couture Touch Benefit Show” – part of San Francisco Fashion Week – this at the Palace of Fine Arts Theater. Scanned the several photos of the beautiful and wealthy…nice shot of ex-mayoral wife Kim Guilfoyle. and proud daddy…no hyphenated Newsom, appellation-wise, for her. (But don’t you think her last name is more appropriate for an Alcoa product designed to enhance the breathing mechanism of a fish – as in “gill foil”? Spelled it out for you since I don’t want anyone to sweat over the meaning of this blog.)

And down to the library…on Hyde, at the fence at Turk, where

PRETTY CITY #59 by Glen Watkins (Page 3 of 4)

street sellers ply their trade, hotel acquaintance and pretty-much friend Edward, selling stylish jackets. Had that “rollie” from Andrew, I was smoking it – side note: Google on “rollie cigarette” and be amazed at how much comes up – had that hand-rolled smoke and Edward Bogarts it to beat the band…he let me have half a peanut butter cookie in exchange, but I didn’t want it and gave it back to him after the guy inhaled a good bit of my smoke. He must be something of a nicotine fiend, unlike myself. Taking liberties – he’s a bit of th’ rogue, and I can relate.

And waiting at the Muni stop at Turk and Eddy, lady I met there before when recycling, older black woman. Mentioned that my oregano plants were growing well…and mentioned the African violet food I was giving ‘em…she seemed to take a little exception and exemption to that…I think she thought I’d said “African violence”. Really meant no harm. She was tripping, not me.

Then the bus came…passing Van Ness, there was the site of the soon-to-be-open Halloween costume store.

And further west on Eddy, passed the Coltrane church – free rice and beans and fixings Sundays at 3pm…and the fine park next door – pretty part of this pretty city, the many parks spread all around town.

Then off the bus at Fillmore…had a passing thought to visit the Haight…maybe another time.

And: streaming this consciousness, and conscientiousness – found a brick this morning, oval-shaped, with a space in the center – good for exercising – need to do side bends. I mean, that beer foam has got to go somewhere, and I don’t want it in my adipose tissue.

PRETTY CITY #59 by Glen Watkins (Page 4 of 4)

And walking to the recycling center: there’s a Safeway included in
the mini-mall there – a smoke shop as well, closed when I passed by with my stuff to recycle. Wondering if they had the Bogar little cigars that Dave fancies?

And yet another passing thought: no time have I to babysit – operative word – Nic, friend of neighbor Steve. Feeling a bit bad – and “a bit” is the key phrase here – about how he doesn’t relate well to me…but it’s not my concern. Been through too much to have to coddle some youngster who isn’t in my groove, so to speak. Tried with him, but he’s not taking to whatever I’m offering, so he can do as he pleases, but not around me.

Then at the Fillmore recycling center: the goods can be divided into aluminum cans, plastic, and several colors of glass: green, brown, and clear. Several of Dave’s 40-ouncers made up the bulk of the clear glass weight.

And the grand total: a buck and 62 cents, more than expected. Now, gotta figure out how to move that little decimal point four spaces to the right…I could easily and well handle sixteen thousand and two hundred bucks…

Actually, my dream amount is a thousand ten dollar bills…easy to handle that, and distribute it…with the stipulation that I can get a similar amount at at any time. I’m available for editing chores – any handwritten text out there that you want formatted and processed into an acceptable form? I am yer guy. Also have other skills – specifics available on request.

So that is it for these 4 pages – cell back very soon – (415) 359-4999 – starplane.blogspot.com – prettyeddy@hotmail.com...

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Monday, August 29, 2005

PRETTY CITY #58 by Glen Watkins
Items from this morning’s Ex I found of interest:
The Lavin celebrity factoid page, only for the few paragraphs about Jessica Alba’s new line of baby clothes – this even tho’ she doesn’t have kids – some of the profits to go to orphanages and women’s shelters. Read in Rolling Stone recently that she’s got some boyfriend who shines far, far less starlight than she does, and she’s shining rather brightly these days. Seems like he’s more of a passing boytoy than father material, tho’.

And: the Golden Gate Ferry is soon celebrating its 35th anniversary. Goes to Larkspur…is this the same that goes to Sausalito, one of my favorite destinations? There are at least 2 or 3 lines out there in the bay.

And Muni rates are going up in two days from this blogging – me, gonna be paying 50 cents now instead of 35. This’ll impact some hard…I’ve got late payments due on my Comcast and T-Mobile bills, but I won’t be suffering due to increased bus fares, really.

And also from the Ex this morning: 2 new arts-focused high schools to open in San Francisco – alright! More arts is one of my mottos. That, along with “Sure you can afford to give me 65 cents for a can of beer!”

P.J. Corkery…glanced really quickly through his verbiage – man, didn’t see an item worth attending to, sorry, P.J. –
Chris Caen is my man in the Frisco column game. Got an e-

PRETTY CITY #58 by Glen Watkins (Page 2 of 4)
mail from him today with the unpublished paragraphs that didn’t run last week due to some problem with his comments about Felipe Alou. Printed it out to closely read – will comment on this next posting.

In the “Around the State” section, learned that Burning Man begins today out there in godforsaken northern Nevada. Knew a few who make this a yearly pilgrimage, but you won’t find me in their number – but Goddess bless ‘em for doing their counterculture thing. Heard acid’s very easy to get out there – a plus for the likes of me, I must admit.

And: Laguna Beach may sell city-owned land to cover the cost of landslide repair. Have got that Southland city on my mind due to the cable reality program based on teens there – your one-stop Comcast source for the romantic tribulations and satisfactions of cute and seemingly-interchangeable blonde girls. (Plus, the city interests me because of the Tim Leary connection – read in some text about the Sixties that Laguna Beach was more welcoming than most places to the man.)

And: marijuana seizures up in California from last year…estimated street value of the confiscated plants, a healthy two-point-six billion. Now that’s a lotta reefer! (Also on cable, Weeds, starring the cute Mary-Louise Parker as a suburban mommy pot dealer, and Saturday Night Live grad Kevin Nealon. Recommended viewing. And my several seedlings doing quite well in my hotel room – currently

PRETTY CITY #58 by Glen Watkins (Page 3 of 4)
sunning happily on the ledge outside my window.)

And: fears of Teflon vis-à-vis health affects pooh-poohed on editorial page. (The writer figures “heavy oils and butter” used on non-Teflon pans provide a greater threat.)

And finally, in today’s Ex, movie business changes related to DVD sales also noted…not sure exactly what the writer was getting at – something about DVDs at some time soon going on sale at retail outlets even if the flick’s still in theaters. (In the underground economy, I know some who are able to get bootleg copies of current films mere days after they open in theaters at 5 or 10 bucks per…quality said to vary, but the buyers I’ve talked to seemed pleased with the bootlegged images. Personally, been offered these at Mission and 16th – Stealth (with the very watchable Jessica Biel) for 5 bucks.)

And now, in non-newspaper news: want to mention actress Rachel Weisz – well, anyone who reads this knows I’ve got that common condition, Actresses on the Mind…Constantine with her and some guy out on DVD…and The Constant Gardner is in movie palaces now, or soon will be. Liked her in Confidence. Googled on her filmography – she was in Stealing Beauty with Liv Tyler.

And: noted some while back a perfect blue sky over San Francisco…September, due in 2 days, is looking to be a pretty month for this pretty city.

PRETTY CITY #58 by Glen Watkins (Page 4 of 4)
And suggested Internet study: Rudolf Steiner, his biodynamic agriculture, and all the other fields that genius was into. Just a name I wanted to bring up for you to research at your leisure. Fields Bookstore on Polk near Pine probably has a shelf of the guy’s work – go there, buy.

And recommended places to eat in the Civic Center area: the Lalita Thai establishment and Taqueria Castillo B, both around McAllister and 7th, close to BART. Been to the second only, but that first looks worthy of your attention.

And thought of a name for something: Way Up – about San Francisco. This occurred to me after hearing this morning a line from the song “Dancing in the Streets” – “…way down in L.A.” – initial idea: comparison of Los Angeles and this city…got to have Santana on the soundtrack, let’s say.

And on the Way Up soundtrack, these four songs, maybe (‘cause I heard ‘em on the radio this morning): King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonlight”, “Cherish” by The Association, “Get Back” by the Beatles, and “Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel” by Tavares. Just suggestions – any music along these lines would be just fine.

And for the main character in Way Up, was thinking of her name being “Loretta”. As in the Beatles song mentioned above. Feedback desired, as always…my cell will be back up in a coupla days. [(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com, prettyeddy@hotmail.com]

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Saturday, August 27, 2005

PRETTY CITY #57 by Glen Watkins

Here are some notations related to the last Odd Fellows gathering I attended, 2 days ago – didn’t attend the meeting itself since I was spending quality time with the young son (about 10 years old) Gus of the brother of a friend of mine. He had his Lego collection with him and was constructing a castle. I suggested something new to him, a turret, and built one out of the plastic pieces…tho’, when I attached it, Gus didn’t care for it and took it off. Oh well…

Now: here were the attendees at the pre-meeting food & conviviality time: my buddy Milton Mack was in the house – surprised that he was there…he could be a good brother in the lodge – Yerba Buena #15. He had a beer or two, and a sandwich.

Also attending: Sister Wendy, and her young daughter Linda – she’s about, oh…early teen-ish…Linda was reading some book with a dragon on the cover, a fantasy…she liked it ‘cause there was magic involved. As well, Wendy showed us photos in books of her recent trip to Asia – Linda was there, Wendy’s husband also…they were gotten up in some photos in traditional garb…Wendy’s got some Macau association – that is, a place near Hong Kong.

And: Jesse Dalton from a Marin lodge was there also…got an open invitation to visit, me…he’s somewhere in the San Rafael area…I like it up there, like getting Marin-ated at intervals. It’s good to have a lodge brother north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

And also there 2 days ago: Brother Wayland. And Brother Darick…he’s expert in the martial arts, lives down south somewhere – Silicon Valley-ish. Good fellow.

