Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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PRETTY CITY #24 by Eddy Hyde

This morning I scanned through today’s san Francisco bay guardian “ Best of” issue and here are the items which appealed to me just off the top of my head:

Lee houskeeper named as “best press agent in search of walter winchell and herb caen”. I know the man – just left a message on his machine this morning, congratulating him for this honoring. A GOOD MAN.

“best place to forgive the ahi tuna tartare invasioN’ – andalu, up there in the mission at 16th and guerrero. Recommended if you have got the bucks – once, when I had greater cash in my pocket than now, bought 3 costly glasses of port for 2 friends – this was about 50 bucks, TIP INCLUDED. Good atmosphere, but not for the penniless – but you can get a menu for free and dream a little dream.

“best pickle barrel” is tommy’s joynt – a classic of san Francisco – again, fine atmosphere – try the irish coffee. Sure, you can make it cheaper at home or on the street, but the vibe in the place is worth it. CHEAP AND HEARTY FOOD ALSO.

“best room for a cheap affair” – beach motel, 4211 judah, hard by the pacific ocean…(415) 681-6618…also: “best first date café” is papa toby’s revolution café there in hayes valley…been there, had a glass of wine a time or three with a fine lady friend who is remaining nameless, by her choice.

“best place for late-night breakfast after a long night of gumshoeing (or just drinking)” – the pinecrest at 401 geary…open 24 hours, So, to some extent at least, this pretty city is one that never sleeps.




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Monday, July 25, 2005

7/25/2005 2:48:59 PM

...back to the usual from this: The Sweetest Thing lyrics via Google...the Electric Light Orchestra's "State of Mind" is included in that song list from that very excellent flick. The Association's "Cherish" is featured as well...and: Rupert Holmes, "Escape" – with that pina colada reference...an extremely good and surprising selection of musical numbers.

And, so, the movie in question is highly recommended. It withstands my intensest scrutiny, and those of others I know as well, so there you have it.

And: I guess "Rough Justice" is the name of the new one from the Rolling Stones. Looking forward to that.

PRETTY CITY #23 by Eddy Hyde

And speaking of the Stones, have got a library disc out by them – a collection of greatest hits. But it doesn't include two I wanna hear from them: "Shattered", and "Dead Flowers". I know that first one is on the box at the Brown Jug at Eddy and Hyde. Went there at nearly two a.m. this morn but was turned away by the lady bartender for no good reason...gotta go in the early morning, 6am-ish. That's the hour I visited that place the last time...and was well-received. But I can't really blame that lady for turning me away.

And: "Streets of Love" is also due (or happening now) from the Stones.

So: I've got plenty of notes to set down here, but I am working a lot with simple pen and paper and don't feel such an urge to typety-type-type in this way...so get back to me, back to where you once belonged...

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

PRETTY CITY #22 by Eddy Hyde

The font used here, in the hard copy version, is “New Century Schoolbook”…altho’, like, let us say, Brautigan, we might prefer the Bauhaus font available on some of the Bill Gates versions…that other Scorpio, Ted Turner, that gangster of something…guess he might be into the love thing…let alone the “luv” thing…but let us get back to where we once belonged, ha ha ha…

One page will do it for now…let us examine the contents of my pockets:

1) A Pink disc secured for a mere buck on Hyde not a half hour ago…”Most Girls” is the featured track…I’m a big Pink fan…Britney is just fine and dandy, but this Philly “cheese” stake…that is “stake”, not “steak” – this Philly creamy fine cheese is…you fill in the dots after the three…please Google on “Robert Graves” – it would save us all a whole lotta love…but seriously…this one dollar Hyde Street item – four tracks on it..listen to this old or new smuggler – blues like Glenn Frey never experienced, I must say…four trax – three versions of “Most Girls”…looks like it was used in a movie…Pink was featured in that second Drew-Lucy-Cameron Hollywood opus…let us get serious and Sirius here…the third track if “There You Go” – wanna here and hear that…”Sovereign Mix”…I tell you, that Pink has experienced, as they say, mo’ mo’ mo’ than Britney and who-evah…but let us continue…

2) From the main San Francisco library, from the north side entrance, a Harbin Hot Springs catalogue…please take advantage of Google and research this, my more fiends…thank you very much.

3) That Harbin catalogue is covering up – due to possible library security – two bottles of Ancient Age…I mean, rather, a bottle of partially-filled Ancient Age whiskey, plus another with that whiskey plus, mixed in, some Hayward “tiki” fruit punch…I don’t care for my Kentucky whiskey too straight – tho’ I am, sexually, as straight as they come, so to speak. But if your preference is to whatever, then, well, let it flow, or be, or one of those.

4) And there is more to come: from San Rafael, a peculiar smoking blend – Google on this name: “Demonilia”…”psychotropic” is a keyword for this…picked this up some while ago – never mind how long ago precisely – in San Rafael, at the Dead-affiliated Mighty Quinn smoke shop – worth the Golden Gate Transit ride up there…stop in Sausalito as well, please…Google on all these – as close as yer nearest friendly neighborhood keyboard via th’ Internet.

So that is about it for this page…could extrapolate, mathematics-wise, for a while, but this is plenty 2 consider, all y’all who groove to this move…like Dagwood says, call us…

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PRETTY CITY #21 by Eddy Hyde

And the processing of my notes continues:

Found a penny on the ground yesterday – from two-thousand-and-three. Just 64 cents short of a can of Hamm’s now, Tenderloin prices.

Found on the ground also, a menu from the newly-opened Brooklyn Pizza. Ordered a “San Francisco Special” pizza from them once, and found it quite worthy. Go go for a large one to share right here and right now.

Chatted a bit with a friend yesterday who is doing just fine on Paxil. Thing is, he doesn’t do alcohol anymore, since it affects the good results he’s getting from that psychiatric medication. Unfortunate, since he and I have had many a good time watching movies while drunk and commenting, often rudely. He had friends over and watched Bad Santa, which he recommends. I can’t tell you how infrequently he praises a movie, so that one is one to go out and secure at all costs.

Since I have only 60 hours of memory on my Comcast-provided DVR, I periodically have to delete material to make room for the new. This I did to the recent remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which features the very lovely Jessica Biel. What she does with a pair of skintight jeans is a glorious wonder to behold. Now that is what I call cinema, my friends.

Yesterday borrowed an Eagles best of disc from the library – “Witchy Woman” is one of the two tunes I am focusing on…that one and “One of These Nights”. (Thought of some line for something: “…one of these nights in white satin, doll…” – I’d like Jessica Biel to have that said to her in her next movie.) And I recall a Seinfeld episode making mention of that first Eagles song – Elaine is dating a guy who is overly-interested in “Desperado”, and Jerry riffs on “Witchy Woman”.

Phrase heard yesterday down the block from me, when I was standing in front of the Jefferson Hotel: “Stupid mothafuckah! I’m gonna kill you!” Guy was standing outside the locked gate of the hotel next to the

PRETTY CITY #21 by Eddy Hyde (Page 2 of 6)

Jefferson, yelling at some guy inside. Street drama.

And a film idea, or one for a novel: the receiving of a small package from Switzerland.

And wanna mention again Chyler Leigh…see previous blog for comments about her. What has she done lately? Would not wanna see her waste her acting skills.

And idea for something: space cowgirls. Several actresses, getting work for them.

