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http://www.terebess.hu/english/watts6.html “Houseboat Summit” with Leary, Snyder, Watts, Ginsberg.)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half_Asleep_in_Frog_Pajamas (Wikipedia for Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas, with Dogon reference.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnB_X_O9zyc (“Moonlight Feels Right” by Starbuck, with great visuals.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWvfqHgwuaQ (“Love to Burn”, by Cory Lee.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aSFoY3W3NM (To Sir With Love YouTube…the museum outing…)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nr1GSkztj9E (MJG – “Pimp Tight”…available today, April 29th, at Rasputin’s Powell, for one place.)

http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=3481 (Facts about “Jackie Blue” by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.)

http://www.steelydandictionary.com/ (Get some background and foreground info about tunes by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker and associates.)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BUtterfield_8 (Wikipedia information about Butterfield 8, the flick.)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Call_girl (Wikipedia entry discussing the concept of “call girl”.)

http://www.rtqe.net/ObliqueStrategies/OSintro.html (Discussion of Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies set of cards.)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frippertronics (The system of tape looping popularized by Robert Fripp and…http://www.toonopedia.com/mickyrat.htm (About the parody of Disney’s Mickey – t-shirt featuring the character worn in the early Seventies by a member of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. Still possibly available through www.lastgasp.com...)

Monday, April 28, 2008

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http://www.thecatgallery.com/black_cats.html (Black cat photographs.)

http://www.firstshowing.net/2007/05/18/william-gibsons-neuromancer-finally-coming-to-the-big-screen/ (News about Neuromancer movie, from 2007.)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackers_(anthology (“The street finds it own uses for things.” – quote from William Gibson’s short story Burning Chrome.)

http://cremesti.com/amalid/poetry/bukowski/index.htm (Charles Bukowski poems from his collection Love is a Dog from Hell.)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At_Fillmore_East (Wikipedia entry for the Allman Brothers live at the Fillmore East.)

http://blogs.guitarworld.com/metalkult/videos/genesis/ (Genesis P-Orridge interview – the “Exile from Britain” one features stuff about Leary, Winona Ryder, and her father Michael Horowitz, and how they provided a refuge for Genesis.)

http://www.quotationspage.com/quotes/Charles_Bukowski/ (Bukowski quotes.)

http://youtube.com/watch?v=3nm6WSxIfxg (2002 Asia Argento interview.)

www.gingkopress.com/_cata/_popk/captain1.htm (Nineties Bukowski diaries, with Robert Crumb illustrations.)

www.conjunctions.com/webcon/bowles.htm (A good match with the aforementioned Bukowski diaries – Paul Bowles published short entries about his life in Tangier.)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5R47TJ0Wek (“Jackie Blue” by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils.)

http://youtube.com/watch?v=c-nR0Kaint0 – Christina Applegate on a late night talk show promoting Samantha Who?

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Season_of_the_Witch (Wikipedia entry for Donovan’s song…reminded of it ‘cause it was used in an episode of Samantha Who?, perhaps the finest program EVER on TV.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FeyGTmw0I0 (YouTube for Laurie Anderson’s “Language is a Virus from Outer Space”, inspired by William Burroughs.)

http://www.interpc.fr/mapage/westernlands/sontag1.html (Part of a discussion involving Burroughs, Susan Sontag, Gerard Malanga of the Warhol crew, and biographer Victor Bockris.)

http://www.thepetpress-la.com/articles/capplegate.htm (You wanna know about the pets of Christina Applegate, don’t you? If not, what’s wrong with you?)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Method_acting (Wikipedia entry for the famous…uh…method of acting. Me, I believe I don’t subscribe to it. I subscribe to the Lee Marvin “Thursdays” school.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFwjD9wMeik (Performance of “Roll with the Changes” by REO Speedwagon…love the “Gentlemen, shall we attempt this one?” line…

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generalissimo_Francisco_Franco_is_still_dead (An explanation of the (somewhat) famous line by Chevy Chase on Saturday Night Live’s news…)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSJ_k49ITUY (Cheech & Chong’s “Sister Mary Elephant”…)

http://www.borderlands-books.com/about_ripley.html (About Ripley, the store cat at Borderlands Books in S.F.)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ul7X5js1vE (Stevie Wonder performing “Superstitition” on Sesame Street.)

www.technovelgy.com/ct/content.asp?Bnum=1293 (About the “Kuang Grade Mark Eleven Penetration Program” from William Gibson’s Neuromancer.)

Monday, April 21, 2008

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…yet more links to consider – personally, they can serve my purpose of creating a work of fiction I’m calling Slow Noon, and maybe they can serve you in entirely other ways:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California - hey, learn fun facts about the state you may be in!

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eight_Miles_High - facts about the Byrds song. Mentioned in Samantha Who? (The mother of lead character Samantha Newly, who comes in quite happy after going to bed with a guy for the first time, thinks her daughter’s “eight miles high” on some drug.) Also, looked this song up on YouTube, but it’s no longer there “due to terms of use violation”, whatever that means.

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bewitched - about the Sixties witchy TV show. See, Samantha Who? – Samantha, get it? Is that merely a coincidence that the names are the same? I for one wouldn’t mind seeing some witchy elements introduced into this new program. (And…this Wikipedia entry says the Sixties show was based on a satirical short story written by Norman Mailer early in his career. I didn’t know that.)

www.imdb.com/name/nm0706995/bio - a few biographical details for writer
William MacLeod Raine. An e-mail correspondent mentioned him, a new name to me. Apparently in the Zane Grey Westerns style, but before him. His books are hard to find, and costly, but likely worth the price.

www.montereymedia.com/music/rockin_at_the_red_dog.html - for a DVD about the Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City. Before the Haight and its music scene, there was this Nevada location, where the Dead, the Airplane, and other similar luminaries hung out and performed.

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turner_Classic_Movies - I switched off cable again, and even when I had it these past few months I didn’t pay extra for TCM, but in the past I’ve enjoyed much the programming, so I thought I’d include the link here. Here’s an interview with one of the hosts, Robert Osbourne: www.boxofficemojo.com/features/?id=2025&p=.htm.