And also there: Brother Sami…affecting a Sophia Loren mode.

PRETTY CITY #57 by Glen Watkins (Page 2 of 4)
Been recently on a boat trip down Cabo San Lucas way, he has…and had some imbibing doings at a local winery for a day or 3. Haven’t seen Sami in a while and was glad to chat with him.

And: lodge financial secretary Chris Craig also there…has a book about San Francisco in the works that Barnes & Noble is looking at. He is affiliated with the Castro Theater…recent Odd Fellow presence at a showing of Vertigo there – I was invited but didn’t go – heck, I got movies and such up the ol’ ying-yang in my hotel room. And I’m not the biggest Hitchcock fan.

And Brother Pete was there with his squeeze b…hadn’t seen her for a while…and have gotten over the insulting comments made by Brother Pete to me over the phone a few days ago…was almost not gonna go to the event 2 days ago because of his verbiage – but got over it – attracted, me, by the beer and food. And it’s okay again between us…well, gotta cut th’ fella some slack, since he’s a trained killer (Marine variety) and has got his aggression bubbling on th’ top at times. Good man, tho’, doing such great work at the building there at 7th and Market…so he’s allowed some venting.

And for those not mentioned in this blog who were there – got most of ‘em named and considered, but those not mentioned: you are the spirit’s future, and that’s no slight thing, y’all.

And as for beverages imbibed by myself at the pre-meeting gathering, selected a Guinness in glass, then a Corona in glass…and then later a canned Olympia, I believe. Had my fill of the suds, rest quite assured, you all in Royal Tunbridge Wells on th’ Emerald Isle, and down there in Brisbane, south of Frisco…

And new to me: one Charlie from Marin…and a Willie, who is a

PRETTY CITY #57 by Glen Watkins (Page 3 of 4)
possible victim of the lodge – I mean, new member. Hippie-looking fellow…he was probably around town back in the
psychedelia-tinged era of the Sixties.

And also in the house: Brother Albert Fluehr – love the guy not the least for his laughter and humor – a quality not found in everyone as much as in that man…and Brother Eddie Artavia there also – good man, but not given overly much to verbiage, necessarily.

And: in non-Odd Fellows news: b gave me entrance passes to some joint at one-eighty-one Eddy…peculiar necessity for guests there: “Dry Clean Only” – in terms of clothing – so that leaves me out. They can kiss my buttocks. Wouldn’t go there even if they paid me…well, maybe if they did that, but not under any other circumstance. Shove their dry cleaning mandate, those morons.

And: got twenty bucks from pal and former Viet Nam vet Marine Dave yesterday, a payback on a loan from some while ago, and spent it all in hours – well-spent, I gotta say, tho’ I can’t say for certain where it all went. Wanted to get at least a buck back to hotel friend Barbara, a hippie from the Sixties Avalon Ballroom days, since she’s been buying me cans of beer almost every day…but spent it all before doing so. Will return her favor soon.

And: at a recent Artisan Market there at United Nations Plaza saw a gift I wanted to get to Brother Pete: a metal box featuring a photo of some Gulf War scene – Pete served in the Marines in that conflict – with a commemorative knife inside. 12 bucks – really wanna get that for the man as a thank you for all the very, very fantastic items and kindnesses he’s directed my way – a real gent…tho’ given over to peculiar phone comments, as noted earlier in this posting.

And: on to other matters: hotel friend Karl told me this morning, as
we were in Dave’s room drinking whiskey and conversing, that I

PRETTY CITY #57 by Glen Watkins (Page 4 of 4)
reminded him of old-time TV character Maynard G. Krebs, from
the early Sixties Dobie Gillis show…some stripe of beatnik. Am Googling on this: called “the coolest cat in the history of primetime”…the first beatnik on national television…Kerouac said to be the real thing, but Maynard considered a “memorable fiction”…portrayed by later Gilligan Bob Denver…I had heard the name but Karl, a few years older than me, actually watched Maynard on the tube, unlike me – a bit before my TV-viewing time.

From a Google: that Dobie Gillis program – actually praised jazz giants like Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonius Monk regularly…and from a Googled site: “But Maynard G. Krebs will always be best remembered for his involuntary response whenever anyone mentioned the subject of work.” Shuddering reportedly ensued, along with anxious wailings.

And also: an album with the Maynard character called Like, What? is out there – when the show was cancelled in ‘62 plans to distribute the record were scrapped but some promotional copies are findable for the devoted…would lu-uh-uv to get one. I know a vinyl store in North Beach, owned by one Tom…he’d know about this, probably. Or…let me try Googling…

Well, not much from a quick search on that album…back to the page I got the above material from…it is no doubt findable, and I am nothing if not devoted, at least about certain subjects and things.

So that is it for this posting…I trust you all are finding my musings somewhat relevant…

Gotta go… [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, starplane.blogspot.com, (415) 885-5052 - #501…]

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Friday, August 26, 2005

PRETTY CITY #56 by Glen Watkins

Back to to the long-ish line at St. Anthony’s…”Shepherd’s Pie” was the order of the day – tho’ when I got it, it seemed to lack the “pie” factor…plenty o’ filling, I must say, but the encompassing pastry shell – not there…hate to critique St A.’s, for all the good work done there…but do Google on this (Robert Anton Wilson, in his Illuminatus! Trilogy - have I gone without mentioning this man? I think not…or so, flow, glow, anyway…)

Some worthy St. Anthony’s tattooed ticket taker – that is an example of “alliteration”, y’all – please Google on that & whatever you please…got my ticket to ride from that Ticketmaster…not to Glide, tho’…Glide, frankly, sucks big time when it comes to the
meals…tho’ I must admit, they are

PRETTY CITY #56 by Glen Watkins (Page 2 of 2)
regular, 3 squares per day…anyway: cute young girlie volunteers were dishing up the Frisco Jambalaya at St. Anthony’s…and, rest assured, do not think this is not work, y’all who are attending to this blog.

Anyway: any way you and Yu want it…chicken cacciatore was the delicacy served up that day at St A.’s…that’s what I am speaking of…and it was a few days ago…see previous posting for details of this, if you’ve got nothing else to do.

And after the meal, up whatever street it was…noticed the various missing persons at the Saint Anthony Foundation…plenty of them around…perhaps some sliced up into the tenderest of vittles…so please do not go there, if all possible. Ciao, ciao…

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

PRETTY CITY #55 by Glen Watkins

Now, back to details of my life after the news selections of the last posting:

Was at the Virgin Megastore the other day to view that T. Rex video noted before...picked up a free Vice magazine and some free Big Red gum. (Not much of interest in that magazine, but the style is interesting and the price is right.) Have pretty much played out that T. Rex, but it was capturing me for a time.

Then headed back to the hotel...young guy was sitting on the ground on Market, head down, cup held up for change - didn't have a penny myself so in passing quickly I put one of the Big Reds into his cup - not sure if he thought I was making a cruel joke or not - hey, it's all I had to give.

Then to the Powell Street cable car turn...thought of giving the finger to a guy distributing Awake but thought better of it - getting a bit old for that kind of behavior, I guess, maybe.

And had to check at Bank of America about my overdrawn account but I wasn't carrying my card. Went down anyway and figured I'd be able to check the balance from my account number alone - but the line was too long...subsequently, determined that B of A gives a month grace period to those delinquents like myself with a negative balance before bringing down the axe - thanks, money-handling descendants of A.P.!

PRETTY CITY #55 by Glen Watkins (Page 2 of 4)

Then west on Eddy into Tenderloinland, a theme park ne'er envisioned by Walt Disney. Maybe call it Loin Land - about the chakra level of many of the inhabitants therein...

And the usual consciousness when back in the 'hood, the usual sights and thoughts...picked up a Brooklyn Pizza menu from the ground and entertained enjoyable fantasies of placing an order - bought a "San Francisco Special" from them once not long ago and must say I was pleased with it, a solid, well-made pizza.

Then into the hotel, up five floors to my den, to turn on Comcast - attended longer than I do to most films to Edgeplay, a documentary on Showtime about Seventies all-girl band the Runaways, featuring a young Joan Jett. (Googled on her to get biographical information, her age - wasn't there in a quick search...she's gotta be just about my age - also noteworthy, the logo of the company that produced the movie, Sacred Dogs - it intrigued me enough to "rewind" (digital-style, that is) and look at it more closely - yeah, there were two dogs featured in a sort of yin-yang motif, but it took a few seconds to discern this - good logo.)

So: wasn't into the Runaways at the time they were happening, but subsequently liked some of Joan's music, most particularly a solo album called The Hit List on which she covered very well hit songs by all-male bands - like "Love Me Two Times" by the

PRETTY CITY #55 by Glen Watkins (Page 3 of 4)

Doors. Recommended if you can find it. Saw a photo of her some while back - wasn't the cute rocker I'd remembered - seemed like she was into S & M. Does she hope she dies before she gets old?

And got to mention: a very good book with lots of information about the Seventies Los Angeles rock scene the Runaways came out of isWaiting for the Sun, by British journalist Barney Hoskyns. One of the few books in recent years I actually stayed up hours after midnight reading - available for free at the San Francisco Public Library. Also, Rodney's English Disco discussed in the movie - the club of L.A. music publicity mogul Rodney Bingenheimer, the subject himself of an interesting documentary called Mayor of the Sunset Strip.