Comment yesterday from Jefferson front desk day man Walter, about how “fundamentalist Christians” were bringing around free groceries. Funny how he specifically labeled them like that. Walter is always good for the humorous and intelligent phrase.

I am prone to Berkeley flashbacks – lived there in the late Seventies and early Eighties.

Thought of a motto: “Mello Mofo” – hotel neighbor Barbara often uses that word, “mofo”. She’s a hippie back from the Sixties.

Barbara and I watched Welcome to the Dollhouse together yesterday, as we enjoyed some of the vodka that Odd Fellow brother Pete Sellars had given me. She’s a bit of a film freak, and we had a good time.

Name for San Francisco: Zoom City.

Learned that Barbara once interned and volunteered at the Precita Eyes mural place in the Mission, which I found interesting. She spent some of her youth in that area of town as well. I believe she’s originally from up in Northern California, and coastal…near Eureka, I think.

PRETTY CITY #21 by Eddy Hyde (Page 3 of 6)

Thought of the band Pansy Division yesterday during that viewing with Barbara of Welcome to the Dollhouse…

Spent some while with neighbor Edward S. yesterday…he had a catalogue from Cable Car Clothiers – he loved the stuff in it far, far more than I did…he’s got a use for fancy clothes, expensive hats, walking canes. I could use one of the cuticle scissors featured…the one I bought in New Orleans a while back broke, and my nose hairs sometimes need attending to. Thought you wanted to know.

Edward related a story about having a problem with our mutual acquaintance Patrick, this over a pen. They are somewhat at loggerheads – won’t go into it now. It’s their problem, don’t wanna get involved.

Thought about McLuhan yesterday – gotta look into his work. Something Edward said brought the man up in my mind. Edward could use a long look into McLuhan, but noooooo…..

Something in how I moved past a guy I didn’t know on the street made him think of me splitting his skull – I think those were his words. Peculiar – it’s him, not me, that’s got the problem. Didn’t have that on my mind…me, to paraphrase the song? Just waiting on a maid…

Guy on Hyde asked me the direction to Original Joe’s – he was a few blocks west of it, and I told him so, but he didn’t believe me. I just shrugged and kept on walking. Never been there – Brother Pete of the Odd Fellows apparently gets food free there. Wouldn’t mind going at some point – a classic of this pretty city, I’ve heard.

And on Hyde, heading to the library, found a buck-29 container of lard, from Omaha. Took a thumbnail sample of it – almost no taste. Was thinking of picking it up, but tend to avoid the animal products, and manteca is about as intense a representative of that category as anything in this world.

PRETTY CITY #21 by Eddy Hyde (Page 4 of 6)

Earlier, had given hotel neighbor Stan a Christmas music cassette Pete had given me, among many others – a Debbie Gibson from 1990, two live Judas Priest tapes, and many more – and also gave Stan a small Styrofoam cup of some of that vodka from Pete. A little holiday cheer.

In the library, did some searching on Crowley…there are several titles of his held in reserve, for library use only…took down the numbers for 3, will look into those by and by. And checked into the Castaneda holdings as well, and withdrew a very recent one by Amy Wallace (daughter of novelist Irving) – apparently she was a student of Castaneda’s, and this is her chronicle of life with the guy.

Then to the Odd Fellows building, met with Bonnie and Pete…learned about trouble on the street involving Alex – won’t get into it here. Am lending my support to him – he’s a good, strong guy who, it seems, did the right thing, tho’ others disagree. More on this later.

Also at the lodge, there was Brother Sami – hadn’t seen him in a while. Quite placed in the organization is he…he was glad to see me. He’s a dedicated reader of this here blog – hello to you, Sami! Hope you are grooving to this moving text!

Pete tells me that he and Bonnie are watching the director’s cut on DVD of Blade Runner - for my money, the best science fiction movie of the last 25 years. The upcoming A Scanner Darkly is not likely to compare,despite the presence of the dreamy, darling, desired, delectable Winona.

Back from the lodge, up Leavenworth, saw a small doll in the window of the Viet Hoa store that I wanna get for hotel friend Dave – a “Jackie the Teen”, Barbie-like, with green hair. Dave has got a little doll that he likes for some reason – reminds him of his child, maybe. Anyway, Jackie is more of a state of the art model…very happening now.

PRETTY CITY #21 by Eddy Hyde (Page 5 of 6)

Also, in the lodge office, downloaded and printed out 3 copies (one for me, and one each for Bonnie and Pete) of material related to Crowley, the Golden Dawn, Thelema, and Chaos Magic. There’s a Thelema presence in the lodge some nights, Pete tells me. I’m more of a Golden Dawn guy, I think.

And in the office, had my music box – had to go back to the Jefferson to get it, it was that worth it to me – had my box, scanned the FM for appropriate music – that included Thomas Dolby’s “She Blinded Me With Science” – Pete was very familiar with that tune, but it was, I believe, new to Bonnie. Also relevant: “Walk on the Wild Side”. (Pete told me to turn that one down.)

And there was some Alanis as well chosen by me – I think it was “Ironic”…and: looked up some Internet material on David Icke, recommended for study by whoever is reading this.

And played as well, and enjoyed by Pete, the Elton John version of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”.

And as well: Starbuck’s “Moonlight Feels Right” – one-hit wonder tune, but a very good one indeed. Pete said it was from the summer of ’76, and I think he’s right.

And this morning: played one of the cassettes Pete had given me, that Debbie Gibson one – good high energy music…can hear the influence on Britney Spears, who musta been listening to Gibson when she was around ten years old.

And looked through that Crowley print-out…put a picture of the guy into the mural I’m constructing.

And outside the hotel – there was neighbor Mario in his wheelchair, and manager Brian Samuel, who had to endure an entire night shift because one of the regular guys called in sick. We discussed various topics, including Comcast, and movies in general, and music.

PRETTY CITY #21 by Eddy Hyde (Page 6 of 6)

Brian said he’d seen a preview of Four Brothers last night – turns out Nic had given him a pass – I’d turned Nic on to two passes, and he had passed them on. And I had originally gotten them from Brother Pete. Anyway, Brian gave the flick a very high thumbs up…said there was a good soundtrack with Seventies classics featured – sounds fine to me.

And in The Chronicle this morning, Garchik mention of Beck at Pancho Villa on 16th near Valencia last night.

And watched a bit of Alicia Silvestone in The Babysitter – another of my favorites is she. Was getting turned on by a brief glimpse of her thigh while she was “making out” with her boyfriend. She’s a real cutie, alrighty. Heard she spends a whole lot of time not eating meat – good for her.

And went around a block this morning, looking for 34 cents to catch the bus to get here to one-eighty Otis to type this out. Found not a cent, despite keeping my eyes tightly on the prize – that ground, that is.

And back in the Jefferson, in the lobby – there are 2 seats there, and a table…baked goods had been brought in, and I had a blueberry muffin. I got miffed that one of the hotel residents took it upon himself to snag 3, count ‘em, 3 pastries! Made me think he was some sort of utter pig. Plus, he was muttering something incoherent, the swine.

And: helped hotel maintenance guy Thai on the 2nd floor – he needed a witness to enter a room to fix something, and I played that part…and he also answered my request for 35 cents bus far with two quarters, which is how I was able to get here to do this for you.