And finally,
www.etymonline.com/. If you’re into words, this is a lot of fun. Wanted to see where “guzzle” came from, and it says it may be related to a French word for “the sound of drinking greedily”…

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…sorry for the inoperability of some of those links in that last posting. But the keywords are there if you wanna do the work yourself. Of course I’d like to make it as easy as possible for anyone in the realm of this site…but…had compiled the URLs in the last posting a few hours ago, got myself a little sleep, then back at it, so there was a disconnect in the compilation process. Anyway…back to more of the same, somewhat:

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purpose - an English teacher of mine this morning e-mailed me and asked what my purpose was. This led me to this Wikipedia entry, which is full of good information so that perhaps you can come up with your own answer. My purpose? To have no purpose. (No, not really, but the paradox is fun…the art of purpose without purpose.)

www.abc.com/fullepisodes/ - here there be complete episodes of the new ABC sitcom Samantha Who?, starring Christina Applegate. First time I’m watching full TV programs online, and am lu-u-u-vin’ ‘em. Have really begun being caught up in this.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=luobOzreRq4 – video for “Devil Inside” by INXS. Used in Samantha Who? (Hadn’t thought of that band for a while…I only know their top hits – “Need You Tonight” for one, a tune I like. And lead singer Hutchence, as I recall, was a ringer for Morrison. Tho’ he died under peculiar circumstances – auto-erotic strangulation?) Anyway, another reason for me to like this new program is this excellent choice of music.

www.laurelcanyon.org/ - for the Laurel Canyon Association, for those living in that part of Los Angeles. I’m planning a move back to L.A. – this area is probably out of my price range, but maybe I could arrange something, some live-in situation. Or I could just stay in a cheap hotel downtown and check the area out. I was in La La Land from early 1990 to late 1997, but never got over to Laurel Canyon. Supposedly very close to the Sunset Strip, but I so rarely ventured north of Hollywood Boulevard back then…

www.texday.biz/faq.php - am calling a main male character in Slow Noon, the fiction I’m writing, Dr. Agon Fly. Looked up that name on a search engine and this came up – there’s the SubGenius guy, so it’s related to all of that satire, the Church of the SubGenius. Relatable to Robert Anton Wilson – despite that “Anton”, NOT Satanist LaVey, I may need to add…

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

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…continuing from the last posting, here are a few more links I’d like to pass along, including: www.wolfgangsvault.com/Home.aspx
- was wanting to hear a specific Doobie Brothers song, “Neal’s Fandango”, and found just what I wanted at this site, from a 1975 S.N.A.C.K. benefit at Kezar Stadium. Had to do a short bit of signing up, but got to hear it all for free, no charge asked. You automatically get on their mailing list, but for me that’s a plus.

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weird - the Wikipedia “disambiguation page” for the word “weird”. (Hmmm…never noticed that “weird” and “word” are nearly the same…anyway…select “Wyrd” and that gets you to a discussion of an Old Norse and Old English concept comparable to “karma”.) And relatedly: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coven - discussion of what a coven is. Related to the word “convene”, for one thing, and “convent”. And: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pe9Fs10IIk0 – the trailer for Larry Blamire’s stupendously funny satire of Fifties science fiction movies, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. You MUST see this! And: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-4UL9_bZFQ – more stupendous humor, the truly classic Monty Python sketch involving Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, and James McNeill Whistler. Plus:
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_High_Priestess - discussion of the “High Priestess” card of the Tarot. A lot of deep stuff here. And:
www.loversguide.com/sex_positions.0.html - was looking for a site with photographs of sexual positions, and found this excellent one – passed over were ones that used wooden figures. Also, surprised at the arousing but still very educational clips of couples “in action”. Really recommended. You may have to look around and click-click-click but your efforts should be rewarded to your satisfaction.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdaM8mxEBtY – live Eagles from the mid-90s, “Get Over It”. Don Henley and his boys in fine form. And…
- brief history of the Mitchell Brothers Theatre. And:
www.annettehavenonline.com/ - a good place to start on “research” on this Seventies porn queen. (And…was surprised to find this, several minutes of a “vintage porn” scene featuring Haven, as explicit as it gets: www.fantasti.cc/videos/permalink/you_porn/Vintage_Porn-_Annette_Haven/105671/?&id=105671...). [NOTE: One or two of the above links don’t quite work – but you get the general shift drift gift…]

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

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…maybe a little something special for the twelve-hundredth posting of this, thirteen links I’d like you to consider:

www.williamgibsonbooks.com/blog/blog.asp (Novelist William Gibson’s own blog. Haven’t read this much, but there’s sure to be much greatness.)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOiG1hArSps&mode=related&search= (The classic Cheech & Chong “Dave’s Not Here” bit, with animation.)

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loa (Voodoo stuff...Gibson used some of this in his novels – spirits in computers.)

www.youtube.com/watch?v=hT_xrsjKN_Y (A short selection of Brandoisms from The Wild One. Crazy!)

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonah_Hex (About the Western comic book – I’m way, way more of a Marvel fan, but DC might’ve done okay on at least some issues in this series.)

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Unexpected (About another DC comic book line.)

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witching_hour (Another DC series. Wasn’t into it when they first came out, but the covers stood out on the stands.)

www.coverbrowser.com/covers/witching-hour (Check these out - pretty weird stuff alrighty – not necessarily a bad thing.)

www.fieldsbooks.com/cgi-bin/fields/events.html (For the S.F. bookstore.)

www.carlorossi.com/ (His Sangria is my choice.)

www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Charity (A favorite production for years. Christina Applegate on stage in a recent incarnation.)

www.stlyrics.com/songs/d/doobiebrothers1241.html (The words for “Neal’s Fandango”, one of my favorites in the fantastic Doobie Brothers catalog. Also, about the subject of the song: www.nealcassadyestate.com/...)