Then, some Alien Vs. Predator (have by now pretty much gotten my fill of that flick...tho' now I'm aware of fine actress Sanaa Lathan)...then a little cat nap til a bit after one, then the walk to St. Anthony's for lunch - the price is right, tho' the dining companionship can be somewhat atrocious - so, I can hear you saying, I fit right in. Most of these are not the beautiful people - at least not physically. Plenty enough non-Establishment soul, tho'

On the street, met Edwina, squeeze of hotel friend Thomas - she was still a bit freaked out about the dead body that had been

PRETTY CITY #55 by Glen Watkins (Page 4 of 4)

found on the fifth floor of the hotel, our floor, the other night. Then towards St. A.'s - guy selling "'pins" - that is, Klonopins, a staple of street pill sales. They are used to treat seizures or panic attacks, and have some sort of palpable effect, some downer effect, I guess, on recreational users. Have been lately trying out some of these prescription pills, for my own information. But they aren't my thing. But, wonder if Sandoz, out of Switzerland, still has any LSD? Pill form, maybe - & have seen a photo of pharmaceutical grade stuff in glass - that is, ampules.

Then to St. Anthony's - not a bad line, just a third of the way around the corner onto Golden Gate. Flashed back to a TV commercial from, maybe, the Seventies, featuring a long line of beautiful women waiting for something - could've been an ad for perfume. An effective spot since I remembered it after all these years and years - maybe a Hal Riney production.

So, to the back of the line...and have got to say, it was 'bout the sorriest collection of humans one might ever encounter, but there I was, and not unhappy about it - at least I'm getting this blog done, for what it's worth. Guy came up asking someone for scissors to cut off the end of his Cuban cigar and I let him use my knife - told him to be discreet about it to avoid confiscation. He said he had a friend in Hong Kong who managed to smuggle 'em in from the Island of Fidel. [End of this one: (415) 855-5052 - #501; starplane.blogspot.com; prettyeddy@hotmail.com.]

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PRETTY CITY #54 by Glen Watkins

For your consideration, items pulled from various paper sources in San Francisco:

Ex editorial on thinking differently about the Mid-Market area and the redevelopment planned thereupon. The writer sums up what it is now as “a dirty, largely vacant and crime-ridden eyesore”…about sums it up, I guess. Personally, for one small thing, would like to see the vacated Strand theater returned to some cinema-showing glory…next to it is an empty lot (with some decently-artistic graffiti, I might add) and next to that is another building, like the Strand’s, that is up for lease. The area needs a book and record store, plus a revival movie palace – that’s my suggestion. The Mid-Market Redevelopment Plan is a 30-year vision…guess I’ll be around to see what happens to blog my viewpoint to whoever tunes in.

Then, another Ex piece, about three places for quick and inexpensive meals in this town…some Crissy Field hot dog joint mentioned. My pick in the frankfurter field would be the unique What’s Up, Dog? at Mission and Van Ness. Dining al fresco, there, even. And all the fossil-fuel fumes one can inhale, at no extra cost.

And from Kate Lavin’s Scoop! in the same rag: learned that David Bowie had heart surgery last year but is recovering, exercising, and has given up his lifelong addiction to cigarettes; and there’s a photo of mucho cutie Canadian

PRETTY CITY #54 by Glen Watkins (Page 2 of 4)

singer Avril Lavigne – she’s quoted as saying the most important part of a successful hotel stay is good room service – she’d be no fan of the Jefferson, then, since such an amenity is entirely non-existent.

And also from the Ex of yesterday: the Corkery column. Chris Caen’s in my column man, but I might scan P.J. for any relevance. Restoration told of a famed Telegraph Hill location that used to be a restaurant where Bogie and Bacall dined during the filming of Dark Passage – it’s being converted into a private residence – selling price around 4-million-ish. Some people have too much money.

And a final bit from yesterday’s Ex: trend for city dwellers to grow their own vegetables and fruits – fear of genetically-modified food said to be one reason for this. Well, personally, got 5 oregano plants sprouted in a pot in my room and am giving ‘em love, touching ‘em, talking to ‘em. They are doing well.

And: from yesterday’s Weekly, only item considered was the recommended Rob Brezsny astrology column. His advice for my sign (Neon – er, I mean, Scorpio) is: “Peer into the future and scan for potential resources that are as yet unrecognized or unready. Make them yours now, while they’re still cheap and available.” I’ll see what I can do, Rob.

And from yesterday’s Guardian: list of fall CD releases

PRETTY CITY #54 by Glen Watkins (Page 3 of 4)

includes the new Stones disc A Bigger Bang – invited Mick and Keith to spend some of November 14th, my birthday, which is an off day for them between their shows at SBC on the 13th and 15th, coming on down to see me at the Brown Jug at Eddy & Hyde – there’s very convenient 24-hour parking just across the street, even. But will anything come of this? Ron Wood is supposedly in contact with the San Francisco Art Exchange rock & roll gallery on Geary, and I have e-mailed them about this offer…it’s still a ways away – I’m serious, and I’m no nut…gotta push for this. I’d let the Keithmeister buy me a Bud.

And from the same source: list of autumn parties in the city…the Bambuddha Lounge is the site of some “deep-house weekly spectacular” – this 2 blocks west on Eddy from the hotel I’m in…never been in the dump – but I might just barely squeak in past the likely dress code of the youthful and fashion-conscious night-lifers, especially when some long green is chatting on my behalf. Stayed with a friend one night a while back at the attached Chip Conley creation, the Phoenix Motel – didn’t have a Comcast connection back then and loved watching Easy Rider on cable.

And also from the same: free August 30th event at A Clean, Well-Lighted Place for Books on Van Ness for the new issue of Oakland-based Bitch magazine, which “offers insightful ways of looking at pop culture (and the media that cover it) from a critical feminist perspective”…I guess

PRETTY CITY #54 by Glen Watkins (Page 4 of 4)

this blog is coming from a Bohemian perspective – which, by definition, I spoze, is feminist.

And: ad in the Guardian for KPIG radio at fifteen-ten on the San Francisco AM dial. Funny cartoon porcine images in the ad – never tuned in, but looks like it’d be worth it, I’m curious about what they play.

And: struck by name of the 15-year-old actress in the latest Terrence Malick flick: Q’Orianka – stars as Pocahontas. Not gonna see it, even if it comes on cable – would rather watch The Sweetest Thing again – but what a name!

And, 3 items from this morning’s Ex: the Chris Caen column (haven’t read it yet – I attend to the fella’s words carefully – invited him also to visit me – he e-mailed me back that this was likely to happen soon), Lavin’s celebrity dish (Gwen Stefani reportedly so unhappy at not being asked to perform at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards that she might not show up at all), and a few column inches about a new Levi’s premium jeans and tops line featuring the art of Andy Warhol, these available in next year. Now, I’m as much a fan of the Warhol mystique as the next pop culture freak, but two-fifty for a pair of pants with Marilyn on ‘em? Or a Mao top for three hundred? Guess some a’ the rich and young and beautiful featured in Papercity who sip their Bambuddha Lounge Singapore Slings will go for these. [Gotta git – prettyeddy@hotmail, starplane.blogspot.com, (415) 885-5052 (#501)…]

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

PRETTY CITY #53 by Glen Watkins

...first thing this time, getting to some notes:

Glad to tell you that the slight cough I had for a few days is gone – don’t know where I picked it up...coulda been from sharing a whiskey and water with a guy in the hotel...or in line at St. Anthony’s with some of the coughing sick...maybe from cigarette irritation – can really take or leave smokes, but if offered I’ll indulge. At least it’s not tuberculosis.

And: speaking of St. A.’s, last time I was there the featured dish was chicken cacciatore – which literally means “chicken hunter’s-style”...learned this from recent viewings of Alien Vs. Predator – a character tells leading lady Sanaa Lathan about “la luna del cacciatore” and says it means a hunter’s moon...which goes along with the predation theme of that flick. Thought I’d go into that – you’re welcome.

And speaking of Sanaa Lathan: Googling on her reveals her filmography – didn’t know about her until AVP – anyone reading this blog knows that, from the very first posting, I am a diligent student of the lives of Hollywood actresses – going back to the likes of Joan Crawford in the Twenties, OK? So: Sanaa has already built up an impressive filmography – born in ’71...which makes her 34 this year –

PRETTY CITY #53 by Glen Watkins (Page 2 of 4)

older than I would have expected...her distinctive name pronounced like “Sinatra” without the “-tra”...parents both in show biz...”brief but substantial” role in the first Blade opposite great action movie star Wesley Snipes...and on and on...more power to her.

So, back to me and mine: diligent readers of this blog know I am not one to frequent the high society spots of this city – wouldn’t do so even had I th’ cash - but I must say that one I’ve been to and one I’d love to return to is the recommended MatrixFillmore down there Cow Hollow near the end of th’ 22 Muni line. Rock & roll historical value has that place...recently came to mind for some reason. Any visitors with the fiscal wherewithal to this pretty city should go there and have, say, a “White Rabbit” (that is, Finlandia vodka, Parfait Amour orange liquer, and pineapple juice – don’t like mixed drinks in general, but I like the name – had one last time I was there)...thirty-one-thirty-eight Fillmore...fantastic large Victor Moscoso image as you go in...a wonderful place with a groovy fireplace in front and discreet booths in back...2 can get in and out of there for a solid 20 bucks, and that’s worth it.

And: was at the Powell Street Bank of America to check on the status of my account – overdrawn it is to th’ tune of

PRETTY CITY #53 by Glen Watkins (Page 3 of 4)

about 80 bucks, and it wasn’t my fault, believe me. Another line, like at St. Anthony’s earlier, but not anywhere near as long...so found out that B of A will take a month to automatically close an overdrawn account – so that gives me until the eighth of next month, September...my federal and state cash will be directly deposited by then, so all is well in terms of keeping that account intact.

And, shifting around quickly – it all ties in, trust me...guy in the hotel who got on my nerves a while ago – thought it was me but this morning same dude was having a stupid hassle with Walter, the front desk man at th’ hotel – I checked their dialogue out and realized it was this dude and not me that was the source of the hassle. I am willing to take the blame for some situations, but not with this feisty bloke.

