Monday, October 24, 2005

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And was looking through some of my papers - I've got a lot of information and names and lines of verbiage on little note cards...found the number of Mike, a guy I'd worked with some while ago, and gave it a call...might've been his mother's number in San Francisco. No response in a week...another vet, tho' of only a few years' vintage, and he only made it through two years in the Army before managing an honorable discharge - couldn't cut the service life, tho' he said he liked shooting off big guns. And Mike's a militant Christian as well - he expects to be "raptured" into Heaven at any second - he once showed me a movie on this subject - at one moment, there's a true Christian next to you and the next, they've disappeared into the skies, thus to be next to their God. He once Western Union'd me twenty-five bucks, and that's not something everyone would do - an act of Christian charity.

And haven't gotten another call from my L.A. friend Bob - he'd left a message about a week ago...gotta read the interview I found with him on the 'net about his Sixties L.A. days as a musician in psychedelic rock band Clear Light. Apparently he met all the players of the time, all the Doors, for example - tho' he says Morrison was generally okay but he could be difficult if drunk.

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And found a number for access to mental health services - got an 800 number to request a list of local Medicare-covered talk therapists that I haven't followed up on...talked to Mariko, the hotel's case worker for all us residents, and she got me in touch with a roving therapist who should be at my door at some time.

And was outside a few days ago, there was former hotel neighbor Patrick, with stuff he was selling...he's since been ejected from the hotel for non-payment of rent. He'd been in my room several times, sharing what I had to drink, watching the tube together. He had his problems but he was okay with me. He sold me a powerful juicer for 15 bucks that I haven't used yet - haven't had the cash for anything of late, not even a quarter package of instant noodles. Set my alarm for St. Anthony's today at one, but didn't make that...have had nearly nothing to eat for days, tho' I still have about thirty bags of yerba mate tea, enough for 15 pots.


And it's definitely getting cooler and wetter as Halloween approaches...tho' of late, the last few days, I've been mainly inside and prone - or should that be "prostrate" - on my bed, curtains drawn.

And: Mariko and roving case manager Abigail have begun to lead an "activity group" in the hotel every Tuesday which is tomorrow. Not

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feeling social...it's a time I do my blog down the street, anyway.

And: about a week ago, there was hotel neighbor Nic, who waylaid me on the way to the Computer Training Center so I could help him lift his new sofa to his third floor room. It wasn't too heavy so the two of us could get the job done easily enough - got a buck for that from him.

And: Tuesday nights at the CTC I can get a lot done, in that two-and-a-half hour slot - it works out to one blog posting of four pages length in an hour...walked out of there that night with three copies of postings - that extra half hour was devoted to finishing a blog I'd previously left undone. Am sure missing the free library computer...another six weeks until I am allowed back in.

And was out that night in the Tenderloin after dark, neon in abundance at the curry place on the corner of Leavenworth and Eddy and at the Chinese restaurant across the street. I used to be a Scorpio, but now I'm a Neon.

And there was a note from hotel manager Brian Samuel and the staff about a recent fire in the place - must've been out at the time...

And had Hotmailed the Lagunitas Brewing Company about my situation vis-a-vis the San Francisco Public Library due to a bottle of their IPA in my possession leading to the two-month banishment. Got a nice response from a guy there.

And got into a Saturday Night Live best of with Steve Martin - there was the early, white-suited, banjo-playing Steve with the arrow through his head. Printed out transcripts of some of his monologues

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once and they were really funny just in text form. And he was in a Coneheads sketch - I just recently used the "Consume mass quantities." line on someone...the media messages stay with you.

And haven't been answering those knocking on my door...these people don't have phones. I'm not sociable these days.

And I continue to be something of a 24-hour diner for the microscopic scabies mites. The problem seems to have abated a bit, tho'...

And watched the whole of 8MM, the Nic Cage movie about snuff films. Really captured that horrible milieu...

And there's some unsightly flab around my midsection that bothers me...but I'm not getting out and about, not walking to reduce it...at least I've stopped drinking the beer that adds to the weight.

...about half after one in the morning recently, caught up in a Steven Seagal flick. Loud street cleaning machine on Eddy at that early hour. A bad guy professes his innocence to the avenging Seagal: "I DIDN'T DO IT!" It's something I've said to my Odd Fellow main man P., who had thought I'd had something to do with insulting prank calls he'd gotten...P.'s put me into that position, and wrongly. He's right about a lot but not about this.

And about a week ago one morning, neighbor Steve came over to give me a dollar - had left a message on his machine days before about needing money to wash my scabies-infected clothing. A little too late on that, but I appreciated the gift. I've been free with my money with him in days gone by. [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, (415) 359-4999]

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

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Lately I've been sleeping twelve hours a day and the rest of the time is spent mostly concentrating on the Comcast tube - selective viewing, at least. Not the healthiest lifestyle, but least I get these postings done - I'd do more but my library banishment is still in effect for another six weeks because of a bottle of beer, so there went a convenient place to access a keyboard.

Got caught up in a VH-1 multiple hour countdown of their hundred top one-hit wonder songs, with William Shatner hosting. [Pop culture digression about him - just learned that that white mask worn by the serial killer in the Halloween movies is actually based on William Shatner's face.] Learned something from that VH-1 show about "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida", the Iron Butterfly Sixties song - the title is really "In the Garden of Eden", garbled by the singer. And: the Grateful Dead included in the countdown for their only hit, "Touch of Grey".

And: there were a lot of popular and influential bands and performers that never had a hit - "hit" defined as a song in the Top 20. Jimi Hendrix is one of these, and he's a major artist.

And been listening again to talk and news on KQED radio to give myself a break from the TV's electromagnetics...interview recently with inventor Ray Kurzweil...he's really bullish on "non-biological intelligence" and the possibility of humans living forever through a synthesis with machines.

And: got a call recently from a guy I worked with in Los
Angeles in the Nineties, Bob...haven't seen him since I left L.A.

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in late '97. Corresponded with the man briefly when I returned to San Francisco but I've not spoken with him in years. He told me he's just out of rehab...missed his call and he hasn't returned my return one...just Googled on his name and there's a long interview with him about his guitar contribution to Sixties Los Angeles psychedelic band Clear Light. I'm happy to reconnect with someone from that time in my life.

And - I'm talking about a week ago - I'm behind in typing out these notes - glad I hadn't got any more messages from my main Odd Fellows man...it's been over a week since I've heard from him, no threats, no accusations since then. Hopefully he's calmed down and seen the incorrectness of his perception.

And turned on the tube - first thing was something I recognized, Beetlejuice, from '88...Winona very Goth in it...then on another channel, something related, the comments of a woman who was familiar with near-death experiences - she'd felt herself to be out of her body and looking down on it...and she'd been running to Jesus, laughing, her arms outstretched...

And this near-death woman used this phrase: she "got to experience the total Gestalt" of living on the Earth plane. (I remember Bob having used that word, "Gestalt"...he is for me a living link to the Sixties, all that...the word is from some psychotherapy developed at the time. From a Google: "Gestalt is non-analytical, non-judgmental existential psychotherapy. It deals with what IS happening, instead of what SHOULD be, COULD be, WILL be or WAS.")

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So this woman said she had gotten to a state where she realized the effects of everything she had ever said or done or thought, that there had been repercussions, both positive and negative, from all of that. Made me pause to consider my own thoughts and deeds, tho' I'm pretty watchful already.

And had one day misjudged the time at the Computer Training Center so I didn't have the usual hour-and-a-half to complete a posting of this blog...a regular, Paul, was there with his hardback collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson's essays - gotta hand it to him: he's probably one of the few people in San Francisco reading that worthy American philosopher...

And had decided then to head up to the St. Francis Medical Center to get treatment for the scabies I'd contracted - I'd had it for days and it wasn't going away on its own...headed north on Leavenworth, getting a little cardio workout dealing with that incline. There was a guy reclining on that incline's concrete like a St. Tropez sunbather...and a shirtless jogger was using gravity in his favor, going downhill...and there was Kayo Books at Post and Leavenworth - they specialize in vintage paperbacks...

Went in to the emergency entrance of St. Francis on Pine, not the front way, and was welcomed by the medical crew there, and got pretty quick treatment - was out in about an hour, with another hour wait for the prescribed lotion to deal with the dastardly microscopic mite that had become a bane of my life. Thanks to Medicare so I could get this done without cost.

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Then back to the hotel...attended to a cable program about the supposed Roswell, New Mexico cover-up of a E.T. flying saucer crash landing...and had terrestrial mites on my mind - recommended procedure was washing all clothing and bedding, but I didn't have the cash for that, penurious as I am - that is, "not having enough money to pay for necessities".


And in healthful news, tuned in a cable show about Ayurvedic medicine, got informed about the three doshas: pitta, kapha, and vata... [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, (415) 359-4999]

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

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Was leaving the Odd Fellows lodge building about a week ago, this when I was still okay with the main man there, and an older drunk guy on Seventh was making appreciative comments towards two young girl dance students leaving at the same time. They just ignored his unwanted attentions. I rode down in the elevator with those two and had absolutely respectful feelings towards them – beauties – they could be my own kids.

And my situation with that main Odd Fellows man remains the same as it has for the past few days – no word from him, and that’s a good thing. He’s accusing me about several prank calls he received of an insulting nature, but I tell the world that I am totally innocent of those charges. I hope he reaches that conclusion and stays there – his threats are pretty upsetting.

Then headed back into the Tenderloin – representatives, it turns out, of the Zen Center at Page and Laguna were in the ‘hood, at Leavenworth and Turk, distributing food – got a container of a delicious lentil and white rice dish, and a granola-type bar from ‘em. Part of some Buddhist outreach program, I guess. Been up to that center once or twice, just to look inside…a place for serious meditation. Guy I worked with a while back did hospice work through there as well, attending to the dying.