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…more random thoughts, and some not random, including: the Alive in America live Steely Dan from the mid-Nineties…liking “Sign in Stranger”, the opening lyrics: “Have you heard about the boom on Mizar 5?” – science fiction-y – Donald Fagen a fan of the form in his youth. The liner notes mention that it’s “proto-cyberpunk” (William Gibson a big fan of “the Dan”) – see
www.steelydan.com/inprint.html - click on “Alive and Kicking” then “quick read song notes” then scroll to the tenth for “Sign in Stranger” to get it in full…

…and…in the Stephen Davis bio of Jim Morrison – the man said at one point to have begun whispering like Brian Jones, who supposedly often spoke very softly to make an impression, to make people really listen. (Me, never into the Brian Jones thing, whatever it was. See
www.joujouka.net/2Legacy/14/brian-jones for material about what Jones did with the Jajouka musicians in Morocco – this links into William Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Paul Bowles, majoun eating, all that…)

…thank Heaven for little girls…the men don’t know what the little girls understand…was walking to the local Lafayette diner the other day and while crossing the street, a little girl being pushed in a stroller by her parents kept looking at me, turned away, then turned back to me. I walked next to the nice family unit and the girl looks up at me and says “Hi!” I’m very glad I deserved that in her eyes of innocence…

…guy I know, front desk man at the hotel I’m in, told me he saw me walking on the concrete sidewalk with my sandals in my hand. Didn’t remember that. Hmmm…had champagne to start that day, Dos Equis to the tune of a few bottles, Irish coffees. So that could’ve affected my memory. Well, I wasn’t staggering, anyway, I never stagger…

…and, even tho’ I’m drinking again after a six month layoff, am also eating better, a wise policy. Noted the ingestion of, recently, organic salad dressing, salmon, tofu, seaweed...

And was standing on the street with a friend who was drinking from an open can of alcohol – motorcycle officer comes up, my friend pours out the drink. But then the officer says she – the officer was a lady – wouldn’t have asked my friend to do that. But she cited my friend anyway. (Also, I asked the

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officer about the mud splattered on the front of her wheels. She said
something about having been down in the Bayview area or somewhere, maybe chasing a fleeing perp through wet dirt…)

…and…got an e-mail from a friend who’d asked what Lee Van Cleef had to do with “the here and now” – I had sent an e-mail about the actor. I responded that Van Cleef was in my mind, but probably not in his. Until he got the message, that is. And also, the here and now is in there and then cinema land when watching a movie – I had been thinking of the spaghetti Western bounty hunter Van Cleef played.

…Pamela Courson in mind recently due to the Morrison bio reading. Hard to find pictures of her on the Internet…but, wait – just found this:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6y0EO2yPYI – someone thought enough about her and Jimbo to gather pictures for a slide show and set them to “Love Street” by the Doors…yeah, these are the goods! A lot of snaps I’ve never seen before – Jim and Pam sharing fries during a happy moment, stuff like that. She – not to mention he – was a real beauty, looks like, movie star level. But was Meg Ryan the best choice to portray her in the Stone flick? Read she really didn’t care for Jim’s predilection for anal sex, tho’ – really, really didn’t care for that. Well, okay, now my curiosity about photos of Pamela Courson is satisfied. (Additionally, for Lizard King fans, there are other Morrison YouTube clips that may be of interest, including a ’64 chubby UCLA one, and more. These I’ll skip, and move on…)

…and…have Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? out from the library, in audio form. Tho’ the cover says “Blade Runner”, and has the poster for it on there also. Haven’t gotten all the way through yet, tho’ I will soon, or later. Not really for fans of the movie who want to recapture some of that experience, since the original novel is maybe only 10% the same as the flick. But it’s interesting for those of a certain scholarly inclination to compare the two. (Also…if Dick had used “electronic” instead of “electric”, the title would be perfect iambic pentameter. Dick not such a poet, methinks.)

And right now, have got a lot of William Gibson in audio format, including what I’ve been wanting to hear again for a long time, the complete reading of Neuromancer. Loaned me by a friend, including a necessary special MP3 player – looks like a regular portable CD unit, but with a difference…

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…then to the Union Square Borders. Noted David Hajdu’s The Ten-Cent Plague, a history of comic books. I’d just glance at this one myself, but it’d make a good gift for a buddy of mine.

And also there, for forty bucks, Common Wealth, by Jeffrey D. Sachs. For another friend – we’d seen Mr. (or Professor) Sachs on the Jon Stewart program and she expressed an interest.

…and my next note, about a reeking – in a pleasant sense – clump of marijuana buds given me by a guy I’d just met at the Gold Dust Lounge on Powell. I was drinking Irish coffees that morning, I believe. Well, got to talking with the fella, we had a good rapport, and he just up and discreetly passes me this bit of the herb. He said it was “Jack Herer” variety, named after the pot activist. So you’d figure it would be top-of-the-line in terms of potency. (I don’t think I had any of it – not in that habit just now – but passed parts along to two or three – and – well, yes, I did have some, mixed in with loose tobacco I had. The next day, my throat was irritated at the smoke – a reason I don’t indulge in the burning leaf thing…)

And was admiring the music in the Gold Dust – turns out it’s some satellite radio, and I was impressed with the quality of programming…

And…noted to myself that maybe should I buy a Mountain Dew stash can I saw at a shop on 7th near Market? (Meaning, a soda can that looks like the real thing but is in actually hollowed out, with a screw-on top, to store such things as an amount of fragrant marijuana that someone just hands you. Fifteen bucks. Could’ve done it then, not just now…but decided against that buy. Just because I have the cash doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll spend it.)

And noted then the recent purchase of a six dollar bottle of patchouli oil. Had been wanting a forty-to-fifty buck Aramis cologne from Macy’s, but this was a retro and cheaper choice that I could live with. From the Underground Shop on Market at 6th, well worth your patronage.

And noted the Ghirardelli store on Stockton – the upcoming May 11th Mother’s Day noted. San Francisco chocolate always a nice gift for that special lady…

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Then to the Virgin Megastore – bought Steely Dan’s Live in America, from the mid-Nineties, and it’s been on just about daily since then…

And…that day met a nice young man at the Gold Dust, said he was in the solar panel business. We exchanged e-mails, I gave him my phone number, and I took the time to put him onto my e-mail list, send him a message, but he never got back to me. Wanted some connection into that solar thing, and he seemed like a good guy, absolutely like a son to me. Also handed him a part of that marijuana gift, since he said he smoked it. Well, I tried. He was on his way to Berkeley, so maybe he got distracted.