And, recent news items I find of general interest: concerns about the Civic Center area when the current 50 United Nations Plaza federal building will be vacated when the currently-under-construction new federal site on 7th will open in a year-and-a-half...some feel the homeless and the drug dealers will have an even greater presence there when officer workers move south of Market. One plan is to locate some sort of college or art school there. Drawbacks to the building are lack of air conditioning, an electrical system

PRETTY CITY #53 by Glen Watkins (Page 4 of 4)

from 1936, lack of handicapped access – and it’s not seismically-safe either. Yeah, another art school, just what the city needs – maybe Elisa Stephens of the Academy of Art University should continue her purchase of buildings in this city and do her real estate thing. Rilly groovy, girlie.

And in other news: death of Robert A. Moog, the music synthesizer creator, at 71. Songwriter of that popular tune, “I’m in the Moog for Love”. And: Jessica Alba, starring in the current Fantastic Four, to remake I Dream of Jeannie for the big screen. Kate Lavin in the Ex thinks this could be a very bad move for her, a recent Rolling Stone cover girl – that mag has called her “America’s hottest starlet”.

And: Madonna is recovering from her horseback riding accident & plans to get back in the saddle when she’s able. Girl, best leave equine activities to racetrack jockeys.

And finally: Google revamping their search engine’s desktop – interesting to me since I’m a daily user...but maybe this isn’t relevant to me since I don’t have my own personal machine. Still, sounds like a good development – this enhancement will monitor searcher behavior and present relevant information in a window on the side...ciao. [starplane.blogspot.com, prettyeddy@hotmail.com]

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

PRETTY CITY #52 by Glen “F-king” Watkins

…meanwhile, back at the Muni stop on Mission at Duboce, at the freeway underpass…talked to guy waiting with me – he mentioned the Mayor…said he met him once face-to-face, asked him for twenty bucks. Gavin didn’t hand that over, tho’ it’s not impossible that he would have…don’t know the man that well. But on second thought, it’s not likely that he’d just give money away, despite his wealth.

And in the Examiner that day, learned that some school in Arizona traded in all their textbooks for an all-laptop curriculum. The wave of the future, I guess. Wouldn’t wanna lug a 5-pound machine around all day…tho’ I spoze many students are carrying poundage in texts to the tune of several times 5 pounds, bless ‘em.

And: to the Virgin Megastore, since it was the 14 that I caught – woulda taken the 49 up Van Ness to Eddy, and then back to the Tenderloin and the hotel, but the 14 arrived first. What I wanted to view – the T. Rex DVD featuring “Children of the Revolution”, a studio performance circa early Seventies featuring Elton John and Ringo. (Have since grown a bit weary of this tune, at least this version…had it on disc from Rasputin’s some while back, but’ve since sold it back to ‘em.)

And on the bus, east on Mission, past the former site of Guitar Center, now at their new spot on Van Ness near California…whatever happened to the excellent murals that graced the outside? Perhaps taken down and installed

PRETTY CITY #52 by Glen “F-king” Watkins (Page 2 of 4)

elsewhere – that art was certainly worthy of that treatment. Haven’t been to the new Guitar Center, not being a musician, tho’ I’ve been told I look like one. A friend wants to buy equipment there, tho’.

And: had that name Blue Night on my mind, as mentioned in the previous posting…similar to the title of the Joseph Wambaugh Los Angeles police novel…my title for the next Green Day album…they should cover Seventies classics, alter them for the 21st century. Well, boys – take “Moonlight Feels Right” from the top…I’d be a big fan then.

And on the bus, past Soma Pizza…was there once with co-workers and supervisors from the Salvation Army when I was volunteering there to deliver meals into Tenderloin hotels – this in two-thousand-and-one, I believe. Interesting ceiling decorations at that pizza joint. They don’t sell beer, tho’ – another time there with 2 other friends, hoofed to 6th to get a beer.

And off at 7th, walked up to the Odd Fellows lodge to deliver a copy of the blog I’d just done to a coupla people I know there. Colorful scene, very, outside the building…rap music, public intoxication. One of the banes of the building manager, the sort of individual that tends to congregate on the concrete outside.

And then another Muni wait at 7th and Market…guy in

PRETTY CITY #52 by Glen “F-king” Watkins (Page 3 of 4)

sunglasses and a hat, looking a lot like me – some type of O.G. – or a D.O.G. – me, I care to put out a D.O.G.E. vibe – that is, consulting an online dictionary, “formerly, the chief magistrate in the republics of Venice and Genoa” – of course, that’s a bit of a stretch for me, but I might wing it on some level…especially the street level.

But seriously: guy with this me-looking fellow in question waiting for the Muni had on a unique shirt that read: “The Queen is the King”…a feminist kinda guy…pro-women…I’ve seen shirts like this before in the Mission – a statement of respect for the female of the species. But it made me wonder: Is then the king the queen? Getting Jungian here – animus, anima, all that, the woman in the man, and vice reversa…have made slight assays at writing something in the first person female – yes, believe it. Could be turned to quite a humorous effect, I think. Last attempt at this began, like: “…clit, mine…felt like touching it…”

And that day the eastbound Muni was mightily late in arriving, tho’ in th’ other direction several passed – was getting impatient, and figured to take the underground. Passed some time after viewing the scene on Market creating this couplet:

“…the bustle of this city’s sidewalk style,
permits some libertines to stay a while…”

How ya like me now? Been watching a KCSM educational

PRETTY CITY #52 by Glen “F-king” Watkins (Page 4 of 4)

program called Literary Visions featuring the analysis of poems and plays – including John Donne’s “The Sun Rising”. The guy could turn an iambic pentameter couplet, I’ll give him that much. The closing lines are: “Shine here to us, and thou art everywhere -/this bed thy center is, these walls thy sphere.”

Not too shabby there, Donne – are you done yet? So, after that poetic interlude, back to me on Market Street waiting for the bus…after ten minutes, I was outta there – didn’t necessarily wanna “go underground”, but had my fill of standing there…so down I go…possibly a very cute Muni booth operator – usually does me good to see good-looking women, even if I’m zooming by ‘em.

So, descending the stairs…the things I do for a little T. Rex DVD, I tell you…gladly, the wait on the platform was really short…was confused about where to stand – had to get the Inbound train, going to Mission Bay. Got a friend who works out there with a company I used to work for, and when I see him some Sundays I take that line…

Then the short ride to Powell…noteworthy, man at his underground newsstand fortress, selling papers – he was smiling and seemed pretty happy, talking to some other guy…glad to see others who really appear to be (and probably actually are) happy with their lives. [So there are 4 pages…feedback to prettyeddy@hotmail.com - starplane.blogspot.com - (415) 359-4999…]

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PRETTY CITY #51 by Glen “F-king” Watkins

Back to the compilation of these notes, all in the interests of your amused pleasure – smile for this camera:

Borrowed a thin dime from a buddy recently – but it’s not the amount, it’s the principle, that he would let me have any money at all…well, okay, for ten cents it’s not much of a principle involved…still, was glad to get it. Needed it for a Top Ramen or a beer or a can of Sprite, don’t remember which. Or maybe Muni fare. (Speaking of which, the beginning of next month, it’s going up to a buck-and-a-half for regular adult fare – me, it’ll be 50 cents, up from 35. There are planned boycott protests, but what will they really do? I often get on the f-king back of the bus anyway.)

And at about the same time in the hotel lobby, night man Jack reading an FHM magazine. Usually some good material in those, even without the naked bodies – strictly bikinis in that mag. I know someone who goes to The Magazine at nine-twenty Larkin and gets recent issues for a mere 35 cents. (Bought a Playboy there once for a coupla bucks.)

And then up in the room that day, watching parts of movies and other programs: Alien Vs. Predator, a George Carlin HBO special, Passion Cove (softcore porn on Cinemax, my choice for best show in that genre), Monty Python from the early Seventies.

And then had some of the tortilla chips hotel neighbor Karl had given me, plus instant noodles from him…

And thought back to that nearly-disastrous situation with “Los Tres Amigos” mentioned in a previous posting, the three Mexican guys at half-past-one one morning in front of a Leavenworth liquor…good thing my hotel friend Ron came along when he did to take their attention from me alone. ‘round about the 1st gonna get him something special, drink-wise, to express my gratitude.

PRETTY CITY #51 by Glen “F-king” Watkins (Page 2 of 4)

And then down the stairs…saw hotel buddy Dave and former Marine – he’s not in the best physical shape so I helped him take out his trash, maybe cleaned a few dishes…he had some whiskey and water in his fridge and he let me have it.

And in the lobby, hello to manager Brian Samuel – asked him about the dead body last night on the 5th floor – he confirmed it was some sort of overdose. As of this writing, it’s been a few days since then…just another incident in the life of a Tenderloin hotel. Another one bites the dust – and it wasn’t stardust, either. Maybe angel dust.

And the day of which I’m blogging, another cold, gray day in Disco Frisco…which reminds me: a friend e-mailed me to say that Examiner columnist P.J. Corkery might’ve said that famous Mark Twain quote about “The coldest winter…” was not actually by Twain…just Googled on this briefly and don’t see any evidence of this. Therefore I’m still attributing it to the ex-Samuel Clemens. And these recent days the line still rings as true as the bells of Mission Dolores.

And I was on my way to one-80 Otis to blog that day…waited at Turk & Hyde on a Muni…and hate to be labeling in a racist kind of manner but it seems black lady bus drivers really question my benefits identification card in terms on letting me ride for just 35 cents. Got that slight hassle that day, but she let me ride and gave me a transfer anyway. Actually, I should have a photo bus pass but haven’t gotten around to it.

And: guys on the bus talking about traffic being diverted near City Hall – some sort of bomb threat, possibly. Turns out it was that PG&E transformer explosion. Bet Mayor Gavin was having moments of concern – plenty there are that wanna take him out of office, no doubt. Knew a Viet Nam vet a few years back that just hated Willie Brown and said, point blank, so to speak, that he’d love, were the revolution to come, to storm
City Hall and shoot “Da Mayor” from under his fancy fedora. Don’t think
PRETTY CITY #51 by Glen “F-king” Watkins (Page 3 of 4)

Gavin generates that kind of hate.