And into the hotel – in the mail, an Odd Fellows publication, and information about the November 8th election, which material has been unattended to in the intervening week. Don’t feel qualified, particularly, to make these decisions, tho’ I am nominally an adult, and just barely glanced through all the details…so I leave it in the hands of others. Never been one to get too much into politics and voting, and I spoze that’s a personal failing.

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And about a week ago got out to the Presidio, by a certain decision, and in retrospect not the best one I could’ve made…accompanied a friend out there to pick up mail at a post office box. Had been there a lot with said friend in years gone by…the Lucas digital arts facility is now entirely constructed – I was out there when it was absolutely nothing but a big hole in the ground with a big pile of sand next to it. I’m not a Lucas fan, don’t care for all that Star Wars jazz – I’d still tune in the Roddenberry Sixties shows over anything new from the Lucas organization.

And up into the hotel room…worried about my Odd Fellow main man’s state of mind, his accusation on the phone that I broke his car window. Nothing I could say could change his mind. As the building administrator, he’s protective of the people who use the facility and, from what he’s told me, he sometimes gets on the wrong side of those hanging around on Seventh doing nothing in particular, maybe drinking, or ogling the dance students – he calls the police on them a lot to clear the area. So it must be that someone else took it into their head to break his window. Or it could’ve been a random act of breaking-and-entering thievery, not necessarily directed at him. I’ve been in his car just once, I think it was, and probably couldn’t recognize it again – I’m not into cars, they mostly look alike to me. I’ve never broken a car window in my life and haven’t started now.


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Then the next day – doing a posting of this at the Computer Training
Center…a fire alarm went off, probably related to the hotel next door, and all we computer users had to file out and wait outside, tho’ there didn’t seem to be any immediate danger – was willing to continue typing away – the door to the street was right there should flames and smoke threaten, was really willing to chance it.

Went over and stood in some sun…then went down the street and got a cup of blueberry yogurt – balked when the store said it was a buck-59 – got it down to a buck and 29 cents, reasonable…wanted to get the “active live cultures” into my system. Eyes attracted to a really young Hispanic girl waiting for the fire threat to be over… way, way too young for me, but I appreciated her beauty anyway. Then the fire department arrived and got things settled, and I got back to my keyboard focus, along with the other patrons.

And got my posting done – have now passed the three-hundred mark since I began this endeavor back in late January of two-thousand-four. Paused outside the building and briefly exposed my eyes to the late October San Francisco sun…need to do that more, for whatever healing effect that provides – my orbs are affixed most of the time to a computer screen or the cable-providing tube. Then in: candles were lit in the lobby for a recently-deceased resident.

And, back alone in my room…had noodles to fix, TV to watch, maybe hand-write some notes from my digital recorder…continued apprehension about what my main Odd Fellow man would do if he continued to think I’d phoned in those insulting messages…last time I spoke with him on the phone, what set him off was him thinking I’d laughed at him for some reason – this wasn’t the case – I
might’ve sounded light-hearted but it surely wasn’t at his expense.

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And from a friend, had some dried hemp protein and vegetable powder with a surprising amount of naturally-occurring nutrients – I mean, not in the isolated form available in vitamin pills. So that stuff, along with lots of yerba mate tea, makes me feel I’m getting nutrition despite the otherwise meager nature of my diet of late. Haven’t been to St. Anthony’s in a while, either…and have been off alcohol for several days now, and that’s a big and healthy change.

And found much interest in a show about the new de Young out in Golden Gate Park – better than being there, seeing it on the small screen. Some famous Swiss architecture firm was involved, which specializes in “innovative buildings using inventive materials.”

About a million pounds of copper was incorporated into the new de Young’s exterior, which would eventually turn green through weather exposure, the better to blend in with the color of the surrounding trees…the designer said to have gotten this idea after passing one of the windmills at the extreme western end of the park – it has some copper on it as well and has long since changed hue.

So the place has about 25,000 works of Western and non-Western art, the best collection of its kind west of the Mississippi…and it’s got a contribution by British environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy featuring stone on the ground with a crack meandering through it – some sort of earthquake comment.

And as well: the opening show is about Hatshepsut, one of ancient Egypt’s few female pharaohs…and at the grand opening show, dance genius Alonzo King of LINES Contemporary Ballet Company choreographed a performance – class act, and action. [(415) 359-4999, prettyeddy@hotmail.com]

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

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Really attended to a Buttoneer commercial on the tube during a Monty Python episode – I’ve got one of those things. I don’t have a heck of a lot of possessions but I’ve got one of those. It’s a nifty device to attach buttons to clothing - the commercial even called it “revolutionary”. I’m not one to pay so much attention to what I’m wearing but for some reason a missing button on a shirt bugs me, and a Buttoneer really makes putting one back on a whole lot easier than using a needle and thread. I’ve got some sense of sartorial (that is, “of or relating to a tailor or to tailoring”) style even tho’ I have so very few items of apparel.

And that Python was the one with Hitler and two other members of his High Command hiding out now at an English bed and breakfast, still plotting the overthrow of the world. But Hitler’s calling himself “Hilter”, Himmler’s “Bimmler”, and von Ribbentrop, the Reich’s Foreign Minister, is now going by “Ron Vibbentrop” – but otherwise they’re still in Nazi regalia studying and strategizing over a map of Stalingrad while the other patrons of the bed and breakfast are enjoying their meals at nearby tables.

And watched a lot of a recent cable show about Beach Boy musical genius Brian Wilson and the creation of his long-awaited and legendary Smile. Something made of the positive effect LSD had on the man’s creativity. He took it and “California Girls” was one of the first results.

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And remembering back to a usual scene in my life a few days ago, posting another blog at the Computer Training Center run by the Christian-oriented San Francisco Network Ministries…hotel pal Steve was at a terminal next to me, hunting and pecking over the keyboard. Was still drinking at the time, had had a Steel Reserve, “The Champagne of Swill”…had to hide it earlier from police that were doing their thing on the other side of Eddy.

And at the time was still, I had thought, okay interpersonally with my main man at the Odd Fellows lodge…the situation is still in some sort of stasis – that is, according to an online dictionary, “a condition of balance among various forces; motionlessness”. Or so I think…not sure exactly what’s on my man’s mind. At least he hasn’t left any more baseless accusations and threats on my cell’s answering machine. Last word from him was to stay away from his building or, definitely, else. Good enough for me. Not one to toy with, and I never have, that’s the truth.


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And as I usually do if his store door’s open, said hello to Vietnamese herbal purveyor Danny at his shop immediately next to the Jefferson – he was preparing an elaborate mix of dried herbs. Haven’t had the cash lately to buy any of the Chinese Shou Wu Chih elixir I get from him at three bucks and a half per bottle.

And together up Eddy, one of the many Tenderloin families – a young man with a rather large Afro (didn’t know those were still worn), his wife, and their kids – a baby in a stroller, and a toddler pulling up the rear. I recall exchanging some slight glance with the father – doing his familial duty, a real responsibility.

Then down Hyde, seeking out a copy of the Examiner, and the Weekly, to see what Rob Brezsny had to say to me, astrologically. Passed through the Artisan Market…probably woulda bought another Grateful Dead button from rock and roll merchandiser Denny but didn’t have the cash…some students, they looked to be, were kneeling on the ground making impressions onto paper of some of the metal lettering in the ground related to United Nations Plaza, the history of the place.

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And at that point was still wondering about the persistent itching on my body – hadn’t yet found out that it was scabies. Wondered if it was a reaction to Steel Reserve.

Well, found a Weekly – no Brezsny – he hasn’t been posting for a coupla weeks – I miss his poetic take on the Zodiac signs (I’m a Neon now but used to be a Scorpio)…and took some effort to find a discarded Examiner – columnist Christopher Caen had e-mailed me to let me know that he’d mentioned me under my “Eddy Hyde” nom de blog, this for my comments on the Will Smith Pursuit of Happyness filming at the hotel I’m in – in particular, he referred to my noticing of a cute young woman crew member in her “G is for Gangsta” t-shirt. Figures he’d pick that somewhat salacious observation out of the several paragraphs I’d offered up. But it was fun having that distinction, being selected…he’s got a lotta “spies” e-mailing him bits so I feel somewhat honored.
And since I was in the area, dropped in to see my main man at the Odd Fellows lodge, offer a brief hello – the 61 seminar documents were still being worked on…he said he still owed me 25 bucks and more alcohol for work already done on them – guess that’s off now, unless he’s changed his mind about my guilt vis-à-vis a series of insulting prank calls he’d received a while ago – he thinks I had something to do with them, which is so untrue. Then left the building – Koichi manning the elevator – got a 50 cent egg drop soup on Seventh…[(415) 359-4999, prettyeddy@hotmail]

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

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Mushroom sandwiches were to be had for free in the hotel lobby a few days ago, and I had two. And there was a box of asparagus as well – ate a couple of the raw tips, only, tho’ I might’ve taken more for soup. Thanks, I guess, to the Food Runners organization for that charitable act.

And after a few days of refraining consumed that liter of Jack Daniel’s from my Odd Fellow brother, me along with some of the folks in the hotel – Patrick, Barbara, and Stan. Initially I had invited Stan to my room to share the whiskey and watch the tube, but the two others came by as well in time’s course. We drank and watched movies, were convivial. Patrick was the last to go, stayed all night as I recall. Towards the end he sold me a nearly-new powerful juicer – haven’t used it yet, but it should provide healthy raw drinks in days to come.

And that morning had the urge to remove all the recycleable cans and bottles I’d gathered in my room and leave ‘em in the hall – easy money for someone. The hotel tenants had been given a notice banning recycling, for sanitary reasons. I mean, I rinsed out all the cans and bottles I’d collected but some others might’ve been less concerned about attracting insects and general cleanliness – and this would be compounded by bringing in material found outside on the street. So there goes that environmental aspect of life at the Jefferson.