And: to make this short…at the library this morning before being here…guy outside was playing his radio and it took me a while to name of the Billy Idol song – “Eyes Without a Face”. Then a Muni ride, then this, y’all…

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

PRETTY CITY #20 by Eddy Hyde

Was at the Farmers' Market there at United Nations Plaza this morning – no money to buy, but there were samples free to be had. From Petaluma, maybe an hour north of this city, a small spoonful of a sweet cream cheese called Quark, from the Spring Hill Cheese Company. And after, a slice of Sacramento peach, then a cling peach piece ("Almost like a mango." said the sign)…and a single tiny grape to top it all off.

Thereafter, walked up Hyde back towards the Jefferson Hotel. Found a copy of the SF Weekly and perused my Scorpio listing in the Rob Brezsny Free Will Astrology column. Didn't quite resonate with me as his words usually do – best thing in that paper.

Then, up Hyde, was behind a cute enough rock 'n' roll young blonde girl. Liked her look, but it seemed like she needed dance training, this by her pelvic movement. And then briefly into the Tenderloin Housing Clinic to say hello to big man there Nate, who's got his hands quite full at that job. Real good man.

Then again briefly into the Faithful Fools copy shop to see what was posted on their bulletin board – an article by Bo and Sita Lozoff, founders of the Human Kindness Foundation, called "Simple Living, Simple Joy" – looks really worthy of attention.

Then into the hotel…new person met there, one Ali, smart young lady, with an SRO (Single Room Occupancy – a hotel designation) client information survey she was wanting tenants to fill out. Did it – enticed I am by the prize for a lucky winner, a fifteen buck gift certificate at Walgreen's – could sure use that well.

And hotel neighbor Karl was there as well, talking with this Ali – I was wanting to call her, jokingly, AH-li, as in Muhammad, tho' she pronounced it as in Ali McGraw. So the three of us chatted…turns out Karl worked once upon a time as a security guard at Serramonte, the mall of my teenaged years, before his contract was bought out by I. Magnin, his next employer.

Then out to St. Anthony's for lunch, but the line was longer than John Holmes on Viagra. Decided to visit Odd Fellow brother Pete Sellars at the 7th and Market lodge…down Market – noted a big and unique poster for the San Francisco Arts Commission featuring a '06 Fire-era female Chinatown pickpocket. Near the lodge, a weed seller plied his wares, but I didn't have even a penny, much less one thin dime.

And then, and then: into the lodge – Alex on the elevator – Pete was in the house, got taken up to him in his new temporary office on the 6th floor…had in mind a handwritten letter related to roof repairs that Pete wanted me to type up – payment 20 bucks…so chatted a while with the busy man…he turned me on to a portion, a goodly portion, of a bottle of vodka and/or gin, from the Apollo Lodge stash…then out the door, to St. A's again…got that drink, so better eat…"Chef's Choice" offered – had to wait about 20 minutes…ate my portion, & snagged 2 extra raviolis from a discarded tray from a surprised and cute young blonde volunteer…then out of there, to here.

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PRETTY CITY #19 by Eddy Hyde

“Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.” Well, the clothes I’m wearing
are hardly new, but different since I tend to wear the same clothes for days and weeks on end, ha ha ha.

18) In The Examiner this morning, glanced through and found 2 good items: Jessica Alba is not at all averse to casual sex, pre-martial hijinks; and Charlize Theron is continuing to work on the film version of the animated female futuristic spy series Aeon Flux.

19) Visited hotel friend Dave – he made me instant coffee…he showed me a miniature deck of playing cards he’d found. I went through ‘em to find any missing ones – turns out the queen of clubs was not there. We used one of the jokers as a replacement…I hand-marked it with the proper symbol.

20) And Dave had on the KRON news – noted with surprise the misspelling of “Novato” related to the Renaissance Faire…”Navato” was on the screen. Hard to get good proofreaders these days, I reckon.

21) Then to the library – walked with Dave in his walker down Hyde – he was on his way to an appointment at the VA office on Duboce at Mission. I veered off to the library – ordered a book or two on the tarot…and selected a 5th Dimension best of disc and an Eagles collection to take away – wanna hear “Witchy Woman” and “One of These Nights”.

22) Reserved a computer – and had 45 minutes to wait…picked up the San Francisco Longshoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer book The True Believer, about fanaticism through the ages, which I’d special ordered…glanced through it…too much to read, and I put it in the outside return box. Ordered three books of Hoffer aphorisms instead.

23) Quotes from the cover about Hoffer, his “Machiavellian detachment” – lovely phrase. Also, he’s said to be quite the handy one with the “wry epigram and icy aphorism”.

24) Up to the 5th floor to check on where my reserved computer was…paused at the glass case with the Herb Caen tiny Royal manual typewriter and samples of his work.

25) Got it into my head to search a topic in Rolling Stone…not accustomed to magazine look-ups, took a while, and with librarian assistance, to get where I wanted…a copy from 1991…a David Wild interview…liked his phrase “relaxed Bohemian feel”. [So there you have it for this time ‘round…y’all come back now…be sure to call before you show up…]

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PRETTY CITY #18 by Eddy Hyde

heartily agree. Early in Hannah’s career, very close to the time of her superstar turn as Pris in Blade Runner.

10) Also watched, very briefly: Paycheck, a Philip K. Dick-inspired science fiction film…didn’t get turned on by it, despite the presence of the remarkable Uma. Reminded me in part of the far, far better Simone, with the even more remarkable Winona. And Affleck is no Pacino, never will be.

11) Uma note: her mother had been married to Dr. Tim Leary before she hooked up with Tibetan Buddhism scholar Robert Thurman. A little countercultural history.

12) And from this morning – up around 5am-ish, turned on the tube…watched the news for the first time in a while – mostly it’s movies and some cable series for yours truly. NOW protestors at City Hall here in our pretty city. Turned that off, turned on shagadelic Cameron Diaz in Very Bad Things. Just saw this pretty recently and didn’t get into it…maybe again in a few months. Jon Favreau stars…he’s hosting the watchable Dinner for Five on IFC these days. Has quite established himself in Hollywood – a heavyweight (in more ways than one).

13) Also this morning – had recorded Red Shoe Diaries on Showtime, gave that a glance. Yeah, it’s the Zalman King production from the early Nineties, not new episodes. Pretty tame, the episode I saw, compared with the softcore heat of, say, Passion Cove; no penis visuals, no penetration, of course no ejaculation in that current Cinemax offering, hardly any female pubic hair, but it’s still really hot, can get me going…certainly it’s my favorite in the category of current cable sex shows – the writing is darn good, the actresses are natural-looking – generally no fake boobs, which I just don’t care for.

14) Line for something I thought of this morning: “It pays to distance oneself’s from reprehensible nutcakes.” (No shortage of that creature in the Tenderloin, lemme tell ya.)

15) And this morning: showered, and shaved, that for the first time in months – kinda odd being clean shaven. The hair removal to the tune of the San Francisco Public Library copy of a live Leo Sayer in London disc – “You Make Me Feeling Like Dancing” is an especially-favored track.

16) Went downstairs at the hotel – night man Mike still on duty…one of the other tenants, a guy called “L.A.”, was nearly ranting about the sighting of the Loch Ness Monster in San Francisco Bay recently. The guy can speed rap – harmless, tho’ vehement.