And noteworthy: the Kentucky Fried Chicken palace at Polk and Eddy is now a hybrid 2-headed beast, sharing the space with a Taco Bell, a more healthful alternative. I prefer the Mexican to the Colonel’s, frankly, tho’ that f-king poultry can be tasty. And to show the stellar gourmet level of dining available therein, sign in the window proclaims: FREE CAKE.

Then off the Muni at Eddy & Vain Mess Avenue – an example of my attempt at a Herb Caenfetti pun – I’m a member of the Caenfederacy – just Caen’t help it – to wait for a bus going south…I like the Round Table at that intersection – anywhere with beer is okay with me…and there’s the sushi joint with sake on another of the corners. And for the rapidly-approaching Halloween, the unused building on the southwest there will have costumes and such for that holiday.

And: found a copy of The New York Times and pulled just “The Arts” section. Learned that California is offering tax breaks to filmmakers, since movie folk are taking business elsewhere…I know San Francisco is making itself more attractive to the cinematic community – there’s the new Lucas digital facility out in the Presidio, and Treasure Island would be a good center for local silver screen action.

And also from the Big Apple paper: Madonna, her horse-riding accident in England – broken ribs, the works. Just read more about this in today’s Ex – trooper that she is, she expects to be right back on some damned equine when she recovers. Good thing she didn’t go the Chris Reeve route, sheesh! (Enjoyed her recently in ‘91’s Truth or Dare on Comcast…saw that in Los Angeles when it came out, when I was a real Madonna maniac – could write a book about celebrity obsession related to “The Material Girl” – she’s a recovering Catholic, and I’m a recovering Madonna maniac…it’s been 14 years since then, wow…) Also: new dance-oriented disc due from her later this year called Confessions on a Dancefloor. Thought for a few
PRETTY CITY #51 by Glen “F-king” Watkins (Page 4 of 4)

seconds that this accident was all a publicity stunt, but that’s perhaps unkind.)

And other star news in the Nueva York rag: Pierce Brosnan out as Bond…and Eminem might be canceling his tour. Don’t much care either way…more interested in that Bond news, since I’ve been a watcher of that franchise since my childhood in the early Sixties.

And: my cell was still operating that day and gave a call to a long-time friend – she was on her way back to the city from Hayward with her current boyfriend. And was on the bus by this time, reading that Eastern rag, performing pranayama. And thought of a line for something or someone: “Why, it’s the finest free love money can buy.”

Then to one-80 Otis, did my blog. Printed out the pages in such a way that I could staple them into a book-looking form, which I subsequently distributed. Tho’ this blog is meant primarily to be read from the computer screen.

Then back onto the street – sweet thoughts of the tortilla chips in Top Ramen awaiting me in the hotel room…and thought of a title for something: Blue Night. A play on words about Green Day – big poster for them related to the MTV Video Music Awards coming up at the Muni stop near one-80 Otis. Not too familiar with their work, but they need to rock more and need lyrics I can get into more. Been watching and listening to their video “Wake Me Up When September Ends” on the California Music Channel, which airs every weekday at 4pm. They should win big. And Miss Stefani too – she ain’t no Hollaback girl.

Then another Muni wait for a 14 or 49 at Mission near that Duboce overpass…enjoyed seeing bicyclists braving the heavy traffic.
[starplane.blogspot.com/(415) 885-5052 (Room 501)/prettyeddy@hotmail]

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

PRETTY CITY #50 by Glen “Fuckin’” Watkins

As can be verified by the use of the f-word in the first line of this, Bester Langs has turned over ownership of this here blog and now Mr. Glen “Fuckin’” Watkins has taken over the helm of this ship of wise fools. Be forewarned: this is for adults only, basically. Tho’ certain teens of a certain disposition are very quite the welcome ones, rest assured.

Now: back to commenting on what has been seen on Comcast cable lately: recommended viewing is the Tommy Lee reality program…he’s in college and in over his head. Even, like, the drum major corps is having trouble accepting the rock & roll drummer. Game trooper he is, tho’.

And a sequence I enjoyed in the Tommy Lee show: he’s found a roommate after some searching, and brings in his own highly-paid interior decorators to, in the words of the show, “pimp the joint”. Not sure what his roommate felt about it – probably felt very quite OK with the change, tho’ his own stuff was so overwhelmed.

And: notable is the 19-ish Heather Graham in Drugstore Cowboy…Matt Dillon is the main man there…William Burroughs plays a sizeable role. Gus Van Sant directs…I luv his literary affiliation…see also Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by him.

And a recent acquisition into my grouping of items in my possession: a little round mirror…useful for my hair combing…found it in the hallway of the hotel I’m in…just the top part of some makeup compact, I believe.

And: was waiting not long ago at the Computer Training Center there on Eddy near Leavenworth, one of the choice destinations in this pretty city…this was at the half-time of the scheduled 3
hours…a good time to go, since it tends to be crowded when it first
PRETTY CITY #50 by Glen “Fuckin’” Watkins (Page 2 of 4)


And guy in there waiting with me and several others for a free computer, his thing was World War II fighter planes…discussion of how the engine is mounted behind the pilot in some of those specimens and not in front between the terraplane configurations – whatever. The fella was really into it, tho’, gotta give him that.

And…glad to have this new round mirror…was using a fuckin’ shard from some larger mirror previously, and it was of an irregular shape. Not that I’m always looking into a mirror…I just comb my dreadful locks to keep knots out and view the results for a few seconds. Not quite big enough to lay out coke lines, tho’.

And: handed that Lester Bangs biography, Let It Blurt, to night man Keith, who expressed interest in it…Bangs mentions the reading of Richard Brautigan, which I liked. Please Google on any unfamiliar names and terms, y’all, whoever is getting into this…

And saw buddy Robert Smith at the CTC…was returning to their free library shelves a copy of UFOs Explained – the man has far-reaching interests…he wanted to know if I wanted to read it. Told him no…David Icke (please Google) is fine in this general area.

And: growing a potted pot plant – only at the seed stage now – possibly germinating, tho’…this in my hotel room…have given it some African violet food that I happened to get some while ago…guess it’s just a general purpose plant food – can’t really harm the marijuana, I guess. Giving it sunlight, loving care.

And: looks like Tommy Lee is doing OK, but the other 3 Motley Crue guys, this is a question. One, especially, has got some neck
bone ailment – can’t even turn his neck. Wasn’t into that band
PRETTY CITY #50 by Glen “Fuckin’” Watkins (Page 3 of 4)

when they were big…I like a lot of their tunes, in retrospect, tho’. In terms of L.A. bands of that era, Guns ‘n’ Roses is the one I really like…tho’ they were happening a bit after the Crue…Axl Rose is the best rock & roll singer of that time about 15 years ago, in my estimation. What’s with the man now?

Anyway: hello to Yann there at the Computer Training Center…great fella, from France. Got his hands full with the freaks ‘n’ shit that go there to get free computer time. Bonjour, mon ami!

And: was blogging so heavy one recent day that I didn’t realize it was past the 5pm closing hour. Note to Yann and the rest of the crew there: gotta give us warning a few minutes before closing…don’t wanna keep y’all later than y’all hafta be there.

And – back then to the hotel – called downstairs to see if there was any food – no…thought I heard a guy in the hallway saying there had been a delivery from one of the places that does that for us – like the San Francisco Rescue Mission, for instance – no such luck.

And: worthy of your time, a visit to the Virgin Megastore there at Stockton & Market to view a current DVD featuring T. Rex – “Children of the Revolution” is a great sequence – Ringo Starr on drums…and Elton banging the keyboard. Elton’s kinda lost credibility in my eyes and ears, but this performance, from the early Seventies, still rings okay with me. I still like the man’s early work…”Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, like that.

And: been chilly these mornings in San Francisco…see that Mark Twain quote about summers in this city that I quoted in a previous blog posting. (And while I’m naming authors, how about giving Ambrose Bierce a try? Something of a competitor to Twain in the years they were putting pen to paper…I’m more of a Bierce fella,
PRETTY CITY #50 by Glen “Fuckin’” Watkins (Page 4 of 4)


And: got a Joe Cocker compilation out from the public library…some of the songs seemed quite over-produced – that is, the addition of unnecessary strings on one tune…same argument made about the fuckin’ Doors in their later albums.

And speaking of the Doors, really like the Lester Bangs summation of the band ten years after the death of Morrison, this in Mainlines, Bloodfeasts, and Bad Taste, a collection of the rock critic’s work. You just got to read it for the real deal.

And: incense source I recommend is Liquid Blue – bought some of their “Craft of the Sorceror” sticks at the Virgin Megastore some while back, at a healthy discount, and found them quite marvelous, with excellent packaging as well.

And: fuck you all to those several of you who have made stupid criticisms of me in the past – you know who you fuckin’ are – they are generally not deserved, and I don’t goddamn fuckin’ appreciate your worthless fuckin’ dumbass comments. I can healthily do without a lot of the people I am dealing with on a daily basis…hopefully you know who you fuckin’ are, you dumb idiotic moronic fuckwads…perhaps this gets my point across, if you are intelligent enough to comprehend – I can be so inaccessible that it’d make yer collective noggins spin faster than Linda Blair after a roller boogie exorcism on acid. If you don’t like me or like what I’m blogging, then go elsewhere and don’t fuckin’ bother me – it’s that fuckin’ simple, or my name ain’t Glen “Fuckin’” Watkins.

That’s it for now…feedback desired and even required: prettyeddy@hotmail.com...starplane.blogspot.com – my cell phone is out of service just now due to non-payment…so just use Hotmail.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

PRETTY CITY #49 by Bester Langs

Noteworthy recent items, factoids:

Kool Moe Dee's "Get the Picture" used in the Tommy Chong picture 'Far Out Man'. His 'Knowledge is King' disc very recommended in the "Old School Rap" department.