And gave a call to Odd Fellow brother Sam, but he was

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busy and could barely talk. In fact, he was speaking to someone and left his phone on so I could overhear. Seemed a bit rude to me…I hung up and called back and spoke with him briefly. Guess he doesn’t like me…saw him at the get-together before the last lodge meeting and he apologized, and I told him that I was used to getting “short shrift” and shrugged it off. And I didn’t stay for the meeting – there’s the issue of me wearing my hat and sunglasses…and I wasn’t feeling too brotherly and sisterly in general. Must be me. My ties to the lodge are getting ever-more tenuous – that is, they have “little substance or significance.”

I had called Sam to tell him that I’d written about the Will Smith Jefferson Hotel filming on my blog, and that he might be interested in that. Guess not. Seems like he mighta been just a touch more gracious, but I’m not that thick-skinned. Tho’ I’m getting better about being sensitive.

And about that time reacquainted myself with the Three Stooges – daily reruns of short films from several decades ago on Spike. A guilty pleasure…been having real-life issues around violence lately and that slapstick humor maybe isn’t so funny when considered alongside the possible actuality.

And: did you know that Brigham Young University has its own cable channel? Those Mormons are a pretty organized group…got caught up in a program called Poetic Dreamspace about a sculptor’s creative process. He does

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large pieces, thirty feet tall, like, some of which reminded
me of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic structures. Nothing like art that I’d ever do, but I guess someone’s called to that form. A whole lot of sanding, sawing, the placing of dowels – not my thing.

And back a week ago to another night by myself…was watching that Mormon artist create a big geodesic work of art…fixed myself noodle soup with free salad that had been brought into the hotel…washed my hair – felt at that point that my rash, what has since turned out to be scabies, had been abating, but I was woefully premature in that judgement…had a cup of loose yerba mate through a metal straw, like they do it in South America, where that tea takes the more healthful, nutritious place of coffee…and read in the free Tenderloin news publication Central City Extra about the Z Space Studio taking up lodgings at a Hastings-related building. It’s some sort of theatrical group.

And really got into a documentary about Parisian bookseller George Whitman, got into it a lot more than I do with most of what’s on cable…he took up in the early Fifties where Sylvia Beach left off with her legendary Shakespeare & Company bookstore, a Bohemian haven in also-legendary Twenties Paris. It’s still a mecca for literary-minded international youth – he lets them stay there for long periods, sleeping on the couches placed around the text-lined building, encouraging their creative writing, in exchange for some slight work. San Francisco bookseller

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti, of City Lights Books, is interviewed about his memories of Mr. Whitman.

And continued making my one pot hot plate meal…included in the free gourmet salad was a little container of sesame-miso vinaigrette, which added desired flavor. With those starches, rice and noodles and potatoes, there’s gotta be some flavor, even if it’s just a touch of salt.

Then tuned in local non-commercial program Newsroom on Access SF, this on Channel 29 – there’s Gavin Newsom at a podium in front of City Hall, speaking in favor of an anti-sweat shop ordinance, looking very strong and mayoral, like JFK, even. And was surprised that The Onion was taking part in this anti-sweat shop campaign – their ironic slogan: “America’s Finest News Source”. Thought that was the Weekly World News. Not sure what their link is to no sweat shops …look for free copies at racks around town – the laughter’s worth the search.

And on the same program, there was Mumia Abu-Jamal with a “Death Row Dispatch”, critical of what he considered racist government policies in the aftermath of Katrina. And on another channel, an interview with a San Francisco Mime Troupe performer…and then one with a woman who spoke about the dangers of depleted uranium – there are babies being born without brains. Well, ending this posting on a down note…happens sometimes. [(415) 359-4999, prettyeddy@hotmail.com]

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Despite my sixty-day banishment from the main branch stacks here in San Francisco, I can still conduct my library business, albeit in a highly-restricted manner, through off-site computers – still have about twenty items out that I can continue to renew and treasure. When times comes to return ‘em I can do so by dropping ‘em off in a box outside since me, the big beer bottle criminal, cannot enter into any branch of the San Francisco Public Library system or risk immediate jailing. After I was apprehended the security guards took my Polaroid and have it posted on their wall, and have probably sent it to all branches so they too can beware of the guy who brought a bottle of Lagunitas Brewing Company India Pale Ale into their premises – he’s a danger to etiquette, a sheer menace to society!

So I’ve got two bucks in fines that I have to mail in and not just walk up to pay – tho’ library officials don’t get concerned until it’s about five…and I can’t pick up the requested collections by local by-gone newspaper columnist Charles McCabe that I’d requested…and the copy of Sixties feminist health text Our Bodies, Ourselves I’d ordered has since been returned to the shelves since I couldn’t personally pick it up – I spoze I could get someone to go in with my library card, unless there’s been an alert attached to my number. And I’ve got a multi-disc set of talks by Alan Watts requested – but since it has five holds on it before my turn comes up I should be happily strolling the main branch interior again before that one’s ready to be picked up months from now.

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And while I’m cataloging difficulties in my life, my handheld digital voice recorder is finally beginning to show signs of age after years of steady use by not accepting the hundred-and-99 messages it used to – it’s down to taking about a hundred-and-sixty. It’s supremely integral in doing this blog, getting all the details – beats stopping to write a note down with pen and paper, and my sheer memory’s not that good. A friend’s got one I let her have a while back that she doesn’t use, and she might get it to me.

And: got caught up in a History Channel documentary about that Philadelphia Experiment, from the Forties – apparently a World War II military vessel was subjected to some electromagnetic test that caused it to vanish and reappear in another location. A lot of books and Internet material on this subject if you’re interested.

And also on my mind: gotta work on getting more
substantial food to eat – getting to the last of the highly-

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processed noodles I bought cheap a while back, having ‘em
now with salt alone from hotel neighbor Karl in a shaker from hotel neighbor Patrick (the brutha, not the white one). Haven’t been to St. Anthony’s in a few days – there’s always that, and that could be worse. And drinking a lot of
strong yerba mate tea lately – that supposedly has a lot of nutrients. And I’ve got some highly-concentrated powdered vegetables as well. And there’s the Chinese elixir, what’s left of a bottle. Well, I’ve only got myself to blame – spent sixty bucks and more in one night recently on Spanish red wine and sangria (and good tips) for me and a friend at the Two-Twenty-Two Club, around the corner from the hotel. Me, Mr. Big Shot.

And, there was Columbus Day recently, important to an Italianate town like San Francisco – guess there was a parade up in North Beach – didn’t pay any attention to that. Pulled from the Examiner an editorial in favor of the Italian sailor and the holiday in his name – some hate the guy for his supposed imperialism. The writer was associated with the Ayn Rand Institute, which is all in favor of capitalism and Big Business. He concluded: “America, therefore, deserves to prevail against the religious totalitarians who would destroy industrial civilization and return mankind to the Stone Age.” Ayn would no doubt applaud that.

And along with the spiritually-inclined programs on the tube like Jeffrey Mishlove’s great Thinking Allowed interview program, trying to get in more non-commercial

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local news – like This Week in Northern California, a half-
hour hosted by excellent long-time newswoman Belva Davis. Learned about Ron Dellums running for mayor of Oakland…guess I could live without that bit of information…but I spoze it beats watching Moe slap Curly open-handedly in a Stooges re-run from the Forties, right? Right?

And on the same program, Carla Marinucci of the Chronicle commented on what’s happening lately with Arnold…apparently a lot of his donors aren’t pleased with his recent policies. The governor generates a lot of news, but I for one am not paying much attention.

And on the same non-commercial news show, liked the use of the German word schadenfreude – hadn’t heard that one in a while – means (thanks, online dictionary) “a malicious satisfaction in the misfortune of others”…the context was renting in Oakland. And there was a story about Google offering free wireless service throughout the whole Bay Area. Geez, like we all need more signals buzzing through local air space? Is it true that all these electromagnetics are linked to brain cell destruction? Ungroovy, technophiles.

And yet more apocalyptic news about invasive species in San Francisco Bay linked to “collapsing food webs”. Asian clams are supposedly sucking phytoplankton from the environment to the detriment of other species. Just great news. [(415) 359-4999, prettyeddy@hotmail.com]

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...now back to last Sunday morning, me in my usual place in my room, lying in bed...no alcohol for about 24 hours, well over that...was meditating a bit, just observing the passing thoughts without reacting. There was an echoing cry of a seagull in the air outside - seemed like an echo but it was just the way the bird sounded...cars hissed by my window (Doors reference) five floors down on Eddy. Sunday morning going up (Kris Kristofferson reference).

Had the San Francisco Public Library on my mind - the day after was a business day and I planned to pursue my reinstatement back into the beloved stacks after my beer bottle crime. On the day I'm describing it had already been one full day of banishment, and I was feeling it, loyal daily patron that I had been. When the three security guards took me into custody one of 'em asked what a fair punishment would be - I said one day, and meant it. He didn’t see it that way.

Just today got an Hotmail from City Librarian Luis Herrera, newly-installed as the head of the facility - well, he figured it was quite a serious violation of rules, drinking from that bottle of beer – ale, India Pale Ale, actually - and the 60-day sentence - so to speak - will stand. They really "threw the book at me", so to speak. So there went my final hope, my final appeal for leniency to library higher authority. Maybe I should contact the Lagunitas Brewing Company up there in Petaluma and tell 'em it was one of their brown-bottled brews involved when this happened - if you don't

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know it there are usually witty lines of text on each bottle
from them, so the literate makers there might appreciate my situation.

And looked at the clock on my cell phone - it was already half past noon - thought it was more like eight a.m. - not particularly keeping track of what day or time it is these days, as long as I get my postings done. Had been up til about 4 in the morning attending to the tube - watched a lot of Alien Vs. Predator again...no alcohol for about 36 hours, despite having a gift liter of Jack Daniel's that I'd not broken the seal on, and about seventy bucks still in my pocket...so I was giving Carrie Nation a serious tip of the cap.