17) Spoke with Mike a bit…he offered me an American Spirit cigarette…and he commented on my somewhat new attire – a black jeans jacket I’d groundscored in the
Mission some months ago being prominent…and I thought of the Thoreau quote:

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PRETTY CITY #17 by Eddy Hyde

1) Comcast viewing last night: Killing Me Softly. Am making my way through the excellent and extensive Heather Graham filmography, and this one is pretty new to me – from a coupla years back, filmed in England. Peculiar asphyxiation scene with the male lead…pushing those ol’ sexual boundaries, Heather is prone to do. Very fun actress, and funny…really one of my favorites, absolutely.

2) Got a call from Jefferson Hotel neighbor Robert, who said he’d gotten a call from a relative who was sending him a check soon – so I’ll get my 3 bucks back very shortly that I’d loaned him. Could use it – that buys an Ancient Age and 3 instant noodles, Tenderloin prices. High finance.

3) Watched part of 2001’s Not Another Teen Movie as well last night, and much fun it is! Chyler Leigh is already an apple of my eye, and a mango as well…worth the buying of the DVD thereof, I must say. Gotta get around to doing some Google-ing on her, get those details that I find fascinating.

4) And about that movie just mentioned: use of Spandau Ballet’s “True” – didn’t care for the scene, but the song is ab fab. Used also, as you probably know, in the first Charlie’s Angels. (Third in that series in the works, I believe.)

5) Am looking at Reality Bites much these days – love the scene where the Winona character is at a gas station using her father’s credit card to get cash…looking cute as everything nice in red-tag Levi’s – an ass to just die for…and that birthmark on the side of her neck – I’m melting! Help me, I know I’m falling!

6) Also viewed: Inside the Actors Studio, James Lipton interviewing former Mr. Winona, Johnny Depp. Interesting anecdote about being on Melrose Avenue with pal Nick Cage, deciding to act due to Cage’s encouragement after doing the musician thing pretty seriously. Recall Depp in that first Nightmare on Elm Street, being sucked into the bed…saw this in the late Eighties, in Pacifica, when I was living out there.

7) Knock on my hotel door late – loud, aggressive…sounded like someone I just didn’t wanna see. Got my cell number on the door – they gotta blow 50 cents to call me. Some I don’t care to see – spend the 2 quarters, why dontcha?

8) This noted: Bali Shag brand tobacco rolled up by my man Depp during the interview. Bought some of that myself recently at the now sadly-departed Marquard’s newsstand on Powell Street. Seems we have similar tastes.

9) Also viewed: part of the early Eighties Daryl Hannah opus Summer Lovers. The Comcast listing says it features “stunning cinematography” of Grecian isles, and I

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

PRETTY CITY #16 by Eddy Hyde

And more from today’s Comcast viewing:

Am keeping Reality Bites in my 60-hour memory on my DVR upgrade that I’m paying ten bucks more a month for…plenty of room to save those highly-desired visuals. In the background in one scene, Dave Pirner, of Soul Asylum, is behind Winona’s character – her boyfriend at the time. A Googled site said he doesn’t do much besides grunt and laugh – good assessment.

And: am listening to recent Steely Dan again, from Everything Must Go – “The Last Mall” is one of the tunes – great stuff, works well on Tenderloin streets, and that’s saying something.

And am making a non-alcohol blend: powdered cappuccino found at the Computer Training Center (“Cinnamon Mocha”, very sugary), along with the powdered Peruvian root maca, plus Living Harvest “Shape Shift” powder – high-powered nutrition in a form that’s easy to assimilate. Would add whiskey but that’s outside my budget just now.

And have got on infinite repeat that David Crosby 1971 music I mentioned previously…have reduced the lyrics, through judicious editing, down to three pages, to really grok their content.

And to end this quickly: met with hotel neighbor Nic in the lobby, asked him for the cost of a can of beer. Turns out he’ll take two passes at the Kabuki to the Mark Wahlberg flick Four Brothers in exchange for that – a buck today, and 5 bucks on Friday when he gets paid. Good deal for both sides! Thanks to Odd Fellow brother Pete for those free passes!

So I got me a Coors – coulda got malt liquor in greater quantity for the same price, but quality also counts – got me those suds and got back to my room – studied an episode of
Laguna Beach with the sound off, If Only I Could Remember My Name on, on infinite repeat, as I said…then, same music, viewing a ’94 Cynthia Rothrock martial arts movie fastforwarded through – surprised how little she was featured, kicking ass.

So that brings us up to the exact here and precise now…feedback welcome, you all…

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PRETTY CITY #15 by Eddy Hyde

Was able to secure 20 cents less the cost of a can of beer at Tenderloin prices from friend Robert in front of the Computer Training Center – took it to the Empire Market and, under duress, the guy at the counter made the transaction. This, I tell you, after I have bought two or three hundred dollars worth of goods there, mostly Ancient Age whiskey. Sheesh! He said he was giving me a “break”. Whoa! A regular mind-bending philanthropist, him.

Then, not longer after that, from hotel neighbor Les got 57 cents – had 6 cents in my room (including an item I didn’t really wanna let go, one of the new buffalo Jefferson nickels) – so that made it 2 cents short of the T.L. cost of a can of suds. Found a penny on the ground on the way to a (different) store…so 64 cents got me the can, no vendor complaints.

Then, back to the Jefferson Hotel room – watched the Malibu homes program I’d recorded earlier…focused primarily on the section about the lovely home of lovely actress/model Carre Otis. The program’s host mentioned she was actually from Northern California – Googling reveals she was born in ’68 or ’69 in San Francisco – making her about 37.

And while we’re there, on the same page as I learned the above, current very hot actress Jessica Alba was born somewhere in California in 1981. (She’s been featured on some of the discarded soda cups related to the merchandising of her role in The Fantastic Four.)

And also in the Malibu program: luxurious home of the shampoo mogul behind the Paul Mitchell line. Frankly, the place was just overdone with gross overindulgence. The Carre Otis place, on the other hand, was fairly spare, Zen-like, a place I’d like. But I am using Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo and getting good results from that, thanks to the recommendation of hotel acquaintance Edward, so a hat tip to that dude.

And more about Miss Otis – I guess she’s divorced from that fine thesper, Mickey Rourke - the program host said her Malibu pad was “casual and minimal” – the perfect words…she’s said to visit Nepal yearly on humanitarian missions…and she loves dogs, has several. Seems like a real nice lady…I recall photos of her from the racy Wild Orchid, her and Rourke putting the wild in thing.

So that’s it for this page – one more page this session and I’m caught up on my notations.

[(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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PRETTY CITY #14 by Eddy Hyde

…and, third page on this series – numbers 12 to 14, this one being #14, are of one part:

15) Limping back from the library, spoke a bit on Hyde near Eddy with a homeless dude that sells on the street. Didn’t have any cash else I’d ‘ve turned him on to a few bucks like I have in the past. He had half a 40 of some malt liquor, and he let me take a big swallow – more generous than some.

16) At the Faithful Fools copy shop, noted the Food Not Bombs flyer printed by that noble enterprise – every night, weeknights, at 7pm, dinner is served down at Disunited Nations Plaza.

17) Jefferson Hotel manager Brian Samuel allowed me to printed 5 copies each of the three pages I’d done this morning of this here blog. A kind gentleman, with much on his plate, dealing with the hotel. Gave him the originals – a worthy recipient of this humble and playful work.

18) Also from the library, withdrew, along with that Leo Sayer disc, If I Could Only Remember My Name, from early ’71. Perfect sound for me at this juncture…recorded at famous Wally Heider’s studio – located at 245 Hyde, just a stone’s throw from the Jefferson.