Phoebe Cates provides vocals on songs in 'Private School'. Check out her 'Paradise', unedited.

"Play That Funky Music" by Wild Cherry went to number 1 in '76 on the 'Billboard' charts...learned this from the info provided during songs on the "Music Choice" section in Comcast. [Just got a bill from them - owe 'em about 2-hundred-and-20...I am hoping they will take perhaps half that when it's due on the 5th of next month.)]

Chong plays a roadie in that movie just mentioned.

From Rasputin Records on Powell here in San Francisco, recently picked up, for free, the latest disc in the 'Monitor This!' series with new music. So it's not like this blog is stuck in the Sixties and Seventies - attempts are being made to keep somewhat current.

From that disc, Velvet Revolver's contribution to the current 'Fantastic Four' soundtrack is included - it's the first song, in fact. Jessica Alba co-stars as the Invisible Woman. She was featured in a recent 'Rolling Stone' - cover girl, interview...gotta seek that out. Been watching her in 'The Sleeping Dictionary' on cable...gotta agree with 'RS' that she's, now, "America's Hottest Starlet". Recent quote from her about being quite okay with casual sex.

Hotel neighbor [name deleted]knocked one recent day while I was napping a bit, in the afternoon. He wants a solid dollar for coins. He was a bit surprised I was entirely out of money - told him I didn't have any paper currency at all - I think I had 7 cents altogether on me at that time. Weird request...didn't include the guy's name...'cause I wanted to mention he's pretty messed up at times on the drugs he takes. Good musician, but, like, he needs to "get his act together" in terms of the pills and white powders.

Included on that free Rasputin's disc, a song that I liked from a band I didn't know: "Moonshine" by the North Mississippi Allstars. Also liked: "Galang" by M.I.A. - there's a reference to "purple haze" in it. Googling reveals this: M.I.A. - woman, a Sri Lankan, living in London...'Rolling Stone' review online: 28 years old, she is...'Arular' is her disc...positive comments by the music analyst.

And: at the time of the notes I am herein compiling, my left foot fracture was still feelable. But I'm happy to report that this morning, this Saturday, feeling nothing in the foot...perhaps it was the Motrin 800 I took earlier, courtesy of Fella Brutha of the Odd Fellows Pete Sellars. Thanks a lot, bro'! For that pill, and for last night at Fort Miley and the burrito and the drive to the Columbarium...I know I was bee-yotching at times, but there's a method to my madness. See ya again real soon!

And also enjoyable on that Rasputin's free disc: the Dead 60s with "Riot Radio". Google on them to find out more.

And visited hotel buddy Naz th' other day, brought him a set of gifts: a lined tablet of paper for lyrics (he's a good musician, plays guitar), a thesaurus I got from other hotel buddy Steve (to look up choice verbiage for songs)...and some sticks of incense (gift from a friend who prefers to remain nameless).

And gotta thank another guy from the hotel I know, Ron, who did his part to help me avoid a bad situation with 3 drunken 'amigos' in front of the Empire Market at Leavenworth & Eddy. Gonna get him beer money in times to come, when I've got it...thanks, Ron...tho' you are far from being able to access this and read - but, not matter - you will benefit from my gratitude.

And, at the Computer Training Center before the opening one day not long ago...9 people and more...only 10 computers...one idiot insisted he needed the scanner, of which there is but one...was causing loud trouble...I left then, figuring to come back when the first hour-and-a-half shift was done...the guy in question needed, perhaps, to be hung by his feet upside down and then slowly eviscerated. And that would be a humane course of action.

And to the hotel...in the lobby, one Weasel, son of a tenant that I knew...was glad to go up and knock on a door to get daddy down to see his son.

And daddy came down and went out with his son...on the way out, Weasel said something like "Thank you, player." - and I responded that I wasn't playing - I'd said this before to him...and he said something about me keeping it real, and I mighta said something about me being unreal...Sixties phrase. So it comes to this: I'm an unreal non-player. Weasel smiled at my responses - he's not too far out of his teens, I think.

And been reading the DeRogatis biography of rock critic Lester Bangs. One of the featured players, a lady of that time, said she got a job with 'Creem' magazine - competitor to the biggie, 'Rolling Stone' - by answering a classified seeking a typist who likes rock & roll. Good job for me as wekk...I can type up a demonic storm, and I likes my rock a bit. Could use a bit of extra cash, as any attendee of this blog can attest.

And: Robert Crumb cover for the 'Creem' November '71 issue. (But my favorite underground comic book artist of that era remains Gilbert Shelton, creator of the immortal Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. Google on them and enjoy.)

And: Grand Funk Railroad championed by Bangs. And Cameron Crowe featured in 'Creem' as a writer...later went on to bigger, cinematic outings.

And remembering that Ron, who defended me from 'Los Tres Moronicos', is in three-zero-five...gonna reward the man for his fine defense, as I said. Coulda really been hurt by those Hispanic fools...tho' I had my blade with me, and woulda done serious damage in return had it come to that...so glad it didn't, tho'.

And: Lester Bangs liked the Guess Who - as do I. But he apparently really despised much of Seventies pop rock mellow music...but not me. Bring on Keith Carradine's "I'm Easy", from the Altman 'Nashville' soundtrack!

And Lester Bangs warned against 'Rolling Stone' to a younger fellow rock writer, in that they changed what you wrote, unlike 'Creem'.

And Les disliked Bowie's "Space Oddity"...calling it "Paul Kantner garbage".

Which reminds me: did Mr. Kantner die recently? Gonna Google: a quick search engine-ing reveals nothing to that effect. Was in his presence at Vesuvio up in North Beach not too long ago...very hard drinker. Grace Slick is still alive, down in Malibu...tho' she comes up to this area for art shows at times.

And thought of a title for something: 'Such As It Is'.

And down in the lobby one day, fella I'd not met before named Shorty - appropriate name for his height - wanted to know if Prince, former tenant rep, was in...went up 5 floors and checked for the man - I frequently do that...one time, tho', wanted a buck for the service from some guy waiting in the lobby - he wouldn't do that...price went down to a quarter, for Top Ramen...the a-hole still wouldn't go for it...didn't like him...seemed quite the humorless one.

And: been getting around to seeing the '69 counterculture flick 'Alice's Restaurant', an Arlo Guthrie production...on the soundtrack, Joni Mitchell's "Songs to Aging Children". Still wondering if "Coming Into Los Angeles" is on it...the movie isn't really capturing my attention, not like, say, 'Alien Vs. Predator' is...gonna get through it, I spoze, in time. Worthy of recording on the DVR Comcast installed, an upgrade from the original cable box...got 60 hours of memory - plenty.

And: Arlo, in the movie, says he's a Scorpio, like me.

And, in the "Music Choice" all-song section of Comcast, 10cc featured, from the Seventies..."I'm Not in Love"...learned, in one of the accompanying on-screen factoids, that the band was originally called Hotlegs. So now you know...perhaps during a pub trivia content in days to come you will thank me. Or perhaps not.

And: been tuning in to the Tommy Lee reality program about him going to college in Nebraska. Watchable, at least for me...in one episode, he was looking for an appropriate roommate, and went through several potentials. One wasn't gonna work 'cause the guy didn't have any Motley Crue discs in his collection. Fun show...Tommy seems to be in over his head, academically-speaking, tho'. Am tuning in to see how he fares.

So that's it for now...got a lot done this posting - feedback desired - (415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com, prettyeddy@hotmail.com. Until next time, I remain your faithful blogger, Bester Langs - also known as Dr. Agon Fly...also known as Eddy Hyde...

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Friday, August 19, 2005

PRETTY CITY #48 by Bester Langs

…again, to continue where we left off in the previous posting:

Passed by the Taqueria Castillo B yesterday on the way to St. Anthony’s – been there before, woulda preferred to eat there rather than at St. A’s, I spoze – got only myself to blame if that isn’t happening, I guess…killer jukebox there, if I remember correctly…no beer, tho’…a favored dining establishment of Fella Brutha Pete Sellars.
And gave ol’ Pete a call, but there was no response…was gonna let sleeping Petes lie…sometimes that might be the best option. And at worthy St. Anthony’s, a real, real, real long line, so I skipped it and headed back to the hotel.
And up through the pill zone – passing woman said: “Vikes, Vikes, Vikes!” – street Vicodin sales – wouldn’t have minded a few, for recreational purposes. And my left foot still isn’t back to where it was. A Coors, a Vike, cable – that’s livin’!
And in my pocket, 13 cents, 12 cents short of a Top Ramen…popped slightly into the Vietnamese herb store next to the hotel and said hello to proprietor Danny. Gotta get
more Shou Wu Chih when my purse allows it. And at a higher
PRETTY CITY #48 by Bester Langs (Page 2 of 4)
cost, enticing glass jars of a special herbal blend.
And the Computer Training Center wasn’t gonna open for another hour-and-a-half…great nearby place to blog and research and check my library record and Hotmail…fine staff…tho’ it’s a bit of a crowded house – ten computers in a limited space. & some of the patrons are…not entirely civil.
And waited in the lobby for a while…hotel pal Stan the Man passed by the table I was at – asked him for 12 cents for that Top Ramen and he kindly turned me on to 2 dimes. One of the guys Stan was with said Top Ramen can be “a lifesaver”. I must agree. Food of the gods, that stuff is.
The hotel provides free toilet paper – 2 rolls per resident per month…plus a roll in the lobby to pull from as you please, as yer anus doth please. And the tap water’s part of the rent, as much as you want. And the air as well. Luxury living at its finest in the disco called Frisco.
And up the stairs to my room – met neighbor immediately below me, Tokay. He said something about getting good legs from having to walk up the stairs due to the downtime our elevator is experiencing. Who needs a gym?
& started up my Top Ramen…added dashes of 4 ingredients
PRETTY CITY #48 by Bester Langs (Page 3 of 4)
from the stash of edibles that hotel buddy Patrick had sold me cheap a while back: Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce (supposedly the favorite of the world, if my Googling info is right), garlic powder, soy sauce, and red wine vinegar.
And turned on my tube as well – on the Comcast “Music Choice” station I had on, a blast from the past, Ringo’s 1974 hit “You’re 16”…was either in the last year of junior high, the summer interval between schoolings, or the first year of high school when that one vibed on the airwaves. Ringo’s my absolute favorite Beatle…anyone who likes John is suspect…and I don’t care much for the Beatles anyway. [And a thought occurs to me: at the end of Boogie Nights, the Dirk Digler character is talking to himself in the mirror and asks: “Where the f-k is Ringo?” – now, what is that supposed to mean? Something to ponder.]
And switched to a regular movie, 1990’s Tommy Chang masterpiece Far Out Man – a work to rival the best of a Bertolucci or a Welles…Martin Mull’s in it…reference to High Times magazine – haven’t read that in a while…Cannabis Culture is another publication to look for.
And noteworthy: after that Ringo song, from the same time, Olivia Newton-John’s “Let Me Be There”…like the line: “…let me take you through that wonderland that only two
PRETTY CITY #48 by Bester Langs (Page 4 of 4)
can share…” (Generally, don’t fixate on these hits from 30
years ago…but there’s some classic rock sense to ‘em that has withstood time’s test. At least I think so. Been reading a bio of rock critic Lester Bangs, and he hated, absolutely, a lot of the mild pop of the Seventies…but not me.)
And cooked and ate those instant noodles…pulled out the noodles themselves first and consumed those, then the soup – added powdered gifts from a friend: some Nature’s First Food (Google on this – it’s a green superfood) and some ShapeShift from Living Harvest, this to heighten the nutritive value of the broth.
And liked a part in Far Out Man – title derived from Chong’s frequent phrase to almost anything, “Hey, far out, man!” – where Mull, a psychiatrist of some sort, is attempting to hyponotize Chong’s character with a watch on a chain swinging like a pendulum…Mull looks at the camera and says something like: “You will like this movie, you will like this movie…”
[So that’s it for these 4 pages…will continue with more of the same in the next posting – feedback welcome at the number or e-mail address listed below.]
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