And tuned into a guilty pleasure, an hour-long profile of Cameron Diaz...got through it all...and really on my mind and body at that time, and still, a week later, itching and skin eruptions of a kind I'd never experienced before. Just went up to St. Francis Medical Center yesterday and it turns out it's a case of scabies - geez! Got a quick diagnosis from the attending physician and a prescription for cream to kill the microscopic mite that's the culprit. Gross situation all around. A necessary step was to wash all clothing and bedding, but didn't have the money for this - yeah, don't even have the minimal cash to wash my clothes. I've got fingers crossed that having that lotion on for 12 hours will have done the job.

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And back to what was on Comcast: carefully watched a 15-minute "Making of" I, Robot - the recent presence of Will Smith at the hotel was still resonating in my mind. It was made up mostly of soundbites from the actors. There were some behind-the-scenes shots of Will's Del Spooner
jumping onto a mattress - in the film he might've been
leaping from a rapidly-moving vehicle onto concrete. Movie magic.

And there were soundbites from Australian director Alex Proyas, who also did The Crow...for some reason he wanted to avoid flying cars in his depiction of a future Chicago. The film's set in twenty-35...there were flying cars in Blade Runner, and that was, I think, set in twenty-17. Tho' it was made in 1981.

And the guy who played the main robot, before the special effects treatment, did it all in an amusing-looking lime green skintight suit...and there was actually a crew member who was a "robot movement consultant". Noble profession - recall the excellent work done in that same cyborg field in Citizen Kane, for example. Welles, truly ahead of his time.

And continuing my somewhat mild fixation with movie stars, one shared by many, back to that Cameron Diaz profile...tape of her at some teen choice awards, winning for her burping ability. And Christina Applegate, co-star in The Sweetest Thing, says Cameron's been the same person since even before she began acting. And apparently

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Cameron's got a strong feeling for the environment - we see
her at some L.A. elementary school promoting the TreePeople group by ripping up concrete and planting a garden. Also, she drives a Prius hybrid electric car to save gas and keep the air cleaner.

And there’s the new Zorro with Catherine Zeta-Jones and some guy – that Z is for Zeta-Jones…tube spot for this has a warning for “a couple of suggestive moments.”

And already posted that I’d paid Comcast four bucks for Sin City – didn’t care for it, tho’ that money could’ve easily been spent in a worse way. Thumb up to the look of it, anyway – black and white, heavy on the black, with a few instances of color – when a hatchet’s used to cut a guy’s throat, the red really stands out. I can do without that violence…I’m watching a whole lot of spirituality programs on The Wisdom Channel these days, and more straight comedy. And even Jack LaLanne, which airs weekdays, half past 2 in the morning on one of the ESPNs.

And the day in question, of which this posting is about, this last Columbus Day…got a call from my main Odd Fellow brother, wondering how I was doing about the guy in the hotel who was stepping over a line of familiarity I didn’t want crossed. And he also said he’d get 25 bucks to me for work already done, plus some alcohol. Currently, he and I are not on the best of terms, and that’s understating it. [(415) 359-4999, prettyeddy@hotmail.com]

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Monday, October 17, 2005

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Had some money about a week ago and decided to get over to the Two-Twenty-Two Club around the corner on Hyde near Eddy, treat myself to some wine, bring a notebook and my voice recorder, put pen to paper in a Boho atmosphere, a kind that is available in the Tenderloin apart from the mean streets. Turns out it's a noisy place, at least that night, a Friday, and I found it hard to concentrate on getting any words down on the page despite my ability to focus and shut out distractions.And a flamenco performance began in the downstairs area where I planned to quietly write, so that wasn't particularly conducive to things literary - I'd brought my eight buck glass of red Spanish wine down there. But I recommend the place, an oasis of taste in the 'loin - tho' it'll cost...had three glasses of that Spanish wine at eight bucks each, with a dollar tip on each on top of that. Plus Barbara, a lady I knew from the hotel, saw me sitting in front and came in and I ended up buying her two glasses of sangria - or was it three? - and I had two or three of those as well. So the total bill was around sixty bucks - if I've got the cash, I'll be generous with it. But the downside is absolutely no money now apart from an odd dollar in pennies, nickels, and dimes.And Barbara took an interest in my notebook - I'd already filled a few pages with lines of notes, and I wound up giving it to her so she could be a bit inspired to take pen in hand as well.
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And went out a couple of times to see what was being sold on the street outside the club - bought a small bottle of Greek oregano, and an octahedron-shaped puzzle that captured my fancy (you had to maneuver a little silver ball through a maze), and a San Francisco restaurant guide from the Seventies that had good wit and style. And in hindsight mighta gone a bit overboard when I gave a street seller twenty bucks for a bottle of dried basil and one of rosemary - a gesture. Like I said, I'm generous with cash when I have it - like 17th century English philosophical lawyer and statesman Francis Bacon said, "Money is like muck, not good except it be spread." (Thanks to Google for getting that reference to me in a second.)And after the flamenco show was over - the dancers and musicians came up from their subterranean performance space and passed among us patrons upstairs - a deejay began spinning songs on the turntables downstairs. Went down and checked this out as well, with a Chimay Trappist monk alcoholic drink in hand, all that sangria having been sold and that bottled drink being the best alternative the cute bartender suggested. Earlier, I'd brought down that octahedron puzzle maze and presented it to the deejay after some song I liked...did they think that was a strange gesture? Felt right at the time.And then the next day...out the door to pay my T-Mobile account...hotel front desk man Walter there. Seemed pleased that I'd mentioned him in my blog...
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And east on Eddy...an unspooled cassette tape in the middle of the street looked like something's splayed entrails...and that Ellis Street free outdoor festival put on by the Luggage Store Gallery was happening all that day, had that in the back of my mind. Passed Boedekker Park - there were handmade murals up on the fence - one said: "We celebrate the beauty of the Tenderloin." And thought of a slogan - now, a week afterwards, don't remember what caused the thought: "Butane is our business..."And in a parking lot further down Eddy, star wagons, indicating the continued presence of Will Smith and the Pursuit of Happyness movie crew. I was told by someone that they'd be in the neighborhood well into November. Well, I had my close enough encounter with that superstar, and I'll always remember it, and fondly.And at the Superette market on Eddy near Mason, bought two "Devil Eggs" for a buck - this should be "Deviled", but for those not into dairy they might very well be Satanic.And so got to the Powell Street commercial area - T-Mobile wasn't open so I passed a few minutes inside Urban Outfitters, which has great catalogs with 21st-century hippie models wearing their two-hundred-buck thrashed jeans. I sat down with a thick, costly book from German publishers Taschen about the best movies of the Nineties, to wait to pay my cell phone provider...and when it was time I went next door and forked over sixty bucks to T-Mobile - finally

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caught up with them - had been running an allowable deficit for a coupla months.

And then this and the usual that...picking this up back in my room, with - surprise! - Comcast on - can get into those Columbo reruns, enjoy the acting of Peter Falk as the rumpled detective tracking down the high society criminals he's always matched with, who always understimate him.

And felt I was wasting time with the detective program, changed to a four-star '37 French classic The Grand Illusion I'd saved onto the digital recorder built into my cable box - directed by the son of Impressionist painter Auguste Renoir. Anti-war message - French officers in a German prison camp, World War I - Peter Bogdanovich hosted the introduction, on Turner Classic Movies. But, again, couldn't get into it...short attention span at work.

And paused at a commercial for a Discovery Channel series about murderers - there's good ol' O.J. included among such stellar company as Charles "Just Call Me Charlie" Manson and Jeff "The Chef" Dahmer. I'm a fan of those Leslie Nielsen parody flicks and it's strange having seen O.J. in at least one of those, before his early Nineties downfall.
Then returned to the Columbo - a show my father liked, and he wasn't much into TV - and saw it through to the end, fascinated by Peter Falk's acting and his character. [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, (415) 359-4999]

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

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So it's back to another day a few days ago...outside the hotel with neighbor Tokay - stimulating conversation about a boil on his rear end that needed attending. He discussed the relative merits of S.F. General vs. St. Francis - he much preferred the latter. Myself, was pleased with the medical attention received at St. Francis, which is mere blocks from the hotel, this when I injured my foot a few months ago stepping off a curb into a hole in the gutter.


And myself, at the New Princess - I recommend that local neighborhood business - got a canned Guinness pint and a container of chocolate-flavored soy milk. Another hotel neighbor, Dino, was there behind me purchasing something...we walked back to the hotel together and up comes someone Dino knew a little bit, asking for two dollars, and in an aggressive manner. Dino put him off, got threatening himself - he's adept at that - he told the guy I was a friend of his and to lay back. It worked.

And in the mail that day, a "Coordination of Benefits" questionnaire from Medicare. Had to fill it out for further processing of my account. Used the service that aforementioned day at St. Francis...could use it again, I spoze, to have this current rash on my body checked out. Not sure what's causing it...too

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much of the Chinese elixir? It's a rich product. Too much yerba
mate tea? Been using a lot of the loose leaf of late. Or was it those pants I found on the street and put on before washing? (Also, Dave told me of an eye doctor on Mission near 16th that gets you prescription glasses free through Medicare - got to get on that.)

And back to when I was in the New Princess: had offered to buy a little boy who was there at the check-out with his mother and slightly older sister some candy he wanted - the sister said it was okay, her brother ate too much anyway. Thing was, Dino was right behind me and I hadn't noticed him until after this...felt like he might've recognized the generally kind-hearted and generous nature of my heart and have been a witness to it without me knowing it. Wouldn't mind more recognition of this sort.