19) To Union Square for food and/or drink and/or smokes…there was fantastic spirit dancer Edward Jackson at the cable car turns, looking very cool and beautiful. He had on the Shaft theme…I approached and said, quoting the song, Isaac Hayes asking that musical question: “Can you dig it?” Edward misses not a beat and replies: “Not too much to ask.” Perfect! A brilliant fella, him.

20) Found in a circumambulation of Union Square – a discarded Examiner, 2 half cigarettes, a quarter of a cup of an iced drink. Praise Jesus, or Satan, or one of those guys.

21) Back in the hotel after that excursion, track from that D. Crosby disc, “Cowboy Movie” – very excellent. Sounded much like the more famous “Wooden Ships”.

22) Added to a collage of photos I’m working on during the Crosby listening…images from the current Rasputin’s Manifesto…and a bit later, meat from the S.F. Rescue Mission, delivered free.
[(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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PRETTY CITY #13 by Eddy Hyde

…and, continuing to continue from the previous blog:

7) Recommended flick available on Comcast: The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra – fantastically-funny parody of Fifties science fiction movies. Google on the name, if you please. Skeletal thumb way up!

8) Downstairs at the Jefferson Hotel this morning – no night man Keith – wanted to bum 75 cents from him for a can of Sprite from the lobby soda machine. Night man Jack on the front desk…had my music box, obtained from Patrick, and tuned in “Black Water” by the Doobie Brothers on SF FM.

9) Speaking of Patrick, my hotel neighbor – he visited my room this morning with a stack of LP records – wanted me to go to Rasputin’s to sell ‘em – too much to lug there, I told him, and I didn’t have the 35 cents disabled Muni fare to get ‘em over anyway. Plus, they were really thrashed – vinyl buyers are particular – some didn’t have sleeves, many didn’t have the album covers. Woulda been worth a try at some interval, but not then.

10) And speaking more of Patrick – enjoying the Paramahansa Yogananda Self-Realization Fellowship tape set he gave me, a Ben Kingsley reading of The Autobiography of a Yogi – gave him two bucks for it. Missing 2 tapes, but still quite fine and dandy. Read the text some while back.

11) Went to the main library this morning to type a blog…waited outside – a little gang of young male Asians out there, playing tag. Ran really close to me in their game, which I found notable.

12) Recorded a cable segment on homes of the rich and famous in Malibu – wanted mostly to see the part about Carre Otis, model-turned-actress – she was in Wild Orchid with Mickey Rourke, this from 1990. Rourke was good as Bukowski…I found/find him interesting. She’s doing quite well, Otis is.

13) Meal this morning of rice from hotel neighbor Robert, plus nori seaweed from a relative – benefits from the sea, trace minerals.

14) From library, CD of Leo Sayer – mostly for “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing”, in London, live.

[(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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PRETTY CITY #12 by Eddy Hyde

…and we continue in the mode of the previous three blogs, which can be taken as a unit:

1) Am getting much good information from the Comcast-ed cable program Modern Girl’s Guide to Life. And, furthermore, am passing it, that data, on – that Vaseline tip mentioned in a previous blog, I mean – I use it with my Aramis – I told Jefferson Hotel neighbor Angel about it, and she seemed to take it up – tho’ she said she’d use it over her entire body, ha ha ha. Quite the character, that one – where is the modern Chaucer to depict her fairly? Where is Lester Bangs?

2) Viewed part of 21 Grams recently – impressed by how they used War’s “Low Rider” in a Benicio Del Toro scene. Very usually, songs are played so overtly in movies, but this use was quite subliminal, like it would actually sound on the street. I mean, I know that song quite well and still it took me quite the while to identify it. Good work, who(m)ever is responsible.

3) Recommended as well, in the filmic world, is Down With Love, with Renee (accent on the first “e”) Zellweger, and some Ewan somebody. The Comcast program guide listing says it’s a “cheerful homage” to the Rock & Doris flicks of days gone by. Fun and funny – stuff in there I have never seen before in movies, and that’s saying a lot. Thumbs up, for some.

4) Am thinking, in Gaudy Bard terms, of making fun of Blake. Quote would go like this: “The road of palace leads to the excess of wisdom.” – like that. Blake’s a pretty spiritual kinda guy, admittedly, but he might need a taking down a bit – not much humor in the fella, particularly. Fine artwork, tho’…triple threat – he wrote, drew the art, and printed his work.

5) Mention in that Zellweger flick of Tang. Made me think of a good pairing – that orange astronaut drink and Space Food Stix. There still must be boxes of those tasty items from the Sixties – anybody know of this? Call the number listed below and gimme a clue.

6) Use made, happily, of T. Rex’s “Children of the Revolution” in the documentary about Southland skateboarders, Dogtown and the Z-Boys. Had a T. Rex CD recently that I bought at Rasputin’s and then sold there…very informative liner notes. I praise the use of that song in that flick.
[(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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PRETTY CITY #11 by Eddy Hyde

…and, continuing from the last two blog pages:

13) Amusing scene in Basquiat with Bowie as Warhol overseeing a “piss painting”, one of his more notorious projects – a guy is urinating on a canvas to achieve some effect Andy wanted. He called it “oxidation art”. Also touched upon: Andy giving his silver wigs as gifts. For an excellent look into the world of Warhol, see his diaries, a thick volume edited by Pat Hackett. Fun reading, to be sure.

14) Been recording a show on Comcast called Modern Girl’s Guide to Life – an insight into how today’s busy woman can manage herself better. For example, a tip I have picked up on myself: when applying fragrance – Aramis, in my case – dab on a little Vaseline first, this in order to make the scent persist longer. This done, let’s say, on the pulse points at the wrist.

15) Another point from the same cable series: the difference between a “hottie” and a “hoochie”.

16) Also: one of the hosts said a very hot look for women is a white wife beater with jeans – said to be among the sexiest outfits. Geez, isn’t that what was called “the Castro Clone” look?

17) Last night, about 8pm, still light out, out for a short stroll in the Tenderloin – and was for sure dyin’ for a Sprite, as noted earlier. Didn’t wear my hat, letting my freak flag fly.

18) Paused in front of the Faithful Fools copy shop on Hyde, noted with approval their small poster for the next-door 222 Club, with a flamenco theme. Have been in there a time or two – fine venue, if cash is there. Check out the downstairs area done up with red bricks a-plenty, if memory serves. Food there includes, like, ceviche, last time I checked, so they don’t slouch in that department.
19) And during that stroll, failing the new can of icy cold Sprite, found a quarter cup of discarded McDonald’s brown soda and swallowed from that. Have been known to “go there” – what the heck. Have had many delightful meals from the trash receptables along Union Square’s perimeter, tho’ not lately. A bit later, got from Patrick a free small can of Steel Reserve he’s managed to obtain somewhere, so that was welcome. I told him I owed him one, tho’, I must say, I’ve been very generous towards him with whiskey when I had it, so we’re more than even. [(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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PRETTY CITY #10 by Eddy Hyde

And to continue from episode 9 of this blog:

6) Limped over to St. Anthony’s yesterday for lunch, but was entirely deterred by the long, long line and just skipped it. Met hotel neighbor Dave on the way and chatted with him a bit – he’s a senior and can go right in, so the line doesn’t put him off.