Then to the Lush boutique on Powell. “Lady Marmalade” on the sound system. They’ve got expensive and very organic lotions and soaps. Got for a friend a ten dollar bottle of “Happy Hippy Mellow Yellow” hair and body gel, with a grapefruit fragrance. For “centralizing your aura”, it said, and that it was “Made by Audrey” on a certain specific date. Contains sodium laureth sulfate, which sounds like an awful lotta chemical syllables to me. My friend used to be a professional hair stylist, so I felt the gift was appropriate.

Then the next note, from the Lafayette diner on Hyde near Eddy, near the hotel I’m on – other things might’ve happened in between Lush and there, but I may have ran out of recording room. Or more likely, nothing of any moment happened. Paid two dollars for a can of Coke and a tip.

…and, also somewhat noteworthy, turned off Comcast cable. I get it for a few months, then stop, then start up again. Focusing now and happily so on audio books on CD from the library, and music. A DVD player could be obtained, but I may not go there either. So few movies I want to see…although there’s non-movie material out there as well. Just deemphasizing the visuals and looking out into the world, and not so much into the creations of the tube. But I’ll be back there at some time…

…and…random notes…speaking of audio books…highly recommended for at least some of you is the Stephen Davis biography of Jim Morrison – a monster at fifteen discs! I can hardly think a more ultimate statement about the man can be made. Gets into Jimbo’s infamous UCLA student film. He said it was “less a film than an essay on film.” He had ambitions to make flicks but it’s best for the universe he stuck to the poet thing…

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…various things on my mind recently, including: liked comment in a review of the Scorsese Stones flick Shine a Light, about how it’s “astonishing” to see Mick deliver “Start Me Up” as if it was the first time he ever performed it…

And Gimme Shelter was recently at the Clay in S.F., an actual midnight showing. (My Odd Fellow brother Pete says anyone seeing it will realize that the Hell’s Angels did the right thing when putting down gun-waving Meredith Baxter. Could be. And...Gimme Shelter’s a good companion piece to this new Scorsese. The serious-minded should really choose the Maysles Brothers classic if one had to pick one of the two…)

And Wishful Drinking, the Carrie Fisher one-woman show in Berkeley, just ended its run. I bet it was very funny. I’m a big fan of the woman’s books, especially Postcards from the Edge. See Wired – the Bob Woodward biography of John Belushi – for interesting details about Carrie’s younger, drug-taking days...

And speaking of drinking…was at the great Café Mason many times recently, and once even ordered their small bottle of champagne around 6am, when it was available for sale. Had to get some food with it, so went for, despite not wanting it, a sunny-side up egg, which I took to go and gave to someone on the street who looked like they really needed it.

That bottle of the bubbly, the size and shape, reminded me of this stuff called Dragon Brew I used to drink in Los Angeles in the Nineties – bought it at the Erewhon Market on Beverly Boulevard. I think it was a kombucha-based drink, with thirty-two Chinese herbs also mixed in. Used to be at Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco, but it’s been discontinued. Wouldn’t mind at all being back on Beverly, heading west toward the Fairfax intersection, then hoof it north to Melrose, as I did so many hundreds of times during my previous La La Land sojourn. Just checked plane flight prices – a mere thirty-nine steps – I mean, bucks - one-way at one source, cheaper than Greyhound…

And another thing about that champagne: the label said it was “elaborated” in France, Sausalito importer. Love that word, elaborated…and…noted to myself at the Café Mason that I could get used to being waited upon…but I

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www.starplane.blogspot.com sweetdango@hotmail.com

don’t always have the cash…and: I always leave a big tip for the cute young
Russian servers, nearly a hundred percent – usually I just buy a buck-95 Coke or coffee, a seventeen cent tax takes it up to two-12, and eighty-eight’s a tip if plastic is used, or a full paper dollar left with paper…

…and noteworthy…had cash a recent morning, having left the Café Mason. Guy hobbling along, looking like I should buy him breakfast. Went to a Lori’s Diner, one of the three in the area, and they wouldn’t allow him in. They said I was okay, but not him, and I told the supervising guy that if the both of us weren’t allowed in I certainly wouldn’t patronize them. I dislike Lori’s anyway – it’s a 24-hour establishment like the Café Mason, but I just don’t care for its ambiance. So out we go to find a place that would have him. (But this I say on behalf of Lori’s Diner: Donovan’s “Sunshine Superman” was on the box when this happened, so that’s a plus, I guess.)

…and…many galleries in that Powell Street area, for art. Paused to admire a phosphorescent Mexican marriage canvas.
www.gallery444.com/ - that’s the site for the place – maybe the canvas in question is in there, but not at the home page. (Okay, Valverde is the name of the artist, in case you’re interested. Tested my art recognition skills a bit there, clicking on names, seeing the canvases. The first two artists were obviously not the one I was thinking of, but the third time worked…)

…and was walking with this hobbling dude, we decided to get to a nearby Jack in the Box. I walked up ahead to get him something warm to eat, and a seat…got him a “Southwest Scrambled Combo”, which came with coffee and, as I recall, some potato side order…

And passing the Martin-Lawrence Gallery, noted a big sign for an art auction happening up on Nob Hill at the Stanford Court. RSVP’d by cell phone. An attraction would be Warhols. (Did get to this, to fulfill a genuine interest in some of the artists. Got myself a free Anchor Steam, was enjoying the artistic atmosphere. But then was hassled by a security guard who figured I couldn’t pay, oh, fifty grand for an Andy soup can – he was correct in that assumption – so I showed myself out. I might’ve seen about asking someone with more authority if it would be alright to hang around even if I weren’t buying, but it was no big thing anyway. I’d just heard about it that morning, hadn’t been waiting for it for months…)

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…and more about “White as Night”, a work of fiction. A first chapter could be called “Slow Noon”. Starts with Miss Arizona Winslow saying: “…at least it wasn’t shit.” Not sure what she’s referring to…this is a just general outline. And on second thought, “Slow Noon” is better as the main title, with “White as Night” for a chapter. “Slow Noon”, yeah, I like the sound of that.