And did my part, as described before, to get 61 Odd Fellows seminar documents together - as of this, they are still awaiting binders. Got a liter of Jack Daniel's for my work, plus some cash...but as of this posting, there are bad feelings between my main man there and myself...he has made unjustified accusations against me, and a subsequent threat, and all entirely uncalled-for. But he'll think the way he thinks...he's under a lot of pressure at his

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work for the group so I guess I can overlook this as "blowing off steam" and just keep away until his state of mind changes.

And it occurred to me I should be doing a bit more with my life when I was kicking back in my room watching veejay Jessica Correos hosting videos on the California Music Channel...a frequent thought these days...got into a "Classic Clip" on that show, from the late Eighties: Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child o' Mine"...flashed back to an Arsenio Hall joke in the early Nineties from his TV show about the snaky sideways movement that Axl Rose was doing in the video - Axl had been having problems with the law at the time related to heroin and Arsenio was wondering how prison inmates would respond to such movements.


So - got caught up in Switchfoot and Natasha Bedingfield videos, two of my favorites of what's currently happening...then perhaps spent the tube time better attending to an English composition educational program that I've got programmed to record - the topic that day was "organizing devices". A female police officer couldn't stand using an outline to get something

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written, but Debra Wilson of Mad TV just had to have one.

And about this time, about a week ago, a late Thursday afternoon, had a long talk with buddy J., who'd put me up that night out in the Avenues. I've known him a long time and he's always usually been a source of clear thinking and kind intelligence.

And: paid four bucks to Comcast for an airing of Sin City - recorded it onto the digital video recorder built into my cable box, but gotta admit it's not one I would care to see again. For certain it's got a unique look, based on a transference to the screen of Frank Miller's noir graphic novel, but it's just too violent and peculiar for me, Jessica Alba's small role notwithstanding.

And got a call from buddy Milton Mack - I was fixing up noodles on my hot plate, watching Rapid Fire, the Brandon Lee flick. Described to Milton the recent appearance at the hotel of Will Smith and the Pursuit of Happyness movie crew...he seemed to be in a good enough mood, tho' in general he's not happy with his life and with San Francisco...and he, who'd been in Los Angeles during some of the time I'd been there in the Nineties, mentioned the Frolic Room up in Hollywood - he used to hang out there, saw Brandon there. Milton has taken the time to join the Odd Fellows lodge and told me he went there recently just to check in.

And got a call from another friend about this time - asked me what "the word of the day" was - I scanned through a copy of one of my blog postings and finally found one: "butterfly"...I'd given her an article from Common Ground about naked yoga practiced at some studio South of Market. [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, (415) 359-4999]

Thursday, October 13, 2005

starplane.blogspot.com #296


Started east up Market, waiting on a return call from another friend I'd called, J. - needed a place to stay for the night...paused at a poster for a benefit at the Phoenix Hotel at Eddy and Larkin for the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development organization. Had heard of this yearly event - one thing done there, volunteers get

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tossed into the pool in exchange for donations. Chip Conley
is the man who created the Phoenix, the first in a long line of boutique hotels...read he built the Phoenix 'cause he wanted to hang with rock stars...Joie du Vivre Hospitality is the Google-able term about him and his...hip joint to stay when in town.


And also called another buddy...he wanted me to resolve this without having to resort to his hospitality that evening - he suggested getting the police involved immediately. I discussed my serious feelings with him...he said he'd call me back. Kept walking around Union Square...noticed the new Cody's bookstore location near the Virgin Megastore. The interior was way too bright for my taste...know Cody's from back in my days in Berkeley, their Telegraph Avenue location.


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So I kept walking around Union Square...considered having something to eat...nothing appealed much - a whole lotta new fast food joints that didn't reflect the worthy history of San Francisco. Paused to examine the Lefty O'Doul's menu but didn't go in - had been there a few months ago with a friend, an establishment from older days in this city, plenty of historical photographs up on those walls, and the food is of a particularly solid kind - recommended place to pass a convivial time in an old-style (and still new) Frisco manner - skip the new kids in town, go there.

And went in eventually into the Virgin Megastore and the cacaphony therein on the first floor. Walked around, not finding anything I wanted to purchase, tho' in days past I've spent hundreds there, easy, on music discs. Got a call from my buddy J. at that point, whom I'd spoken with earlier - told him of the current situation and state of my mind...he had decided that it was okay for me to get out to his and his sister's place in the Avenues near the beach off Taraval - told me to get on the Muni L at 10pm, and thereby get outta Dodge for the evening. Good to have

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friends you've known and trusted for a long time.

So I had a half hour to spend there in Virgin...sought out a comfy chair - knew those were to be had on an upper level...up through the second floor, all the nifty new electronic gadgets for sale...wouldn't have bought most of 'em, but an MP3 player for a hundred-and-fifty bucks appealed to me - you could fit two-thousand-five-hundred tunes on that little thing, with a 12-hour battery life. Could see getting that...I've got access to a laptop in the Odd Fellows office that I could use to download the music.

And was feeling shabby at my dress - had found the pants I was wearing on the street - "groundscored" 'em, that is - and they were a bit long, had the cuffs rolled upwards on the front - no tailored outfits for me. So I paused to roll 'em on the inside, which made me feel better. And there was a small stain at one of the knees as well, and I was over-noticing that, probably.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

starplane.blogspot.com #295
Now, more details from that day a week ago when Mr. Smith Went to the Jefferson: I'd stood across Eddy from the hotel and observed whatever I could of the artistic moviemaking process for all the warm San Francisco afternoon, a good five hours...this until the filming was moving onto the street and we, all of us locals gathered to watch, were told to move way up towards Leavenworth or Hyde so cast and crew could do their thing without us in the way. A reasonable request, and I complied when told.

One of the guys among the crowd worked for the some Tenderloin neighborhood organization. Spoke with him a bit - he wasn't too impressed at all with the idea of Pursuit of Happyness, the Will Smith flick in progress - he felt his own life was more real and significant than what was being depicted - he had himself, he told me, been homeless and crack addicted until he got his stuff together. He'd written a book, in fact, about his life, called (love this title) The High Price of Low Living - he recited poetry (or, I should say, a rap) about this, that had good quality - tho' I was glad when he was through. He was an angry guy in general, it seemed - name was Freddie - he had that name stitched into his work outfit. Not the least star-struck by the presence of a huge movie star was Freddie.

And sometime in the afternoon, something, maybe a flower pot, fell several stories from the Central Towers high rise apartments across from the Jefferson - nobody was hit, which was surprising considering the dozens of people

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standing around, but it easily could've caused major
damage. An accident? I mean, it was a good three pounds of whatever - taking into account the laws of physics, it might've even killed someone. I for one moved well out of the way...the gathered S.F. police began an investigation.

And as I've said, there was a whole lotta not much going on - inside the Jefferson, Will was filming, but we outside couldn't see a thing - periodically, one of the crew shouted "Picture up!" and "Rolling!", and told us to keep quiet to prevent street noise from being taped. The scene being immortalized was Will's character checking in...guess he actually lived there for a time before he got into big-time stockbrokering and made a fortune.

And noticed birds on top of the hotel, right above my room and nowhere else - not sure why they were hanging out there...did they like the vibe from my domicile? And kept noting the ridiculous amount of equipment the film crew had on hand - three trucks in the parking lot next to the hotel, big ones, plus all manner of cinema-making equipment all about, at least two dozen crew members...

And at one point there was a call for the "background" people - extras who'd signed up for this - I believe they got a hundred dollars each for their labor...they moved on over in front of the hotel - actors made to look like Tenderloin denizens...they got some food as well rolled in from one of the trucks - part of the deal, and not a bad one.

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And a big van came up and some of the crew got out - guess they'd gone for a dinner break. One of 'em said: "We see all the best places..." - not sure what was being referred to - the Tenderloin in general, maybe some inexpensive restaurant they were taken to. These musta been some of the higher-level assistants...including the cute girl in the "G is for Gangsta" shirt noted the last posting, an eye's apple.


And so, that was about it...went in to my room eventually, through the film scene in the lobby - thought there was Will standing in a line at the front desk but it musta been a body double holding his place until the cameras started rolling.

At some time later I came down to go out, and this was when I had the actual close encounter with the man - didn't realize it was still happening - I had Dave's room key in my hand, wanted to get it back to hotel management...I walked into the scene of Will's character leaving the hotel, gave the key to manager Brian...stepping right into what was an actual scene - the cameras were outside to capture Will leaving, I guess - so handed that key over, and there, I finally realized, was Will waiting to go out, his little child

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next to him - looked over at Will briefly - he was into his
role. A bit of a faux pas, but no harm done - the assistant director or whoever told me of my error, smiling at me - I stepped back and waited til Will was out the door.



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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

starplane.blogspot.com #294
And before I went into the hotel on the day of the Will Smith movie shooting, tried breaking a hundred at the Vietnamese herb store but couldn't - wanted more of my Shou Wu Chih Chinese tonic...so therefore to the excellent New Princess corner market to buy four double A batteries. I know and like the guy who runs the place during the day...he was curious about what I was gonna use the batteries for - told him about my voice recorder and the blog, showed him that day's pages. He checked 'em out for a few seconds and was satisfied at the quality of the work.

And met hotel neighbor Les in front...he felt himself a bit inconvenienced at the movie crew's activity - his room is right in front facing Eddy on the second floor, very close to where the guys were setting up...

So I took up a position outside and observed what was happening...took 'em hours, all afternoon, to get ready for the short scenes involving Will - got an idea of the what seemed to be very inefficient process of making a movie. Couldn't they get it done with a fourth of the people and time? One guy had a bicycle to go get necessary equipment - mention made of an "extra blondehead" that was needed - had no idea what that was - he bicycles back with a large light with a yellow portion at the top. All kinds of technical terms and equipment in the cinematic process.