7) Up Jones, at Turk, paused at a classic “Fresh Up with 7Up” sign painted on a building – the image has got to be 50 years old and more. Similar old ads are still up around the city, this pretty city.

8) And a more modern sign that I like, at Chez Paree, for their “Dark Dreams” show featuring “Nude Goth Girls”. Just my cup o’ tea. Heard it costs 20 bucks to get in, but, hey, for undressed Gothic chix, that price is right.

9) To the Computer Training Center on Eddy near Leavenworth for a session on their machines. On duty there in the back office, overseeing the proceedings, Rosalinda, of the local musical group the Skanx – or maybe just “Skanx”. She told me they’re playing at Kimo’s Thursday, two days hence. Cover is probably at least 5, and if a Bud’s 5, well, that’s an expensive night on the town for me at this juncture of spacetime. Still, more power to ‘em. Wonder if I could get in free if I told ‘em I was with the band? Wouldn’t mind being a Skanx groupie, not at all.

10) Experienced some embarrassment when Rosalinda came out of her office with a copy of a page I’d printed – she mighta seen my Google search on the nude Winona. Got over it.

11) Basquiat is running frequently on Comcast recently. My favorite part, as I think I’ve said in these pages before, is the Bowie turn as Warhol. Poor, doomed Basquiat – not strong enough to survive in the high stakes rough world of Eighties New York art. Next should be a Haring flick – bring back Bowie as Warhol. Dennis Hopper is also in Basquiat. He’s kinda on my shit list for what he apparently did to Terry Southern related to payment for the Easy Rider script – seems he easily coulda given Terry more more, an extra “point” of the gargantuan profits, let’s say, but didn’t.

12) Speaking of Bowie, recently paid 50 cents on Market Street for a cassette of a recent work, ‘hours…’. Have begun giving it a listen.

[(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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PRETTY CITY #9 by Eddy Hyde

Continuing with items I found notable from recent times – these might be considered as digital snapshots. Odd Fellow brother Pete has a nifty little digital camera that I might have access to, but he would probably insist on strict Odd Fellow business to be depicted – can’t promise him that. I pretty much agree with I.O.O.F. ( that is, Independent Order of Odd Fellows) principles and practices, but I maintain a certain independence under most if not all circumstances. So these words will do, lacking pictures.

1) Reminded of Johnny Carson upon seeing an actual “fork in the road”, a piece of cutlery, near the library yesterday, discarded in the street. Carson used to have a regular comedy bit called “The Tea Time Movie” (Google on this if you are interested) during which he always made a joke about driving on freeways in L.A. and coming upon a fork in the road – he’d point to a map and there would be an actual fork there. Guess you hadda be there, if you aren’t laughing.

2) There was a mini version of the Artisans’ Market at U.N. Plaza yesterday – hardly more than a dozen vendors. I passed through quickly – I’ve bought from the video guy a time or two. And I chatted with the soap seller – had recently bought a fine bar of “Marrakesh” soap from him – used a sliver to clean out a large plastic container I plan to make honey wine in sometime soon, with the expert advice of hotel neighbor Patrick.

3) Googled on “Winona Ryder nude photographs” and there quickly appeared a set of six black and white pics – guess they are her – four don’t include her head. Not sure of the source. Some sort of “bandwidth checkpoint” disallows enlargement of the thumbnail snaps without a password. Still, an agreeable little collection of images, ones I’d not seen before.

4) Been “dyin’ for a Sprite” lately, and haven’t had the 75 cents required in the hotel lobby machine to quench my thirst. Brother Pete had said he’d have typing work for me yesterday, but couldn’t get hold of him. Five bucks a page to format handwritten documents is a fair price, I think. When that cash is in my hand, rest quite assured, I’ll have some Sprite in me, and quickly as well.
Enjoyed seeing Carrie Fisher recently in the first Austin Powers, her as a therapist for Dr. Evil and his son. She’s one of my favorite celebrities. [(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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Monday, July 18, 2005

PRETTY CITY #8 by Eddy Hyde

Had the usual this morning – plenty of time, but no money at all…limped over to the library – my fractured left foot is still not back in best form – intending to type out another blog page.

Criticism of the main library here in San Francisco: lack of big, comfy chairs. There were plush seats in some areas some while ago, but didn’t see any today. Possibly to prevent the homeless from lounging around in comfort all day long.

So, had 15 minutes to thrill…went up to the 6th floor, where the rare history books are kept. There was a display about the Nazi persecution of homosexuals…some teens were up there checking it out. The subject didn’t flip my bippy, and I didn’t scrutinize it much. Picked up a free related postcard to send to a friend.

Went back down to look up a collection of the letters of Paul Bowles. I really liked his short book of journal entries from the Nineties in Tangier called Days – I recommend it. The letters collection is called In Touch and is nearly 600 pages long. Text on the dust jacket says the man was “an indefatigable correspondent”, and that’s quite accurate.

The index contained several mentions of and letters to William Burroughs, and this I chose from – there was a tiny yellow Post-It bookmarking that part of the index – I believe it was from me, back a while ago when I had taken out the same volume to study carefully.

I didn’t have much time until my reserved computer was ready to go, but it was filled quite well with a short 1960 letter from Bowles to Burroughs, written in Marrakech. For me, as far as text of this type goes, that’s as good as it can get, okay? It’s interesting to read about the local details of the guy’s life (a camel market) – he also mentions a dream he had about their mutual friend Brion Gysin.

So that fills up this page for you…please come back for further verbiage.
[(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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PRETTY CITY #7 by Eddy Hyde

From the Gaudy Bard to Sugar Begonia
San Francisco
July 18, 2005

Keeping you informed about the latest…some details I wanted to convey from pages of recent handwritten notes I haven’t related yet, to wit:

The hotel elevator keeps not working – so I get a good enough workout, for me, hiking it up five flights to my luxurious room. And I need it, that physical effort.

Also: new dining place on Eddy up towards Van Ness called the Red Box looks good – a sushi establishment at the former site of Green River, a fine Chinese eatery I’d gone to a lot in days and nights gone by – good plate for about five bucks, which is reasonable. Haven’t been to this new one yet – pricey sake to be had. But nowhere near as pricey as to be had at the Oxygen Bar on Valencia, which is truly off the map on some kinds.

Giving the Comcast on-screen program guide a workout daily. Wonder if they can see what the customers are viewing? They might find interest in my choices. Yesterday got turned on to the reality show Laguna Beach, about late teenage blondes, basically, in a rich coastal town down south. I am finding it quite fascinating. Two of the people have moved up to San Francisco, so that’ll be fun to observe. Review of the first season DVD in today’s Examiner gave it faint praise, but it really is working for me, for now.

Funny line from hotel friend Patrick – he was going out into the Tenderloin night one recent evening and said: “…into the wild black yonder.” He’s a black fella, and the night was dark as well, and his deadpan delivery got to me. He is the witty one, to be sure.

And: someone told me that a close relative of Bruce Lee is teaching martial arts at some studio near Lawton and 25th Avenue. Might check it out – would like to see some new photos of the guy. Recently paid 5 bucks for a tape of The Chinese Connection.

Title for some restaurant: Refried Sushi.

Lyrics from Steely Dan’s “Dr. Wu” courtesy instantly of Google.com: “…you walked in/and my life began again/just when I’d spent the last piaster I could borrow…”

Whiskey’s my preferred beverage – Ancient Age is okay – guess I’d choose Jack Daniel’s for the rock ‘n’ roll connection when cash is there…had an Olde English 800 pint recently, in the middle of the afternoon, and it knocked me out. Supposedly the worst poisonous dregs of the brewing process, malt liquor is. But the cost and effectiveness might off-set the toxic quality, for some, in some circumstances.