I’d use “20th Century Fox” by the Doors in a movie version, as just one of the songs on a great, great soundtrack. Just paid, in real life, two bucks for a used disc – no liner notes, not the original jewel box, and the CD was scratched. But wanted to hear the song so gave the guy on the street that money. I usually pay only one dollar for such discs, but 1) as said, really wanted to hear the song again, and 2) knew the seller, so wanted to “turn him on”, as they used to say, to that extra cash. (Tho’ now it’s the 21st century…if the century number was changed, it would still scan okay…)

And another line for Miss Arizona Winslow: “…not like we love our freedom…” From “Help Me” by Joni Mitchell, from the Court and Spark album. Again, not sure of the context, but that’s easy enough to generate. And…glitter…for Dr. Agon Fly. He’d be into that a bit, on occasion.

And a line for him: “She’s pretty alright,” said Dr. Fly. “Pretty ugly.” And…another line of iambic pentameter:

This L.A. sunshine’s tested and approved –
assuredly the Frisco takers grooved.

This could refer to a possible plot element: the “sunshine” is LSD that was made in Los Angeles and “tested and approved” by some in San Francisco. “Slow Noon” would be set in L.A. Maybe the Laurel Canyon area. And there would be some sort of spaceship in the plot, called “The Metaphor”…

…and Dr. Agon Fly would use the “Lookin’ good!” Freddie Prinze the Senior catchphrase…and he’d really be into herbs – such as hoodia…and both he and Arizona would together consider out loud such things as Taco Bell’s use of “I Melt with You” by Modern English. Would they approve? Would they both okay the use of “Somebody to Love” as “Some Latte to Love” for Starbucks?

#1196 (2 of 2)
www.starplane.blogspot.com sweetdango@hotmail.com

And Dr. Fly would run a bookstore…she’d finance it, pay the rent, pay for
whatever he wants to stock. It’d be in a small space, maybe have a “By Appointment Only” sign in the window with a phone number – not Dr. Fly’s direct cell, but a second cell. There’d be a laptop computer in the place – called Indicate Books – after the Indica bookstore of London in the Sixties – a laptop so that Fly could conduct a lot of the book biz online.

And he’d stock not only certain books he and Arizona liked, but also incense, some non-perishable food – like raw soy sauce…and some music discs, like Creedence Clearwater compilations, Janis Joplin, Natasha Bedingfield, Guns ‘N Roses, and work from new indie bands, friends or acquaintances of his…also ethically-wildcrafted sundried kelp from Philo in Northern California, at eight-two-fifty per pound…

…also…kind of skipping around here…just found this article about Gore Vidal:
www.ihr.org/jhr/v14/v14n1p33_Vidal.html - have been listening to his Point to Point Navigation memoir on CD and he mentions something about someone “diverting the agora”, so I looked up that idea and got this article…agora, and the diversion thereof. Let me consider this…from the Greek, meaning “a gathering place”…

…and also exciting, Alex Gibney’s new movie about Hunter S. Thompson focusing, I’ve heard, on his years in San Francisco. Did a stint as the “night manager” of the Mitchell Brothers sex theater. Researching…the man has done a whole lot of work – never heard of him – produced a lot…also directed and wrote much…all or mostly all non-fiction, looks like…

…found an article about Mr. Gibney with a lot of info, which I here select from: he’s working on Magic Bus, about Ken Kesey...well…the Thompson flick will be shown at the upcoming San Francisco International Film Festival. This event’s nothing big to me. To be honest, I’d say that probably 95% of whatever’s showing I wouldn’t want to see even once. Not that the work isn’t fine and worthy of praise, but it’s not likely much will interest me. I’ve really lately been focusing not on the moving image but on mostly fiction audio books, and music…have got a VHS copy of Trinity is Still My Name –
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinity_Is_STILL_My_Name! - so that shows you where, regarding movies, my taste is. It’s “funny Sergio Leone”, I guess you could say, a sequel to 1971’s They Call Me Trinity…

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#1195 (1 of 2) www.starplane.blogspot.com sweetdango@hotmail.com

(Meredith Hunter, Altamont, Hell’s Angels…a friend and I are in disagreement about what happened to Hunter at Altamont. He’s completely down on the Angels and Sonny Barger, but I think that’s oversimplifying. The fortieth anniversary of the concert’s coming up in about a year and a half…)

…and also…have got a few notes and topics I’ve been wanting to amplify upon for a while. I’ve got unlimited computer time for the next few days, so I can really get a few pages out and clarify for myself what’s on my mind…such as: Joan Didion writing about Jim Morrison. I think there’s some of that in her famous The White Album. Also, I see online that there’s a 1968 Saturday Evening Post with an article by her called “Waiting for Morrison” (forty-two bucks, or a copy in somewhat worse shape for ten dollars less…)

Also about “Jimbo”: learned in the Stephen Davis biography that he’s featured in a film called “Lion’s Love” by one Agnes Varda. I’d find this interesting to see, tho’ I wouldn’t go out of my way to track it down. (Morrison and his interest in film, the subject of humor. Good thing he didn’t quit his day job.