And sometime during that afternoon - I was out there on Eddy for a good four or five hours, along with a gathering

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crowd of curious locals - sometime called Odd Fellow
Brother Sam Toole, as I'd promised, to inform him of what was happening...he's into movies, and makes his own.

And among those present, several members of the San Francisco Police Department, motorcycle branch, keeping the order...stood pretty near 'em...an easy shift for 'em, no crowd problems, just stand around...one of 'em, a younger officer, told another, speaking of himself, "sometimes they let the leash off..." And overheard another officer, a real big alpha male, probably the most senior of 'em all, say something about loving a job where he got paid to ride a Harley-Davidson...and guys I knew from the hotel, Edward and Dino, were around as well...somewhat weird to see 'em in that movie context - a lotta folks I know from the hotel look like characters in some flick on regular days anyway.

And eventually, hours later, about 5pm - I'd gotten there around one-ish - Will Smith arrived, tho' I missed a clear view of that special occurence...so in he goes through the dark draperies that had been hung in front - this to simulate nighttime, which was when the scene was happening - he was checking in to the Jefferson. The other scene was him leaving, with his character's child - played, I think, by his real small child, Jaden. (His real-life wife is named Jada - get it with their kid's name? There was a little tent with seats for the cast in front, and I think it was her seated there during most of this, reading a script. Boy, their career is sure all in the family.)

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And kept standing there across the street...didn't see a thing of what was being filmed, since it was all inside at that point...had a few cigarettes and chainsmoked 'em...one little girl watching asked her mother for an ice cream from a vending guy's cart and I offered to buy the darling one something, and that was okay with mommy.

I'd say there were about two dozen crew members, mostly just standing around - not sure what their precise function was, but they musta had one. Walkie-talkies were distributed to some...one of 'em near me dropped something and I informed her of this...and I continued thinking it was odd that all these people, all this equipment, all the set-up time was happening for what would likely be mere minutes in the finished movie, if that. And: liked the "G is for Gangsta" wording on the shirt of the one cute young woman crew member - couldn't help glancing towards her frequently - don't think she noted my attention...

And: spoke with one of the young crew guys, one that seemed to have more responsibility than most, tho' mainly he also was just standing around...asked him if he had done this before - he had, for the Winona Ryder movie The Darwin Awards, which had filmed in San Francisco about a year ago, I'd say. We both expressed admiration for Miss Ryder...tho' this guy said that film mighta run out of money and had not even been completed. Man, her career is nothing like how hot it was ten years ago. And learned
from him that this Will Smith movie was being directed by

starplane.blogspot.com #294 (Page 4 of 4)
some Italian guy I'd not heard of...

And got a might hungry during all this standing around looking at nothing - Will, like I said, was inside and hidden from view - so I got myself a pre-pack of 3 spring rolls from the Asian market half a block down...shared these with hotel pal Taz, who had been standing with me for, what, 2 or 3 hours? Gave him one-and-a-half, and he was loving the peanut-flavored dipping sauce that came with the rolls...he's got some training as a chef and enjoys his food.

And learned from someone in the assembled throng that the hotel had been given four-thousand-five-hundred bucks for the trouble...don't know how this is gonna trickle down to us mere tenants. Found out from Google-ing that the flick - called just Pursuit of Happyness, no The in front - is a Columbia Pictures production...
And at some point out comes hotel friend Stan from inside - the tenants were allowed to come and go through the lobby during breaks in shooting, but not excessively so...he crossed the street towards me and I joked, calling out to him: "Will Smith! There's Will Smith!" He was in a bad mood and didn't find this amusing, saying something about, "Yeah, we all look alike, right?" Hadda smooth his fur, kept on smiling, told him it wasn't meant that way at all. Stan was not happy with the inconvenience to the hotel residents and figured we should have all gotten paid, big time. [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, (415) 359-4999]

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starplane.blogspot.com #293
Was in the Odd Fellows lodge building a few days ago, there at 26 Seventh near Market...Brother Sam Toole was using the laptop in the office - mentioned to him the appearance to happen later that afternoon of the rich and famous and very talented Will Smith at the Tenderloin hotel I'm in, filming The Pursuit of Happyness. Of special interest to Sam - he's involved in filmmaking himself somehow and liked the proximity to celebrated greatness. Told him I'd call later and let him know what happened when Will got there.

And my Odd Fellows contact man said he'd give me five-hundred dollars worth of drinks from the building's club room if I managed to get Mr. Smith to the lodge. Thought that was highly unlikely and didn't even try to make that happen - for sure a person like Will gets so many offers of so many kinds - he probably wouldn't particularly welcome my invitation to join a fraternal order, or to even visit. Did eventually get very close to the man, a mere few feet away, but that was by accident and he appeared to be immersed in his character, so I couldn't very well speak to him.

And then I helped my main Odd Fellow man put together sixty-one documents for an upcoming seminar...got this done over the course of a week, eventually, checking for the many missing pages that didn't get inserted in the first place. The kind of work I can do well and like enough...next year it's gotta get done in a more efficient manner.

starplane.blogspot.com #293 (Page 2 of 4)
Then out of the building, down to Seventh - got a cup of egg drop soup for fifty cents at the Chinese place - was tempted to add more salt but it was plenty salty already - gotta watch that sodium - I might have high blood pressure. But it's really one of my favorite quick foods, that egg drop soup - not too many places hereabouts to get something that satisfying for only half a buck.

Then over to the Farmers Market - long tamale line, a very popular item...a seated guitar-playing singer was doing his musical thing in the middle of the scene, his rendition of Tom Petty's L.A.-themed "Free Falling", and doing it well. Then towards the library, another guitar player at the Hindu meditation religious table - their guru's brochures offered there on a variety of spiritual topics, such as a discourse on whether it's lust or love that's transpiring in your romantic relationships.

Then to the library, the tapping out of my regular noon blog...and a book I'd requested months ago was finally there ready for pick up, the classic Sixties-era women's health guide Our Bodies, Ourselves - a friend thought she was pregnant some while ago and I wanted to research the subject myself.

And as of this posting, I'm still persona non grata - that is, according to an online dictionary, "fully unacceptable or unwelcome" - at the eminent house of knowledge due to my bringing in of a bottle of India pale ale one day and

starplane.blogspot.com #293 (Page 3 of 4)
being caught drinking from it, and blatantly. Got a-hold on the phone with a library administrator this morning and they are looking into this...could go either way - could be reinstated tomorrow, or might have to wait out the entire sixty day suspension. Not the end of the world, but if the punishment holds it'll definitely create a significant library-shaped empty space in the life of a bookish fella such as myself.

Then out onto the street again, noticeably warmer outside on that early October day than in the cool confines of the library, me on my merry way to the free lunch at St. Anthony's - haven't been banished from there yet at least. More youngster field trippers on the way to the live stage show at the Orpheum as on a previous day...and wispy white clouds over San Francisco, slightly to the north - maybe it's an atmospheric, that is, barometric fact that they congregate over the water - due to an inversion layer, or whatever the weatherman says.

And back again through the pleasant scene at the Farmers Market, all the healthy goodies for sale...the guitar man in the middle of it all was playing a tune that was somehow very appropriate to the milieu, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"...and those tamales were still selling like, well, hotcakes...

And at St. A.'s, went straight in and down the entrance
ramp, no little meal ticket required, right to the efficient

starplane.blogspot.com #293 (Page 4 of 4)
food dispensers - usually it's a wait of at least fifteen
minutes. On the menu that day, "West African stew" - gotta praise St. A.'s (to high heaven) for their dedicated culinary ingenuity. As long as they stay well away from that deadly macaroni and cheese, I know I'll be happy eating there.

Then the consuming of that tasty stew, then out the back stairs as usual...notice posted on the way for some Catholic middle school in the Tenderloin, at Golden Gate and Leavenworth...that is, what? Junior high? Lotta kids in the neighborhood, big need for educational facilities close by. I've lived in the Mission and North Beach, each for three years, and there was hardly a presence of kids in those areas, nothing like all the children in the T.L.

And then headed back to the hotel and the filming...noticed for the first time the Knights of Columbus building across from St. Boniface...another fraternal organization...and passed the Computer Training Center to check on their hours for that day...and surprised to see Mayor Newsom right there, paying a visit to the 'hood...maybe he was checking out the film location...he paused a bit at the intersection of Leavenworth and Eddy...have seen him there a previous time as well a few months ago...

The movie crew was installing some dark drapery at the entrance of the hotel...and manager Brian Samuel was out there as well - told him of the presence of Gavin. [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, (415) 359-4999]

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Monday, October 10, 2005

starplane.blogspot.com #292
Recognition hereby to Terrance of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic for all the good work that he's done for the Jefferson Hotel...was talking to him outside one recent day...wanted his advice on how to deal with my fiscal shortage vis-a-vis the rent for my room...he suggested a rental assistance plan - tho' it was better to save that for a time when I was a coupla months behind in payment, should it come to that - don't necessarily wanna "play the system" in that manner...

Have since resolved this rent issue - paying an extra fifty bucks per month on top of the usual four-hundred-sixty-five, this for nine months, with an additional 15 bucks as well, this arrangement courtesy of the THC...can handle that - am caught up on my T-Mobile account totally, and Comcast's been good, keeping the signal coming despite not having fully paid.