So that’s it for now – more to come, Sugar. [(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

PRETTY CITY #6 by Eddy Hyde

Have recently formulated a character for the streets of this pretty city, a fellow by the name of the Gaudy Bard. I have a few details about him to share – for one thing, he is known to lean against a trash can – a Tenderloin equivalent of a business desk. He usually always checks to see if the surface upon which he leans is clean, tho’, or clean enough. He’s funky, but his funk has its limits, after all.

The guy also likes music. He’ll smile and sing along in a low voice to himself with some tunes – Don Henley’s “The Heart of the Matter” is one such number.

And, a sample incident: the Gaudy Bard is on Muni, returning from the library, and he has his mirrored sunglasses on. A little kid across from him notices the flash on the lenses and identifies them as rainbow shades, and he is surprised the boy knows that name, and he engages the child in a discussion. He is amazed at the kid’s smarts.

The Gaudy Bard takes note of local businesses – he is intrigued by the “Nude Goth Girls” sign at the Chez Paree strip club, for example.

He is also interested in neighborhood pharmaceuticals sales. He believes he might have gotten “burned” once on a morphine tablet he paid five bucks for and got no effect from – possibly an ineffective but exact copy of the real thing. He’s really not much of a pill person but he was offered the morphine and wanted to try it.

Our Gaudy Bard also favors, when appropriate, words with more syllables than usual – words such as “insubstantialities”. That baby racks up an impressive seven syllables.

The Gaudy Bard is happy when someone actually lends or gives him money – he was pleased when a hotel neighbor gave him forty cents so he could buy a can of Sprite from the soda machine in the hotel lobby. Forty cents can be a lot to the guy.

And another thing: he comes up with clever titles for songs, like, maybe, “Estimated Time of a Rival”. “Bargain Matinee” is another title for something he likes.

The Gaudy Bard, furthermore, is adept at hiding unbagged liquor bottles when walking on the street – he is easily able to prevent police eyes from seeing a can of Olde English 800 by keeping it hidden by a long shirt sleeve.

[(415) 359-4999, starplane.blogspot.com]

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

PRETTY CITY #5 by Eddy Hyde

Some cards of this pretty city have been shuffled, and now view the results:

Recent acquisition, from my good man Stan in the Jefferson, for a mere seven bucks, The Film Encyclopedia by Ephraim Katz, a veritable treasure house of information about cinema – technical details as well as biographical data about the movie superstars. It’s one of the thickest books I’ve ever had – door stop material it is, or adequate for bludgeoning with the factoids.

Turned first to the entry for “Eastwood, Clint” – interesting early life info. Recently looked at the “Perrine, Valerie” section – opened it up at random to that part. Kinda fascinating to learn details about the celebrities, y’know?

Was in Stan’s room last night to dub, using his dual cassette machine, four songs onto a tape – three by Gordon Lightfoot and, from 10,000 Maniacs, their song about Jack Kerouac – this from their MTV Unplugged appearance. Got that last cassette from Odd Fellow brother Pete – he’d yesterday turned me on to a nice small brown bag full of tapes – I snagged that 10,000 Maniacs item plus two classical ones – a Mozart and a sampler from various composers. To give a break from all that rock ‘n’ roll.
And must mention Stan’s courtesy, the offering to me of fried chicken he made as the dubbing proceeded. I had brought some Old Smuggler whiskey free from other hotel neighbor Tokay to share with Stan…a rare brand, difficult to find, or, at least, not as easy as Ancient Age. Direct from Scotland. Turned Tokay on to a transparent deck of cards that I purchased a while back – he’s a player of some long standing and we’ll get to simple poker eventually. And must be noted: the Isley Brothers’ version of “Summer Breeze”, that Seals &Crofts classic – gotta get that beautiful one on tape soon – a remarkable version. [STARPLANE.BLOGSPOT.COM/(415) 359-4999]

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PRETTY CITY #4 by Eddy Hyde

Results of getting my head somewhat together:

Odd Fellow brother Pete Sellars told me of a large collection of video tapes in his possession of young female dancers auditioning for classes at the San Francisco Dance Center and would I be interested in taking them off his hands before he “shitcans” them? (His Marine terminology.) Probably very interesting to look at, but a lot to carry. Plus I don’t have my own VCR, and don’t want one either. So this will be another case of Pete offering me something and me not taking it. He’s got a lot to offer.

And: finally got around to seeing Heather Graham in Killing Me Softly on cable – am pretty up on her entire filmography – she’s one of my favorite actresses. It is a dramatic role, little if no comedy in it. But plenty of pretty hot sex, I must say, tho’ of the hard R variety.

And (there are from random notes taken at intervals, therefore the jumping from topic to topic): typical beverage for me these days is Shou Wu Chih (Google on that – it’s a Chinese tonic elixir), plus San Francisco tap water, plus a splash of Ancient Age whiskey, and yerba mate tea. My Jefferson hotel friend Stan likes his whiskey straight, but I prefer a milder blend like this. For the synergy, y’know.

And: one of the flicks I’m watching of late, on my Comcast DVR system, is Basquiat, about the doomed Eighties New York artist making his way in Warhol World. When is a Keith Haring movie coming out? I can identify with him in many ways – read his journals – born the same year as me, but I’m still around. He namedrops William Gibson and the Grateful Dead, so that rings a bell with me.

And: yesterday, met by happenstance Stan in the lobby, and I invited him up to my room for whiskey and cable. He was agreeable to this…we watched part of Hulk (guess it’s just that, without the “The”), then the solid Rock in The Rundown. Had to use the little boy’s room and left Stan alone with a live version of “Roadhouse Blues” by the Doors playing with the movie paused…appropriate sound – rolled up loose tobacco in Zig-Zags as well for my guest…the Jefferson’s turning rather roadhouse-ish, I think. Or already has turned.

So, it’s just a page again today – see starplane.blogspot.com for posted previous pages – and call (415) 359-4999 if you care to to speak to me. Later, y’all.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

PRETTY CITY #3 by Eddy Hyde

Various notes from recent days and nights here in the Tenderloin:
Making friends with a new guy at the Jefferson Hotel named Robert – he's becoming a frequent visitor to my humble room, where we watch cable together. He smokes cigarettes but doesn't touch alcohol, despite my setting a constant example of that.

Robert and I took in most of I, Robot yesterday . I felt it was a really weak flick, basically – it had its interesting moments, tho'. Not helping is the fact that I'm not a big Will Smith fan. Not sure what Isaac Asimov woulda made of the production. (And speaking of science fiction film adaptations of novels, A Scanner Darkly is due in the fall, and I've heard it is very true to the source. Might even go to the theater to see it, and that's a thing I rarely do. I suspect it won't be in the same class as Blade Runner, tho'.)

And, so, Robert and I were taking in the cable…was drinking my whiskey and yerba mate tea and Shou Wu Chih mixture from a shot glass from some Alabama college football team. Reminds me of the line in "Deacon Blues" by Steely Dan: "…they call Alabama the Crimson Tide…"

And got a call from Odd Fellow brother Pete Sellars yesterday informing me that he had free whiskey to be had at the lodge at 7th and Market – I just had to walk down and pick it up. Put two empty bottles of Ancient Age in my back pockets and was out the door – still limping – for the short hike to the Odd Fellows temple. Left Robert alone in my room – I already trust him enough to do that.