PRETTY CITY #47 by Bester Langs

Continuing where the previous posting left off, my activities and thoughts from this Frisco disco morning: had a half hour until a terminal was open for me at the library, so I hoofed it over, somewhat limpingly, to the Artisan’s Market that happens 3 days a week at United Nations Plaza.
Called a friend about this time to see what was happening – no answer...she’s a busy person - too busy, in fact. And two motorized cycle officers rode down through the market on patrol – not sure what those vehicles are called – not as big as motorcycles, and quiet.
Hello said to the guy selling all the pot-related material – Marley Image Central. Knew him from beefore and said to him: “Rasta mon!” And he said: “Yah, mon!” Has a good selection of postcards that I’ve bought plenty of...as far as his buttons go, much prefer the straight up rock & roll goods another vendor has. They’ve got some reggae on the “Music Choice” selection on Comcast, but I don’t pick that much – great, tho’.
And said hello to the rock & roll seller...indicated my button that I’d bought from him and said what was written on it: “YOU ARE TOO CLOSE”. He’s mostly dealing in rock t-shirts...didn’t show him the “F-KING ROCK & ROLL” shirt I bought at the Megastore – he doesn’t have that one.
And said hello to the videocassette seller – mostly by-now old school tape he has, and a few DVDs...5 tapes for twenty bucks...could find that many to buy and like...attracted to a film called Bhaji on the Beach – box blurb said it was “super-intelligent”...some sort of romantic comedy involving Indian – Bombay, not Cherokee – women.
And also took notice of a tape featuring “unaware” (the word used on the box) sorority babes – taking, for example, showers, without knowing the camera was there. Hadn’t seen that merchandising angle before. I told the
PRETTY CITY #47 by Bester Langs (Page 2 of 4)
seller this seemed highly illegal, invasion-of-privacy-wise, and he figured the women signed releases after the filming to make it okay.
And desired a pair of rainbow sunglasses – the box said “Gucci” but it must’ve been a knock-off at 15 bucks per pair. Different color than the green-ish ones I’m sporting now, and the lenses were smaller and a different shape. Need a change in that department. But rustling up even 15 cents is a bit of a stretch these days. One of these days...
And paused for quite a while examining the goods of the fragrance vendor...studied the shapes of the bottles and the names, looking for just the right one to try on my wrists. The seller, a French man from Paris, took an interest in the notes I was constantly taking and I told him I wrote this blog...thought he thought I was some sort of undercover – way undercover - officer. Anyway, he indicated which of the testers contained the fragrances designed for males...there was one with a rather unusual dispensing mechanism and a name I could live with, so I chose that one. Told him I am an Aramis guy...availed myself of my utterly limited French and told him “au revoir” and moseyed along.
And a woman was selling new books – wanted a big hardcover called The Book of Rock – a quick perusal revealed that it was an A to Z compilation of photos and text about rock & roll. Spoke to the lady briefly, joked that, like, “Yeah, Z.Z. Top is the last entry!” Abba first – should be AC/DC...
And the final stop at the Artisan’s Market was at the woman selling plants growing in unusual containers – like on pieces of driftwood, in shoes. Beautiful items. She also had several Venus Fly Traps for 7 or 8 bucks a pop (or fly snap). I’ve got right now a potted pot plant in the works...not sure if my thumb’s green enough to make it happen, or if the sunlight is sufficient in my crib. Also saved watermelon seeds from a recent gift yellow-meat melon, and dried ‘em, to take to a friend in South San Francisco who’s got a proper backyard garden to give ‘em the space & sun to thrive.
PRETTY CITY #47 by Bester Langs (Page 3 of 4)
Then, back to the library, my temple...like I said, the Odd Fellows building is called a temple, right on the sign outside, but I must say my true temple is a library...so: it was nearly 11am this morning – had St. Anthony’s on my mind for a bite after blogging on my reserved computer...
On the way in through the northern entrance, paused at the racks of free literature and selected the SF Weekly – only for the Rob Brezsny “Free Will Astrology” column – got enough papers and collected articles that I don’t need to add more. But the high poetic tone of Brezsny is worth the attending to thereof...and so I pulled that section out only, folded it, slipped it into a pocket, and proceeded into the library.
And then up to the designated floor – sat in front of the terminal I’d been assigned – had 4 minutes and 22 seconds until it was on...and read the Brezsny column for my sign, Neon – that is, Scorpio...and read the Aquarius entry – mention made in that of current super-hot actress Jessica Alba related to a close encounter she had with a real shark during the filming of an upcoming movie. Got her recorded in The Sleeping Dictionary on my Comcast DVR – wasn’t aware she was in it until reading the programming listings – anything with her, I’m down like the town clown...she plays a Malaysian native dealing with a young British colonizer.
And continuing in the Brezsny, he mentioned Philip K. Dick in the Cancer listing related to the author’s idea of reality created through the manipulation of words. He would say that, being an author. (A new Dick-based flick, non-pornographic, that is, is due in a month or 2 – my eyes pretty much mainly on Winona Ryder as “Donna”...she’s listed rather far down in the cast list, so perhaps the part is not a major one. Googling reveals: it’s set in a paranoid world of a future Orange County wherein it seems every 2 Americans have been hired by the government to spy on the other 8. The anonymous summary writer says: “It is a cautionary tale of drug use based on Dick’s own experiences.” Might just hafta go to an actual movie theater to view this one, and I very rarely do that.
PRETTY CITY #47 by Bester Langs (Page 3 of 4)
And speaking of Winona Ryder, Reality Bites, Lucas, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula are all Comcast cable regulars...been attending to that last one a lot lately...again, anything with her in it, I’m down like the town clown...
And got the previous blog done well – as pleased as necessary with the continuous intensity and flow of the verbal consciousness and conscientiousness...felt like I’d gotten a lot done. Didn’t have the price of a copy, so I had to leave it to the free copies I could get where I am now, at the Computer Training Center on Eddy near Leavenworth...tho’ I have to admit I’ve already exceeded this week’s six page limit for freebies. But my buddy Yann, another French dude, who works there, won’t quibble about the dime cost of a page...especially since I can get four pages onto a single one, reduced, and double-sided, with the print still readable.
And boarding the elevator as I was getting on to go down to library ground level, out comes one of my Odd Fellow brothers – met him at an event once tho’ I’d forgotten his name. An unusual, distinctive-looking fellow – really genius in whatever he’s into, but perhaps a little socially/interactively...don’t wanna use the word “lacking”...think of a better word & fill in that blank yourselves. Good brother in the lodge,tho’.
And began the slightly limping march to St. Anthony’s, hoping that the line wasn’t long...passed through the artisan happening again to give that Parisian parfum dude my blog address – he wanted me to mention him, and done that I have...& eye caught by a big text, 10 bucks, called Ancient Healing, at the lady bookseller’s space – healing techniques of the ages.
And wondered if I should called Odd Fella Brutha Pete Sellars or just let sleeping Petes lie...was pondering that...had on my Ramones-slash-Tommy Chong jeans – like ones he wears in the 1990 comedy Far Out Man – knees exposed through the torn denim...tho’ th’ ass portion is not so shredded...
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PRETTY CITY #46 by Bester Langs