So: on the street met a guy I knew from Martin des Porres, by the name of Casey - interesting fella, interesting life experience. This meeting recently by happenstance, about the time of the Will Smith The Pursuit of Happyness filming at the hotel...was welcoming to Casey...figured to get some New Princess three buck wine, invite him up, watch some cable, discuss particulars of Nietzsche - he's that kind of guy...maybe get into some Crowley as well - Casey said his brother was into that magic guy. Despite our fairly vast differences on some level, Casey's one of my kind, and I spoze he'd think I was one of his. A real character.

starplane.blogspot.com #292 (Page 2 of 4)
Then down to the lodge...contact man Jake Azz was in his office, immersed in all the details of keeping the 26 Seventh Street building happening...Brother Darick was in his barber shop - Brother Koichi was manning the elevator. I was there to help a brother collate 61 documents for an Odd Fellows seminar...hadda get fingertip moistener to deal with all the pages...had brought Casey down to introduce him to the main man, perhaps get him into the lodge if he so desired. Ray, a guy who worked in the building - don't think he's a lodge member - was also there - he spoke of instructing a young disciple in the arm of hand-to-hand mayhem. Also, Brother Lucky popped in briefly as I was dealing with those documents, each containing two-hundred-and-eight pages.

And got a call about this time from my contact man in the lodge of the Odd Fellows...had gone, him, the previous night behind Pac Bell Park or Monster Park or whatever it's called by the corporations now - he was seeking free bamboo in order to hang curtains at his new place on Folsom near the Rainbow Grocery. And I had on cable the classic Marx Brothers film Animal Crackers, which I've been enjoying. And figured the Will Smith crew was doing their movie thing downstairs in the lobby...

And unusually for me, wore a different pair of pants and shirt for sleeping - had been wearing the same outfit 24 and 7, sleep or awake...hey, it's my "style"...it's what's done by some in the Bohemian ambiance of here and of now...

starplane.blogspot.com #292 (Page 3 of 4)
And that morning, spoke with hotel case worker Mariko Obrero about a rent payment plan, described above...and the Coke machine in the lobby had been moved into manager Brian Samuel's office - perhaps to prevent unwanted product placement in the Will Smith movie...and outside, spoke with security guards briefly - they were slightly miffed that a promised breakfast hadn't been delivered that morning...

And attended to P.J. Corkery's column in that recent morning's Examiner...learned of the visit by Will and wife Jada to the local fine dining spot Boulevard...not sure where that is, never been there - too rich for my Levi's pocket, and by far - tho' I might not go there even had I th' cash...and there was an article about a "Soul of the City" study about San Francisco...this was the subject of a recent Christopher Caen column - he figures the soul of this place cannot be quantified so very exactly. I agree...tho' it'd be interesting to see the results of the scientific study. Soul's quicksilver, and just try calipering that messenger service.

Then to the Tenderloin Housing Clinic to make exact the details of the rent payment...50 bucks more a month...my worker looked to be a young teenager. Great folks there...Nate's a main man, more power to him for all the good work he does for me and for us all who are in the care of that service. Usual rent for a hotel room like I've got is six-hundred clams monthly, this at those Hindu Hiltons...
Then out of the THC Hyde Street offices - first guy talked

starplane.blogspot.com #292 (Page 4 of 4)
with, fella with a backpack, wanting coffee. Had cash to spend due to the deal for rent so I treated him to a large buck-and-a-quarter gourmet cup at the corner place, and handed him an extra dollar for a doughnut if desired - or a can of beer if he chose to go that way.


Then to the library to reserve a computer - an hour allowed on any given day...and had those Odd Fellows documents on my mind, hadda get to the lodge.
Then another alcohol purchase - had more cash than usual so I selected a Lagunitas IPA - India Pale Ale - in a bottle...from Petaluma. Wasn't buying the cheap canned brew that day...had given the clerk at the Travelers store on Seventh two bucks, getting back 35 cents on that transaction - tho' I stood there expecting those two bucks back - thought I'd handed over a five...short term memory issue? Or just lack of concern about monetary dealings? [(415) 359-4999, prettyeddy@hotmail.com]

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

starplane.blogspot.com #291
Back to the usual…tho’ I must say this hasn’t strayed from the usual, particularly, at least from my take on that word at this time in my life…so back to some day a few days ago…two Sufi-related books I’d requested were there at the library to be picked up – one was a bit more scholarly than I cared to attend to and returned it at once but kept one by Idries Shah, the foremost popularizer of Sufism in the West. It’s the mystic branch of Islam, and has interesting ideas...Shah emphasizes fun aspects.

And speaking of the library, was summarily ejected from the main branch yesterday after being busted for openly drinking a beer inside the premises, this while typing out a blog. Punishment is a sixty day suspension of privileges – I cannot step even a single foot into any branch in the San Francisco system until the seventh of December lest I court arrest. Will get more into this at another posting…tomorrow will see about getting immediate reinstatement – I feel the punishment doesn’t fit the crime – shouldn’t I have gotten a warning for a first offense?

Anyway: and was going back to the hotel and there was the White Patrick outside – my sorta guy, who likes to drink and enjoys reading. Started talking to him a few weeks ago when I saw that he’d picked up a copy of a Joseph Conrad novel I’d left on the table in the lobby. So this time we chatted a bit – he’d just returned from up north to see a child of his and mentioned the Tom Robbins novel Still Life
with Woodpecker, and did I know about it? He figured me,

starplane.blogspot.com #291 (Page 2 of 4)
correctly, for a Robbins fan. I said for certain, and rapped briefly with enthusiasm about my fondness for the guy’s novels. So – White Patrick had had his hair dyed blonde, at the suggestion of his child…invited him for a drink and movie watching in my room when he had the chance.

Then to the superlative Computer Training Center…to pass the ten minute wait until a terminal was available got a can of Coors…then did my keyboarding thing…Rosalinda (of local band Skanx) was supervising the place…I’m pretty much the instant friend of any musician…and: wanted a copy of that day’s posting but the printer cartridge was history, so I was outta there empty-handed.

Then to the New Princess corner market – the grand total was the Satanic number six bucks and sixty-six cents…that for a small bag of Lay's Classic chips, chicken-flavored bouillion cubes, a three-buck bottle of Modesto wine, a big can of Veg-All, and Top Ramen. Madonna’s “Holiday” was on the store’s sound system, which I liked.

And then into the hotel – met friend Les in the hallway…he expressed interest in what I was blogging – gotta get him copies – he's an excellent musician…and met another guy who asked me if I knew anyone who was into Klonopin – don't recall if it was to buy or sell those pills. Mentioned a coupla fellas who might…not me. I've tried 'em a time or two, but they're nothing I'm seeking in any way. Tried Seroquels as well – again, not my thing.

starplane.blogspot.com #291 (Page 3 of 4)
Then to the room – had left the key somewhere that day and risked life and limb to no small degree getting into my room through the street-facing window, five stories up above Eddy. (I had found a pair of pants I liked on the street and changed into 'em in the Odd Fellows Building, leaving the pair I'd been wearing there – along with the room key! Dumb move. I was glad the discarded pants, a thrashed pair of Levi's, were still there where I'd left 'em, along with the key. It was all pretty much worth it, tho' – those found pants are now favorites.)

And at that time, a few days ago, had recorded a Bruce Lee flick and was watching that again for the first time in a while…the Comcast on-screen schedule called it Fist of Fury, but it was The Chinese Connection when I first saw it as a young teenager – the one set in Shanghai in the early part of the 20th century – Bruce's teacher is killed by the rival Japanese school and he eventually exacts his revenge. (Recently recorded Rapid Fire, with son Brandon, but just couldn't get into it, didn't watch more than a few minutes.)

And there's the opening scene in that Bruce Lee flick – he's in a white suit – that color symbolizes death for Chinese…it's raining, he's arriving a bit late for his teacher's funeral, and expresses grief and shock at it all. And noticed several actors who were in other of the man's films…like one guy who was the crazed uncle who owned a restaurant in Rome in Return of the Dragon – dude plays a bad guy in this one also – just has that sort of look.
starplane.blogspot.com #291 (Page 4 of 4)
And so got into the movie, drank the wonderful Modesto wine – oh, yes, a true mecca for the lover of the grape, that town is…and noted the use of "The Weight" (from Easy Rider) in a Cingular commercial…and HBO itself is using Switchfoot's current "Stars" in ads – you know, all the movie stars in th' firmament of film…

Then watched The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra again – like I said before, it's absolutely one of the best, funniest movies of the new millennium. Sample line: "My wife sometimes forgets she is not a space alien." Great stuff!

And got into some of The Dirty Dozen for a bit…the Lee Marvin character said by a superior officer to be "very short on discipline"…and the dozen are considered to be "twelve deadheads"…maybe some kind of World War II military term? And noted an unusual aspect of the movie's beginning – the credits happen 13 minutes into it…
And reoccuring to me, an idea for a movie – 12 women…Alanis Morissette would be one, for sure – am considering plot details…she's one of "The Clean Thirteen"…and noted to myself that that Modesto Chardonnay messed me up a bit…maybe just stick to the distilled drinks…someone just gave me a liter of Jack Daniel's that I haven't opened yet, that as part of the payment for helping to collate and quality check sixty-one manuals for an upcoming Odd Fellows seminar. [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, (415) 359-4999]

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Friday, October 07, 2005

starplane.blogspot.com #290
Now, back to my adventures with beloved Bank of America – tip of the Starplane Blogspot cap to A.P. Giannini for founding it all those years ago. Had purchased a can of Coors beforehand in the Tenderloin and had partaken of it on the walk to the B of A at Van Ness and Market – hadda check there on why there was a negative balance of two-hundred-and-fifty clams in my account. Back on the day in question – this was a few ago – waited in the shade of a street pole to avoid the watchfulness of the police standing chatting outside the bank…had been previously busted once a few months ago by officers of some law for openly drinking at the same location – no ticket, but I wasn’t being as surreptitious as I shoulda been.

So I drank my drink, looked around me – there was the old 50 Oak Street building where a friend had taken ballet classes at the San Francisco Dance Center – now the place is just a façade awaiting I know not what future. (The Dance Center is now housed and very well indeed at 26 Seventh Street in the Odd Fellows Building – anyone interested in acquainting one’s self with the Muse Terpsichore, well, there is the absolute place for that intimacy. Much, much more power to that institution and its wonderful teachers and students and staff!)