Also: Olivier, how he disdained “the Method” style of acting. He also plays a character in an Eighties adaptation of the John Fowles book The Ebony Tower who disdains Cubism and Abstract Expressionism and champions a more realistic manner of depiction. “Larry” could do disdain...

www.myvega.com/main.asp has got a new food powder formulation that looks really good. Samples to be had at Rainbow Grocery in S.F. the other day, and I was sold. Includes only plant-based superfoods. I’ve started drinking again, Carlo Rossi Sangria and bottled microbrew beers, so if that’s the case I really need to watch my diet – meaning, if I feel like a bag of Classic Lay’s potato chips, I should use that dollar instead to buy potatoes and cook ‘em myself and add olive oil, some vegetable matter, raw soy sauce…

…was recently speaking with Dan Wininger of L.A.’s Amok Books – just called to check in on him. Began with a joke request along the lines of:

#1195 (2 of 2)
www.starplane.blogspot.com sweetdango@hotmail.com

“Hey, Dan! You got any dirty, filthy books? Preferably with little if any text
and a whole lotta filthy pictures?” So we chatted a bit…here’s a link to get connected:
www.komabookstore.com/order.html. He really got onto an anti-Scientology diatribe, which amused me. Been thinking of heading back to L.A., and seeing Dan again after ten years and checking out his literary goodies are one of several reasons for the move…

…the Nitecap bar on Hyde and O’Farrell in S.F. – not been in a while, but last time I checked there was Blood, Sweat and Tears on their jukebox, specifically “Sometimes in Winter”, and that’s a reason to go – cannot think of any other box in the city with that excellent band. (The tune’s on YouTube also, at
reminded of jukeboxes in San Francisco: old school ones being replaced by and by by the digital kind. Not entirely a good thing – digital songs are more expensive – two for a buck, I’d say, instead of three for a dollar. And there’s charm in them classic boxes. But there’s a wider selection of primo tuneage on the newer music machines…

www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0aH9SfbzyA – for Christina Applegate in a strip club from some movie or TV show. Is she a lucky little lady in the City of Night? Or just another lost angel?

…and…am beginning work on a bit of fiction, maybe a novel. Although I’m reminded of a quote by, I think, Jorge Luis Borges, about him never writing fiction longer than a short story because it wasn’t necessary, or something. Anyway…was recently inspired to write an iambic pentameter couplet to accompany the text and its characters:

Miss Arizona Winslow and her cat:
her feline’s black, and she is white as night.

Yeah, “White as Night”, the title. Maybe just a short story...and…actually, that’s not a couplet, or at least not a rhyming one. Blank verse…more difficult to write without rhyming, more…”mature”, even? Rappers do all they wild ‘n’ crazy rhymes, but John Milton eschewed it in Paradise Lost…yeah…so…Miss Winslow, her black cat, and a consort for her, named Dr. Agon Fly…

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Friday, April 18, 2008

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(Karnak the Magnificent by Johnny Carson.)

(“Tea Time Movie” by Johnny Carson.)

(Carol Wayne, Tea Time Movie, Carson, Gore Vidal, Slauson Cutoff…)

(“The Dirty Dozen”: “General Inspection”…Lee Marvin, Bronson…)

(Tribute to “The Magnificent Seven”…Elmer Bernstein…)

(“Generosity. That was my first mistake.” Eli Wallach.)

(Lulu, To Sir With Love…Poitier…the Mindbenders?)

(Mindbenders, It’s Getting Harder All the Time, To Sir, James Clavell.)

(Yardbirds, Antonioni, Blow-Up, Jimmy Page…)

(Diane Rovell, Marilyn Wilson, Spring.)

(Al Bundy, Nancy Priddy.)




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(Definition of the term “straight trippin’”…)

(Bruce Lee material that’s unique – interesting editing.)

(Specifically for the Sense/Net theft of the McCoy Pauley construct.)

(Study guide for William Gibson’s Neuromancer.)

(Neuromancer character.)

(Upcoming Neuromancer movie.)

(Beals, Flashdance, Irene Cara…)

(The movie version of the Irene Cara song – that previous link is an assortment of scenes from the flick, this is straight from the movie.)

(Marine Jahan, who body-doubled for Jennifer Beals in Flashdance – dance-doubled…uncredited was Marine Jahan…this doesn’t sit well with some…see also Sembello, Maniac…)

(Definition of the word “cabal”…)

(This is one to spend a whole lotta (love and) time on…I mention it here specifically for the definition of the word “hassle”, but there’s so much else…from “acid” to “yuppies”. No “Z” entry? I’d suggest Z.Z. Top, or Tim Leary’s “Zihuatanejo”…or…Zeppelin…or…)

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(Hapkido info – related to Tom Laughlin in Billy Jack.)

(Dim Mak death touch material.)

(Billy Jack movie info.)

(Arizona, Winslow, Wikipedia. See “Take It Easy”, the “standing on a corner” reference. Also, Miss Arizona Winslow, and Dr. Agon Fly – not the investment of money guy of the same name. See “White as Night”, if findable.)

(Jinx Dawson, of Coven – see “One Tin Soldier”. Witchcraft references…such as Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls, from 1969.)

(Fiona Horne, of Los Angeles, last I heard. Witchy woman. Available through the San Francisco Public Library.)

(Coven – the music band, Jinx Dawson singing lead.)

(Jeet Kune Do.)

(The “kick me” scene from Enter the Dragon.)

(“Sky High” by Jigsaw – see also Jimmy Wang Yu.)

(Jimmy Wang Yu – see also “5 Fingers of Death”.)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

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(Some sites I find of interest. There may be something here for you as well…)

(Steve Ditko – essay about him. The Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco had an excellent display of the original pages of a Spider-Man Sixties comic book art by him a while back. Some Ditko Dr. Strange I would have preferred much more, tho’.)

(Discussion of “ka”, the Egyptian soul idea. Am thinking of getting a cat, and calling her “Kaboodle” – “Ka” for short. Short-haired, black, female.)

(Frank Zappa cabin in Laurel Canyon. Plus click on “Canyon Cam” for nice photos of the scenic beauty of the area.)

(George Carlin quotes. Looked him up on the ‘net ‘cause I wanted to find a clip of him and his “Sears Roebuck” joke – he’s walking in a Sears and wondering, wide-eyed, apprehensive, what happened to Roebuck.)

(Robert Graves and “roebuck”. See “The White Goddess” by the man.)


(“Brandy” by Looking Glass. Seventies pop rock hardly gets much better than this. Check out the style on the lead singer, name of Elliot Lurie.)

(“More ass than a toilet seat.” in the Urban Dictionary. Thought of this because of the video for that Looking Glass tune, the look of the lead singer.)

(Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Captures a sense of some rock bands. I guess it’s satirizing Dr. John the Night Tripper, for one.)

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Monday, April 14, 2008

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by Al Tamont

“Stimulation? Thursdays. Motivation? Thursdays. Paydays. That's it. It's important not to think too much about what you do. You see, with my way of thinking there are always Thursdays -- no matter how the picture works out.” - Lee Marvin

“A cooze is a superficial, shallow, provincial, and generally ignorant girl, who is so intellectually and socially repulsive, that their only redeeming qualities come in the from of sex appeal. Thus, their only value to society comes in the form of their oozing, jizz filled vag. They often sluts, and are commonly considered the most contemptable, worthless wastes of life on the planet.” -From
And four other items to consider:

The Rachel in Moby Dick:
Lyrics for “Love Street”:http://www.lyricsfreak.com/d/doors/love+street_20042770.html
One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding by Robert Gover:http://www.robertgover.com/hundred_dollar.html
Background information on the Byrds:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Byrds

[Plus whatever else occurs to you.]

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Friday, April 11, 2008

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…various names and events…101 Music on Grant Avenue, for instance – in mind ‘cause a friend has a copy of a Miles Davis live record he wants appraised. Told him there was a good place to go – guy Tom up there’s one to see. (Just looked on eBay – starting bid for it is just nine-ninety-nine. I think my friend thinks it’s really valuable, worth hundreds, but I doubt it. But don’t want to burst his bubble. He also has a print of a drawing of Don Quixote by Picasso, and he also thinks it’s really valuable, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a common printing that’s not worth much. My amigo can continue to dream that impossible dream…

And…local band Parae’s soon playing up in Point Arena four hours north of San Francisco. Free beer. And the time is always 4:20 there, I’ve been told. I’m behind the boys in this band, but four hours in a car is perhaps too long a stretch for me, free beer and mucho Mary Jane notwithstanding. I’ve got their new double-disc set Meta Ambigue on my current stack of music…

Tibet stuff in the city this past week. I hardly paid attention, despite the presence of global media and many marching activists. Related to the Olympic torch in town. All these people so concerned about Tibet – how about Hunters Point, for one local place that needs attention. No need to go halfway around the world for a good cause.

…treated myself to a roast duck lunch plate and a Budweiser at the Lalita Thai place on McAllister and 7th. Hardly ever do that. Put it on my Bank of America plastic, which I’ve maxed out again to the five-hundred buck limit. I’m expecting my three-hundred stimulus payment next month, so that’ll help get that fiscal redness back near to the black. Took it as a good sign that Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” was on the sound system during my visit. Fine dining establishment, recommended.

Also, the Chew macrobiotic/organic once-a-week café is happening every Tuesday from noon to 2:30 on the 6th floor of the 26 7th Street Odd Fellows building. Aris is the head chef there, and he’s the one to go to for your dose of expertly-prepared macrobio meals. Wanted to buy but they didn’t take plastic. A previous visit I paid five dollars for an exceptional bowl of soup, with requested miso dolloped in. Plus a buck tip. If I’ve got the cash, I’ll spend it, and spend it well. Music of choice is fairly obscure, at least to me, jazz, so that adds a lot to the unique ambiance.

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…various subjects lately, including: recommending as before Michelle Green’s The Dream at the End of the World, about Paul Bowles and his life in Tangier. (Also, relatedly, William Burroughs – a pal of Bowles. A lot of interesting stuff online about Burroughs that you can search out yourself.)

And…was at Rite-Aid recently to pick up prescriptions for a friend who’s lacking mobility. And thought of a satirical name: Rong-Aid. Funny, right? (I’m a devoted Walgreen’s customer, and rarely go into Rite-Aid, but that’s where my friend could get his pill needs filled…)

And…a lot of stuff with Christina Applegate on YouTube – short clips from movies, for instance. Have been bitten by her media virus…saw a bit of her new sitcom, Samantha Who? But what got me was a free magazine at Rite-Aid with her on the cover, and a short article. I liked her a lot in The Sweetest Thing, for just one movie. Also, she’s a total knock-out in a bikini in that flight attendant one she did – that gets fifteen seconds on YouTube…and twelve seconds of a Married…With Children scene, jeans and a magenta bikini, bouncing her breasts, which are, in my estimation, spectacular…

…and…Jack Webb came to mind recently. See the “A Quirk in the Law” scene from Dragnet. Was wanting to see again his manner of speaking.

And…my new blog name is “Al Tamont”. It was “Fris Co” for a while. The Altamont 40th anniversary happening next year…just took out Sonny Barger’s autobiography, and have been looking up articles online about the ill-fated concert. Are the Angels totally to blame for what occurred?

And also on my mind this morning, for some reason, the Arlo Guthrie song “Coming Into Los Angeles”– the Woodstock performance is on YouTube. I like the rhyme of “Los Angeles” with “keys”…

And title for something: The Surrounding Community…

And…disconnected from Comcast cable again – guy came to get my box. I tend to watch the tube a lot for months, then stop, give it a rest. Saw a very “space age”-looking DVD player in a Radio Shack this morning, sixty bucks. Maybe I’ll go with that – I have people who can loan me movies…

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Monday, April 07, 2008

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Café Mason, small bottle/champagne, about 7, not inc. tax, tip, & after 6am.

YouTube – Church Lady – “…isn’t that special?”

Sanchez, variously…

Borders Union Square, 8am a Saturday – 2nd floor café.

Sunglasses – mirrorshades don’t seem the fashion these days.

Private Benjamin, Eileen Brennan smiling at Benjamin’s comment.

Stanford Court, art auction – me asked to leave – Warhol can, about 50K.

10th and Mission, club, with the General, probably a deal.

Ten buck shake…Danish…Gold Coast…New Village Café 7am.

KFRC 106.9 recommended by the General…Jim Croce.

Two bucks and a quarter, the Who, British Invasion, ’64, Illinois.

Wet Willie, “Keep On Smiling”…

“Wilderness Road”, Nazareth.

Missed 7am Sunday breakfast with the General at the Polk Street eatery.