So, made my way the few blocks to see Pete – guy on Eddy on the way was selling little items on the sidewalk and I bought, for a dollar, a tiny mirrored disco ball that caught my eye. At the building, a young woman was waiting to go up in the elevator – made small talk, asked if she took dance classes – turns out she was well into a Gyrotonics program at the White Cloud studio housed in the temple. A unique system for body work.
And then met Pete, who filled my empties, and gave me a 7Up to mix with the hard stuff…we chatted over various topics in the club room with The Bone on FM playing in the background, such as me headhunting new lodge members. And so: call (415) 359-4999, with the blog online at starplane.blogspot.com…so much for this life slice.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

PRETTY CITY #2 by Eddy Hyde

Welcome to the second installment of this new blog of ours…and continuing now with random notations from recent days here in the Tenderloin:

Money beginning to be tight again after yesterday’s sale of most of my collection of music discs at Rasputin’s there on Powell near the cable car turn. Scored a bit over a hundred dollars for the batch – about two dollars a CD. Happy enough to get that…tho’ I suppose Amoeba up in the Haight woulda given me more. Not really regretting the decision to sell – most of the music was a bit played out anyway. But I hafta admit that earlier today I was slightly chagrined realizing I’d sold the Cat Stevens best of collection containing one of my favorite songs of all time, “Two Fine People”. Been wanting new music, anyway. Easy for me to spend hundreds on music.

And, in other money matters, recent sequence of purchases made by me: 50 cents for two instant noodle packs, a quarter back to the guy at the Empire corner market near my hotel (he’d sold me whiskey for 25 cents off one time), two-twenty-five for a bottle of Ancient Age, and 75 cents into the soda machine in the hotel lobby for a can of Coke. Just thought you’d like to know – you’re very welcome.

Remembered my interest in Neil Diamond while listening to a tape of songs I’d compiled outside the hotel on Eddy one day with new friend Dave – great to be out in the mild San Francisco sun listening to a series of the man’s songs. Told Dave that Neil’s “America” was on the jukebox at Harrington’s – we plan to go there for music and beverages one day.

So there’s your page…plenty more to relate. I am really liking the name for this series and intend to publish it for some time. Contact info: (415) 359-4999 – blog complete at starplane.blogspot.com…until next time…

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

PRETTY CITY #1 by Eddy Hyde

Friends and acquaintances, here begins another page for you to enjoy. Altho’ I must say this is meant more for inspiration than enjoyment, and I know you can dig that.

Now: gotta admit, I’m back in that whiskey saddle again, but in a different form than before. Some would say that any alcohol use is to be shunned, but I am not among that number…small and medicinal amounts, properly recreational amounts of the fluid – these are acceptable, most especially for those among us inclined to the musical and/or the poetical. And there are uncommon herbal blends to be found in our pretty city that mix well with that Ancient Age, that Jack Daniel’s. I have spoken.

So: to continue the autobiographical tone of the previous blog – visited St. Anthony’s this afternoon for their fine offering. Beats Glide, let me tell you. Today, a dollop of white rice with chicken gravy – not the solid poultry meatiness available there at the Colonel’s on Eddy near Van Ness, but the price is nice at the Saint’s. Never going back to Glide again, let me tell you – sorry, Cecil, but you’ve lost a patron.

And, notable, for those exploring the Tenderloin, are the drug sales along Jones near upon Turk. Available along that noble stretch of boulevard are “OCs”. Took me some while to figure out what these were after having been offered them in passing by the vendors: Oxycontins. That is, “hillybilly heroin”, which has troubled more than one celebrity of late. So, there’s the place to get that, if desired. Haven’t done those yet – got a morphine pill for 5 bucks not long ago on Eddy near Hyde…and once did, I believe it was, 6 Vicodins in about 12 hours, along with alcohol – not a recommended ingestion procedure, tho’. And yesterday or the day before took some form of sleeping pill that gave good results – shoulda taken just half, tho’, for best performance enhancement.

And: on my merry way to the Computer Training Center on Eddy near Leavenworth where I am typing this out, met on the street hotel neighbor Barbara, who returned 2 bucks she’d borrowed from me. I’d forgotten about that, and was pleased as the proverbial Punch, Humphrey-style, to receive that back. A humanizing of monetary transactions…must lend out more to the dependable, I think, for pleasant surprises.

And, making this short – hello to the Skanx, a local band new to me. I’m keen to support music in this pretty city, so there. (359-4999 – starplane.blogspot.com)

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Thursday, July 07, 2005


I’m by happenstance in the location of the word processors I like to use, at one-eighty Otis, and I have time to type out a page of this for your amusement…my new buddy, a former Marine who served in Vietnam, is at the Veterans’ Administration facility across Duboce at the CitiCenter building, so while he’s attending to business I can bring this.

Now: many notable occurrences and recommendations and whatnot these recent days…I could easily sit and spin this for hours just from the notes I have in the inner pockets of my Levi’s jacket, but I’ll be brief this time…the most recent notes: needed bus change this morning in the Tenderloin so I broke a twenty on a corner market Sunsweet prune juice – a dollar for a 5-and-a-half ounce – fluid ounce, to be precise – can…a beverage product I’d not had before. Contains lutein, said to be good for the eyes, as well as many additional nutrients – a lot of power in a tiny package. Kept the little can for recycling purposes – please look into this process yourself, those who receive this page – keeping the city beautiful as can be is our responsibility, y’know. End of environmental message…

So, once my vet friend Dave got to his location, I realized it was the same building where I’d done some volunteer work maybe three years back – this for Project Inform, an AIDS-related non-profit. So I dropped in and checked to see if anyone I knew was still there – turns one Mr. Mark Owens was still there – he was one of my volunteer supervisors – and we chatted briefly. One busy dude, smart as can be, and kind to me, very, during my short stint there. Jason Alley, one of my other supervisors, it turns out, is going for his doctorate degree, so very good on him. Fine organization, more power to ‘em.

And then, back to wait a bit with Dave…he was chatting up another former Marine vet, and I listened in, joined in on the joking – there’s that military camaraderie that I appreciate. The guy needed bus directions to a church near Dolores Park, so I was helpful with that (take the 26 on Valencia to 18th and walk up a coupla three blocks). He was also riffing humorously on being a cat whose nine lives were used up and that now he was a gorilla in the Twilight Zone – ya had to have been there, I guess…

And I glanced through a copy of The Examiner I’d found in a trash can at the VA place and pulled a short article about the lovely and talented Jessica Alba, one of my favorite actresses, related to her turn as the invisible Sue Storm in the new Fantastic Four flick…”a freak accident in space” is said to be the causative event that creates superheroes from ordinary folks. And Alba explained that at the end of the film she is able to use her powers consciously, “but throughout most of the movie, it happens involuntarily.” Also: she had to do each sequence of invisibility three times so the computer-generated imagery people could make her transformation truly fantastic. And as well, regarding the tribulations of actors, she sometimes had to be at some emotionally-exhausting place for two days straight. Well, at least she gets paid well. Recently on cable, I loved her work in Honey – very talented lady, that one.

And so, my friends, we come to the end of this page…gimme a call sometime: 359-4999.

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