And also in view from that particular location where I was sipping my Coors – that is, “Colorado Kool-Aid” – that theater on Van Ness where my pal Steve wants to stage a 1-man show. More power to him as well.

starplane.blogspot.com #290 (Page 2 of 4)
Then into the bank to determine what was happening to cause the minor catastrophe of a negative balance to the tune of two-and-a-half hundred smackers in my ill-attended account…seems there were “NSF” (Insufficient Funds) fees levied for withdrawals from an ATM when there was no money…have gone into this in a previous posting…in one way, it’s a scheme to get more money from the hapless customers, perhaps, tho’ that’s being unfair to the banking behemoth – but then again, it’s a customer courtesy to allow the taking out of money that’s not there. Each of these hits was over thirty bucks, and there were a few of ‘em…and I believe there was some other fine for another violation. So there it went. (This has since been cleared up and my current balance is at zero – not precisely where I want it, but it’s not less than zero. Anyone out there with a bank card that I can use…put ten thousand on it and I assure you it will be spent well…not a card with my name on it, tho’…I have skills that I can trade for that cash. Contact me at the number below, or e-mail me. My state of mind can be determined by a perusal of these blog postings, nearly three hundred to date, going back to the beginning of last year.)

So: out of the bank and onto Market, heading east on foot…there was a Luxor cab parked at the sidewalk – reminded me of my buddy Carson, who drives for them. He’s an experienced cabbie who can get from any place in San Francisco to another without thinking.

starplane.blogspot.com #290 (Page 3 of 4)
And scanned the street news racks for the latest Common Ground free spirituality publication, found the newest Onion, which is being distributed more in this city, and I applaud that much. If you haven’t read it, please, please do – if you can wavelength into the humor it will reward your time with a lotta laughter, that is guaranteed.

And then to the aforementioned Odd Fellows Building on Seventh…had something to say to a lodge brother there, but he was in a meeting and so I left a handwritten note with the elevator man Koichi. (Secretarial work at the group’s twice-a-month meetings is needed but I am not involving myself all that much with them…might help out with that chore next time – those are some of the above-noted skills that I am seeking that ten grand card for. Satisfaction guaranteed, if I am any judge of what particular satisfaction you are seeking.)

Then out of that building, onto Seventh, into the Travelers liquor store for a can of Steel Reserve, “The Champagne of Swill”. Most bang for that booze buck in terms of sheer alcohol content – 65 cents gets you some fair amount of, we can say, an altered state, one Paddy Chayefsky wasn’t, I am pretty sure, cognizant of.

Then up Seventh towards Market – at the Odd Fellow-associated odds and ends shop, some groovy Al Green on that I enjoyed…then I paused at the barber shop (also affiliated with the lodge) to see what was posted in the

starplane.blogspot.com #290 (Page 4 of 4)
window – an ad for the Asian Art Museum featuring a 17th-
century Japanese panel of some stripe depicting a tiny coastal village. Reminded me of San Francisco itself.

And thought of an idea mentioned in a recent show about mythic singer Loreena McKennitt – she spoke about her art proceeding from a primal and instinctive level…random thought, I think, that is relevant to this and to us. (I really love how she mentions poetic mythologist Robert Graves in liner notes to one of her discs…please read The White Goddess for excellent background information…that is, unless you are doing some other worthless endeavour that you feel is valuable…delusion takes many forms, friends.)

Then up into the Tenderloin, walking north…stopped at the Peerless General Supply store – I’m in need of a small bulb for a lovely lamp someone gave me – my current hotel room illumination options are the somewhat harsh overhead light and candles. Oh, and the 28-inch Hitachi TV gives off a glow that I can work with. But it’d be good to have another source. The guy there wanted me to bring in the bulb in question…and currently that’s missing in action…gotta find it. Family-run biz…very cute little boy child came right up to me immediately when I walked in to ask what kinduv assistance could be provided. Then out the door and onward, further, further…entertained the possibilities of punning on the concept of a drunken maniac and the Brazilian tuber manioc… [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, (415) 359-4999 – call…]

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

starplane.blogspot.com #289
…another recommendation in the world of cable, for host Jeffrey Mishlove’s interview program on the Wisdom Channel called Thinking Allowed – a true antidote to the (still quite a bit of a) vast wasteland on TV. The intro says it features “conversations on the leading edge of knowledge and discovery.” The ‘net address for the spiritually-inclined: ThinkingAllowed.com.

And a battery recommendation, Duracells. Was truly surprised at how long two double A size ones lasted in the handheld, pocket-size digital voice recorder I use to compile this for you. (You didn’t actually think my memory was that good, did you?)

And from Thinking Allowed, the interview with San Francisco surgeon and scholar Leonard Shlain noted previously – he made an interesting connection between the Chinese invention of the printing press and the practice of binding the feet of women.

And also recently on the tube, Mayor Gavin Newsom speaking on a program about the history of San Francisco, gesticulating vigorously with his hands, praising his city and its history of innovation, entrepreneuralism, and its acceptance of new ideas. He said the city is all about “being fully expressive”. I tell you, the man’s hands were pretty fully expressive during that statement.

And on the same show, tape from inside the excellent San Francisco Brewing Company up there at Pacific and Columbus – a meeting of the eccentric E Clampus Vitus historical society. A men-only drinking club, looks like, going back to the Gold Rush days of the city. Members were shown giving a walking tour of cherished sites in North Beach such as a brothel and a mint.

starplane.blogspot.com #289 (Page 2 of 4)
And from the same show about San Francisco: sign in Chinatown for a goldsmith, a place where the stuff can be sold – hadn’t noticed this trade in that part of town before. Got a friend who has a bit of gold that he wants me to take to sell – I do the legwork and he’ll get half of the take. Might be an easy ten.

Then a recent sunny day, sauntering down Hyde – Hastings law students sunning themselves between classes, a regular site, then the usual regular welcome scene at the Farmers Market – the overpriced popcorn maker selling well, the Hindu meditation people offering religious brochures and giving away reincarnation lollipops. And then into the library to type out a blog…thought of a line of iambic pentameter poetry while waiting on a reserved machine, observing the others in concentration rapt: “…the studiously seated patronage…”

Then after the keyboarding, back through the market – took a plum sample from a hippie-looking girl…and in the middle of the scene, two slow-motion mimes, male and female they were, doing a trippy dance – not exactly the greatest act, no Shields & Yarnell, these two, but I gave ‘em the penny that I had. And seagulls held the highest position at the Civic Center fountain, lording it over the rest of us. Headed over for lunch at Chez Anthony’s – at the Hibernia Bank Pigeon Sanctuary (nature has given that structure a function since the landlords apparently have no use for it), guy looked at the birds and said “Pigeon intercourse…” – he used a different second word – take a guess. I told him, and he laughed at it: “You can’t stop ‘em…”

And up near the free lunch spot, guys sitting around spoke to a man getting into his parked car to the effect that earlier he had

starplane.blogspot.com #289 (Page 3 of 4)
prevented someone from breaking in – typical street scam. The implication is that money should be handed over for that favor.

So into line at St. Anthony’s – a woman was talking to no one in particular – common sight in some parts of the city…she said the real weapon of mass destruction was the American way of life. She was actually making sense and I attended to her verbiage even if no one else was listening or understood. She threw in a reference to astral bodies, which I thought was an interesting one.

And for saintly lunch, a decent burrito…near me, another fellow diner that was annoying me, this time with his ridiculous lip smacking. And I chatted with a reasonable, Farrakhan-looking guy in front of me about the pastry that St. A.’s had been serving for days on end, trying to determine the name…circles of crisp pastry slightly bent…are they called Butterflies? Doesn’t seem quite to hit that buttery sweet baked good nail. It’s kinda on the back of my mind – gotta check on this next time I’m near a decent bakery. The Farrakhan-looking dude said he was sick of ‘em – had seen ‘em at Walgreen’s, had a box of ‘em at home – so I took his, tho’ I’m pretty much over my sugar jones.

Then this and that…up to the Computer Training Center for more blogging…hotel friend Karl there, who asked if I was going to Glide – the fella loves to eat…and other hotel friend Barbara asked for the address of this blog – don’t mind more readers.

Then into the hotel – day front desk man Walter and I chatted a bit about the upcoming Will Smith movie filming…he detailed how Nash Bridges used the hotel for some scenes some while ago. (And from a possibly unrealiable source, learned that the

starplane.blogspot.com #289 (Page 4 of 4)
hotel, the Jefferson, was used prominently in The Maltese
Falcon. Is this possible?)

And got in the mail from a friend a cat card and ten bucks…saw Karl again, turned him on to a King Cobra, and gave a buck to Barbara, who has been generous and thoughtful towards me in the past…then to the Bank of America to check on the problem I had then with a surprise negative balance due to unexpected ATM withdrawal charges…spent another buck on a can of Coors at the market at Hyde and Turk. (As of this posting, am changing my drinking habits, maybe give it up all together.)

And paused at an SF Weekly stand near the Hastings school, pulling out only two items – the Rob Brezsny astrology column, and an article about the new de Young in Golden Gate Park…paused at and read but didn’t pull a review of Into the Blue…not a positive one, it’d be easy to guess. I fall into the film’s demographic made fun of by the reviewer, those that would like the film just for the cinematic depiction of Jessica Alba’s rear end. Well, I never said I was Pauline Kael.

Then to the library for more blogging – I am little if not single-minded…used the ground floor facilities as a member of the Urine Nation…and for some reason thought of a Jewish joke: “…the rabbi blew his ram’s horn on the High Holy Day but had nothing to shofar it…” (Hey, looks like Christopher Caen isn’t much taking up his dad’s practice of printing bad puns, so there you go…)

So, what happened at the B of A next time… [prettyeddy@hotmail.com, (415) 359-4999]

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