Compiling notes from yesterday to as close to now as time allows this hour on the free computer at the San Francisco Public Library.
Much praise to the Labour of Love ministry on Leavenworth near Eddy for the incredible food offering into the 'loin yesterday evening - was quite pleased and surprised with the bag containing 2 spinach salads (including feta cheese, kalamata olives, and "toy box" cherry tomatoes) and 3 free range turkey sandwiches on Acme bread (designated as "twinkle bread" on the label - Googling on this: the name means a small loaf of said bread). Also, an organic container of half and half...gave one of the salads and 1 of the sandwiches and the half and half to hotel friend Dave 'cause he likes his coffee, and enjoyably kept and devoured th' rest. Thanks for the labour, ministerial lovers!
And about half after 1 this morning, flying with hotel friend Barbara's cash to score her some alcohol, had a close and unpleasant encounter with 3 drunken Mexicans. Won't bother with the precise details, but your humble blogger may well have ended up stomped and stabbed on Leavenworth...managed to avoid that fate, narrowly, seems like. Perhaps I'll tell details later. One of the triple lovelies took exception to my drinking a can of beer in the Empire Market, where they themselves were buying cheap booze...could make this longer, but I've played it all over in the intervening hours and come to a conclusion or 2 which I may share with you at some time.
Then, an hour and a half after that ridiculous situation with the intoxicated beaners - I only use that word 'cause idiots like that deserve it - this is no disparaging comment against all those from south of the border, mind you - 90 minutes after that, 3am-ish, San Francisco time, was in the lobby of the hotel reading my biography of rock critic Lester Bangs called 'Let It Blurt'. Gonna read it all, apparently, and I rarely do that - well worth my time. Just getting into his sojourn with rock mag 'Creem'. And in the lobby as well, apart from the frequent ins-and-outs of the tenants, night guys Mike and Keith, ably manning the front desk. Both fine gents, absolutely and forever.
And Keith was kind enough to buy me a 'Sprite' from the lobby soda machine...and I turned him on to a Vanilla Fudge disc I'd taken from the library...he also let me look at a recent 'FHM'(or similar mag) from 3 years ago with Alyssa Milano on the cover and gracing inside photos. I still find her quite likeable, despite saying in the interview that she felt Grateful Dead songs went on too long. At least she mentions the guys. And she's fun and funny in the recent David Spade opus, 'Dickie Roberts'. And been watching 'Charmed' lately again, just for her. A cutie all-rootie.
Also making lobby appearances, residents Paula and Robert (who have rooms just off the lobby), and Patrick, buddy of mine, who sells stuff out in the neoned dark after midnight. Earlier, Patrick and I had sat in my room watching a Cheech & Chong flick ('Next Movie')...served him up some of the Chinese elixir, Shou Wu Chih - he really likes the stuff...and during our time together Odd Fellow brutha Pete Sellars phoned, said he had 2 cans of beer for me...Patrick was good enough to ride his bicycle down to the lodge to get these...the bag also contained incense, a deck of cards for an unusual game called 'Fluxx' that a friend and I had bought some while ago...and a paper shade for the bare light bulb in my room...and other goodies. Shared some of this with Patrick...included were some beads, perhaps from New Orleans - gave those to him and he immdiately put 'em around his neck - he really wants to go to that city sometime. And, gave him several of the incense sticks.
And earlier in the evening, buddy Milton had called before his anatomy class at City College...lugging around a coupla dozen pounds of text books is he...and he said one of 'em cost a hundred-and-40 bucks! Outrageous. He's planning to become a nurse. Good fella - bought us each 3 pints of Pabst Blue Ribbon during happy hour recently at Delirium there on 16th at Albion - fine establishment, recommended. Milton a bit downhearted...money not coming in like he'd like...facing homelessness - but he's been there before. Tried to give him the good and solid uplifting word. He was in L.A. working as a security guard for 3 of the years I was there, from '90 to '93, so we share that, as well as other things.
And this morning...maintenance guys at the hotel lugging trash cans up the stairs since the elevator is out of service - it's an old machine and prone to breakdown. The guys were working really hard - the one I talked to is in great shape - carrying those heavy cans up 5 flights without breathing hard!
And me in the lobby again with the Bangs book - DeRogatis is the author...Bobby on the front desk. Keith had returned the Vanilla Fudge disc and it was already in my mail slot...Bobby gave me a slight hassle when I asked if he would put the Bangs hardback bio in my slot for me to pick up later. He says something along the lines of questioning whether it would fit...Bobby, just, like, put the book in the slot and don't hassle me. He's an okay guy, tho'...loves his music, has a big collection...had on a tape or radio a Culture Club song...asked him if he liked that band - he did.
And then me outside to stand in front of the hotel - there were neighbor couple [name deleted] and [name deleted] from my floor, the 5th, with a coupla others I didn't know...he offered me a hit off his joint - told him it looked like a "Marley spliff"...plus, he has got really strong pot, so I took an ultra-lightweight toke...and he had on new sunglasses - Ray-Bans with a light red see-through tint - not mirror shades like I like and wear. We bandied a bit about the price of the thing - he figured they were about 80...possibly so. Told him mine were five bucks.
And lemme tell you, it wasn't too warm outside on Eddy this morning -reminded me of that Mark Twain quote: "The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco." (Googled on that to get it exactly right.)
And on my mind - 23 cents to achieve the lift-off Muni fare of 35 cents. Asked spliff man but he had none. And along comes buddy Naz up Eddy, back from breakfast at Glide - not just only, he told me, but eggs as well...we get along well, chatted a bit...recommended an idea he took to: he wants to put on weight and I told him of that body-builder weight gain powder you can get in huge cans that have 5 zillion calories per spoonful, plus all the vitamins and minerals you can shake a barbell at. He could really use that.
Then up to the room of Naz - the "Nazbah" he calls it - for coffee...and he turned on the director's cut of 'Blade Runner' he'd checked out from the library and we watched a few minutes of that until the tape screwed up. Naz had his room arranged nicely, better than the last time I saw it - he has a good touch at interior design. Plenty of rock & roll images on his walls - he's from Santa Cruz, and is a good musician.
Then a visit with the aforementioned Dave...he answered his phone "Fish store..." - good sense of humor has Dave - Naz as well. Can't say that about everyone I know. Dave had just gotten a new used TV from Odd Fellow brutha Pete Sellars, and has basic cable from Comcast, and is happy with that arrangement of media...he was watching some law series that I never watch. Then tuned in the great 'Married...With Children'...found that funny, I did...been seeing a whole lot of Christina Applegate in the highly-recommended 'The Sweetest Thing' - any reader of this blog will know how much I lu-uuu-uuu-uvvv that flick!
Then out of there after dumping Dave's trash - he needs a bit of help with some things - washed some dishes for him yesterday...then up to my room to score a coupla partially-used books of matches for cigarettes for Naz - like Dave, they are both avid buyers of the buck-and-a-half 'Midnight Special' tobacco. I can take cigarettes or leave 'em, but these 2 are in way deep, nicotine-wise. So got those books to Naz, who had taken a few prescribed pills when I'd been there a bit earlier and was now looking like he was nodding. (And - we had talked a bit about just what a "Jefferson airplane" is...he figured it was one of those roach clips with 2 metal prongs and a metal ring that slid up and down to tighten around a stick of pot...but I said it was, I thought, a simple paper match split in 2 and used for the same purpose of getting as much smoke out of a joint as possible, even when it was small...he had to agree with this - surprised he didn't know that...just Googled on it and I'm correct - at least on this.
And then out the door - needed that 23 cents for the bus ride to one-80 Otis and their free computers...noted possible new little pink fishes in the tank in the hotel lobby...reminded of that song about "little pink houses"...
Then towards Hyde for the walk down to the library and whatever if anything was happening at U.N. Plaza...walking towards me, homeless guy who sells stuff on the street...got good buys from him in days gone by - a purple shirt I've been wearing for days was from him - like it because of the double breast pockets - all my other shirts have a single pocket...plus, for a buck, a nifty ashtray with three holders for what's being smoked...good for a triumvirate situation. And gave this guy a pack of Big Red gum I'd gotten free at the Megastore. He, like others, was jonesing for a cigarette, but I had none to give.
And coming up Hyde, hotel case worker Terrance...we chatted a bit about my buddy Dave, who needs extra help. Terrance was doing what he could...I wanted a nurse practitioner to see the man, but Terrance said Dave didn't want one. I'm gonna accompany Dave in a week to the V.A. Hospital at Fort Miley out there by Ocean Beach. (And conveniently, after that, to the Odd Fellows bi-weekly meeting - been wanting to get Dave down there for a while - both he and Pete are former Marines, tho' of a different generation. I know they will have a mutually-agreeable fellowship, one that I can't share, being no leatherneck, but I'm glad to help facilitate this.)
And made a note to myself about 2 movies recorded in the early post-midnight hours this morning: the Bertolucci recent flick 'The Dreamers' (saw this with a friend a while back at the Embarcadero Cinema using free tickets), and 'Alice's Restaurant' (haven't seen this yet - hope it features the song "Coming Into Los Angeles"). Constantly must remove movies and whatever else from my digital video recorder's memory - only have 60 hours...but I don't mind this at all...don't need more memory, and don't need copies of 95% of what I see.
And further down Hyde, waiting at a red, students, many of them, taking in the cool morning air at the Hastings law school - between classes, I guess. More power to 'em - could never, ever get through law school. Just not my thing. I mean, I like law in general, but as a field of study I'd flunk.
And thought of a phrase while walking, a line of dialogue for something: "Been around th' ol' block a few times."
And into the library...am I sounding like ol' Samuel Pepys with this? Checked the electronic library catalog for my current patron information...2 items requested but not here yet (a collection of Lester Blogs pieces and a current edition of the classic 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' - a friend recently thought she was pregnant and that got me to wanting information about that subject). Also, got 17 items out now...the 6 music discs are a Cradle of Filth, a 'Dick's Picks' Dead collection (Tampa '73), a Joe Cocker compilation (his "Summer in the City" cover is fantabulousness itself), John Fogerty's recent 'Deja Vu All Over Again', Frank Zappa's 'We're Only In It For the Money' (his response to 'Sgt. Pepper', judging from the cover art - a weird and funny work)...and that Vanilla Fudge.
And then to the Artisan Market at United Nations Plaza after reserving the computer I'm using now...gonna end this here since I have just 9 minutes to proofread this before sending it out to y'all...

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