Agnos, Alioto.

Jack Herer, that level of quality.

Virgin Megastore, ten bucks for Aja by Steely Dan.

Procul Harum said by the General to be “total professionals”.

Hubbard of Optisolar, to Canada – solar panels…

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2Lips bar on Market near Van Ness. Digital jukebox. Matt is a bartender.

RADCO – paying them down at a rate of 10 bucks a month, that’s the deal.

May graduation event for D. – coming to S.F. then in his new mobile home.

Stephen Davis Morrison biography on CD, out from the library, 15 discs!

Computer Training Center, Eddy near Leavenworth, daily except Sunday.

Main branch of the public library, an hour Internet/word processing a day.

SSI office on Valencia – need income read-out for California I.D. at DMV.

Soymilk, one-fifty, plus oatmeal, plus raw Rainbow cacao, blended.

“Calling Dr. Love”, by KISS, on the 2Lips jukebox.

Brother P. got me two Odd Fellows day planners, one for Sanchez.

Feinstein, Herb Caen, at Tommy’s Joynt. Turkey a la King for friend…

T.J.’s toilet – door lock needs fixing, and hook for jacket needed.

Gore Vidal, my friend J. And P.K.D. J. had two Samuel Adams pints.

Geary address, 2630, M, T, W. 1030am-4pm, for Muni card.

Rainbow, Sprint, for Sanchez – been knocking early on his door.

Cornerstone, Mission church, Sanchez Sundays – domingo, iglesia.

Shut off Comcast – saves me fifty bucks a month.

Steely Dan’s Aja at Rasputin’s on Powell for 6.99 only.

Corned beef to friend. I think he enjoyed it.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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4/1/2008 2:40 PM…skipped (at least for now) a twenty buck Walgreen’s purchase – a three-piece luggage set that caught my eye the other day. Didn’t have it at two locations on Powell I went to this morning.

But was at Rainbow Grocery and did the shopping thing to the tune of 55 clams, major for me. Including four packages of two dollar Triloka incense (30 for me, one a day for a month, plus another to give away without feeling deprived, ha ha ha…) Plus a five dollar fat candle, kelp, and more. (A twenty-five buck-ish container of wheatgrass powder major in that total.)

Also, at the library – ordered the Quincy Troupe Miles Davis life story, out in the Nineties. Read it back then upon recommendation – me, not a big jazz fan, but I appreciate the style of Miles. (Miles trivia question: “What’s his favorite word? Hint: Rhymes with “other trucker”…)

Also, at the Aces excellent bar up on…nine-nine-eight Sutter at Hyde. Brought a friend, we had Cokes, and I put four dollars into the fine jukebox for fourteen selections. Had a few beers back a ways when I was into drinking, but stayed away from the suds this morning, and will continue that.

Also, before that, or after…yeah, it was before…on the street, talking to another friend, then up comes a young woman with four cans of sardines and also many oyster cans. Gave her five bucks for the sardines, more than the actual buck-and-change per cost. She could get her fix of whatever. I don’t condone that, but in lieu of some sort of treatment I felt it was okay to do.

And today, the Metreon is hosting the Scorsese Stones flick Shine a Light at 7pm, in IMAX format. Went through the process of getting two free tickets, gave one away…but I may very well not go. Not if I have to stand in line for three hours beforehand. Out in theatres in three days.

And…to a market on Geary near Larkin – the Aces friend wanted chewing tobacco – Copenhagen, not Skoal – so I loaned him the nearly seven bucks for a small can, which he repaid me double later in the day.

And…to satisfying whatever curiosity is out there, here’s the list of songs I chose at Aces this morning: picked “The Wind” by Cat Stevens first, after a long study of the box – hadn’t been there in a while, not that many changes,

#1185 (2 of 2)
www.starplane.blogspot.com sweetdango@hotmail.com

but I looked and looked before making that first choice. But the machine
didn’t play it, and went instead to pick two, “The Wind Cries Mary”, by Jimi Hendrix.

Then…3: “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra. 4: the Dead’s “Sugar Magnolia” by Sublime, 5: “Emotional Rescue” (maybe not by the Stones – Stones on my mind due to the impending IMAX flick)…6: “Tumblin’ Dice”, still in Leo Mick/Keith mode…7: “He Ain’t Heavy…” by Neil Diamond, 8: “After the Gold Rush” by Scorpio Neil Young, 9: “Over the Hills and Far Away” by Led Zeppelin, 10: “Green River” by Creedence, 11: “Ashes to Ashes” by Bowie, 12: “Shattered” by the Stones, and 13: “Waiting on a Friend”. (Left the last pick for someone else – jukebox etiquette…)

And…Aramis, a fifty dollar spray bottle at one of the Union Square Macy’s – should I buy that? Nearly out of cologne…

And: Asian Art Museum free today – 1st Tuesday…and front desk man Walter at the hotel I’m in – mentioned this morning, among other things, the Jefferson Airplane/Starship. Got me thinking that maybe I should get some ‘80s something by the band…for “For Your Love”, for one beautiful song…

And…at the Chew macrobiotic organic café on the 6th floor of the 26 7th Street Odd Fellows building today – noon to half after two only on Tuesdays. Aris is the chef, and he knows his stuff, well-trained on the East Coast…a lady there had some ’64 jazz on – as said, I’m not so big into jazz, but it was appropriate. Paid five bucks for a great bowl of soup – requested a dollop of miso – left a buck tip. And also gave ‘em a ten-pack of the Triloka incense from Rainbow. That would add to the atmosphere for sure.

Learned that this lady and Aris are from Ithica, upstate New York…and I promoted the Odd Fellows a bit, said the group is into benevolence…they could be prospects for lodge membership, new blood…and had a Sonny Rollins article from the “Beyond Chron” news source I’d gotten this morning – left it since these Chew folks seem to be into the jazz thing…

And now, this done, out to get popcorn. Was at Walgreen’s to get a ten buck hot air popper, but I can do the job in my one lidded pot. Besides, I like the oil – I use olive oil. What for salt? Got raw soy sauce on hand just now…

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